A CAD Manager Reviews the New ZWCAD+ 2015

Cost-effective, easy-to-install CAD platform with .dwg compatibility for drafting, modeling, drawing, UI layout is similar to AutoCAD, upgraded kernel, offers effective sweep, loft, super hatching, SmartMouse gesture-driven commands, Jeffrey Heimgartner,, Dec 8, 2014



Free CAD Software for Mobile Devices

Reviews of AutoCAD 360 v2.2, Navigator Mobile v4.00.01, CadFaster Collaborate v2.0.3, cadTouch v5.0.0, TurboViewer v1.5.0, eDrawings Viewer v2.0.1, ZWCAD Touch v1.3.0, Curt Moreno, Cadalyst, Aug 21, 2014



ZWCAD+ 2012 – A Worthwhile DWG Editor

Easy-to-use UI, efficient working environment, has number of importing formats for DWFs, PDFs, attribute extraction wizard, useful eTransmit utility, system variable editor, layer translator, Steve Lynch,, May 29, 2013




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BIM May Have a Role in First Hyperloop Test Track

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This Regenerative Polymer Has a Life of Its Own

New hybrid polymer has potential applications in self-repairing materials, drug delivery and artificial muscles.

SOLIDWORKS Launches Apps to Get Kids into 3D Design

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PLM This Week: Double Digit Growth For Dassault Systèmes

Also: Elomatic makes significant 3DEXPERIENCE investment. SolidWorks World and the Product Innovation Platform.

A Sneak Preview of SOLIDWORKS 2017

What new features will be included in SOLIDWORKS 2017? Here’s a preview.

Can Engineering Prevent Concussions in the Super Bowl?

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