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Jim Finkel

James is a mechanical engineer and knows SolidWorks and MicroStation. He has spent his entire career in some sort of computer-related endeavor. He first worked at Elliott Company, where his tasks were real-time performance and vibration testing of large centrifugal compressors (inlet CFM of 350,000). He did data acquisition and was lead programmer for equivalent gas modeling for ASME PTC 10 testing. His next job was at General Tire where he did nonlinear, hyperelastic FEA, tire vibration and raised letter grinding statistical QA analyses and revised 1,800 CAD sketches. FEA tasks included writing a suite of editing and preprocessing tools. For the Design of Experiments class, he solved all the homework in FORTRAN, learned for that class. Next job was at CAE magazine where I covered MCAD, ECAD (board and chip level design) and did regular software feature comparisons. From CAE, he moved to Swanson Analysis (now ANSYS, Inc.), where he wrote a dozen magazine articles and technical society presentations in his first year. This was followed by several software firms including Bentley Systems. While at Bentley, he was split between documentation and QA for their MCAD offering. He is currently with a privately held manufacturing firm. Areas of responsibility include manufacturing, QA, testing, custom design engineering, marketing, website development, and vendor relations. A long time ASME member, he is on the revived Material Handling Equipment Division Committee.


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