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AutoCAD Drawing Housekeeping - employ AUDIT, RECOVER, RECOVERALL, -PURGE commands to fix drawing errors, recover host drawings while generating report, purge object types out of drawing, Daniel Armstrong, Ideate, Nov 4, 2015

How to Make 2D from 3D Drawing in AutoCAD Using FLATSHOT - invoke command to create 2D geometrics from 3D model, form top, front, isometric views of geometry easily, Jaiprakash Pandey, SourceCAD, Nov 2, 2015

Drawing Purge: Quick, Efficient Clean Up - free routine purges both regular, complex DGN linetypes; DWG-PURGE command purges current drawing of its unused AutoCAD items; DWG-PURGE-BATCH command allows user to assign which items are to be purged, Murray Clack, AUGI Library, July 24, 2015

Automated Survey Grid Drawing Facility for AutoCAD 2016 - draw polyline of site using desired coordinate system, download, install MLH2 application from AutoCAD Exchange site, run MLH2 command before picking prefix, test sizing, grid spacing options, Dennis Collin, CADline, June 29, 2015

Enhanced AutoCAD Drawing Clean-Up Utility - Drawing Purge - DWG-PURGE command cleans unused AutoCAD elements in addition to all DGN unreferenced LineTypes, annotation scales, DWG-PURGE-BATCH purges multiple drawings without opening DWG files, Dennis Collin, CADline, June 19, 2015

Let Me Make You an AutoCAD Star - create circle with center point, radius, form 5-sided polygon, pick inscribed option to choose center point of circle for pentagon's center, connect 5 corner point of pentagon, delete pentagon to obtain star, Mark Sadler, CAD Setter Out, June 2015

AutoCAD 2015 - Cleaning Up Drawing Files - invoke OVERKILL command to clean up drawings prior to issue or key stages of projects, select elements in drawing, click OK to delete spare elements, optimize polylines, welds/joins co-linear lines that overlap, Dennis Collin, CADline, May 20, 2015

Beyond the Basics: Everything You Need to Know About AutoCAD's Line Command - apply right click UNDO, commandline U to undo steps while drawing, right click close or commandline C to close sequence that connects last with first point, draw lines with 3D coordinates, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Mar 16, 2015

Measuring Area Using Hatch Command in AutoCAD - advantages of HATCH tool over AREA command that is used to calculate areas in AutoCAD, Jaiprakash Pandey, Source CAD, Dec 2014

No, AutoCAD LIMITS is Not Obsolete - LIMITS command to set invisible drawing boundary in model space, reset model space units, type limits to turn on LIMITS checking, apply grid snap to work together with limits, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Jan 2, 2015

How to Use Circle Command in AutoCAD - click circle button to select circle tool, check 6 different options to draw circle - center radius, center diameter, 2 point, 3 point, 'tan, tan, radius,' 'tan, tan, tan,' Muhammad Arslan, Mechanical 360, Oct 25, 2014

Cleaning Up of AutoCAD Drawing Files - run OVERKILL command, select elements in drawing, click ok in delete duplicate objects dialog to delete spare elements, report items deleted/enhanced on AutoCAD command line, Dennis Collin, CADline, Sep 12, 2014

Create Your Own AutoCAD Pattern Easily - employ hatch maker to create pattern graphically, draw new entity using DRAWHATCH command, run SAVEHATCH command once objects are created in AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 27, 2014

AutoCAD FILTER Command: A Good Alternative to QSELECT - apply QSELECT command to save selection set criteria to retain settings, FILTER command to compose searches using Boolean selection criteria, add properties from selected object before applying filter, John Hackney, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Aug 17, 2014 

Tips for Using the WIPEOUT Command - draw polyline around circle, employ DRAWORDER command to edit block, send back wipeout if wipeout blocks some lineweight in AutoCAD, Jessica Confer, Cadalyst, Aug 4, 2014

How to Clean Up Your AutoCAD Drawing - keep drawing files neat, organized, invoke AUDIT command to check drawing errors, apply PURGE, QSELECT, WBLOCK commands to clean drawings, convert multiple attached objects with JOIN command, Eric Hoover, GrabCAD Blog, June 24, 2014

Isometric Drawing in AutoCAD 2015, Pt 2 - cycle isoplane to top, employ direct distance entry to specify lengths, switch to right isoplane to draw vertical lines, form isocircle ellipses before connecting them for slot, Dieter Schlaepfer, Lynn Allen's Blog, June 20, 2014

Isometric Drawing in AutoCAD 2015, Pt 1 - ISODRAFT command to create 2D isometric drawings easily, list of useful features, commands, keys for isometric drawing, Dieter Schlaepfer, Lynn Allen's Blog, June 18, 2014

AutoCAD 2015 Purge DGN Junk - employ 'O' after issuing -PURGE command to remove orphaned DGN junk from drawings, AutoCAD Tips, May 23, 2014

Cross-Reference Drawing Files Successfully - get rid of unused annotation scales, avoid un-reconciled layers, fix file problems, PURGE files in both AutoCAD, e-transmit sessions, quick-select feature to get familiar with file to be attached, Danny Korem, Cadalyst, May 12, 2014

UnitCAD for AutoCAD, Pt 1 - create drawing by using parametric blocks in AutoCAD, Risersoft Blog, Mar 22, 2014

UnitCAD for AutoCAD, Pt 2 - select parent component definition, add entries in children tab, visit parameters value, override tab to select copy from child, form new drawing as per parameters, Risersoft Blog, Mar 22, 2014

UnitCAD for AutoCAD, Pt 3 - select parent component definition, open local parameters tab to add entries, select ‘iPoint’ from parameter list, enter formula to mix, match children, actions in AutoCAD, Risersoft Blog, Mar 22, 2014

Batch Check Multiple AutoCAD Drawings Against a Standards File - batch standards checker checks drawings from different locations, xrefs against standards file, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Aug 22, 2013

How to Resolve Drawing Bloat Due to Many Unpurgable Linetypes - save drawing as DXF if imported line carries numerous linetypes, open file to locate DGNLSDEF in AutoCAD, Jeff Lotan, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, June 27, 2013

How to Purge DGN Linetypes in DWGs - use SmartPurger along with DGNPURGE command to purge numerous drawings in AutoCAD, Jimmy Bergmark, JTB World Blog, June 24, 2013

Identifying System Variable Differences - use SYSVDLG command to edit values saved in system variable, export system variable to SVF file for comparing AutoCAD drawings, HowToAutoCAD.com, Feb 25, 2013

Create a Thumbnail for Opening a Drawing - set THUMBSAVE system variable to 1 to make AutoCAD drawing save thumbnail, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Apr 17, 2013

Use a Standards File to Bring an AutoCAD Drawing Into Line - creating standards file, testing it, specifying standards settings, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Mar 28, 2013

Recover Damaged Drawings/Clean Corrupted Drawings - open erring file, detach XREFs, use -PURGE, AUDIT, WBLOCK, INSERT, EXPLODE commands to recover AutoCAD file, Shawn Niles, Without a Net, Mar 14, 2013

Fix Old, Messy AutoCAD Drawings - check old system variables, fix objects not set to ByLayer, text, dimensions on multiple layers, styles, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Mar 11, 2013

Trouble Shooting Difficult Drawing Files - use -PURGE to purge out Regapps, QSELECT, AUDIT, RECOVER, INSERT commands to fix, open, recover AutoCAD drawing, Ron Palma, Ideate, Mar 6, 2013

Get a List of All the Objects in Your Drawing with DBLIST - troubleshooting objects in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Jan 14, 2013

Cover It Up with the WIPEOUT Command - create polygonal outline, surround area to be cover up using it in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Jan 7, 2013

How to Break Walls to Insert a Door - using BREAK command in AutoCAD, drawing lines to other side of wall, moving door block into place, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Dec 2, 2012

Combine or Subtract 2D Shapes with the REGION Command to Create Custom Shapes - combining shapes with UNION, INTERSECT commands in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Nov 4, 2012

A Different Way to Create an Ellipse Or Oval - draw, select rectangle, start PEDIT command, choose spline option in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Oct 14, 2012

Create a Circle Tangent to a Line - creating circle tangent to inside of path, specifying 3 sides of circle tangent to line in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Oct 22, 2012

Create Objects with Transparency in Your AutoCAD Drawing - creating object with partially transparent solid fill using layer properties manager, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Sep 23, 2012

The Devil's No Longer in the Details - creating, modifying section view, detail view in AutoCAD 2013, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, Sep 11, 2012

Create Views in Your AutoCAD Drawing - creating, saving named view, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Sep 9, 2012

Control the Shape of Objects When You Edit Them - Keep an Equilateral Triangle Equilateral - draw, constrain equilateral triangle with horizontal bottom edge in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Aug 20, 2012

Use PDFs in AutoCAD Drawings - bring PDF file into AutoCAD as underlay, snap to PDF, recreate drawing, Lynn Allen, You Tube, June 23, 2012

Create PDFs from AutoCAD Drawings  - Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, June 12, 2012

Starting a New Drawing in AutoCAD - QNEW vs NEW command, specifying template to open when starting drawing, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, May 23, 2012

Move Among Open AutoCAD Drawings at Lightning Speed - QVDrawing tool, plot layout in entirely different open drawing without making it current, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, May 22, 2012

Four Simple Rules for Drawing with AutoCAD - choose proper template to start drawing, never start drawing from finished drawings, always draw in full scale, manage objects in drawings, Edwin Prakoso, AUGI Library, Apr 20, 2012

How to Optimize Your AutoCAD DWG Drawing Files - delete unused geometry, find invisible objects, check your styles, purge regapps, Paul Munford, CAD Setter Out, Dec 1, 2011

Make the Command Line Work the Way You Want It To - displaying entire history of command line, Ctrl+9 to hide it, auto-complete function added in AutoCAD 2012, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Nov 21, 2011

Make Hatching in AutoCAD Easy - creating user-defined hatch patterns using HATCH commands, customizing hatches, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Nov 13, 2011

Create Cool Curves with Splines in AutoCAD - using 'fit points' method, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Nov 6, 2011

Annotative Dimensions - importance of annotative dimensions to eliminate duplicate dimensions in AutoCAD, Isaac Harper, AutoCAD Exchange, Aug 2011

Creating Data Links - AutoCAD drawing tip, Donnie Gladfelter, AutoCAD Exchange, Aug 2011

Keep Your Own Styles, Layers & Blocks at the Top of the List - use underscore character in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Aug 29, 2011

How to Work with Layers in AutoCAD 2009 - benefits of using layers in AutoCAD drawings, creating an additional layer, difference between off, freeze, Bright Hub, Aug 25, 2011

Manage Embedded Shapes (Islands) When Hatching in AutoCAD - selecting options for islands when hatching 3 closed figures using HATCH command, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Aug 14, 2011

AutoCAD Tip: Exaggerating Drawing Scale - draw in full scale while working with AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 2011

AutoCAD Tutorial: Attach an Xref - uses of Xrefs, notes when attaching Xrefs, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, July 31, 2011

Rotated But Not Aligned - working with isometric drawings that are not perfectly square using AutoCAD, Isaac Harper, AutoCAD Exchange, July 2011

3D in a 2D World, Pt 2 - creating 3D view of object from 2D drawing in AutoCAD, Elvis Sverko, ASCENT Blog, June 24, 2011

AutoCAD 2012: Create and Modify Surfaces - using surface modeling commands, AutoCAD Exchange, June 23, 2011

3D in a 2D World - Pt 1 - drawing view commands in AutoCAD 2012 to create projected views that update automatically, Elvis Sverko, ASCENT Blog, June 17, 2011

Using POINT Command - drawing point in AutoCAD, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, June 9, 2011

Raising Your AutoCAD Training Standards - using standards feature for checking set of AutoCAD drawings with that of clients, Elvis Sverko, ASCENT Blog, June 3, 2011

Changing Point Style with DDPTYPE Command - now located in 'Utilities' panel of 'Home' tab, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, June 1, 2011

Ascend a Staircase - drawing elevation view of staircase in AutoCAD using temporary track point, Elvis Sverko, ASCENT Blog, May 23, 2011

Align a Rectangle with a Line on the Fly - RECTANG command in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, May 9, 2011

How to Create a Quick Polar Array with the ROTATE Command's Copy Option - adding benches around inner edge of circle in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, May 21, 2011

Periodic Splines in AutoCAD 2012 - rebuilding spline does not compromise shape symmetry, Guillermo Melantoni, What a Mesh, Apr 12, 2011

Free Download: Point and Arrow Line Types - 4 line types to be used in drawings, LINETYPE command, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Oct 27, 2010

Hatch Editing with Grips - 2010 and Later - using grip edits in AutoCAD, center grip allows moving entire hatch, Vertex/Edge grips, David Koch, The Architect's Desktop, Sep 4, 2010

ARRAY Command in AutoCAD 1 - Creating Rectangular Array - carrying out linear/polar copying, better than DIVIDE/MEASURE commands in AutoCAD, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 7, 2010

Tip: Copying Layers Between Drawings Using AutoCAD Design Center - selecting Layers, right clicking to select Add Layers, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 6, 2010

Quickly Change AutoCAD Views Using Saved Views - configuring viewports in large drawing project, saving UCS, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 29, 2010

Copy Xrefs Between Drawings - selecting, pressing Ctrl + C, copying to clipboard in AutoCAD, Leonid Nemirovsky, Cadalyst, Aug 9, 2010

Creating DGN Files Out of AutoCAD Drawings - saving mapping file, DGNMAPPING command, Lynn Allen's Blog, Aug 11, 2010

Adding Jog to a 3D Sketch - accessing sketch tools in sketch mode, selecting line, drawing jog, adding relations/dimensions, Deepak Gupta, Boxer's Blog, July 23, 2010

How to Change the AutoCAD Layout Background Color - Options>Display, selecting color button, Sheet/Layout > Uniform Background, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, July 12, 2010

How to Change the AutoCAD Layout Background Color- Options>Display, selecting color button, Sheet/Layout > Uniform Background, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, July 12, 2010

Inserting a Circular Raster Image - inserting raster image, using ._ImageAttach, Express Tools, Clip, commands, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, July 10, 2010

Inserting a Circular Raster Image - inserting raster image, using ._ImageAttach, Express Tools, Clip, commands, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, July 10, 2010

Quick Properties Shows Up Right in the Middle of the Drawing - selecting Float as location mode, dragging for fixed location, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, July 1, 2010

Using LINE Command - creating lines, specification of 2 points, drawing continuous line, using close option, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, June 28, 2010

Zoom and Pan Via Mouse Scroll - AutoCAD's MBUTTONPAN, ZOOMFACTOR, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, June 24, 2010

Using ARC Command - drawing arcs/complex curves, starting with point, using center point, continue feature, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jun 14, 2010

Parametrics 103: That Figures - CConstraintForm system variable changed from default value 0 to 1, using current dimension style, example drawing, Bill Fane, Cadalyst, Jun 10, 2010

Six Things About Deadlines (and Google)- Godin [BIM Rant] [CAD vs BIM] - meeting deadlines using CAD drawing, problem with using CAD process, Google SketchUp, Bimboom, Jun 9, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 Yin-Yang Symbol Creation Exercise & More - creating cool geometry, using AutoCAD command methods, AutoCAD CIRCLE, MIRROR, TRIM, OFFSET, HATCH, Circle 2Point method, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, Jun 5, 2010

Why Can't I Target Specific Surface? - circular reference conundrum, 'Combined Surface', XML file, AutoCAD LANDXMLIN command, Almas Suljevic, Jun 1, 2010

Using XREF: Attachment vs. Overlay - attached/overlaid reference in AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Jun 2, 2010

Overhauled POLYLINE Features in AutoCAD 2011 - GRIP handles, 'Add Vertex', Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jun 2, 2010

Spline Tangent Direction in AutoCAD 2011 - tangent directions based on points, changing tangency of Fit Spline, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, May 31, 2010

Easy Object Creation Using ADDSELECTED Command - creating new object, inheriting properties of selected object, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, May 26, 2010

Spline Methods in AutoCAD 2011 - drawing smooth NURBS, 3D surface modeling, Fit/CV methods, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, May 26, 2010

Video on Spline Freehand Posted - using in AutoCAD 2011, Guillermo Melantoni, YouTube, May 23, 2010

Isolating Objects in AutoCAD 2011 - separating and hiding selected objects in drawing, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, May 5, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 Interactive Ribbon for Hatch Command - basics of using ribbon bar to create hatches, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Apr 28, 2010

Splines in AutoCAD 2011 Pt 4 - Setting Tolerance in Spline Freehand - Guillermo Melantoni, What a Mesh, Apr 15, 2010

MIRROR Command - using AutoCAD command to create flipped copy of object, more complex tasks, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jun 26, 2009

LTSCALE, PSLTSCALE, CELTSCALE and MSLTSCALE - AutoCAD commands to control linetypes, Mark Kiker, CADDManager Blog, June 24, 2009

BO is for Boundary - BOUNDARY command displays Boundary Creation dialog box, creates polyline instead of hatch, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 29, 2009

AA is for AREA - launching AREA command using AA command alias or from various locations in AutoCAD user interface, useful in selecting objects, picking boundary points, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 28, 2009

ALIGN in 3D - AutoCAD command moves, rotates in 2D, 3D space, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 26, 2009

Practical Method for Entering Angles: Polar Tracking -  using AutoCAD F10 button for entering angles, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 26, 2009

Command SCALE - using AutoCAD command to change sizes of entities, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 23, 2009

Hint: Draw Inclined Lines Effortlessly - Angle Override - using coordinate input method in AutoCAD, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 22, 2009

Drawing the Lazy Way With POLAR - quick way to find, draw angle in AutoCAD, Josh Jones, Lazy Drafter, Sep 24, 2008

Command: _BREAK - used to open a space between two points on entities, complex examples, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 10, 2008

Quickly Redirect XREF Paths - redirect XREFs paths in drawing to a new location using REDIR in AutoCAD, Josh Jones, Lazy Drafter, Sep 5, 2008

Command: _DISTANCE - measure the distance between two points using command DI, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 5, 2008

Subscription Bonus Pack 1: A Closer Look at Spline Editing - SPLINEDIT command for converting spline to polyline, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider Blog, Aug 22, 2008

Auto CAD Tutorial 12 - ROTATE and SCALE Command - link to video tutorial, CNC Information, Aug 21, 2008

Commands Retired With AutoCAD 2007 - using CHANGE, 3D, ROTATE3D, and SECTION commands, Gokalp Baykal, Daily AutoCAD, Aug 18, 2008

Command:_CIRCLE - drawing circle passing through specified points in AutoCAD, Mustafa Coban, Daily AutoCAD, Aug 12, 2008

Drawing Aids - drawing horizontal and vertical lines using ORTHO command, controlling grid spacing, setting grid limits in AutoCAD, more, David Watson, CADTutor, July 31, 2008

Drawing Objects - tutorial on basic Draw commands, such as LINE, PLINE and CIRCLE, as well as newer commands like Region, Wipeout and 3D Polyline, CADTutor.net, July 2005

Basic AutoCAD - Polylines - tutorial on the most common drawing tool in AutoCAD - the polyline, Autocad Central, August 2, 2003

Guard Your Drawings with Digital Signature - how to get a digital signature and install and use it in AutoCAD to protect the integrity of drawings, Lynn Allen, CADENCE, March 2003

Circle Enhancement - AutoCAD tutorial explores the various methods for drawing circles, By Alireza Parsai, CADdigest.com, January 6, 2003

Marking Up Drawings with Volo View and AutoCAD - tutorial shows how to use the full version of Volo View to view, mark up and plot dwg, dwf and other file types and how to incorporate the changes into AutoCAD, Nancy Fulton, OpenCAD, December 2, 2002

Layer Stuff - AutoCAD tutorial on using some of the more powerful and underused tools for manipulating drawing layers, Lynn Allen, CADENCE, July 2002

Visualization Tips and Tricks - tutorial for creating an architectural model from a CAD drawing, using VIZ 4 and AutoCAD, H. Edward Goldberg, AECVision, August, 2002

Drawing Objects - lines, polylines, circles, arcs, multiline, more, AutoCAD Online Tutor 

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