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Daniel Hughes

Daniel serves as Bradley Corporation BIM Strategist. He served as their Revit Consultant for 2 years while they built their 1000 Revit families. Today he manages new product model developments, global syndication and client Revit learning programs.

Since 2002, Daniel has provided technical and project consulting on more than $5 billion of client Revit, BIM-based projects in the US and abroad.

He has assisted and directed more than 100 design, construction & facility clients; with their transition from CAD and implementation to Revit-BIM processes.

More than 650 architects, engineers & construction personnel have received Danielís Revit & BIM-processes training since 2002.

Since 1985, Daniel has provided AutoCAD / ADT / AutoCAD Architecture training to more than 2000 professionals.

Daniel founded and managed CADgrafx, inc for 15 years as an Authorized Autodesk Reseller & Consulting Group. His corporation served national and international.

He served 3 Wisconsin design firms; production drawings, project management, construction management, CAD management, 3D modeling specific to design and marketing of our professional services, serving hospital, financial, educational and R&D laboratory clients.

He writes for the Bradley BIM blog.


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