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KeyCreator Compare - Kubotek comes out with an app that compares one version of geometry with another and highlights changes, interview by Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Jan 16, 2012

Doctor Walt's Tips and Trick - creating, using animation motor in KeyCreator, Kubotek, May 2011

IGES Files Open Faster in KeyCreator Than in SolidWorks - performance details, John McCullough, Kubotek, May 6, 2011

Kubotek NVIDIA Graphics Card Shootout, Pt 1 - graphics overview, testing KeyCreator, OpenGL, John McCullough, KubotekUSA, Oct 29, 2010

Wicked Cool Coffin Car Being Designed in KeyCreator CAD Software - tutorial, YouTube, Oct 21, 2010

How to Edit Dumb Solids from SolidWorks with KeyCreator 3D - using KeyCreator direct editing tools, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Sep 27, 2010

Kubotek's Competitive Upgrade Program - history based MCAD users upgrading to history free KeyCreator, Deelip Menezes, May 24, 2010

Kubotek's KeyCreator 8.5, the Other Direct Modeler - creates 3D shapes easily, emphasis on primitive solids, excellent dimension driven editing system, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Sep 14, 2009

Re-invention of Direct Modeling - KeyCreator 8.5 can suppress features, offers dimension driven modeling, surface modeling tools, can translate to many other MCAD programs, Deelip.com, Aug 31, 2009

KeyCreator Tips and Tricks - using symmetry in modeling, Walt Silva, Kubotek, Jun 18, 2009 pdf

Creating Easy L and U Shapes Using Fast Shell - KeyCreator tips, Walt Silva, May 8, 2009 pdf

KeyCreator Tips and Tricks - dimensioning arcs on curved surfaces, Walt Silva, Apr 8, 2009 pdf

KeyCreator's Sheet Metal Design Tools - Pt 2 - creating flange, bend relief, bends, advance modeling, Walt Silva, KeyCreator, Jan 13, 2009 pdf

Secrets of Isometric Dimensioning - adding dimensions to isometric views for setup sheets, collateral marketing materials using KeyCreator, Walt Silva, KeyCreator, Oct 7, 2008 pdf

KeyCreator Tips and Tricks - using pruning function to modify complex plastic parts, various commands to use, Walt Silva, Sep 10, 2008  pdf

New Functionality Videos - Part One - links to videos showing new and enhanced functionality in KeyCreator Version 6.5, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), June 2007

Is Time Travel Possible with History Based Modeling? - the direct modeling approach of KeyCreator is alternative to history-based modeling, John Wright McCullough, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), June 2007

Direct Dimension-driven Editing - videos demonstrating the new and flexible technology, Gloria Martel, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), February 2007

NEW Direct Dimension-Driven Editing Technology - Andy Beaupre of Kubotek USA talks about the new and flexible technology to edit faces, Gloria Martel, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), January 2007

Using Feature Selection and Prune Command - selecting, adding or subtracting faces, pruning off the geometries in KeyCreator v5, Wes Krol, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), December 2006

Using Images in KeyCreator - import TIFF, JPEG, bitmaps, device independent bitmaps, and GIF files easily, Wes Krol, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), November 2006

Exporting a CKD File - build KeyCreator assemblies using levels first, then create part references, Andy Beaupre, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), September 2006

Top-down Assembly Modeling Techniques - improved Boolean, solid face, solid trim/break and swept solid Functions for assembly friendly solid model operations in KeyCreator, Andy Beaupre, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), August 2006

Save Your Customized Toolbar Settings - customizing workspace, keyboard, template, and dimension template files in KeyCreator, Wesley Krol, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), July 2006

A Tale of Two CAD Books - books like "Doctor Walt's KEYCREATOR 5 Introductory Guide" by Walter Silva and "SolidWorks for Dummies" by Greg Jankowski are a good investment in time and money, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst Manufacturing, December 15, 2005

New KeyCreator Macros - assign color to individual solid bodies with simple macros, Michael Harrington, Creation Engineering News, Kubotek, January 2006

Mostly Detailing - answering the queries of KEYCREATOR software users, Wesley Krol, Creation Engineering News (by Kubotek), July 2005

Ask the Experts - Layout Dialog - a general overview of KeyCreator 4 layout Dialog for setting up a new layout with specific parameters, Wesley Krol, Creation Engineering News, March 2005

CAD Should Enable Design Creativity - CAD should be as easy as using a paper napkin, interview with Robert Bean, COO of Kubotek, Design News January 10, 2005

CADKEY Rechristened as KEYCREATOR - the former CADKEY application is now part of an integrated environment for measuring, modeling and machining - what its new owner Kubotek refers to as its M-cubed approach, Amy Rowell, CADwire.net, March 1, 2004

IMSI to Buy CADKEY - IMSI's agreement to purchase the assets of CADKEY Corporation marks the end of a lengthy lawsuit between CADKEY and Harold Bowers over tablet-overlay templates conceived and patented more than a decade ago, CADCAMNet, September 5, 2003

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