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AutoCAD Tutorial

An Alternative for the PURGE Command

  By Jos van Doorn
July 13, 2004

In this tutorial, we'll purge a drawing using the PURGE command and also learn a useful alternative command.

Since AutoCAD 13, the PURGE command can be used anywhere during drafting.

Use the PURGE command by entering PURGE at the command prompt. The following prompts are displayed:

Purge unused
Names to purge <*>:
Verify each name to be purged? <Y>

When the PURGE command has finished, a list starting with "No unreferenced ..." is displayed. At the first prompt you need to enter an option; if no option is entered then the PURGE command terminates. If each name to be purged is verified then purging takes a long time.

There is an alternative for the PURGE command - the WBLOCK command. If a drawing is saved with the WBLOCK command then everything that's not used in the drawing is deleted.

When the WBLOCK command is entered, the Create Drawing File dialog box is displayed. You can then enter the name and the folder of the drawing. After entering the name and the folder, the following prompt is displayed:

Block name:

At the prompt an asterisk is entered. The drawing is saved and the WBLOCK command is terminated. The advantage of the WBLOCK command? It's faster to use than the PURGE command.

About the Author

Jos van Doorn is an AutoCAD specialist and AutoLISP programmer. He has published a series of e-books on AutoCAD and AutoLISP topics, which are available for downloading at his website. He is also publisher of the free ACAD Newsletter. To subscribe, visit the newsletter's webpage.

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