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KeyCreator Compare - Kubotek comes out with an app that compares one version of geometry with another and highlights changes, interview by Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Jan 16, 2012

Doctor Walt's Tips and Trick - creating, using animation motor in KeyCreator, Kubotek, May 2011

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Kubotek's KeyCreator Compare - Review - finds differences between 2 sets of geometric data, helps make changes to imported parts with ease, suitably priced, but some usability issues remain, Matt Lombard, CADdigest.com, Feb 2, 2012

Kubotek's KeyCreator Compare - Review - sub-set of KeyCreator, Compare allows you to compare parts or assemblies to find differences that may have developed over time, John Evans, CADdigest.com, Jan 31, 2012

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Success Stories 
Making the Impossible Possible - KEYCREATOR enables a small company to compete with the big guys, James Ashley, Desktop Engineering, September 2004

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