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JPR Virtualize 2015: How to Woo the Dedicated Workstation Users - survey revealed that 52% of respondents were aware that GPUs could be shared in virtualized setup, 31% of respondents revealed they would acquire virtualized systems from their IT, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Nov 10, 2015

Intel's Processor Progress - Intel redefines itself as more than CPU maker by introducing new CPUs with integrated Iris Pro graphics, NVIDIA-ISV partnership recognizes discrete graphics card as number crunching, parallel-processing engine, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Nov 2, 2015

Virtual GPU Technology Gains Steam, Diversifies Options for CAD Computing - NVIDIA pushes server-side graphical computing forward with GRID 2.0, while Intel, AMD also introduce vGPU technology in hardware, Alex Herrera, Cadalyst, Sep 29, 2015

Review: NVIDIA Quadro K1200 - designed for small form factor workstations, K1200 has 4 GB of memory attached to Maxwell-generation GM107 GPU, delivers appealing level of performance for price, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, July 16, 2015

NVIDIA's Impressive New GPUs - Quadro K2200 delivers exceptional power-efficient 3D application performance, Quadro K4200 provides 1,344 CUDA cores, 4GB of on-board GDDR5 memory, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2015

NVIDIA GTC 2015, Pt 2: Physically Accurate Visualization to Preempt Catastrophic Design Flaws - Autodesk Revit's seasonal sun angle simulation, accelerated on NVIDIA GPU, can help designers predict intensity of hotspots that curved surface produce, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Apr 8, 2015

GTC 2015: NVIDIA Serves Current CAD Computing Models and Builds Out New Options, Pt 2 - NVIDIA is not alone in pursuing virtual workstation technologies, which promise to make large projects available at any time to team members around globe, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, Apr 2, 2015

GTC 2015: NVIDIA Serves Current CAD Computing Models and Builds Out New Options, Pt 1 - new hardware powers higher fidelity with physically based rendering, CAD professionals harness it for interactive design use, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, Mar 31, 2015

How Real-Time Ray Tracing Can Uncover Dangerous Design Flaws - paired with new Quadro M6000 graphics card, NVIDIA's new Iray 2015 rendering technology quickly models the way light bounces around scene, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Mar 25, 2015

NVIDIA GTC 2015, Pt 1: Speeding Up Deep Learning with the GPU - CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talked about GeForce TITAN X GPU, DIGITS DevBox, PASCAL GPUs, Drive PX developer kit, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Mar 19, 2015

NVIDIA Delivers Statement of Intent for GPU Rendering - highly scaleable, 'push-button' renderer, Iray will be made available for much wider range of 3D tools, NVIDIA launched new CAD-focused Quadro K1200 card, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, Mar 19, 2015

NVIDIA Quadro 2014 Family of GPUs Power the Full Range of Lenovo ThinkStations - table compares old, new generation of Quadro products, Tom Lansford, CADplace, Sep 7, 2014

NVIDIA Launches Remote Desktop Service Test, Powered by NVIDIA GRID - register, download thin client, log in to get 24-hour access to remote desktop, hosted in GPU-accelerated GRID server, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, May 27, 2014

Why Professional Graphics Should Matter to CAD Users - Q&A with Adam Scraba of NVIDIA about difference between professional graphics card and typical consumer/gaming card, Quadro cards features helpful for CAD, IT managers, ROI metrics to calculate potential savings, Robert Green, CADdigest.com, May 19, 2014

NVIDIA GTC 2014: The Dawn of Pascal; the Rise of the Machines - next generation of GPU from NVIDIA, PASCAL measures one-third the size of PCIe card, releases JETSEN TK1, developer kit capable of 326 GFLOPS for $192, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Apr 10, 2014

Solid by Design: 5 Reasons Why SolidWorks 2014 on GRID VCA is a Game Changer - GRID VCA standardizes use of SolidWorks 2014 among users, provides productivity boost, eliminates performance trade-offs, increases security, Ankit Patel, Computer Graphics World, Sep 2013

HP New Graphics Blade Server to Support NVIDIA GRID - HP WS460c graphics server blade is supporting NVIDIA's render-remotely/display-anywhere GRID technology, playing broader role in remote graphics, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, Sep 2, 2013

NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Looks to Set New Marks for Performance, Capability and Price - whopping 12 GB of GDDR5 video memory, 225W power, 288GB/s memory bandwidth, 2880 CUDA processors, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, July 30, 2013

NVIDIA Launches the Quadro K6000 for High End Graphics - K6000 can help animators preview near final-frame quality in near realtime, to be available in September in price range of $2,500, Ralph Grabowski & Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, July 23, 2013

NVIDIA's New Graphics Board Probably Holds More RAM Than Your Computer - based on Kepler architecture, Quadro K6000 has 12GB RAM, 2 terraflops of computer performance for improved real-time visualization, takes 2 slots, is very quiet, uses 225W of power, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, July 23, 2013

NVIDIA Unveils Newest High-End GPU - NVIDIA Quadro K6000 has 12GB ultrafast GDDR5 graphics memory, 2,880 streaming multiprocessor cores, support for 4 simultaneous displays, ultralow latency video I/O, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, July 23, 2013

NVIDIA GRIDs Have Power to Share - GRID K1 board can support 32 users, high-end K2 board can support 16 users, NVIDIA virtualized workstations show reduced latency with patented technology, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 18, 2013

NVIDIA - The Only Winner in Q1 Graphics Market - overall market was down 2.9% sequentially: AMD revenue was flat, Intel slipped 5.3%, but NVIDIA increased by 3.6% quarter-to-quarter, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 17, 2013

Lenovo C30 Workstation and NVIDIA's New Kepler-Generation Quadro K5000 and K4000 GPUs - small form factor dual-socket workstation with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, base price of $1,169, Quadro K4000 delivers 64% better price-performance than higher-priced K5000, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, May 7, 2013

NVIDIA GRID VCA - visual computing appliance can turn any device into powerful virtual 3D workstation, targets small and medium business, 2 models available: base, max systems, DEVELOP 3D, May 2, 2013 

NVIDIA GTC 2013 - GRID visual computing device launched, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's keynote on remote graphics, SolidWorks presentation, customers shared experiences with GPU-based workflows, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, May 2, 2013

Graphics Cards for CAD: PTC Creo 2.0 & SolidWorks 2013 - AMD FirePro W-Series, NVIDIA Quadro K series cards were tested; AMD gains edge in price/performance, Greg Corke, Develop 3D, Apr 30, 2013

NVIDIA GRID Appliance Designed to Speed 3D Modeling, Rendering for SMBs - on-demand visual computing system can simultaneously support as many as 16 users of Autodesk Design Suites, SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Apr 2, 2013

NVIDIA Announces Grid Visual Computing Appliance - turnkey system for delivering remote access to high performance computer graphics apps, price starting at $24,900, plus annual software license of $2,400, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Mar 19, 2013

GTC 2013: 8 to 16 Virtual Machines, Hosted in NVIDIA Grid VCA - powerful GPU-based system to run complex apps, send graphics output over network to be displayed on client computer, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Mar 19, 2013

Twenty Petaflops of Supercomputer Power from Off-the-Shelf Parts - Titan supercomputer leverages x86 CPUs, paired with NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPUs, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Nov 16, 2012

NVIDIA Floats Workstations Graphics to the Cloud - cloud-based NVIDIA VGX K2 GPU to deliver virtualized workstation performance, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Nov 2, 2012

NVIDIA Announces First Virtual Workstation GPU - VGX K2 will provide high-performance graphic compute technology to any device connected to K2-equipped data center, Citrix becomes launch partner, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 17, 2012

Second Generation Maximus From NVIDIA Professional Solutions Group - latest GPU architecture: NVIDIA Quadro K5000, Tesla K20, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Aug 13, 2012

NVIDIA Refuels GPU Architecture for High-Octane Performance - powered by Kepler architecture, Maximus workstation platform can support up to 192 cores for added efficiency, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Aug 10, 2012

NVIDIA Offers Heavy-Duty Parallel Processing in Upgraded Maximus Platform - offers Quadro K5000, Tesla K20 GPUs based on Kepler architecture, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Aug 8, 2012

Invisible GPUs are Coming - NVIDIA's Kepler architecture has Hyper-Q feature to communicate with multiple CPU cores simultaneously, making GPU virtualization feasible, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, July 2, 2012

Superfast Graphics Let CAD Go to the Cloud - NVIDIA's VGX graphics processor can handle up to 100 users doing heavy-duty graphics using cloud server, Machine Design, June 14, 2012

NVIDIA Spans the Continuum from Handheld to Cinema - overview of NVIDIA's recent growth, current prospects, Jon Peddie, Graphic Speak, June 12, 2012

Graphics Processors Let CAD Go to the Cloud - NVIDIA VGX technology delivers virtualized desktops of users at work, Leland Teschler, Machine Design, May 31, 2012

Is NVIDIA's VGX Paving the Way for an ARM-ed Takeover of the Enterprise? - GPU virtualization can answer for ARM limitations, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, May 24, 2012

NVIDIA Launches the Kepler Era of Virtual GPU Computing and Accessible HPC - to be delivered in new generation of Tesla-brand GPUs for desktop computing, as cloud-based technology, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 15, 2012

NVIDIA Opens Pandora's Box - remote-rendering solution Project Pandora will help Autodesk 3ds Max users use cloud-hosted Tesla GPUs to render time-consuming scenes, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Dec 12, 2011

Can SolidWorks 2012 Spit the NVIDIA Quadro 2000 GPU Juice? - Quadro 2000 supports RealView, dual monitors, cut visuals on fast rotation or panning, but sluggish performance with large data sets, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 18, 2011

Quadro Virtual Graphics Technology is Another Evolutionary Step in Server-Based Rendering - Project Monterey promises high-performance rendering in cloud, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, Oct 10, 2011

NVIDIA Raises the Bar - high-end Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000 boards incorporate dual copy engines; entry-level Quadro 600 has gigabyte of DDR3 memory, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2011

The (Kinda) Anti-Benchmark NVIDIA Quadro 2000 Review - mid-range, Fermi-based graphics card doesn't include ECC memory, painful dual monitor set-up, comparing with Quadro FX 1800 card, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, June 30, 2011

Mercedes Benz, Brought to You by Jeff Patton and NVIDIA - computer graphics artist using iray with NVIDIA Quadro 6000, Tesla C2070 GPUs to create higher quality images in lesser time, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, June 30, 2011

NVIDIA iray and GPUs Supercharge Artist Jeff Patton's Designs for Mercedes Benz - 7.5x faster speed, improved clarity, detail in images achieved, CADdigest.com, June 28, 2011

NVIDIA Performance Driver for AutoCAD - NVIDIA performance driver has to be installed separately to get full performance of Quadro 5000M workstation graphics card, John Evans, Design and Motion, June 21, 2011

NVIDIA Positions Quadro 400 to Seduce AutoCAD Users - entry-level professional graphics at affordable price, Alex Herrera, GraphicSpeak, Apr 29, 2011

NVIDIA Launches Its CUDA Toolkit 4.0 - toolkit improves computational performance of parallel operations on multiple GPUs, Peter Varhol, Desktop Engineering, Apr 1, 2011

Use the GPU, Stupid - NVIDIA intent on convincing world GPUs can do general purpose computing, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Sep 30, 2010


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