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AutoCAD Bugs Features

How to Detect and Remove the Acad.vlx Virus - open product installation folder, locate support folder, double click acad20xx.lsp file to add/delete additional code/files to prevent file corruptions in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 20, 2014

About That Exploit in DWG Files - AutoCAD fails to properly bounds-check data in DWG file before using it to index, copy heap memory values, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Aug 27, 2013

AutoCAD DWG-AC1021 Heap Corruption - details of security hole in Autodesk's DWG file format that affects AutoCAD 2014, binamuse.com, July 24, 2013

Civil 3D 2014 Bug: Layer State Manager Mess  - edit layer state to get rid of layers using layer state manager, Civil Digest, May 10, 2013

AutoCAD & Civil 3D Bug List - too small zoom level when inserting point from survey database, list disappears when sorting parcel listing in prospector, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, Apr 1, 2013

ACAD/Medre.A: Ordinary Malware or Industrial Espionage? - Autodesk making efforts to stop propagation of malware, alerting customers to remain vigilant, follow security best practices, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, June 28, 2012

AutoCAD Worm Stealing dwg Files - Learn about worm that steal blueprints, design document and AutoCAD software, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, June 26, 2012

ACAD/Medre.A Technical Analysis - worm written in AutoLISP, copies itself to various locations, steals AutoCAD drawings from infected system, Robert Lipovsky, ESET Threat Blog, June 22, 2012

ACAD/Medre.A - 10000's of AutoCAD Files Leaked in Suspected Industrial Espionage - files were being sent to China; free stand-alone cleaner available, Righard Zwienenberg, ESET Threat Blog, June 22, 2012

ACAD/Medre.A AutoCAD AutoLISP Malware - steals AutoCAD drawings from infected system, sends to attacker via email; nature of malware, best practices to reduce chances of infection, Jimmy Bergmark, JTB World Blog, June 21, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 Wipeout Bug - workaround is drawing rectangle or polygon, converting it to wipeout, Jimmy Bergmark, JTB World Blog, June 12, 2012

Annotative Scale, Dimension Styles, Text Styles and Tool Palettes in AutoCAD - inability to manage styles through library file, to create annotative scaled tool from dimension or text style object, ARCHIdigm, July 2011

DPI Scaling Issue with AutoCAD 2012 - workaround is setting screen resolution of system to 96 DPI, JTB World Blog, May 30, 2011

Solution to System.IO.FileLoadException Could Not Load File or Assembly Error - workaround is unblocking file in AutoCAD, JTB World Blog, Apr 1, 2011

AutoCAD 2012 - ClassicArray Beta - download link to add-on for AutoCAD 2012 for Windows for creating arrays using dialog box interface, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Mar 25, 2011

AutoCAD Find and Replace Wildcards are Broken - bug ignores first, last wildcards in search, CADbloke, Mar 15, 2011

AutoCAD 2008 Scale List, Copying, Pasting Issue - tries to bring list from zrefs, blocks, using SCALELISTEDIT command for removing corrupted images, Nicholas Iyadurai, Revitize- Another Revit Blog, Oct 12, 2010

How to Detect and Remove the Acad.vlx Virus - locating support folder on product installation folder, accessing acad20xx.lsp file, adding code, Sunith Babu, CAD Professor, Oct 3, 2010

AutoCAD 3D Graphics Performance - turning on edges results in a surprising drop in video performance, Deelip Menezes, Aug 8, 2010 (

AutoCAD's Magic Vanishing Attachments - attachments disappear from drawing if opened in earlier releases, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Apr 30, 2009

Encountering Big Files - workarounds to deal with corrupt files, images, AEC Objects, 3D objects, views, Jim Rogers, Hagerman & Company, Mar 2009

AutoCAD's Longest-Lived Bug? - solutions on partial, incorrect plots, password-protected drawing, paper space problems, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Dec 1, 2008

Publish Pages Plentifully and Take a Stab At Stopping Stickies (Bug Watch Tutorial) - confusing  AutoCAD update numbering scheme, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Nov 1, 2008

How AutoCAD Can Mess You Up Behind Your Back (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial) - interoperability problems, new mtext features in latest versions corrupts visual integrity of drawings, QuickCalc palette unit conversion selection problem when docked, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Oct 1, 2008

Clear sticky Sheet Sets from Recent Documents List in AutoCAD - trick clears recent files, history in AutoCAD 2009, JTB World Blog, Sep 8, 2008

Sticky Update Pudding (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial) - overcoming  problems regarding dual screen setups and vertical scroll bar, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Sep 1, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 Brings Some Good Scale List News - workaround to osnaps not working on polylines and ribbon minimize options, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 1, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 - Action Recorder Needs Action - long awaited feature needs to be editable, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Apr 9, 2008

Acrobat PDFMaker 8.0 Toolbar in AutoCAD 2009 and CUI Bugs - JTB World, Apr 7, 2008

PUBLISHCOLLATE Bugs in AutoCAD 2009 - some characters are not plotted correctly when creating multi-page PDF, JTB World, Apr 3, 2008

Did AutoCAD Modify Your Drawings Without Permission? - child Xrefs modifed without permission, bug in scale list and button image backgrounds, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Mar 1, 2008

Invalid Display of Polyline With Negative Thickness in AutoCAD - bug still present in AutoCAD 2009, JTB World, Mar 4, 2008

AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack 1 - Yay or Nay? - bug in TIFF files, increased startup time, CursorSize system variable issue, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Feb 1, 2008

Horror in AutoCAD-4. The Final Conflict - two workarounds to fix FILEDIA variable in AutoCAD2007, Alex Borodulin, NYacad, Inc., Feb 16, 2008

Revenge of the Annoyances - scale lists issues remain unaddressed in AutoCAD 2008, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Jan 1, 2008

Annoyance Watch - bug in Xref layer defaults, Leader Object Snap, 3D orbit function, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Dec 1, 2007

AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack 1 Arrives with a Pleasant Surprise (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial) - SP1 fixed AutoCAD dialog boxes, scale problem is partially fixed, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Nov 1, 2007

Don't Get Your Ys in a Knot - bug in calculations on y-scale factor, Explorer bugs when opening multiple DWG files, uncooperative AutoCAD after using 3DOrbit command, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Oct 1, 2007

Tell the Bugmeister About Your AutoCAD Annoyances - bug in double-click editing and color conundrum, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, Sep 1, 2007

Careful with Those Dimensions! - workaround avoids crashes using Dimjogline in AutoCAD 2008, bug in Dimbreak command, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, August 1, 2007

Oops! Autodesk's Swat Misses the Bug and Squishes the Workaround - workaround to speed up the saving time and regenerating the selected objects in AutoCAD 2008, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, July 1, 2007

3dsout is Back In - icons of Visual LISP Integrated Development Environment change color plus bug in developer help, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, June 1, 2007

Another Service Pack for AutoCAD 2007 - bug in dimension Ddedit in AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2007 SP2 to deal with Vista problems, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 1, 2007

What to Do About 3D Graphics Problems - keep your Autodesk certified hardware XML database updated to resolve 3D display bugs, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, April 10, 2007

Customization, What Customization? - AutoCAD 2006 removes all CUI changes if minimized, workaround to bug in pixel sizing, multiple errors in drawings, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, March 1, 2007

The Dim Side of Dimensions - join beta programs to point out problems plus dimension disorder bug in AutoCAD, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, February 1, 2007

A Parade of Precision Problems - workaround is to move the objects close to 0,0,0, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, January 1, 2007

Workaround for DWF Writer Installation Issue - Beyond the Paper, December 12, 2006

Plots, Pictures, Pauses and Palettes - bug in built-in symbol in Visual LISP editor and unpredictable behavior of palettes, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, December 8, 2006

Opening Trusted Drawings - loopy LISP, opening Trusted DWG and DWGCHECK system variable, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, November 3, 2006

AutoCAD Entity Oddities - ellipses can not be thickened, unexpected behavior of multiline styles, and MicroStation V8 DGN file importer issue in AutoCAD 2007, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, October 20, 2006

3dsout is O-U-T, Out! - trouble handling TIFF files, inaccurate length property in new Helix object, workaround to use 3dsout command in AutoCAD 2007, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, October 7, 2006

Rotated UCS Impacts DWF Measurement - Scott Sheppard, Beyond the Paper, October 3, 2006

AutoCAD's Big Problem - AutoCAD doesn't work well with large coordinate values, here is a workaround, Bill Burchard & Michael Partenheimer, Cadalyst, September 7, 2006

Is AutoCAD's CUI All Better Now? - comparing CUI of AutoCAD 2007 with that of AutoCAD 2006 and workarounds for bugs in dialog boxes and slow gradient, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, September 8, 2006

Project Freewheel: The requested DWF is not valid - check if your DWF file on Project Freewheel server is intact or not, Scott Sheppard, Beyond the Paper, August 27, 2006

AutoCAD: Set Shaded Viewport Option to "As Displayed" to Retain Layer Information - when the Shaded viewport option is set to hidden, AutoCAD does not show all layers in a DWF file, John Schmier, Beyond the Paper, August 22, 2006

Text Display Errors in DWF Files - AutoCAD and Inventor have some font problems when opening a DWF, and workarounds, John Schmier, Beyond the Paper, August 10, 2006

Use AutoCAD 2007? 3D? Read On - pressing F1 can create an erroneous error message, workaround is to dock the command line, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, August 7, 2006

A Cure for Disappearing Dialog Boxes - basics of AutoCAD's CMDDIA (CoMmanD DIAlog) system variable, a constant source of confusion with users, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, August 7, 2006

Autodesk DWF Viewer, Autodesk Design Review, and Autodesk DWG TrueView do not Work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta - Scott Sheppard, Beyond the Paper, August 1, 2006

AutoCAD's Backward Compatibility - very slow plotting to a raster file and many View dialog box bugs in AutoCAD 2007 without workarounds, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, July 7, 2006

You Didn't Really Want to Detach That Xref, Did You? - new Reference Manager palette in AutoCAD 2007 has problem in detaching xrefs, here is a workaround, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, June 9, 2006

Don't Feed the Bugs - vertical variants of AutoCAD 2007 affecting earlier releases, hotfixes can help to some extent, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 9, 2006

Are Your Drawings Dotty? - creating text objects using AutoCAD 2006 Dtext editor also creates a dot, bug has been fixed in AutoCAD 2007, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, April 11, 2006

Alert: Bad Dynamic Block Bugs - inserting a dynamic block containing attributes in AutoCAD 2007 or a dynamic block using the explode option in AutoCAD 2006 can be problematic, Mark Douglas, In The Dynamic Interface, April 21, 2006

AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2006 and AutoCAD 2007 Products Freezing on Launch - computers not connected to the Internet may freeze when AutoCAD is launched, correct with Internet security settings, Autodesk, March 29, 2006

Install Express Tools Option Missing - Express Tools are no longer installed automatically with Autodesk Architectural Desktop and Autodesk Building Systems 2006/2007 but can be accessed after a custom install, Autodesk, April 5, 2006

Migration, Multiple and More Menu Matters - AutoCAD upgrade causes duplication of PC3 plotter files, here is the workaround, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, March 10, 2006

Nero Fiddles, AutoCAD Burns - uninstalling Ahead Nero CD and DVD burning software will cause AutoCAD to not load menus, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, February 13, 2006

Dynamic Input That Isn't and Two Kinds of Broken Objects - author wishes for command prompt and Dynamic Input, which can get hung up, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, January 12, 2006

Losing Your AutoCAD 2006 Settings? Here's Why - AutoCAD can mess up your settings--here is a workaround, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, December 15, 2005

Part of the CUIrate's Egg Isn't Rotten After All - AutoCAD bugs include problems with Selection Preview and UCS, author retracts bug about tablets, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, November 15, 2005

Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2006 - Autodesk lists 89 fixes in different categories in AutoCAD 2006 with Service Pack 1, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, October 14, 2005

Issues with Xrefs and More Menu Maladies - AutoCAD bugs addressed include maligned MLines, reload of rubbish, attack of the clones, more, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, September 15, 2005

Bug Watch July - an accounting of bugs uncovered by Cadalyst and fixed by Autodesk -- or not, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst AEC, July 15, 2005

AutoCAD 2006, for Better or Worse - with some truly useful new features, AutoCAD 2006 also brings some bugs like caught in a .NET, maligned MLines and aversion to save in 2000 format, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst AEC, June 15, 2005

AutoCAD Bugs Me - user hopes 2 pet peeves will be addressed in future versions of AutoCAD, Mark W. Kiker, CADDManager.com Blog, May 24, 2005

Which Bugs Buzzed Off in AutoCAD 2006? - Zero Lines, Blind Find 1 and 2, Holy Color Calamity, Battman, Perverted Revert are some of the bugs that has been fixed, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 15, 2005

The Trials of Typing Text in Tables - AutoCAD 2006 bugs include Xopen not working while using Maximize Viewport, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst Management, April 15, 2005

Updated System Variable Dialog Express Tool for AutoCAD 2006 - AutoCAD 2006 shipped without the latest system variables but Lee Ambrosius comes to the rescue, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, May 10, 2005

AutoCAD Bugs - beta testing won't get rid of bugs totally but it can at least ensure that they are stopped before attacking your software, Mark Douglas, In the Dynamic Interface, April 24, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 Script Bug - using the Close in a script stops execution, JTB World, April 27, 2005

Beta Testing - get involved in the making of software through beta testing, Beth Powell, Beth's CAD Blog, April 4, 2005

Bug Watch February 2005: Ancient Egyptians Managed It, So Why Can't AutoCAD? - bugs and workarounds explore unwanted round corners in 3D extrusions and line spacing in leaders, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, February 15, 2005

Bug Watch January 2005: When Close Isn't Close Enough, Here's the Answer - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with how to draw accurately in isometric, prevent your viewports from squaring up on you and handle an academic version plot-stamp infestation, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, January 15, 2005

Bug Watch December 2004 - a collection of sticky arrowhead settings, over-zealous Delete keys, unacceptable system variables and problems with an almost documented palette feature, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, December 15, 2004

Bug Watch: Battman Bylayer Bug is Bread and Butter to the Bugmeister - latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, November 15, 2004

Bug Watch October 2004 - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds examine Autodesk's Communications Center content and AutoCAD's spell checker, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, October 15, 2004

Bug Watch September 2004 - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with the MTEXTED system variable and other text editing functions, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, September 15, 2004

Bug Watch August 2004 - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with problems involving the Communication Center, the extended intersection feature of object snaps and a disabled Enter button, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, August 16, 2004

Bug Watch July 2004 - Part 2 of Top Ten AutoCAD Bugs from Cadalyst's 20th Anniversary Bug Watch Awards, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, July 27, 2004

AutoCAD 2006 Wishlist - a list of things that need to be fixed in the latest version, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, May 19, 2004

Bug Watch May 2004 - AutoCAD 2005 solves many of the obvious problems of recent releases, but a few remain, such as glitches in the complex linetype feature and the Txt2mtxt command, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 17, 2004

Bug Watch April 2004 - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with problems involving the Mtext editor, Qleader command and menus macros, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, April 1, 2004

Bug Watch March 2004 - AutoCAD bugs and workarounds include problems with Txtexp, the Txt2mtxt command and the Mtext editor, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, March 12, 2004

Bug Watch February 2004 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with setting the base point and hatch setting problems, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, February 14, 2004

Bug Watch January 2004 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with a color conundrum, attribute annoyance, and flaky behavior on the part of AutoCAD 2004's Undo command, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, January 1, 2004

Bug Watch December 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with the Txtexp Tool, the SDI (Single Document Interface) and tool palettes, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, December 2003

Bug Watch November 2003 -  the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with Service Pack 1, Steve Johnson, November 2003, Cadalyst, November 2003

Bug Watch October 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with attributes and frozen layers, French language gaffes and F Lock, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, October 2003

AutoCAD Bugs - a collection of bugs and workarounds to help stave off crashes and other productivity-crushing results, DotSoft, September 24, 2003

Bug Watch September 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds include buggy behavior in AutoCAD 2004 zooms and pans and a macro to cure a squished screen menu, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, September 2003

Bug Watch August 2003 - Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, August 2003

Bug Watch July 2003 - Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, July 2003

Bug Watch June 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds include glitches in the screen menu and Bhatch dialog box, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, June 2003

Bug Watch May 2003 - the latest bugs and workarounds deal with AutoCAD 2004's Find and RevCloud commands, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, May 2003

Bug Watch April 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with Imageclips, the Dimstyle command and child dimension styles, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, April 2003

Bug Watch March 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with Shortcut Menus in the Drawing Area option, the Plot Style Table Editor and  TrueType fonts, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, February 2003

Bug Watch February 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds deal with attribute angles, file names and layer locking, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, February 2003

Bug Watch January 2003 - the latest AutoCAD bugs and workarounds include Autodesk's discontinued BigFix service, Dimstyle dialog problems and layout order, Steve Johnson, Cadalyst, January 2003

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