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Articles by Experts

CADdigest, a TenLinks website, provides coverage of CAD, CAM, CAE companies, products and services, with in-depth, insightful articles and blog posts from some of the most respected experts in the industry.

In addition to finding the best articles on the web, we also producing Independent Content --commissioning articles and reviews, conducting interviews and writing up interesting case histories. Subjects include CAD, CAM and CAE products and services, as well as industry trends, movers and shakers, trade show coverage and more.

You can see a list of independent content we have created here.

"TenLinks is taking an interesting approach that I haven't seen before in my 25 years in the technical publishing industry," says Ralph Grabowski, who will be managing CADdigest's articles. "It's to gather a group of top-notch CAD experts virtually, and then get several of them to write about the same subject from different angles."

Articles from Everywhere

For over a decade, TenLinks has found and featured information on the CAD, CAM and CAE industry. Its website,, lists 400-500 new articles per month. A great many of them are from users of market leading software applications, such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation, and so on.

Companies with products and services interested in being considered for review should contact us or fill out this Application for Coverage.

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