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Caustic Series2 PC Boards Accelerate Maya, 3ds Max - Caustic Visualizer viewport renderer supports accurate reflections, soft shadows, diffuse reflections, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Dec 19, 2012

Caustic Introduces Ray-Tracing Accelerator Boards - ray tracing accelerator PC board uses ray-tracing chipset, caustic visualizer, photorealistic viewport, Jon Peddie, Graphic Speak, Dec 6, 2012

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How to Setup Units & Use the Tape Tool in 3D Studio Max - prepare correct unit setup, employ tape tool to obtain exact distance between 2 objects in 3ds Max, Alex Martin, Cgtuts+, Dec 23, 2013

Create a Game Ready Fire Extinguisher with 3D Studio Max: Pt 1 - understanding steps to set up image reference, model tank, hose, main/secondary handle, detailing tank, hose, creating high-res model with 3ds Max, Soni Kumari, Cgtuts+, Dec 21, 2013

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Grant Warwick's Review of 3ds Max 2012  - new Nitrous viewport system, editable poly modeling speed improvements, improved stability, UI, fully integrated PhysX, Grant Warwick, YouTube, Apr 5, 2011

Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2009 - 'ViewCube' and 'SteeringWheels' added for navigation, reveal rendering feature, lighting analysis tool, new color correction map, more, Chad Warner, CG Architect, Aug 25, 2008

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Success Stories 
On the Job: Success in 3D - 3ds max helps a civil engineering firm create account-winning presentations, Laracella Sheridan, Cadalyst, December 1, 2003

Operation: Visualise - Discreet's 3ds max and ART's RenderDrive helped artist Barclay Shaw visualize the newly completed Information Dominance Center, a facility for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command, C3, June 2002


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