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Gene Allen

Gene is interested in using computers to do better engineering, using simulation to provide training and job opportunities and establishing and managing collaborative programs.

Gene has used Abaqus and Hyperstudy. He has led a number of efforts in establishing and managing collaborative programs to use computers to improve engineering. Key programs include the DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering, the Rapid Response Manufacturing Program co-funded by the NIST Advanced Technology Program, and the DARPA co-funded Robust Design Computational System.

Gene worked in the Navy Nuclear Power Program, becoming an expert in the operations of nuclear propulsion plants.

Since 2002, he has promoted processes to take variability into account in engineering analysis to improve simulation accuracy, generally referred to as stochastic simulation.

Gene started Decision Incite in May 2008 and worked with IBM, Egineous, MSC, and Ontonix to develop stochastic simulation. He worked with the Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Most recently I coordinated a U.S. Navy effort to capture the ship design process using process capture from Plexus Planning.

Gene has a degree in nuclear engineering at MIT.

He has written "Collaborative R&D: Manufacturing's New Tool" in 1999," which was published by John Wiley & Sons.


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