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  • 3D Details in ArchiCAD - use 3D cutaway tool, go to 3D view, save it as 3D document, create document in parallel or axonometric view for dimensions to be accurate, Cadimage, Aug 22, 2014
  • BIM Scope Creep - 'scope creep' is incremental expansion of project's scope; BIM scope creep are 2 main types: demand-side, supply-side; educate client, clarify BIM requirements to prevent BIM scope creep, Rexter Retana, BIM ThinkSpace, Aug 20, 2014
  • Trimble's Q2 Highlights Broad Diversification - total revenue for quarter was $642 million, up 11% y/y, product revenue was $469 million, up 10%, announced more partnerships, acquisitions, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Aug 20, 2014
  • Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014 - straight forward process for exporting to IFC format, direct WebGL integration, totally revamped 3D warehouse, ability to orbit, inspect models more closely, to embed SketchUp model hosted inside 3D warehouse into desired web page, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Aug 25, 2014
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AutoCAD Civil 3D

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  • AutoCAD LT - Who Needs It? - AutoCAD LT provides 3 major aspects (design, documentation, collaboration) of AutoCAD at 28% of cost of AutoCAD, Brian Benton, Novedge, Aug 15, 2014
  • Macros - More Advanced - discusses macros that rotate commands related to UCS, PLAN, UCS to object before updating view to suit in AutoCAD LT, Adam Kimber, Aug 22, 2014
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Autodesk, Products

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Autodesk Inventor

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Autodesk Revit

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  • Accessing Discipline and Duplicating View Template - employ View.Discipline to return discipline of view, apply copy, paste API to duplicate templates in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 19, 2014
  • Apply Electrical Panel Template to Panels in Revit - select electrical panel schedule in panel schedules section, open change template dialog to apply desired panel as existing panel, or visit manager templates option to change selected panel schedule appearances, Doug Bowers, Applying Technology to Architecture, Aug 19, 2014
  • Dynamo for the 99% - Selecting Objects a Different Way - use string node to type out category with prefix 'OST_' when selecting objects, Edwin Guerra, BIM Blog, Aug 21, 2014
  • From Rhino to Revit - create Revit model from Rhino surface, export surfaces as ACIS file, import .sat file in new conceptual mass family before adjusting position, creating curtain system by face in Revit, Simon Moreau, BIM 42, Aug 23, 2014
  • Getting Linked File Data Without Opening the RVT - tips to employ transmission data class to obtain information about linked files without opening Revit files, Harry Mattison, Boost Your BIM, Aug 20, 2014
  • Handling Duplicate Types on CopyElements - create new class that implements interface IDuplicateTypeNamesHandler before calling CopyElements in Revit, Augusto Goncalves, AEC DevBlog, Aug 19, 2014
  • Precise Placement of Revit Sections - draw reference plane, place section with beginning, end reference clicks, delete reference plane before pinning section in place, Jordan Mussett, IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog, Aug 25, 2014
  • Setting the Phase of a View - employ RevitLookup to determine what storage type built-in parameter VIEW_PHASE is expecting, set storage type using element id in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 20, 2014
  • Specify Worksets and Save - verify if specify option is selected when project is opened, enable worksets before saving file for first time in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 20 2014
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CAD Hardware

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CAD Shows

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  • How Dassault Systemes Achieved Success - early history of Dassault, different sales approach, created innovation through research, by understanding of each industry segment processes, Francis Bernard, upFront.eZine, Aug 26, 2014
  • What are T-Splines? And How Can I Use Them? - T-Splines are combination of Nurbs, subdivision modeling, freeform tools are great for styling designs but not helpful with precisely engineered designs for items like propellers or mechanical screws, Paul Munford, CAD Setter Out, Aug 2014
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Rapid Prototyping

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Solid Edge

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