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Using Revision Clouds for AutoCAD Paper Space Viewports - create revision cloud with desired shape, size, pick object option in layout viewports panel to select revision cloud to be used for viewport border, set viewport scale, John Hackney, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Oct 16, 2015

AutoCAD 2016 - 10 Good Reasons to Use AutoCAD Viewport Layouts - drawings are mostly created in full 1:1 scale, displays different areas of model, less style to manage, easy to control drawing scale, varied drawing orientation, annotation scaling usage, controls printing preferences easily, Kevin Walker, Micro Concepts Blog, July 9, 2015

Quick Tip: Set a Viewpoint from the Quick Access Toolbar - set view to specific position, enter -VPOINT, note numbers, open CUI, right-click on view, viewpoint to duplicate before modifying properties in AutoCAD, Michael Beall, AUGI Library, Dec 31, 2014

Tool Palette Macros for Working with AutoCAD Viewports - open company standard AutoCAD template DWG file, navigate to paper space to activate viewport layer, create viewport, check tips to create new tool, lock, unlock viewports globally, Lisp Box, Nov 26, 2014

Automating the Application of a Viewport Scale - get numeric equivalent of plot scale, use ZOOM command with XP option, panning specific distance or to objects, CADTutor, Dec 2014

Adding Text in Paperspace to Reflect the Viewport - type regen to change viewport scale, insert scale text field into titleblock to automatically update viewport scale in AutoCAD, John Flanagan, CADline, Oct 29, 2014

Making an Invisible Viewport Visible Again in AutoCAD - locate layout tab having viewport problem, select quick select button from properties palette, set object type to viewport, invoke VPCLIP command with invisible viewport selected in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Oct 6, 2014

Model with a View - employ VPORTS command to create viewport configuration, visit viewports dialog from configuration list to select 2D or 3D, viewing direction, visual style before resizing/joining existing viewports in AutoCAD, Isaac Harper, AECCafe Blogs, Aug 15, 2014

Non-Rectangular Viewports - rectangular vs non-rectangular viewports, tips to create non-rectangular viewports with reference to effect on layers, access individual object using properties palette in AutoCAD, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, July 7, 2014

The Apocalypse Trigger: Mission 1 - creating model documentation using AutoCAD 2013, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 16, 2013

The Apocalypse Trigger: Mission 2 - modeling mission bell using 3D associative surfaces, inserting bell wheel using AutoCAD, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 18, 2013

The Apocalypse Trigger: Mission 3 - using raster tools to convert data from old map of Fort Laramie to real AutoCAD objects, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, Jan 20, 2013

Documenting 3D Models: Pt 8 - discussing tabs in section view style manager: cutting plane, view label, hatch, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, July 24, 2012

Documenting 3D Models: Pt 7 - customizing section view in AutoCAD, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, July 19, 2012

Documenting 3D Models: Pt 6 - creating section using 'full' option in AutoCAD, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, June 21, 2012

Documenting 3D Models, Pt 5 - definitions of 4 section types in AutoCAD: full, half, offset, aligned, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, June 15, 2012

30 Years of CAD - accessing Autodesk 360, importing menu file with tab, panel for all workspaces, creating irregular shaped viewport, Michael Beall, CADTutor, May 2012

Documenting 3D Models, Pt 4 - modify isometric view in AutoCAD, changing to visible lines, breaking alignment, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, May 11, 2012

Documenting 3D Models, Pt 3 - adding extra views in AutoCAD 2013, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, May 8, 2012

Documenting 3D Models, Pt 2 - exploring options in drawing view creation tab in AutoCAD: orientation panel, appearance controls, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, May 3, 2012

Documenting 3D Models: Pt 1 - creating 2D views of 3D models in AutoCAD 2013, Kate Morrical, AutoCAD Insider, May 1, 2012

Eleven Killer Tool Palette Macros for Working with AutoCAD Viewports - setting up tool palette, creating new tool, locking, unlocking viewports globally, Paul Munford, CAD Notes, Dec 20, 2011

Viewport Controls in AutoCAD 2012 - changing configuration of viewports, visual styles, Guillermo Melantoni, What a Mesh, Apr 15, 2011

Scalable Viewports - AutoCAD 2011 tutorial, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 13, 2010

Automatically Manage Scale Callouts with Fields - setting scale of viewport in AutoCAD, inserting field into drawing, using field category, custom scale, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek, Oct 31, 2010

4 Viewport Tips: Configurations, Irregular, Clip, and Scale - using viewport configurations in AutoCAD, viewport spacing, creating irregular viewports, converting a viewport to other viewport shape, scaling by choosing from scale list, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Oct 14, 2010

An AutoCAD Hip Tip on Viewing Multiple Layouts - QVLAYOUTS command, speedy access to all layouts, QVDRAWING for viewing all open drawings, Lynn Allen's Blog, Aug 4, 2010

Layer States and Viewports - changing layer state using layer states pulldown or layer states manager in AutoCAD, Brian Hailey, Civil 3D Plus, Jan 4, 2010

Creating Complex Viewports Inside Layouts - open polygon, hide boundary lines of MVIEW window in AutoCAD, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Aug 21, 2009

Draw with Tiled Viewports - creating, using tiled viewports, saving, restoring viewport configurations in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein.com, Apr 14, 2009

Creating Complex Viewports Inside Layouts - making use of MVIEW, POLYLINE, LAYER commands in AutoCAD, more, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 2, 2009

Set Viewport Scales - AutoCAD methods for setting viewport scale, James Olszewski, Cadalyst, Jan 18, 2009

Creating Circular Viewports - using CIRCLE and MVIEW commands in AutoCAD, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek Blog, May 23, 2007

Complex Viewports Inside Layouts - opening a new polygon-shaped MVIEW window in AutoCAD, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, February 6, 2007

Display a Named View in a Viewport - saving and displaying views in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein.com, January 20, 2007

AutoCAD 2005: Maximizing a Floating Viewport - tutorial demonstrates how to use the Maximize Viewport button in layouts, Alireza Parsai, CADdigest.com, May 26, 2004

AutoCAD 2005: Viewport Background - tutorial illustrates how to add a background image to shaded viewports, Alireza Parsai, CADdigest.com, April 8, 2004

Basic AutoCAD - An Introduction to Layers - how to clean up your drawings and arrange complex viewports using layers, Autocad Central, August 4, 2003

AutoCAD 3D Modeling: Tiled Viewports -  tutorial explores viewports, which enable you to view the models from different view points at the same time, Alireza Parsai, CADdigest.com, July 23, 2003

Lock Those Viewports - AutoCAD tutorial shows the most efficient ways to lock viewports to avoid unwanted changes, Rick Ellis, CADdigest.com, February 13, 2003

AutoCAD - It's All in the Details - Creating Detail Views - streaming video tech tip shows how to take advantage of non-rectangular detail viewports, Avatech Solutions, November 20, 2002

Using the Viewports Toolbar  - AutoCAD tips and tricks streaming video on how to use the interface instead of typing MV and the Zoom option 1/?XP for viewports, CAD-1.com, November/December 2002

How to Create Non-rectangular Viewports in Paper Space - without having to buy AutoCAD 2000. By Joe Biddy

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