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Tagging and Scheduling Windows by Type in Architectural Desktop 2006

By Peter Gehring
November 14, 2005

The existing tools in ADT for tagging and scheduling windows are set up to number and schedule the windows incrementally and to itemize by instance instead of tagging and grouping them by type in the schedule.

We値l see how easy it is to create a new tag that calls out the window type and a schedule that organizes and quantifies them by type. We値l also see how to hide the quantity column.

To begin I値l start a new drawing; draw a wall, insert a window and use the existing window tag from the scheduling palette.

I値l then select the window tag RMC (right mouse click) and select edit MVBlock definition. I知 doing this to see the name of the AutoCAD block that the MVBlock is using behind the scenes.

On the view blocks tab in the MvBlock Definition I see that it is grabbing the AutoCAD block Aec6_Window_Tag_P

I値l use the insert block command and insert the block into my drawing next to the window tag

The text and geometry will be a lot smaller than the tag. I値l then explode it (you can also do this on insert) and it will reveal the attribute definitions.

Then I値l move the attribute windowobjects:number above the diamond geometry and move the windowstyles:type attribute to the center of the diamond. You can also draw your own geometry. I値l do this by drawing a lozenge shape.

The way the OTB tag was designed, the type callout (windowstyles:type attribute) was an invisible attribute and the number callout was a visible attribute. I値l use Properties to reverse this and make the type attribute visible and the number attribute invisible.

I do not have to leave the number at all but I want to keep it so it adds the windowobjects property set to the windows tagged. (Another option would be to create a property type in the windowobjects property set if you do not want to control the type by window style.)

Then I値l use the new Define Schedule Tag command (see previous article link to create an MVblock and custom tag from these attributes and geometry.

This command will let me name the tag, prompt me to select the objects that make up the tag, and finally select an insertion point after exiting the dialog box.

Since I started with an existing tag and attributes, the property sets and properties are already set and the tag will import these in drawings that they don稚 exist in.

All I need to do is hit OK and select an insertion point. The MV block has been created.

Oops, did I forget to save? I will save and name the drawing and path it to a shared network location before my next step.

Then I値l select and drag the MVBlock to a tool palette.

To test it I値l add several windows of different styles that I have set a value for their type in the Windowstyles property set that is in the window style.

Then I値l tag each window with the new tag I created.

Next I値l create a window schedule that calls the windows out by type.

I値l go into style manager to the schedule table styles. I nice shortcut is to RMC on a schedule tool on the tool palette and select schedule table styles.

You can copy an existing window schedule to keep some of the columns (properties) that you want to reuse or start from scratch and insert the columns. If you want to start with an existing style and do not have any window schedules you can RMC on the OTB window schedule tool and import it in your current drawing. This drawing will also be saved in my custom schedule tables drawing located on a shared network location.

In style manager I値l RMC the window schedule and copy and then paste it. I値l edit it, rename it Window Schedule by Type on the General tab, and then go to the columns tab.

I値l select the Mark column and delete it. Then I値l drag the Type Header to the front of the columns.

Then I値l select the box for including a quantity column

This will add that column at the front. I値l hit Ok and test the schedule out before I hide the Quantity column.

I値l insert several more windows of each type. I値l save the drawing before the next step which will be to open style manager and drag the new schedule table style to my tool palette for a more accessible way to add in other drawings.

If you forget to save it probably will work initially but you値l get this warning:

I値l then use the new schedule tool to select the objects in my drawing and place the schedule table.

As you can see I forgot to sort the objects by type.

I値l select the schedule RMC and on the sorting tab add the WindowStyles:Type property to sort the schedule.

While I知 in here I値l also select the quantity column on the columns tab, hit modify and check hide.

This will result in my schedule sorting the windows by type but not showing the quantity.

Peter S. Gehring Director, Building & Infrastructure Solutions Synergis Technologies, Inc.

About the Author

With 18 years of industry experience, Peter Gehring is Director of Building & Infrastructure Solutions for Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, an independent division of Synergisョ Technologies, Inc. a leading Autodeskョ Value Added Reseller for Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Building Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. He is responsible for spearheading the delivery of solutions, technical expertise, and resources to increase customers productivity and profitability in the Building & Infrastructure industry. Gehring痴 dedication and passion for learning new technologies and sharing his knowledge with customers has made him an invaluable resource to both Synergis and customers since joining Synergis in 2001

Peter can be reached at peter.gehring@synergis.com



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