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Dassault Positions 3DVIA to be the "3D for Everyone" Uber-Brand

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Randall S. Newton, March 24, 2008

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Over the past year Dassault Systèmes has been announcing and/or releasing a web-based family of design and visualization tools and services under the brand name 3DVIA. Using lightweight 3D data formats and web services architecture when possible, 3DVIA seeks to provide an entry point for 3D CAD that has much less overhead than Dassault’s existing product lines. The ambitious goal is to expand the use of 3D content beyond Dassault’s existing markets in design, engineering, and manufacturing, thus fulfilling the company’s long-stated goal of "3D for everyone."

Some announced products or services in the 3DVIA brand portfolio aim at new users in existing engineering markets. The most obvious example is the former Seemage, renamed 3DVIA Composer, which brings 3D content into product documentation and reads a variety of 3D data formats. Other announced and/or shipping products in the 3DVIA line are:

3DVIA.com is an online hub for users of the various 3DVIA products. Dassault is pitching it as an online “community” for all who work with 3D content.

3DVIA Shape is a free web-based 3D modeling application designed for ease of use. Models created in 3DVIA Shape can be published directly to 3DVIA.com for sharing, or used in various other 3DVIA products.

3DVIA MP is an authoring tool for 3D game production on multiple platforms including PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, and online.

Virtools is billed as a comprehensive development platform for “creating a wide range of addictive games, virtual reality simulations and marketing/multimedia applications.”

A Closer Look at 3DVIA Shape

Included in 3DVIA is Shape, a low-end 3D design program. The program has a very simple interface. Despite its simplicity -- or rather, because of it -- 3DVIA Shape is a powerful design tool. Instead of focusing upon all the nuances and subtleties that a traditional CAD program enables, 3DVIA Shape has none of these features or advanced functions to distract from the original intent of creating and exploring a conceptual design.

3DVIA Shape beta looks and feels much like Google SketchUp

While you would not build a product directly off any of the models in 3DVIA Shape, evaluating conceptual design alternatives quickly is of value -- just what the doctor ordered in an age of quick turnaround, refinement, and go-to-market pressure.


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The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet.


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