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Options Tutorials
View Options Dialog Box - employ dialog box to anchor view geometry, display reference paths, adjust view justification to anchor view, specify line types for reference paths in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 25, 2014

Hidden HIDE Options in AutoCAD and ADT 2004 - tutorial explores a little known dialog with options that help produce hidden line results with 3D Objects, ARCHIdigm, April 7, 2004

Do You Know Your Options? - explores some of the settings in the AutoCAD Options dialog box, Lynn Allen, CADENCE, July 2003

Open Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing! - tips on using AutoCAD's Partial Open option, Lynn Allen, CADENCE, September 2002

Know Your Options! - with 9 different tabs filled with countless settings, AutoCAD's Options dialog box can intimidate even the experienced AutoCAD user, Lynn Allen, Autodesk.com, July 2001

Continuing the Option Tour - Lynn Allen, CADENCE, February 2001

Taking a Tour Through Options - Lynn Allen, CADENCE, January 2001

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