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Autodesk VIZTutorials

Put Some Spline in It: Spline-Based Modeling in 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ - creating splines to accurately represent design intent, repurposing 2D data from CAD, generating 3D objects from 2D spline, Charles Prettyman, Autodesk University 2008

VIZ 2008: Using Mental Ray - multimedia tutorial on setting up scene to use Mental Ray engine, Avatech Solutions, Oct 24, 2007

VIZ 2008: The Mental Ray Haze Effect - multimedia tutorial on improving exterior renderings with the haze option, Avatech Solutions, July 24, 2007

Tip: Polar Snapping in Max and VIZ - adding polar snap mode to snaps toolbar, Ted Boardman's Visualization Blog, February 23, 2007

Sweeping with VIZ 2006 - simple interface of 'sweep' allows users to create crown molding, flanges and other simple loft objects with ease, Joy Voltenburg, Hagerman & Company, Inc., May 2005

Back Online - February 2005 - 3ds max / Autodesk VIZ tips, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, February 2005

Importing a Sketch as Traceable Background with Autodesk VIZ - VIZ tip, Tomislav Zigo, Hagerman Technology Bulletin, January 2005

Looking Up - 3ds max/Autodesk VIZ tips on how to create skies that are convincing and compliment your design models, Michael Choquette, SageCAD Newsletter, January 2005 (pdf)

Remove Material Assignments - Autodesk VIZ / 3ds max tip on how to remove the material assignments for the objects in your scene, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, January 8, 2005

Animating with VIZ 2005 - Autodesk VIZ offers robust animation capabilities that in most cases will meet all your needs, Joy Voltenburg, Hagerman Technology Bulletin, December 2004

VIZ: Pen and Ink Render - streaming tech tip illustrates how to use Contour shaders with the mental ray rendering engine to produce striking images that look like they were drawn with pen and ink, Tod Stephens, Avatech Solutions, December 16, 2004

Caustics 101 - Autodesk VIZ / 3ds max tutorial explores caustics (and photons in general) in mental ray, Jeff Patton, Vizdepot.com, November 24, 2004 (requires free registration

Barcelona Ottoman Modeling Tutorial - VIZ tutorial, John Voltaire M. Garcia, Vizdepot.com, November 26, 2004 (requires free registration)

Utilizing the Watermark - using either VIZ or VIZ Render you can add your watermark without the need for post-processing, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, November 23, 2004

VIZ: Panorama Exporter - streaming tech tip shows how to use the Panorama Exporter rendering utility in VIZ 2005 to create and view 360-degree spherical panoramas of your building model, Tod Stephens, Avatech Solutions, November 16, 2004

Creating a Views Toolbar in VIZ 2005 - Autodesk VIZ tutorial, Elise Moss, Moss Designs, October 15, 2004 (pdf)

VIZ: Realistic Daylight Rendering - streaming tech tip shows how to use meshing parameters and other options to create truly photorealistic skyscapes, Tod Stephens, Avatech Solutions, October 14, 2004

Importance of File Naming - General To Specific, Part I - tips on implementing a naming structure for CAD files, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, October 13, 2004

Power Solids for 3ds max Tutorials - video tutorials show how to use the Power Solids plug-in for 3ds max / Autodesk VIZ, nPower Software, October 14, 2004

Error Creating or Saving AVI Files in VIZ 2005 - Autodesk VIZ tip, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, October 11, 2004

Lightscape Attribut to Architectural Material Converter for max 6 / VIZ 2005 - use a script to convert any Lightscape attribut Library (material) to an Architectural material, Christian Bauer, CGTechniques, October 7, 2004

Enter Relative Values - Autodesk VIZ/3ds max tip, Ryan Small, The Autodesk Informer, October 6, 2004

Customize Scene Defaults in 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ - 3ds max / VIZ tips, Ryan Small, The Autodesk Informer September 17, 2004

Daylight System - Adding Locations - VIZ / 3ds max / Architectural Desktop tip, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, September 8, 2004

Edge Editing - Autodesk VIZ / 3ds max tutorial explores the use of Edge editing, Reference cloning and Lattice modifier tools, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, September 2004

Selecting Options - Autodesk VIZ tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

Spin with Speed - Autodesk VIZ tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

Right Clicking in a View with Options - Autodesk VIZ tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

The F Keys Have More Meaning - Autodesk VIZ 2005 tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

Rendering Splines in VizRender - Autodesk VIZ tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

Controlling Separate Material Assignments in VizRender - Autodesk VIZ tip, Vizdepot.com, August 31, 2004 (requires free registration)

Chain Link Fences and Slicing Planes - Autodesk VIZ/ 3ds max tutorial, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, August 2004

Mostly Materials - Autodesk VIZ tutorial demonstrates applying lines in space and stripes on curved roads, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, July 2004

Single Camera Animation Over Multiple Paths - Autodesk VIZ tutorial explains the use of key frames and animation constraints and controllers, the Vizdepot, June 14, 2004 (requires free registration)

Inverse Kinematics - explores some fundamentals of using several tools in Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max that allow you to set up relationships between objects in the scene that can make animations and the movement of objects easier, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, April 2004

Understanding Attenuation - Autodesk VIZ/3ds max tutorial explains how attenuation settings effect scene environments, Alex Casanova and Steven Papke, the Vizdepot, March 16, 2004 (requires free registration)

Using an Animation Constraint to Create Blinds - Autodesk VIZ/3ds max tutorial illustrates how to use the animation orientation constraint to create mini blinds, Alex Casanova and Steven Papke, the Vizdepot, March 17, 2004 (requires free registration)

Blending the Edges of Adjacent Materials - Autodesk VIZ/3ds max tutorial illustrates a method of blending between two adjacent materials that have been assigned to faces by Material ID number, Ted Boardman, the Vizdepot, March 14, 2004 (requires free registration)

Running Water - explains how to create running water effects in both 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, March 2004

Materials and Lighting Tips - VIZ/3ds max tips dealing with modeling and materials, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, February 2004

Railings in 5 Minutes - VIZ/3ds max tutorial on using editable poly to draw railings,  Montree T., CGarchitect, February 2004

Importing AutoCAD Meshes - tutorial explains how to create a triangular ground model using VIZ and AutoCAD, David Watson, CADTutor, January 23, 2004

More Tips and Tricks - January 2004 - VIZ / 3ds max tips on distorting mesh objects, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, January 2004

The ABCs of PLM - provides an overview of the essential components for an effective PLM system, Larry Gould, Automotive Design & Production, December 2003

VIZ Render - Clean Your Renderings - streaming tip illustrates a few different ways to clean up your renderings, Joe Eichenseer, Avatech Solutions, December 11, 2003

More Tips and Tricks - December 2003 - Autodesk VIZ tips, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, December 2003

VIZ - Working with Lights - streaming tech tip illustrates how to use shadow setting in a light to control the color and density of your shadows and how to use a light to pull brightness out of your scene, Phil Russo, Avatech Solutions, November 12, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Creating Cloth Objects - teaches the skills you need to make a wide variety of attractive, fast-rendering cloth objects, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, October 9, 2003

Mapping - 3ds max/Autodesk VIZ tutorial illustrates how to apply different mapping coordinates to a single map used in different locations in a single object to place slate roofing on a hip roof, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect, October 2003

Controlling Object Color Selection - Autodesk VIZ tips, Chad Studer, Autodesk.com, July 24, 2003

Trains, Boats, Planes - tutorial offers tips on modeling in 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, Ted Boardman, September 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Getting Started Online Workshop - eight individual sessions detailing the use of some of the most common features in VIZ 4, Avatech Solutions, August 29, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Working with the Modifier Stack - explores modifier stack fundamentals, including applying and removing modifiers from objects, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, July 25, 2003

Lofting III - Autodesk VIZ tutorial explores modifications to the lofting tool to make it more versatile, Ted Boardman, CG Architect, July 2003

Autodesk Architectural Desktop: VIZ Render - introduction to this newly designed rendering application (coupled with Architectural Desktop 2004) that offers a streamlined user interface for producing accurate radiosity-based visualizations, Steven Papke, Autodesk.com, June 4, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Rendering Effects to Images and Animations - tutorial explains how to use VIZ to achieve many of the same effects possible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, June 25, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Editing Mesh Objects with the Edit Mesh Modifier - tutorial explains how to use the Edit Mesh modifier to change rendered objects, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, April 23, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Mastering VIZ Material Fundamentals - tutorial explores dragging and dropping materials onto objects and creating a material based on a scanned image, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, April 9, 2003

Changing the Color of RPC Cars - tutorial shows how to change the color of RPC cars with 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, Marc Lorenz, CGarchitect, April 4, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Animation Fundamentals - tutorial on how to create walkthrough animations, make objects follow paths and animate objects with forward and inverse kinematics, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, April 4, 2003

Spring Foliage - 3ds max/Autodesk VIZ tutorial shows how to create relatively low polygon foliage that looks fine in the distance and from directly above, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect,  April 2003

Adding Streetlights that Follow a Roadway - Autodesk VIZ 4 tips, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, March 21, 2003

Adding Doorknobs and Locksets to AEC Doors - Autodesk VIZ 4 tips, Jim Robb, Autodesk.com, March 21, 2003

Adjusting the Reflectance of Materials - Autodesk VIZ 4 tips, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, March 26, 2003

Applying the Same Appearance to Another Object - Autodesk VIZ 4 tips, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, March 21, 2003

Autodesk VIZ: Strategies for Working with Large Files - advice on specific techniques that will help you reduce file size, increase the speed at which they render, and make them easier to modify, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, March 21, 2003

Introduction to ArchVisionís RPC Helpers and Mass Populate Tools - tutorial explains the use of these new tools for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, March 18, 2003 (pdf)

Autodesk VIZ: Working With Track View - tutorial illustrates how to use the Track View interface to create, modify and delete animation information for objects in your scene, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, March 13, 2003

VIZ 4 Photometric Lights - tips on using the application's new photometric lights, which were designed specifically to work with VIZ 4ís radiosity and offer features and parameters not found in the standard lights, Aaron Rumple,  Hagerman & Company Technology Bulletin, February 2003

Autodesk VIZ 4 Modeling Techniques -  learn modeling techniques specific to VIZ such as Lofting, Box modeling, and Patch modeling, and modeling for efficient new VIZ 4 radiosity rendering, Ted Boardman, Autodesk University presentation, December 5, 2002

Adding Sound to VIZ Work - tutorial details the steps required to add sound to a VIZ 4 file, Elise Moss, excerpt from "Autodesk VIZ 4 For Beginners," (hosted by ARCHIdigm), January 2003 (pdf)

Creating and Animating with Reflective Materials (VIZ Release 4) - Autodesk VIZ tutorial illustrates how to create materials that incorporate mirrored reflections, assign mirror materials to objects and replay animations, Nancy Fulton, OpenCAD, December 10, 2002

Exterior Radiosity - VIZ and 3ds max tutorial explores using the new Autodesk VIZ 4 Radiosity or 3ds max 5 lighting and rendering for an exterior scene with sky mapped to a dome, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, December 2002

VIZ 4/max 5 Self-Illuminated Objects Tutorial - how to use self-illuminated objects and how to setup radiosity, Christian Bauer, cgtechniques.com, December 1, 2002

Getting Started with Radiosity - explores the new lighting features of Autodesk VIZ 4,  Aaron Rumple, Hagerman & Company Technology Bulletin, September 2002

File Linking to VIZ - tips for linking drawings to Autodesk VIZ, Randy Sanders, ARCHIdigm, October 23, 2002

Changing Your Point of View while Working in VIZ - an Autodesk VIZ tutorial, Randy Sanders, ARCHIdigm

Autodesk VIZ 4 Online Workshop - an 8-part online workshop on the fundamentals of VIZ 4, from the basics through such advanced topics as lighting basics and key frame elements, Avatech Solutions, September 2002

Material Masking - tutorial on masking at both the map and the material level in Autodesk VIZ or 3ds max, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, October 2002

Creating Terrain Objects - tutorial shows how to import contours from AutoCAD into Autodesk VIZ and how to use the contours to create a terrain object, David Watson, CADTutor

Creating Neon Lights and Fluorescent Panels with Autodesk VIZ - tips on turning any object into a light source, Nancy Fulton, Autodesk.com, September 2002

Coordinate Systems - Autodesk VIZ tutorials examines the Reference Coordinate System tools, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, September 2002

Material Libraries - explores the tools and concepts available for storing and locating materials in Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, August 2002

Visualization Tips and Tricks - tutorial for creating an architectural model from a CAD drawing, using VIZ 4 and AutoCAD, H. Edward Goldberg, AECVision, August, 2002

VIZ 4.0 Global Illumination: How to Setup an Interior Scene for Daylight - tips on converting an existing project or preparing a new project for Global Illumination, Jan Ray Brookes, jan.brookes.com, July 4, 2002

Lofting II - fundamental lofting tips for VIZ and max, part two, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, July 2002

Lofting- tips on fundamental Lofting Methods in VIZ and max, Ted Boardman, CGarchitect.com, June 2002

Inserting Doors and Windows - an Autodesk VIZ tutorial, Jan Brookes, jan.brookes.com. 

Creating and Controlling Shadows in VIZ/max - Ted Boardman, CADENCE, November 2001

Glazing Options - offers some architectural glazing tips, Ted Boardman, CADENCE, September 2001

The Art of Seeing - tips on some basic techniques to help you meet those deadlines, Ted Boardman, CADENCE, July 2001

Coordinate Systems - how to use the Reference Coordinate Systems, Ted Boardman, CADENCE, March 2001

Animating Objects and Cameras - Ted Boardman, CADENCE, January 2001

Lighting 101 - Ted Boardman, CADENCE, November 2000

It's A Material World - how and why to apply materials to models, Ted Boardman, CADENCE, September 2000

Create Titles and Timers in VIZ Animations - Nancy Fulton, Cadalyst, August 2000

Creating 3D Objects - Ted Boardman, CADENCE, July 2000

2D Modeling-Preparing 2D Data for Use as 3D Models - Ted Boardman, CADENCE, May 2000

Getting Started - an overview of VIZ and 3D visualization, Ted Boardman, CADENCE, March 2000

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