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Snap, Grips Tutorials
AutoCAD Tip - The Fastest Way to Set Your Favorite Object Snaps - set value of OSMODE variable to 1, 2 to set running object snap from endpoint, midpoint, add numbers together to set endpoint, midpoint together in AutoCAD, Lynn Allen, YouTube, June 5, 2015

AutoCAD: Hatch Snapping - launch options dialog, open drawing tab to uncheck 'ignore hatch objects' box, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, May 7, 2014

Editing Dimension Objects Using Grips - AutoCAD objects can be modified using GRIPs, dimension value will be instantly updated as you move end points of dimension lines, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 25, 2011

Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP - using AutoCAD commands MTP, M2P to get required mid point, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek Blog, Nov 3, 2008

OTRACK (Object Snap Tracking) - tracking a line's axis along x and y axis and snapping in AutoCAD, Murat Senel, Daily AutoCAD, Aug 21, 2008

Introduction to Object Snap Tracking - drawing circle at intersection of two lines in AutoCAD, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek, Aug 12, 2008

OSNAPS in AutoCAD MEP 2009 - differences in 2009 software, Beth Powell, May 30, 2008

Common New User Mistakes - OSNAPS - turning running OSNAPS on, off in AutoCAD, Beth Powell, Beth's CAD Blog, May 19, 2008

Lighting Plan Tutorial - using Nearest osnap setting for placing lighting plan symbols in AutoCAD drawing, Kevin McWhirter, Arch Blocks.com Blog, Apr 25, 2008

Speeding up the Drawing by Using Object Snap (OSNAP) - Eren Pala, Daily AutoCAD, Apr 3, 2008

New Object Snaps - using parallel and extension object snaps in AutoCAD, Ward Romberger, CAD-e-Corner, June 19, 2007

All the Right Angles - learning to use AutoCAD's Perpendicular Object Snap in detail, Bill Fane, Cadalyst Management, July 7, 2006

AutoCAD: Function Key and Object Snap Overrides - multimedia tutorial to temporarily override your drafting settings in AutoCAD 2006, Avatech Solutions, April 19, 2006

AutoCAD: Function and Object Snap Override - a multimedia tutorial to list the existing override keys and modifying an override in AutoCAD 2006, Avatech Solutions, January 18, 2006

A Hip Tip on Snapping to Hatches - set the 'OPTIONS' command in AutoCAD to avoid snapping to a hatch pattern, Lynn Allen, Lynn Allen's Blog, December 13, 2005

Object Snap AutoCAD Tutorial - AutoCAD tutorial, Learn CAD Fast, December 17, 2004 (requires free registration)

Object Snaps, the Sequel - AutoCAD tips on using object snap options, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, September 15, 2004

Object Snaps - Part 1 - an overview of AutoCAD object snaps, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, August 16, 2004

Basic AutoCAD - Object Snap - tutorial explores the object snap settings, which help accurately draw from specific points, Autocad Central, August 8, 2003

Object Snap - endpoint, midpoint, intersection, auto snap, filters by AutoCAD On-line Tutor

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