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AutoCAD Tutorial

AutoCAD 3D Modeling: Sections

August 28, 2003

The SECTIONS command enables you to create regions through 3D models. You should define an intersecting plane that passes through the model to generate the region. If you select more than one solid model separate regions will be created for every one of them.


  • This tutorial is designed for AutoCAD 2004 though might be applicable to other releases.
  • In this tutorial user entries are in boldface.
  • The 8 symbol represents pressing Enter.
  • To learn more on regions read AutoCAD 3D Modeling: Creating Regions.

1. Download r16_sections.dwg.

Note: If you are using AutoCAD 2002 or an earlier release download r15_sections.dwg.

2. Open the drawing in AutoCAD [Figure 1]. Make sure that Endpoint and Midpoint OSnaps are enabled.

Figure 1

3. Invoke SECTION (Draw menu > Solids > Section).

4. Select the solid model and then press Enter.

5. Click on points 1, 2, and 3 respectively. A region is created.

6. Move the region 7 units along X axis and 5 units along Y axis [Figure 2]:

Command: m 8
Select objects: l 8
1 found
Select objects: 8
Specify base point or displacement: 7,5,0 8
Specify second point of displacement or <use first point as displacement>: 8

Figure 2 - Click on image to enlarge

7. Extrude the region to create a new solid model [Figure 3]:

Command: ext 8
Current wire frame density: ISOLINES=4
Select objects: l 8
1 found
Select objects: 8
Specify height of extrusion or [Path]: 5 8
Specify angle of taper for extrusion <0>: 8

Figure 3 - Click on image to enlarge

Note: For more information on EXTRUDE read the following tutorial:
AutoCAD 3D Modeling: Extruded Solids

About the Author

Alireza Parsai is the founder of cadpanel.com. He is a mechanical engineer with more than 12 years experience with AutoCAD. Alireza is an Autodesk Authorized Author, the AutoCAD consultant for Al Khawarizmi Institute, a contributing editor for Augiworld magazine, a writer for CAD Digest, an instructor for AUGI Training Program, and an elected speaker for Autodesk University 2002. He has written 7 books in Farsi, 3 booklets in English, and more than 100 articles for different magazines and newsletters. You can reach him at alireza.parsai@cadpanel.com or visit his website www.cadpanel.com

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