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Use and Control Multifunctional Grips for Faster Editing

By Ellen Finkelstein, January 14, 2014
Originally published on Republished here by permission.

Multifunctional grips are small, contextual menus that let you edit the properties of an object or component. Use them to quickly edit objects.

For example, when you draw a rectangle, each vertex has multifunctional grips that let you add, remove, or stretch that vertex.

Similarly, an array has multifunctional grips that let you edit the number of rows in a rectangular array or the angle between items in the polar array.

How to use a multifunctional grip

To use a multifunctional grip, follow these steps:

  1. Select the object.
  2. Hover over a grip.
  3. Choose one of the options that appears.

You can also make a grip 'hot' by clicking it and then right-clicking it. Along with the other shortcut menu items, you’ll find the multifunctional grip options.

Multifunctional grips have been expanded since they were introduced. For example, the rectangle’s center grip menu also lets you convert the side of the rectangle to an arc. Watch the video to see how it works.

Which objects have multifunctional grips?

The key to using the multifunctional grips is to know which objects have them. Here’s a rundown:

Control multifunctional grips with a system variable

The GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL system variable lets you control how multifunctional grips work. The default setting is 3 which gives you the behavior I described above; it’s a combination of the 1 and 2 settings. Here are the other settings:

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About the Author

Ellen Finkelstein Ellen Finkelstein is a recognized expert, speaker, trainer, and best-selling author on AutoCAD, PowerPoint and presentation skills. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines, newsletters, and blogs. She is the author of the AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Bible. More…

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