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Alibre to Bundle Adobe Acrobat 3D

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Randall S. Newton, October 26, 2006

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Alibre Inc. will begin including Adobe Acrobat 3D, a $995 retail value, with Alibre Design Expert ($1995) products, as soon as logistic and reseller channel details are settled. Alibre becomes the first CAD vendor to bundle Acrobat 3D, and it sees the benefits from the bundle as a key component of its product strategy.

Fishing reel created and rendered with Alibre by Michael Berglund, designer for EMCAD in Sweden

The next version of Adobe Acrobat 3D, due the first quarter of 2007, will feature the PRC data format Adobe acquired with the purchase earlier this year of CAD translation specialist TTF. Use of the PRC format will essentially allow 3D PDF files to become a neutral repository for CAD data. This will make it easy for those without a copy of their company’s CAD standard to still have read/write access to design data. “Collaborate early and collaborate often,” is how Greg Milliken, CEO of Alibre, describes the new engineering environment that can evolve with the use of tools like Alibre Design Professional and Adobe Acrobat 3D. “The sooner 3D models can be created and shared, the better it is for the organization."

The collaboration doesn’t have to stop with the user of Alibre's retail products, which also include Alibre Design Standard for $995 and Alibre Professional for $1495. The company’s “permission marketing” approach starts with Alibre Design Xpress, a subset of Alibre Design available for a free download. In the future, any user of Acrobat 3D saves a 3D model in Acrobat 3D and enables data access in the free Adobe Reader, then an Alibre Design user can pull the model from the 3D PDF, edit the data, and return the model in 3D PDF. (For and Alibre Design Xpress user, this will be subject to the file size limitations in the product.)

Alibre Design is published in 16 languages, including three Chinese versions, Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Swedish.

The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet.

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