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Creating Camera Views in an Inventor Presentation

by Elise Moss, President, Silicon Valley AutoCAD Power Users

A common question many users have is how to seamlessly switch camera views in a presentation animation.


Start by creating the desired exploded view.

In the browser, left click on the Filter icon.
We have three views available for the Presentation Browser: Tweak View, Sequence View and Assembly View. Enable the Sequence View.

Initially, you have a single task.
You want to divide your assembly into several tasks.
You want to rename your tasks to something meaningful for you.

Highlight the Explosion1.
Right click and select ‘Create Task’.

Create tasks for each stage of your assembly process.

Each sequence lists the tweaks applied to the components.
Move the sequences into the correct task folders.

You can also turn off the visibility of components in specific sequences by moving them under the Hidden folder.
Simply drag them from the assembly list into the hidden folder for that sequence.


To check how it looks, use the Advance by One Tweak tool in the Animation dialog.
You see the components in the hidden folder are not visible in that step.

To change the camera view, set the view as desired.

Highlight the task.
Right click the task and select ‘Edit’.

You can add a description to the Task.
You can change the Interval so you can speed up and slow down individual tasks.
Press the ‘Set Camera’ button to apply the current view.
Press ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

Experiment with different ways of controlling views and component visibility.

Also, don’t forget to turn off the 3D Coordinate Display (in Options).

About the Author

Elise Moss has worked for the past twenty years as a mechanical designer in Silicon Valley, primarily creating sheet metal designs. She has written articles for Autodesk’s Toplines magazine and AUGI’s PaperSpace. She is President of Moss Designs, a Registered Autodesk Developer, creating custom applications and designs for corporate clients. She is also President of Silicon Valley AutoCAD Power Users, the largest AutoCAD user’s group in the United States. She has taught CAD classes at DeAnza College, Silicon Valley College, and for Autodesk resellers. She holds a baccalaureate degree from San Jose State.

Books by Elise Moss

  • Autodesk Inventor R4 Fundamentals: Conquering the Rubicon

  • Autodesk Inventor R4 Intermediate Level: Mastering the Rubicon

  • AutoCAD 2000i Mechanical Drafting for Beginners

  • Architectural Desktop R3.3 Fundamentals: Laying a Sound Foundation

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