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Writing Your First Machining Macro - conditions must be met before running macro: part zero must be front of part, R, Z values in G65 line must be programmed in absolute, Fred Fulkerson, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 19, 2015

Combining CAD and CAM for a Competitor - Autodesk updates HSMWorks, HSMXpress for SOLIDWORKS 2016; new features include: user experience improvements, toolpath generation improvements, post-processing additions, Erin Green, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 19, 2015

Autodesk Updates HSMWorks and HSMXpress - updated version offers advanced manufacturing solutions with improved user experience, toolpath generation, post processing additions that includes CAMPlete interface, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Nov 20, 2015

Why Use CAM When a Macro is All You Need? - true macro performs desired function in any material, at any speed/feed, as many times/locations as required, without program needing to be altered for each individual part, Fred Fulkerson, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 13, 2015

Future of Machining May Combine CAM and Simulation - reimagining machining simulations, combining machining processes, setting up for global market, Erin Green, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 12, 2015

Eight Easy Tips That Could Save Your Spindle from a Costly Rebuild - check toolholder for taper wear, fretting, regularly check pull studs for wear, tear, ensure all toolholders, collets, collet nuts, cutter shanks are kept clean, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Nov 8, 2015

First Look: Alphacam 2016 - Automation Key with 3D CAD Files Batch Processing - new automation manager, parametric sketcher, file inserter, 2D transform enhancements, upgraded nesting module, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Nov 10, 2015

ArtCAM Pro Updates Simulation and 3D Printing - ability to generate support structures manually or automatically, print multiple items by using batch assembly tool, Laura Pei, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 3, 2015

Why Tolerance Software is Essential - tolerance analysis software uses consistent format, set of mathematics to create reliable results, Erin Green, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 23, 2015

Let's Face It: ArtCAM Insignia 3D Model from a Photo - software comes with powerful, versatile features, some tool acts as bit of challenge for newbies despite Delcam's claims, but fair balance of price, capabilities, priced at $149, Esme Gaisford, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 19, 2015

Top Tube Testing from Hexagon Metrology - TubeShaper is based on intuitive GUI with two operator access profiles, allows creating measurement plans, interfaces directly with one or more CNC tube bender, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 19, 2015

The Great Divide - CAD and CAM - survey revealed that biggest benefits of CAM is eventual increase in productivity, 41 percent of CAM users had issues with CAD/CAM compatibility, Laura Pei, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 9, 2015

Hybrid Heroes - Hybrid CNC Machines - hybrid machines that combine additive functions with metrology, subtractive CNC milling are appealing to those working with metals 3D printing, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 12, 2015

Why the Push for the Desktop - budget-friendly desktop CNCs to build prototypes in metals are under development, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 9, 2015

Are CAD and CAM Users Frustrated with Each Other? - frustrating aspects of current CAM process: defining machining strategy, generating final G-code with post processor, machine tool, tooling configuration, using CAD without GD&T, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 9, 2015

Key Factors in Successful Hard Milling - precision tools, sophisticated CAM software, high-capability machine tools, premium toolholders, details applied together can maximize productivity, quality of hardened steel milling, Jay Ball, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2015

Speed and Feed Calculations Go Mobile with FSWizard - includes toolbox of essential charts, standalone calculators, FSWizard Lite is available for free, FSWizard PRO is available for $30, David Heller, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 15, 2015

The Twelve Secrets of Machining Tough Materials on Small CNC Machines - use decent cutters intended for light cuts, have 'feeds and speeds,' run them, minimize tool deflection, account for machine rigidity, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Sep 9, 2015

Odds and Ends: Five Handy Shop Tips and Tools - use 1-2-3 block as small parts rack, use bearing to make speed handle, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Sep 10, 2015

Beware the Hype Around the Internet of Things - industrial IoT can make difference if it can lower cost of aggregating machines, process performance data compared to current wired networks, James Anderton, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 4, 2015

CAM Software - Let's Get Personal - selling confidence, support to customers is as important as selling CNC machining, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Sep 3, 2015

Redefining CAM Technology for Moldmakers - tool paths that dynamically adjust tool motion allow faster, safer machining without need for high-speed equipment, Dave Conigliaro, MoldMaking Technology, Sep 1, 2015

Decimal Points A Quick Way for the Unwary to Crash a CNC Machine - turn off number checking option to add more number checking in G-Wizard Editor, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Aug 24, 2015

Benefits of Having a Fully Integrated CAM Package Within SOLIDWORKS - re-synchronization can be performed for toolpaths to associate to new model, capability of switching from design to manufacture quickly if internal CAM data needs to be created, Stephen Abbott, Solid Solutions, Aug 17, 2015

D-Cubed Lets Mold and Die Makers Simulate Motion Studies - Vero Software has licensed Siemens's D-Cubed software to improve motion simulation studies, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Aug 4, 2015

Rethink Mold-Making with Digital Tool Knowledge - connecting digitized tool data with CAD/CAM, presetting, production, automated inventory control offers real-world productivity gains, Katie Richardson, MoldMaking Technology, Aug 1, 2015

Machining Complex Contours - advanced, integrated processor geometry eases processing, predicting of turn-mill contour operations, residual grinding stock allowance, Randy Pearson, MoldMaking Technology, Aug 1, 2015

Vero Software and Hexagon Metrology: From Vision to Reality - Hexagon acquires Vero Software, strategy of Hexagon is to extend its industrial offering by combining measuring technologies, data analysis, CAM, Daily CADCAM, July 13, 2015

Here's a Quick Way to Figure Out Whether to Build a Fixture - fill information in fixture calculator from G-Wizard Estimator: description, build time, setup fixture, unload/load, parts per run, part run time, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, July 17, 2015

How Good are Your CAM Skills? A National Test will Find Out - Autodesk partners with National Institute for Metalworking Skills in development of industry-recognized CAM standards, credentials, Ilan Mester, ENGINEERING.com, July 9, 2015

Pocket NC - 5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill - pocket NC can mill in conventional X, Y axes while cutter runs up, down in Z axis, rotation around X, Y axes allow for 4th, 5th cutting directions, Tom Spendlove, ENGINEERING.com, June 24, 2015

HyperMill 2015 - Focus on Probing and Process Control - new 5-axis helical drilling, 'print box' function to help when creating manufacturing plans, 'informative process control' feature to create measuring data for individual component geometries, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, June 24, 2015

Can Your CAM Software Mirror Entire Machining Projects? - PowerMILL 2016 to mirror complete machining projects in one operation, while automatically maintaining machining characteristics, David Heller, ENGINEERING.com, June 15, 2015

Conversational CNC OD Taper Wizard for Lathes in G-Wizard Editor - Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 16, 2015

Easy 5 Axis CNC Machining - making 5 axis machining easy with Inventor HSM, YouTube, June 5, 2015

Conversational CNC Radius Wizard for Lathes in G- Wizard Editor - Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 11, 2015

Demystifying CAD File Formats - native (proprietary) vs neutral file formats, pros, cons of neutral file formats, critical issues for CAD file formats, CAM, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 9, 2015

5 Totally Awesome Things to Make on a CNC Mini Router - inlay with Shapeoko, intricate 3D carvings, custom guitar body, scale model of small block Chevy, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 7, 2015

Beyond Integration - CAD/CAM integration has reached entirely new level of value within process planning, Aaron Frankel, MoldMaking Technology, June 1, 2015

Machining Deep with Solid Carbide Drills - advancements that can improve deep-hole drilling: diameter tolerance, point angle, margin support, radial or perpendicular margins, strong cutting edges, Luke Pollock, MoldMaking Technology, June 1, 2015

Minimizing Costly Tooling Issues - best practice for creating mold design: conduct DFM review of part design, perform flow simulation, establish mold specifications, Philip Parmente & Shawn Schnee, MoldMaking Technology, June 1, 2015

Increasing 5-Axis Accuracy - probing, 5-axis auto-tuning can correct machine misalignments quickly, Jim Endsley, MoldMaking Technology, June 1, 2015

3 Step Process for Choosing CAD Software - build candidate list, do online research, hands-on testing, draw 3 parts in each CAD package to find best for needs, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, May 24, 2015

Machining 3D Parts - 7 steps necessary to achieve desired results in terms of shape, finish, cycle time: roughing, re-machining with smaller tool, scanning part's low-lying areas, Roger Goble & Doug Noxell, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2015

What's Hard About Learning CNC? - users find hard to figure out cutters, feeds and speeds, cut depth, cut width, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, May 2, 2015

The Misunderstood Cutter Path - normal vectors are not always best choice for milling complex mold surfaces, Jeff Jaje, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2015

Making the Complex Simple - tool center point management streamlines 5-axis programming, setup, Michael Cope, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2015

Fusion 360: Make it with CAM with Lars - understanding CAM capabilities inside of Fusion 360, Lars Christensen, YouTube, Apr 22, 2015

Tooling Up for Challenging Cuts - guide for selecting tools for high-speed tool paths, tight areas, straight walls, graphite cutting, Mike MacArthur, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2015

New Conversational CNC Lathe OD Turning Wizard Available in G-Wizard Editor v1.90 - wizard offers corner treatment, break edges button allows specifying edges that can obtain radius based on value, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Apr 13, 2015

Tooling Up for Challenging Cuts - employ tool that is half size of tightest area, encourage machine rigidity to dictate size of cutter, check sound of tools to determine optimization of the tool paths, Mike MacArthur, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2015

Adding Value with Robotics - utility of robotics lies in making reverse molds that help engineer in creating final mold, Andy Glaser, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2015

Ease of Use is the New Mission in CAM - open-source CAM helps users accomplish basic tasks like cutting text into solids, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Apr 1, 2015

Flexible High-Speed Mold Machining - learn about variables that need to be considered when setting up particular specifications for desired double-column machine, Scott Baldus, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2015

2 Tools for Calculating Cut Depth and Cut Width/Stepover When Milling - optimizing cut depth, cut width using G-Wizard's cut optimizer, CADCAM wizards, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Mar 23, 2015

Simplify Mold Machining - use true 5-axis simultaneous machining for molds, inserts, improve surface finish quality, fewer number of necessary tools, diminish cycle times, reduce operations, Anthony Calderone, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2015

Quick HSMWorks Tips, Pt 5 - Lars Christensen, YouTube, Mar 10, 2015

Material Selection in G-Wizard Calculator - understanding material selection UI, families of materials in GW Feeds, Speeds Calculator, Bob Warfield, YouTube, Mar 2, 2015

Calculating Turning and Lathe Feeds and Speeds - using G-Wizard calculator, Bob Warfield, YouTube, Feb 7, 2015

3 Quick HSMWorks Tips, Pt 4 - select free access adaptive roughing, using ramp taper angle option, 'create derived operation' to select toolpath quickly, Lars Christensen, YouTube, Feb 12, 2015

3D Systems + Cimatron a Done Deal - Circle Get Tighter - 3D Systems completes its acquisition of Cimatron for $97 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Feb 9, 2015

Fusion 360 CAM: Basic - Chapter 1 - 5 - tips to set up machine using standard version of Fusion 360 CAM, machine around part, drilling holes, solid jaw vs bad movable jaw, Lars Christensen, cadcamstuff.com, Feb 2015

CAM Consolidation 2015: The Circle Continues to Get Smaller - Cimatron acquired GibbsCAM in 2008, Autodesk acquired Delcam in 2014, metrology powerhouse Hexagon AB bought UK-based CAD/CAM developer Vero Software in 2014, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Jan 29, 2015

Integrated CAD/CAM: Truly Art to Part - integrated CAM solutions offer consistent, familiar work flow with more powerful CAD tools, streamline implementation of PDM best practice, James Anderton, ENGINEERING.com, Jan 27, 2015

G-Wizard Calculator University: Spindle Power Curves - set up spindle power curves that are based on rpms or that compensate light machines for rigidity, Bob Warfield, YouTube, Jan 20, 2015

University of Ulster Relies on PAM-STAMP to Develop an Engine Nacelle Lipskin Preserving Laminar Flow - jet engine's nacelle needs to be made longer to preserve laminar flow; new sheet metal manufacturing process was needed to achieve draw depth required; PAM-STAMP sheet metal simulation software was able to verify that new process would work before it was used, CADdigest.com, Jan 14, 2015

3 Quick HSMWorks Tips, Pt 3 - tips for 2D milling, customizing menu, Lars Christensen, YouTube, Jan 15, 2015

New Features of HSMWorks 2015 - improvements for multiple CPU systems, adaptive roughing, improved 3D capabilities, more visually accurate simulations, CADspeed, Jan 10, 2015

VISI = Medals and Titles for Skeleton Racers - VISI CAD/CAM solution has helped Bromley Sports manufacture Olympic sleds for 22 nations preparing for next Winter Olympics. Co-Founder Kristan Bromley is a 1x World Champion, 3x European Champion, 4x Olympian, British #1 for last 19 years at skeleton racing, CADdigest.com, Jan 7, 2015

French Mold Maker Integrates 3 Vero Software Packages - leading mold, die tool maker uses wax model injection technology, integrates WorkNC CAM software with WorkXplore 3D file viewer, WorkPLAN custom manufacturing solution, CADdigest.com, Dec 23, 2014

Reengineering of a CAM Engine - new GibbsCAM UKM engine simplifies highly complex, multi-axis machines, software design allows easy geometry creation, toolpath strategies for complex machines, CADdigest.com, Dec 23, 2014

Maximize Process Efficiency - cooling simulation tools can help companies evaluate thermal management early to make informed decisions that will lead to reduced risk downstream, Matt Jaworski from Autodesk, MoldMaking Technology, Dec 1, 2014

Autodesk Wants to Bring Its Disruptive Commodity Approach to CAM - Autodesk wants to extend its reach into CAM's 3 phases of plan, program, produce, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Dec 10, 2014

Unconventional Strategies for Roughing - determine arc of contact, average chip thickness to optimize rough-machining operations, employ CAM software for toolpath optimization, dynamic milling, Bill Bogue, MoldMaking Technology, Dec 1, 2014

3 Quick HSMWorks Tips, Pt 1 - right click on HSMWorks tab to create new job, generate tool path easily, use 'protect' option to lock toolpath, Lars Christensen, YouTube, Nov 24, 2014

What is a CNCSimulator? - uses: quick sanity check on CAM, helps debug post, saves machine time, helps when hand writing GCode, learning GCode, Bob Warfield, YouTube, Nov 20, 2014

Tebis 3.5 for Manufacturing - standard billet definition tools for rectangular/cylindrical stock model, full range of 3-, 5-axis trimming tools, automill module, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Nov 17, 2014

Will This Part Clean Up? - use of CAD data, 3D digitizing technology can significantly improve overall inspection, layout accuracy, improving manufacturing processes upstream, downstream, Trevor Murcko, MoldMaking Technology, Nov 1, 2014

Secrets of Going from CAD, Image, DXF or STL to GCode for CNC and 3D Printing - make sure CAD software can handle DXF files, convert DXF to GCode, 3D CAD Files to GCode, image, vector artwork to GCode, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Nov 10, 2014

What's New from HSMWorks 2015 - high-end roughing strategy, more CPU power, better visual performance for simulation, Lars Christensen, cadcamstuff.com, Oct 30, 2014

Tebis 3.5 for Design - logically, clearly laid out UI, data organization tools, has ability to work with laser scanning devices, Morpher tools to adapt set of surfaces, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 21, 2014

Vero's Radan Adds in 180 Enhancements to Latest Version of the Sheet Metal Software - has strengthened 3D translation procedure, new editor in unfolding dialog tool supports bend parameters, new machine automation functions, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 13, 2014

New Goodies for G-Wizard Calculator Users - manual recalculation for CADCAM wizards, Mach3 tool table import, export, digital signing certificate migration, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Oct 10, 2014

Integrated CAM Apps Help Engineers Take Designs Straight to Manufacturing - fully integrated CAM packages work directly with 3D CAD data, removing need to translate or recreate designs for manufacturing, reducing errors, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Oct 6, 2014

Optimizing Common Roughing Technology - shops that adopt new cutting tool, machine tool, toolpath technology are at huge advantage, Hassan Narasimhan & Randy Hudgins, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2014

Scuttlebutt From IMTS 2014 and More - Mexico is becoming new Detroit of North American manufacturing, 4.5 million cars are estimated to be manufactured there by 2019, Lloyd Graff, Today's Machining World, Sep 17, 2014

IMTS 2014 - Is Showmanship Dead? - being creative, having fun still matters when selling products, Noah Graff, Today's Machining World, Sep 12, 2014

IMTS 2014: Manufacturing Innovation and Much More - Smartforce Student Summit event at International Manufacturing Technology Show introduced educators, students, parents to new innovations in manufacturing technology, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Sep 11, 2014

Essential Strategies for Mold Measurement - good measurement data must support mold building, manufacturing, assembly processes, participants of CMS measurement study analyzes measurement data to make informed calculations, Keith Bevan, MoldMaking Technology, Sep 1, 2014

To Simulate and Post Process the Toolpaths - regenerate all toolpaths, then simulate them, enable 'open NC file in editor' check box in 'post process' dialog box to load file into Inventor HSM Edit automatically, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Sep 4, 2014

Siemens' Perspectives on the Future of Manufacturing - presentation by Sameer Prakash of Siemens focused on key features of Industrie 4.0, increasing competitive quotient in manufacturing sector, Steve Clouther, ARC Advisory Group, Aug 31, 2014

Interpreting 3D Models from Formalized 2D Drawings - creating formalized drawing of mansard roof in AutoCAD 2007, producing 3D model with help of AutoLISP routine, Alexander Yampolsky, upFront.eZine, Sep 2, 2014

Managing the CAM Workforce Supply Chain - create CAM career path, provide learning opportunities with mutual expectation, work with educational institutions, James Wakeford, MoldMaking Technology, Sep 1, 2014

Hexagon's Q2 a Mixed Bag of Good/Bad, Up/Down - total revenue in Q2 was up 6% in constant currencies, revenue up 7% in cc in Europe, revenue from Asia was up 5% on organic basis, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Aug 14, 2014

Benchmark Your Injection Molding Simulation - factors responsible for simulation inaccuracies, benchmarking requires systematic approach to eliminating problems after comparing simulation with molding practice, Russell Speight & Franco Costa, MoldMaking Technology, Aug 1, 2014

Cutting the Impossible - quality machine tool, programming system with next-generation tooling to machine deep 3D cavities, cores, Roger Gobel, MoldMaking Technology, Aug 1, 2014

How to Animate CAM Motion in SOLIDWORKS - create path by opening 3D sketch, convert one edge of groove into sketch, move sketch along CAM axis to midpoint of groove before coincidentally mating sketch point of follower to path sketch of CAM, Art Woodbury, CAPUniversity, Aug 13, 2014

Hexagon Acquires Vero: Metrology Meets Manufacturing - acquisition will strengthen Hexagon's software offerings, extending reach of newly developed metrology planning software to include CAM, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, July 22, 2014

Does Your Shop Use DNC Software to Move G-Code Around? - sophisticated DNC software has capabilities like drip feed, pull requests, finer-grained monitoring, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, July 19, 2014

In-House Prototyping: 3D Printer or CNC Machine? - for many parts use CNC machine, save 3D printing for parts that cannot be done economically or quickly on CNC machine, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, July 16, 2014

How Mass Customization is Changing the Manufacturing Industry - mass customization has potential to help companies increase revenue, gain competitive advantage, improve cash flow, reduce waste through on-demand production, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, July 14, 2014

Should You Choose a Horizontal or Vertical Machining Center? - consider pros, cons of horizontal machining center, best opportunities for HMCs, VMCs, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, July 4, 2014

Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill, Pt 7: Spindle, Drawbar, and Toolchanger - selecting taper to support, Cartridge Spindles vs Dedicated Spindles, considering 4 functions of toolchanger carousel, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 11, 2014

What's the Difference Between CADCAM Wizards and the Feeds and Speeds Calculator? - traditional feeds/speeds calculator is very flexible, but also very low level, while CADCAM Wizard makes tasks much easy, provides scientific answer to issues, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 12, 2014

DIY CNC Machining from Scratch - CAM/CNC 101 - learning about controllers, software, calibration/tuning, Gavin Bath, Design and Motion, June 10, 2014

Estimating Cycle Times with Machine Acceleration: New G-Wizard Editor Feature - set acceleration for machine on machine profile, load up a g-code program, see effect of acceleration in info tab, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, June 5, 2014

Factory Design Suite - Using Connectors to Join Subassemblies - copy lift, pallet from system assets, edit them to create stackable versions, locate list in asset browser before opening part file to perform save as to custom assets location, Pete Strycharske, MasterGraphics, June 3, 2014

Autodesk CAM 360 is Now Fusion 360 - offers collaboration, real time updates with NURBS, T-Splines technology, KeyShot renderer, render custom view in Autodesk 360 hub, annual subscription price including all CAM 360 features is between $1000-$1500, Australian CAD Blog, May 23, 2014

Add Value to Your Mold Designs - employ 3D tool to improve prediction of melt filling, air venting behavior, evaluate cooling arrangements to deliver more accurate cycle time estimation, integrate with 3D CAD/CAM software to boost productivity, Jeff Kloberdanz, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2014

Five-Axis Myths - loose rigidity with 5-axis machining, full 5-axis machining is better than 3+2 machining, trunnion-style 5-axis machining center is preferred for moldmaking over swivel head 5-axis machine, Michael Cope, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2014

Updated Hypertherm ProNest CAD/CAM Software - scribe-text function to add varied information to parts, tab enhancements for laser cutting, custom remnant module to enter dimensions of irregular plate or remnant, nest geometry of other parts on that plate, Elisabeth Eitel, Machine Design, Apr 30, 2014

DIY Guy - Q&A with industrial designer Zach Burhop about his interests, designing work, involvement with Solid Edge for creating technical drawings, interest in 3D printing equipment, innovative projects, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, May 8, 2014

6 Things a Brand New CNCer Should Learn to Get Started - understand CNC software stack, know about different kinds of CNC machine, basic G-Code, basic feeds, speeds, make part from start to finish, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, May 6, 2014

Big New G-Wizard Calculator Release 2.40 Adds New Tool Types and Wizards - feeds, speeds for lathe threading operations, custom CADCAM wizard for estimating cycle time, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Apr 21, 2014

Providing Intelligence Back to the CAD Model - inspection software can help 3D CAD, 3D geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, measuring devices work together to ensure design intent, David Olson, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2014

More CADCAM Wizards for GW Calculator: ID Turn and Facing - advantages: faster and simpler, more optimal, can be easily converted into estimate for quotation, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Mar 21, 2014

DIY CNC Machining from Scratch - Mechanical Conversion - background, mechanical conversion: opt for stepper motors, factory trapezoidal-thread leadscrews on machine, Gavin Bath, Design and Motion, Mar 12, 2014

G-Wizard is Giving Me a Higher Feedrate Than My CAM Software and Other Calculators - take radial chip thinning into account, increase feedrate to achieve same chipload user would have had in case of no chip thinning, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Mar 8, 2014

Integrated CAM with HSM Express - HSM Express is added into Inventor with 2 main interface changes: CAM browser, CAM ribbon tab; learning CAM job setup, John Evans, AUGI Library, Mar 5, 2014

New OD Turning Wizard and Chamfering Tool Geometry for GW Calculator - to use chamfer Geometry feature, select endmill, click 'geometry' button, select 'chamfer' geometry from popup, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Mar 3, 2014

CAM Heads to the Cloud - now in beta phase, Autodesk CAM 360 will have ability to upload, store, share 3D CAD models, quality documentations, testing documentations, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Mar 1, 2014

Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill, Pt 5: Acceleration and Cutting Forces - consider motor sizing worksheet inputs, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Feb 27, 2014

Improve and Simplify Wire EDM - CAD/CAM system for wire EDM must have ability to control cutting order or strategy of programs with multiple apertures, Dean Kendall, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2014

Why CAD/CAM Integration Matters - allows model-driven process, changes to source model propagate quickly across all of manufacturing steps, Derek Hart, Siemens PLM Software Community, Feb 24, 2014

Selection Criteria for Laser Scanning Technology - advantages of selecting right scanning, software technology: measurement coverage, speed, offline, easy-to-understand reporting, quick, simple, cost-effective retrofits, ability to automate, Alex Lucas, MoldMaking Technology, Feb 1, 2014

How CNC Machine Works - cut simple form of metal table, design model using CAD program like AutoCAD, enter drawing in CNC machine to start cutting process, check metal part processing using 2D, 3D models, Top CAD Services, Jan 8, 2014

Autodesk-Delcam Acquisition: 'Biggest News in the History of CAM' - Delcam customers will benefit from Autodesk's expertise in design supported by Delcam's knowledge in machining, metrology, Rose Brooke, TCT Magazine, Feb 14, 2014

Autodesk Completely Acquires Delcam - Q&A about advantage Delcam gets from being acquired by Autodesk, plan to put Delcam technology into Autodesk software, channel for handling Delcam products, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Feb 11, 2014

Autodesk Completes Delcam Acquisition, Increases Its Footprint in CAM Sector - worthwhile investment of $286 million, Delcam is expected to continue sales, distribution with its own channel, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Feb 6, 2014

Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill, Pt 4: Motion Performance - compile set of cutting scenarios, record feeds, speeds needed, use spreadsheet to compile scenarios, G-Wizard calculator to generate data, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Feb 6, 2014

Simulation Runs are a Key Step Before Running Your CAM Program for Real - adjust speeds, feeds, sequential order of steps, type or size of tool, Richard Williams, Engineering.com, Feb 6, 2014

Chasing the Perfect Feed Rate - NC program feed rate optimization software is automatic, determines best feed rates for specific cutting conditions, Bryan Jacobs, MoldMaking Technology, Jan 1, 2014

Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill, Pt 2: CNC Mechanicals - select CNC mechanical components: leadscrews, ballnuts, motor mounts, drive system, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Jan 12, 2014

Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill, Pt 1: The Donor Mill - choose donor mill on which conversion to CNC will be based on, check mass, rigidity, spindly, bed mill vs knee mill before considering donor mill, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Jan 8, 2014

The Rise of Manufacturing at the 'desk: AU 2013 & CAM 360 - CAM 360 to cover 2.5 axis machining, discussing issues related to working in cloud, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Dec 19, 2013

Driving CNC Fabrication and Shared Parameters - implement common DXF, SAT export functionality in separate CmdDxf.Execute2 method, handle shared parameters to keep track of CNC fabrication export history in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Dec 19, 2013

Using G-Wizard Editors New Soft Limit Alarms to Help Spot Crashes Before They Happen - geometry vs G-code simulation, new feature helps in dealing with crash where cutter gets plunged into machine table, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Dec 16, 2013

Autodesk Brings CAM to the Cloud - cloud-based CAM 360 app announced, built on Autodesk HSM technology, provides users with project collaboration tools, unlimited shared data storage, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Dec 12, 2013

AU 2013: Autodesk CAM 360 Promises CAM Revival and Cloud-Hosted Collaboration - SaaS-style pricing for CAM 360 might affect standard sales model, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Dec 9, 2013

CAM 360 Announced at Autodesk University - cloud-based CAM solution with fully integrated CAD/CAM environment, built on milling functionality of HSMWorks, might have 2.5D, 3D milling, customizable toolpath solutions, fixture modeling, John Evans, Design and Motion, Dec 8, 2013

Autodesk Adds CAM 360 to the Family - CAM 360 combines CAM, modeling, collaboration in cloud-based application, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Dec 5, 2013

Autodesk Buying Delcam Ignores Hottest Trend in Manufacturing - expecting Autodesk to buy 3D printing company, but instead, a CAM company, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Dec 4, 2013

Autodesk Slaps Manufacturing with Collaboration, Puts CAM in the Cloud - announced CAM 360, has seamless integration with Autodesk 360, uses multi-core, 64-bit based CAM technology, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Dec 3, 2013

Buying Delcam Puts Autodesk on Path of World Domination - #1 CAD company buys #1 CAM company, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Dec 3, 2013

Autodesk Debuts CAM 360 Cloud-Based CAM Solution - CAM 360 provides capabilities for multi-platform CNC programming, users can take advantage of digital prototyping platform, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Dec 3, 2013

Autodesk CAM: A Small Step and a Giant Leap - Delcam will maintain focus on its market share growth in manufacturing sector after acquisition, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Nov 13, 2013

Autodesk Goes CAM - Autodesk to acquire Delcam, aims to take design from concept through realization, machinist workforce at Delcam adds credibility, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Nov 9, 2013

Autodesk & Delcam: Smartest Move in a Decade or More - Autodesk to acquire complexity Delcam has mastered, grow customer base, Al Dean, DEVELOP3D, Nov 7, 2013

Autodesk to Acquire CAM Leader Delcam - all-cash offer for the publicly traded British firm, Autodesk will dip into its non-US cash, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Nov 7, 2013

Countering the Rumors: Autodesk Inventor HSM Express 2014 - Anthony Graves about HSM becoming Autodesk's 1st CAM product, increasing HSM staff to meet CAM resources, focus on design, simulation to better explore CAM world, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Nov 4, 2013

Free CAM: Delcam for SolidWorks Xpress - works in SolidWorks assembly mode, provides option to include fixture, vises, tables, employs feature toolpath to quickly select cuts if SolidWorks model is created with machine intent, has gouge protection feature, free learning tools, Lars Christensen, cadcamstuff.com, Oct 30, 2013

CADCAM Estimator Update: We Heard Your Survey Wishes - specify quantity of feature to add to estimate, designate costs as fixed or variable, check scrap allowance option, programming op, components op, finish op, coating op, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Oct 28, 2013

30 Features to Try in G-Wizard Editor - check file compare, keyboard shortcuts, insert wizards, 5-step button, infinite loop checking, block renumbering, conversational wizards along with other G-Code editor features, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Oct 23, 2013

Checking and Measuring Toolholder Runout on a CNC Milling Machine - clock inside of spindle taper to view spindle's runout, check precision dowel in toolholder to see toolholder's runout, set taper inside ER collet chuck with no collet installed, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Oct 23, 2013

CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator - determine machine's total cost of ownership over its useful life, divide that by how many hours it will be used, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Oct 21, 2013

What's Your CAM Initiative? - encourage customers to send models, train everyone in company, reduce tool wear, run lights out, increase feeds, speeds whenever possible, become proficient at 3+2 machining, Paula Apro, Mastercam Xtras, Oct 14, 2013

Cost Estimating for Machining and Manufacturing - multiple types of cost estimate, cost categories, ways to increase profitability of job, cost estimation algorithms, CNCCookbook, Oct 2013

Program CNC Toolpaths Using Autodesk Inventor HSM Express - generate 2D milling, drilling, counterboring, tapping operations that are optimized to minimize tool travel, overall cycle time, access HSM Express from toolbar to create machining operations, Joanna Gryszka, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Oct 3, 2013

Integrating Electrode Production - CAD/CAM solution defines region where electrode will be used, checks that draft angles, minimum radii used in design don't cause downstream problems, Thiago Fagionato, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2013

G-Wizard v1.98: Now with Recommended Peck Depths, Parts Cutout Wizard and Hole Wizard - CADCAM hole wizard recommends appropriate twist drill, desired peck depth, minimum stickout, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Sep 19, 2013

Using IF and GOTO for a Poor Mans G71 Lathe Roughing Cycle - employ macro programming to implement G71 roughing cycle, execute startup code, set variables, debug code in G-Wizard editor tool, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Sep 16, 2013

Parabolic vs Standard Flute Twist Drills - parabolics flute drill offers faster spiral, more room in flute, wider web on tip for greater durability, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Sep 6, 2013

Turret or Gang Tooling on a CNC Lathe - definition, advantages of gang tooling, turret tooling, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Sep 5, 2013

CADCAM Wizard Update Adds Features + Broader Access for Trial and GW Lite Users - new features: 2D profile wizard, metric, imperial tool size options, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Sep 2, 2013

Introducing Next Generation Feeds and Speeds with CAD/CAM Wizard - just needs data about machine, material, feature type, depth, minimum corner radius to derive complete roughing, finishing strategy for pocket, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 27, 2013

Best Roughing Strategies by Material - roughing strategies for pockets: same, corncob, same + HSM, corncob + HSM, large, large corncob, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Aug 25, 2013

Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2013 - Day 2 - presentations on PowerSHAPE 2014, Delcam Electrode, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Aug 22, 2013

Tool Centerline Tolerances for Turning - set tool on centerline using ruler trick, use height gage to set heights for more accurate centerline, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Aug 20, 2013

Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2013 - Day 1 - CEO Clive Martel gave company updates, presentation by Seiji Niwa from HP, technical presentations on Vortex, FeatureCAM 2014, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Aug 21, 2013

28 Feeds and Speeds Features to Try in G-Wizard Calculator - 'more' button for alloys, conditions, tool crib, tool sizes button, geometry button, ballnose geometry, feeds, speeds PCN option, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 9, 2013

Optimizing Tool Stickout from the Tool Holder - factors limiting stickout: clearance, coolant access, length of flutes; strategies for optimization: minimum stickout with clearance, standardized stickouts to facilitate chatter management, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, July 18, 2013

G-Wizard Editor Gets New Backplot Navigation Toolbar - functions include: rotate, pan, zoom in/out, zoom extents, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, June 26, 2013

The Misnomer of Feature-Based Machining - geometry-based machining is more appropriate term, automatically creates NC tool paths to machines, Chad Jackson, Siemens PLM Software Community, May 31, 2013

Vero Software's View of the CAM Industry - Q&A with Marc Freebrey about kernels used in Vero product portfolio, importance of solid modeling in CAM, acquisitions, company goals, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 4, 2013

Conquering the Quoting Challenge - adding right multi-CAD viewer to quoting process helps face common challenges: poor RFQ response rates, inaccurate initial quoting, requote rework headaches, excessive training costs, Andrea Giles, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2013

Enhance Mold Precision by Going Five-Axis - look for high-performance design, consider control factor, Kyle Klaver, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2013

Chamfering Feeds and Speeds with G-Wizard Calculator - set up GW Calculator as tapered endmill, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, May 27, 2013

G-Wizards Conversational Pocketing Wizard -  enter 3 Z levels, 3 groups of parameters to make rectangular pocket, CNCCookbook, May 13, 2013

Ramping Up to 5-Axis Programming - consider using integrated CAM solution, transition with training, master concepts of 4-axis, transition with 3+2 positioning, shorter tools, machine simulation,Al Depoalo, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2013

Successful, Profitable Mold Design - challenges include: dealing with wide variety of file formats, organization of geometry within design system, missing customizable component libraries, Adam Rose, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2013

3D Printing 101, Pt 4: Software - 3D modeling for 3D printing, slicing 3D model into g-code, hosting app to make print, Michael Hackney, CNCCookbook, May 1, 2013

Will Machinists Capitalize on the PMI Opportunity? - product manufacturing information can be used to automate selection of tools, definition of feeds, speeds of NC toolpaths, increase machine utilization, Chad Jackson, Siemens PLM Software Community, Apr 2013

SolidWorks Coordinate System for CAM - change, create own templates, update standard views icon to set top plane in SolidWorks, Alin Vargatu, Javelin Technologies, Apr 25, 2013

CNC 4th Axis Basics: Workholding - ability to stick normal milling vise into 4th axis arrangement, lathe tooling optimized to do workholding along rotating axis, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 23, 2013

Direct-Drive Workhead for Multiple Cylindrical Grinding Options - CNC controlled grinder available in 3 sizes with powerful motors, fast control system, allows grinding heavy parts, non-round contours, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Apr 18, 2013

CNC 4th Axis Basics: How They Work - design issues, mechanism types for 4th axis: Geneva mechanisms, rotary table, timing belts, harmonic drive, globoidal cam, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 13, 2013

CNC 4th Axis Basics: What They Can Do - understanding 4th axis indexing for access, more parts, 4th axis continuous machining, wrapping, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 8, 2013

Button Cutter, Copy Mill, or Toroidal Cutter: Round Insert Milling Cutters - make cuts with depth of cut less than radius of insert, consider chip thinning; basics of operating button cutter, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 7, 2013

G-Wizard Editors New Macro Variable Tab, Setvn, and Naming - Variables in Macros - access Variables list as sub-tab under 'macros,' SETVN gives variables names even if controller doesn't allow that syntax, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 29, 2013

Rounding Out Earnings: Delcam and MuM Set Records - total revenue was up 12%, software license revenue up 16% for Delcam, MuM's revenue from VAR business was up 26%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Mar 26, 2013

New Conversational CNC Graphical User Interface - new UI in latest GW Editor version, individual wizards carry thumbnail, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 25, 2013

CAMWorks Quick Tip - Engrave with 3D Sketch - create 3D sketch, run automatic feature recognition tool, add multi-surface features for detecting tool path on 3D surface, The HRS Blog, Mar 23, 2013

GW Editor v1.020 Adds a Slotting Wizard - check correctness of safe Z, rapid to Z, material top Z, assign start XY, slot, angle dimensions using editor, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 21, 2013

New Conversational CNC Face Milling and Surfacing Wizard - includes 3 different toolpaths: zig-zag, climb mill, radial, CNCCookbook, Mar 19, 2013

File: Open Differences - Mastercam X style has 'options' button, automatically displays Mastercam-specific folders in navigation pane, Paula Apro, Mastercam Xtras, Mar 4, 2013

Top Design Applications Create a Versatile Engineer - CAD apps: AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks; CAM apps: MasterCAM, TurboCAM, Mach3; electrical design, simulation: Multisim, Flowcode, Cabe Atwell, Design News, Mar 1, 2013

Mastercam Toolpath Transform Methods: NCI vs Geometry - NCI option copy, transform source operation's NCI lines; geometry method copy, transform source operation's parameters, geometry, toolpath references, Mastercam Xtras, Feb 25, 2013

Cimatron Shares Tumble After Earnings Release - total revenue was $12.4 million in Q4, license revenue was 49% of total revenue, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Feb 20, 2013

Venture Capitalist Buys Up CAM - Battery bought Vero Holdings, aims to 'rightsize'  then sell it, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Feb 19, 2013

Autodesk CAM - Interview with Carl White and Anthony Graves - Autodesk executives talk about HSMWorks, strategy to gain substantial market-share, multi-core 64-bit HSMWorks kernel, post processing, John Evans, Design and Motion, Feb 14, 2013

Stop-Loc Collet Stop Setup Tool - using stop-loc to set endmill stickout, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Jan 10, 2013

G-Wizard Editor Version 0.730 Will Save You Steps - revision history feature, jmp buttons automatically switch simulator to single block mode, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Jan 8, 2013

CNC Manufacturing Workflow Infographic - steps involved in manufacturing part using CNC, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Jan 7, 2013

More Tool Geometry is Coming to G-Wizard Calculator - taper angle, corner radius tools provide enhanced geometry options to CNC calculator software, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Dec 17, 2012

Taming Multi-Blade Parts with Expert CAM Software - workflow: rough out excess material between blades, semi-finish blades, finish blades, base, Paula Apro, Mastercam Xtras, Dec 10, 2012

Inspecting Complex Product Profiles - using model-based metrology software, portable CMM, David Olson, MoldMaking Technology, Dec 1, 2012

When is Manual Machining Better Than CNC? - doing simple jobs is easy with manual machines, but production efficiency obtained using CNC outweighs its costly setup, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Nov 28, 2012

Complete CNC Board Implementation - CNC motherboard has 4 stepper driver modules plugged into respective slots, backplane accepts motor driver modules to drive CNC machine axes, Jose Quinones, Design News, Nov 20, 2012

Autodesk Acquires HSMWorks - What It Means to You - Autodesk needs to bring quality, discipline to HSMWorks product release to make deal worth, Aaron Goldberg, CAD/CAM Performance, Nov 14, 2012

In Simulation We Trust - demos of EasyFill Analysis feature in NX 8.5, machine tool simulation inside NX CAM using virtual machine tool, Aaron Frankel, Siemens PLM Software Blog, Nov 9, 2012

HSMWorks CAM For Inventor - cloud-based, free 123D CNC utility to generate tool path, Clinton Brown, CADline, Nov 8, 2012

G-Wizard Editor Setup - setting up machine profile, CNC controller post for G-Wizard Editor, You Tube, Nov 4, 2012

How to Apply Color Codes in Your CNC Environment - colors related to each number are used to simplify task of cutting tool, insert replacement, Mike Lynch, Modern Machine Shop, Oct 17, 2012

Siemens PLM Software Puts Acquisition Plans in Motion - buys Kineo CAM that helps optimize motion, collision avoidance, path planning, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Oct 17, 2012

And Buy More: 3D Systems Buys Rapidform, Siemens Buys Kineo - Kineo CAM's products are delivered as COTS apps, software libraries; Rapidform acquired for $35 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Oct 10, 2012

How to Achieve Intelligent, Automated CNC Machining - solution for automated machining, appropriate applications, limitations, software/hardware breakdown, Max Leser, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2012

What a Difference a Radius Makes: CAD/CAM Trick - using radius to make corner easier, changing cutter size instead of corner radius, CNCCookbook, Oct 7, 2012

Purchasing Considerations for Standard Slide Assemblies - consider quality, cost, benefits, features of component's design, effects on finished tool, Chris Matarazzo, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Acquires a CAM Maker - HSMWorks - Finally - SolidWorks users comment, discuss acquisition, letter by HSMWorks on handling sale to Autodesk, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Acquires HSMWorks Technology - Tom Mortensen of HSMWorks answers FAQs about acquisition, SPAR Point Group, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Manufacturing Acquires HSMWorks to Fill CAM 'Missing Link' - intends to integrate HSMWorks technology into existing local, cloud products for manufacturing, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Snatches Up HSMWorks, Paves the Way for Cloud-Powered CAM - HSMWorks has network processing function, can take advantage of computing cores distributed across entire network, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Gets On the CAM Track, Acquires HSMWorks Technology - perspective of CAM on cloud, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 1, 2012

Autodesk Acquires HSMWorks, CAM on the Cloud? - intends to make current HSMWorks products available for sale, continue to support SolidWorks customers, offer HSMXpress for free download, John Evans, Design and Motion, Oct 1, 2012

7 Software Excuses for Bad Surface Finishes - chordal tolerances, CAD file format issues, best stepover, 3D machining strategies, climb vs conventional milling, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 28, 2012

Delcam Hits a Record - Again - license sales-led revenue growth, up 10%, revenue from Americas was up 17%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Aug 28, 2012

Chasing Threads on a CNC Lathe - approaches include: dialing threads in visually, measure and align, custom tooling aids, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 27, 2012

Do You Really Need Integrated CAD/CAM? - discussing 2 types, business perspectives: CAD-centric, CAM-centric, Evan Yares, Design World, Aug 1, 2012

10 Reasons to Have an Internet-Connected Computer in the Shop - find dimensional information easily, move G-Code or CAD/CAM data around, tweak G-Code, access documentation, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, July 31, 2012

20 Bits of Tooling a Beginning CNC Mill User Will Need - Kurt-style vise, T-Slot clamping kit, R8 ER Collet Chucks, digital calipers, spot drills, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, July 23, 2012

Drilling for Oil: Deep Hole Custom Cycle Sneak Preview - G-Wizard Conversational CNC to generate g-code from conversational wizards, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, July 16, 2012

3D CAM Toolpath Fundamentals - differences Between 2D, 3D machining, roughing vs finishing, 3 fundamental 3D finishing toolpaths, Robert Grzesek, CNCCookbook, July 10, 2012

Speeds, Feeds, and Hole Sizes for HSS and Carbide Reamers - reamer hole sizes, best feeds, speeds to use for reamer, CNCCookbook, July 2, 2012

Different Company Types Have Different CNC Needs - product-, work piece-producing companies need CNC machines, Mike Lynch, Modern Machine Shop, June 20, 2012

New Xform Fit Function and More in Mastercam Design - ability to trim/extend wireframe geometry to solid edges, strip list of operations from solid model, nest geometry along vector, Mastercam Xtras, June 22, 2012

Thinking About High Speed Machining, Corners, and Stepover - advantages of HSM toolpath vs conventional toolpath, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, June 19, 2012

Tap Drill Size: Maximize Strength and Avoid Broken Taps - guidelines for selecting thread percentage, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, June 14, 2012

Relative vs Absolute Coordinates - definition, switch between 2 types of coordinates, use UVW words for relative coordinates, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, June 11, 2012

How to Reduce EDM Setup from Hours to Minutes - consider integration with CAD, CMM data, Complete control over all setup parameters, ability to customize to machine, app, Hari Sridharan, MoldMaking Technology, June 1, 2012

CAM Considerations for Plunge Roughing - plunge roughing tools should not be retracted along same path used to cut into work, Modern Machine Shop, May 14, 2012

Using Manufacturer's Data in G-Wizard for Feeds and Speeds - manufacturer's data vs G-Wizard's listing for surface speed, chipload, working with tool crib feature, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, May 24, 2012

Redefining Production in the Age of Digital Reality - rapid prototyping, 3D printing technologies making manufacturing sector grow, acquisitions helping digital reality companies transform, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, May 17, 2012

5 Tips for Evaluating a CAM Dealer - consider dealer's history, local support, dedication to CAD/CAM software, skill level, network, Mastercam Xtras, May 21, 2012

Step and Servo Motor Sizing Software for CNC - calculating axis speed at peak torque, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, May 20, 2012

Making the Jump to 5-Axis Machining Easier - 5-axis machining reduces machining, setup time, hand-polishing, outweighing costs involved, Edwin Gasparraj & Aaron Frankel, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2012

10 More Things Beginning CNC Milling Users Need to Succeed - compare machinery handbook with tooling catalog, well understand g-code, make 10 identical parts to tolerance, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 25, 2012

CNC Router Cutter Types and How to Use Them - upcut vs downcut router bit, compression cutters, diamond cut bits, chipbreaker, straight flute cutters, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Apr 6, 2012

How do Moldmakers Get into Automation? - consider robots, infeed/outfeed system, safety guard, customized interface, John Lucier, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2012

Six Points You Must Know About High-Feed Milling - take care of machine tools, inserts, insert grade, machining app, programming, engaged tools, Todd Miller, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2012

A Practical Approach for Optimizing Your Machine, Pt 2 - advanced acceleration control, shape control, automatic corner override, advanced contour control, optimizing machine accuracy, Daniel Garafola, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2012

10 Tips for CNC Router Aluminum Cutting Success - use feeds and speeds calculator, carbide coated cutters, watch cut depths, slotting, lubricate with mist, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 27, 2012

Unit Conversion Calculator: G-Wizard Tips and Tutorial - continuous conversion display feature automatically converts result to units of choice, understanding type in field arithmetic in G-Wizard, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 22, 2012

5 Axis CNC Benefits - reduces machining time, gives better surface finish, accuracy, needs fewer setups, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 25, 2012

Delcam Sees Record Revenue, Profit in 2011 - annual revenue up 14%, to continue investments in capital equipment, associated software in automotive, aerospace market, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Mar 26, 2012

Delcam Sets Revenue and Profit Records in 2011 - $66.5 million of revenues generated with profits of $5.9 million, improved performance in automotive, aerospace, healthcare business, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Mar 26, 2012

New Documentation Function for Tool-Grinding Software - Numroto grinding software has Numroto draw function to automate production verification, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Mar 15, 2012

C-Axis Turning and Live Tooling: Turning and Milling on One Machine - converting spindle into C-axis indexer, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 18, 2012

The True Meaning of CAD in the Industry - top 5 suggestions for Inventor developers to integrate CAM, quick look at Granta Eco Materials Advisor, DMSI Validus 2.0 Inventor add-in, Scott Moyse, AUGI Library, Mar 9, 2012

Helical Interpolation Ramp Angle and the Best Ways to Enter a Cut - G-Wizard CNC calculator to figure out feedrate, helix ramp angle while using helical interpolation, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Mar 7, 2012

Calibration: Essential for the Best Feeds and Speeds - 'G-Wizard feeds and speeds calculator' considers over 50 variables, can download, customize manufacturer's data, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Feb 23, 2012

Tips for Proper Machine Alignment - consider parallel, angular misalignments, don't rely solely on visual inspection, take care of 'soft foot' condition, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Mar 1, 2012

How to Lengthen Tool Life with CAM Software Moves - depends on 3 elements: tooling used the way it's designed to be used, holder to contain that tool as rigidly as possible, how programming software is applied, Steve Bertrand, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2012

A Practical Approach for Optimizing Your Machine, Pt 1 - benefits include: productivity, accuracy, prolonged machine life, tool life, energy efficiency; optimizing basic performance, Daniel Garafola, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2012

Gate Selection Tips - 3 gate types: tab, hot tip, pin; selecting based on shape, size of part, Gus Breiland, MoldMaking Technology, Feb 1, 2012

Seamless Integration of Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection - PAS Technology Inspection Lifecycle Management Suite consists of 3 modules: CMM Viewer, CMM Engineering, CMM Inspection, American Machinist, Jan 19, 2012

Making the Move to a 5-Axis VMC - consider machine configuration, repeatability, accuracy, control features, Maggie Smith, MoldMaking Technology, Jan 1, 2012

New Toolpath Strategy in Delcam 2012 - PowerMill 2012 has flowline machining capabilities; FeatureCAM has programming software for 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis machining; PartMaker 2012 includes module for simulating vertical, horizontal machining centers, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Jan 12, 2012

5 Benefits of Integrated CAD/CAM - eliminates costly data translation steps, automates manufacturing authoring process more, uses integrated validation tools throughout process, Aaron Frankel of Siemens PLM, MoldMaking Technology, Jan 1, 2012

aPriori Adds Costing Tool to CAD - aPriori 2011 R2 can determine cost of part directly from CAD model, offers geometry extraction capabilities, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Dec 9, 2011 

Product Cost Management Platform for High-Tolerance Machining - aPriori 2011r2 offers modules with expanded costing processes, baseline cost models: mill/turn, 5-axis milling, deep bore/trepanning, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Dec 8, 2011

New Wall and Waterline Techniques for Mold CAM Program - Machining Strategist V13 generates optimal HSM roughing, finishing CNC toolpaths, includes HM waterline, rib machining passes, enhanced helical passes, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Nov 23, 2011

Six Best Practices for Mold Design - key mold design strategies to improve mold building operations, customer support, Lisa Sterling, MoldMaking Technology, Dec 1, 2011

The Impact of Direct Modeling in Mold Manufacturing - ability of direct modeling to work with solid geometry, handle sophisticated geometry conditions is helping plastics, mold design industry, Blake Courter of SpaceClaim, MoldMaking Technology, Dec 1, 2011

Fully Automated Part-to-CAD Measurement Verification - auto-align, auto pass/fail tools align CAD data to part quickly, determine part tolerance in real-time, American Machinist, Nov 3, 2011

A Virtual Jog Mode for CAM - generic motion controller in NX CAM enables user to capture cutter locations by jogging machine axes within CAM, Edwin Gasparraj, MMS Online, Oct 20, 2011

Hot New Additive Manufacturing Materials - customers demand materials with transparency, biocompatibility, static-dissipative capabilities, temperature resistance, toughness, Susan Smith, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2011

Simple Strategies for Providing Value-Add to Your Customers - organizing hoses, using mini tunnel gate inserts, full-color mold plaques, mold magnets, Mike Hicks, MoldMaking Technology, Nov 1, 2011

Five CNC Myths and Misconceptions - myths about running CNC machine, predicting completion of production run, G-code programming, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, Oct 19, 2011

Four Key 5-Axis Programming Developments for Moldmakers to Consider - automatic collision avoidance, rest machining, automatic indexing, material removal, shape offset roughing, finishing, John Welch, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2011

The Effects of Hardware Developments on CAM - benefits of multiple processors, coping with complexity, stock models to optimize tool loading, simulation capabilities, Peter Dickin, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2011

A Conversation with Vineet Seth - Delcam executive on starting operations in India, firing distributors, selling directly with 14 offices in India, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Oct 7, 2011

Get Your CNC Machining On, Without the Metal Shavings - providing machining industry with contemporary competent, simulating in full 3D with visible cutting tools for operations like drilling/slot milling, Josh Mings, Solidsmack, Oct 6, 2011

Infotech Beefs Up Kubotek KeyView - v10.1.0 includes 2D CAD importers, SAT export function, advanced markup functionality, tool making plug-in, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Sep 30, 2011

Delcam PowerMILL 2012 Introduces Flowline Machining - ability to control angular point distribution during 5-axis machining, to use Bezier curves, more control over clearance distances, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Aug 19, 2011

Coming Soon: Universal, CAM-Independent Cutting Tool Library - based on ISO 13399 standards, universal tool library will be able to interface with CAM, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, Aug 23, 2011

A Conversation with Clive Martell - Delcam CEO on growth of company, manufacturing services, relationships with SolidWorks, sales channel, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Sep 12, 2011

How to Better Utilize Your Existing Equipment - applying automation brings ROI, exciting opportunities for employees, Chris Norman, MoldMaking Technology, Sep 1, 2011

Targeting Individual Setup Tasks for Elimination - achieving zero setup time for machine tool, ideas for eliminating tasks for machining center setups, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, Aug 24, 2011

Transform Grinding into a CNC-Based Technology - fundamental requirements, automatic surface grinding benefits, steps to grinding transformation, Bob Hamada, MoldMaking Technology, Aug 1, 2011

Asking the Crowd How to Make Something - unlike traditional manufacturing, crowdsourcing involves community of people who provide ideas about designing products, Cindy Waxer, Technology Review, July 19, 2011

Manufacturers Turn to 3D Printing - advantages, disadvantages of 3D additive manufacturing, Lauren Cox, Technology Review, July 18, 2011

DIYLILCNC V2: Growing Beyond 'Cute' - low-cost, open-source desktop CNC mill project is supported by School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jeffrey Matthias, SolidSmack, July 13, 2011

Report from Delcam's European Press Conference - Delcam involved in R&D project for improving methods for remanufacturing of high-value engineering components, Tanya Weaver, DEVELOP 3D, June 10, 2011

The Top 3 Ways to Prevent CNC Cutting Machine Mishaps - by maintaining CNC work area, equipment, controlling height, considering computer glitches, Jack Douglass, American Machinist, June 6, 2011

Using Simulation Software to Tackle Complex Moldmaking Challenges - complex, fast-paced manufacturing environment needs simulation software to document CNC programming process, Bryan Jacobs of CGTech/Vericut, MoldMaking Technology, May 1, 2011

Notes About think3 from an OpenMind Meeting - hyperCAD NT will be using new kernel with multithreading, E3 file compatibility, full hybrid modeler, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, May 10, 2011

CAD/CAM Integration - reasons for CAM integration into CAD software, Solid DNA Blog, May 9, 2011

Will Additive Manufacturing Put Milling Machines Out of Work? - Andrzej Grzesiak of Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance on practical apps, user target groups, role in automated process chains, American Machinist, Apr 28, 2011

Tecnomatix Product and Marketing Leads Offer Strategies and Directions on Day 2 - Tecnomatix integrations to Teamcenter requirements solution, overview of latest CAM, part planning strategies, Siemens PLM Software Blog, May 5, 2011

Zero Thickness Edges - TopSolid 7 takes care of issues automatically, Bill Genc, Clear Cut Solutions, Inc., May 3, 2011

Mass Customization's Missing Link - synergy with 'build-to-order' of standard products, David Anderson, Mechanical Engineering, Apr 2011

Simple Productivity Gains with Mold Design Automation - edit-free G code, error-free component is result of automation, Adam Smith of Edgecam, Mold Making Technology, Apr 1, 2011

TopSolid 2011 - First Look at CAM Improvements - 3D morphing tool path, Bill Genc, Clear Cut Solutions, Inc., Mar 11, 2011

TopSolid 2011 - First Look at CAD Improvements - fill hole command to fill holes in sheet bodies, Bill Genc, Clear Cut Solutions, Inc., Mar 14, 2011

TopSolid 2011 - Continued Look at CAD Improvements - improvements to 3, 4 curve surfaces, trimming option, copy face function, Bill Genc, Clear Cut Solutions, Inc., Mar 14, 2011

Simple Productivity Gains with Mold Design Automation - tips for automating machining process, Adam Smith of Edgecam, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 1, 2011

Delcam Annual Revenue Up 17% in 2010 - Delcam to increase shareholder dividends; newer territories in China, India showed significant growth, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Mar 24, 2011 

Delcam Bounces Back - record sales of $59 million achieved in 2010, improved sales in Europe, North America, Asia, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Mar 24, 2011

Four Steps to CAM Selection - identify current needs, consider future planned investments, track performance in key categories, evaluate to surpass baseline efficiency, Jeff Jaje, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 1, 2011

New White Paper on Modern Nesting - automatic nesting, multi-threaded code, integrating nesting with MRP/ERP in Radan, Planit, Feb 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Creo, NC and Manufacturing - recent technological advances, especially in CAM, direct modeling apps, interview with Jose Coronado, Creo NC product manager, Geoff Hedges, Creo, Feb 17, 2011

Manufacturing Death Greatly Exaggerated - domestic manufacturing, misconceptions in domain, basic shift required, Peter Alpern, Industry Week, Dec 27, 2010


InventorCAM 2010 First Impressions - CAM totally integrated within Inventor, painless set up, intuitive, recommended by John Evans, Design and Motion, Dec 22, 2010

No Need to Start from Scratch - old factories use digital retrofitting to update facilities, using exterior structure, measurements, transition to new tooling, equipment, simulate new production processes, Patrick Michel, American Machinist, Dec 1, 2010

Additive Manufacturing: Not Just For Rapid Prototyping - use in end products, especially laser sintered materials, no tooling required, Eric Fish, Time Compression, Oct 29, 2010

PAS Creates CMM Code from SolidWorks in a Flash - application reads SolidWorks drawing, automatically creates CMM code, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Sep 21, 2010

Do CNC Programmers Really Need to Change Your SolidWorks Models? - positioning of fillets, chamfers, non-orthogonal edges with fillets, fillets waste of time/effort, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, July 29, 2010

Revenues from Additive Manufacturing Down in 2009 - low-cost machines impact, additive-manufacturing industry has untapped potential, custom, short-run production, Randall Newton, Vektorrum, July 23, 2010

Hot Trends in Additive Manufacturing - standards emerging; medical/dental, aerospace, gaming application, DIY systems, high end systems, Susan Smith, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2010

Green & Energy Efficient CNC Machining - making strides for energy efficiency, reducing business expenses, technological advances, J Lundee, Daily AutoCAD, May 6, 2010

Demystifying NC Program Optimization - defining optimization, automatically optimizing NC program, Bill Hasenjaeger, MoldMaking Technology, Mar 2010

In the Pursuit of 5-Axis Precision - super-tuned, less expensive machine works efficiently at constant ambient temperature, humidity, American Machinist, Feb 8, 2010


The Changing Role of Simulation - CNC machine simulation results useful for engineers, designers outside NC programming role, PLM World, Sep 2009

Quick Start Tips for Pro/NC - important config.pro options, using site files for default parameter settings, saving, reusing work cells, Ryan Butcher, PTC Express, Aug 2009

The Right PC CNC Brings Speed to Moldmakers - upgradeable memory, processing, execution speed, performance-specified machining, PC hardware advantage, Mark Logan, Moldmaking Technology, Aug 2, 2009

CAM Software Certified for 3D Mechanical Design System - FeatureCAM offers support for multi-spindle machining functions, extended 5 axis options, improved 4 axis simultaneous milling, Robert Brooks, American Machinist, Jun 22, 2009

Playing by the Rules - rules-based design automation technology like iLogic can help manufacturers capture, re-use product information efficiently, Colin Watson of Imass Design Solutions, CAD User, Apr/May 2009

High-Speed Machining Simplified - applying correct HSM principles, CNC machine, toolholder, cutting tools for better High-speed machining results, Steve McBride, MoldMaking Technology, Jun 2009

Trimming Costs at the Design Stage - DFMA software approaches highlight unnecessary parts in design, identify cost of processes, materials in manufacturing in early design stages, Peter Alpern, American Machinist, May 13, 2009

Making the Most of High-Speed Machining - characteristics of high-speed machining software, Francois Lamy, MoldMaking Technology, May 2009

CAM Software @ the Cutting Edge - SolidCAM, GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer, Mastercam capable of handling multi-faceted, high speed, feature based machining, Lawrence Gould, Time Compression, Mar 5, 2009

Benefits of Using the Right Measurement Tool - thickness analysis software should be integrated in CAD software to check inconsistent wall thickness areas in mold design, Bhaskar Sinha, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 2009

Hardware Hackers - Resources to Make Your Projects Aesthetically Pleasing - pros, cons of using custom manufacturing tools like Ponoko, Shapeways, Redeye, Quickparts, Protomold, eMachineShop, Joseph Flaherty, Replicator, Apr 15, 2009

DSSP: Convergence Leads to Quiet Revolution - digital shape sampling and processing technique for producing high-quality digital models, enables mass customization, Ping Fu of Geomagic, MCAD Online, Apr 14, 2009

Democratization of Manufacturing - mass customization process gives users power to manufacture parts through remote production process, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, Apr 2009

Benefits of Thread Milling on CNC Machines - easy tool selection, threads with superior unified form produced, taps breaking minimized, American Machinist, Mar 24, 2009

Five Axis Accuracy - R-test measures rotary axis position, determines location errors, James Benes, American Machinist, Mar 12, 2009

Laser-Sintering Speeds Development and Manufacture of Parts for Spinal Surgery - adoption of additive layer manufacturing by laser-sintering powdered metal, a technique developed by the German company, EOS, CADdigest.com, Jan 22, 2009



Code It, Cut It, Ship It - Now That's ROI - Delcam PowerMILL Azimuth smoothing algorithms has dramatic effect on the tool path and machine movement, should result in better finish, Al Dean, Develop3D, Dec 11, 2008

Delcam's CopyCAD Pro to Offer Tribrid Modeling - PowerSHAPE functions in CopyCAD Pro enables easier, faster, accurate creation of CAD surfaces from triangle data, MakePartsFast.com, Nov 4, 2008

Revisiting Manufacturing Web Sites - summaries of Best Manufacturing Practices, InnoCentive, National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, iMechanica, more, Mitch Free, Production Machining, Aug 19, 2008

There is CAD, and Then There is CAD - advanced CAD functionality not available in CAM, forcing users to buy CAD, Larry Haftl, American Machinist, Sep 18, 2008

Reducing Product Costs Early On Reaps Savings - designing for manufacture and assembly, Nicholas Dewhurst, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2008

Getting a Handle on Delcam's Product Suite - broad range of products are strong on CAM but also do design, plus specialty industries like jewelry, footwear, American Machinist, July 22, 2008

Software Enhances Advancing Technologies - multi-axis machining, advance hardware, cutting tools, integrated software have given mold makers competitive edge, Sherry Baranek, Mold Making Technology, May 2008

Delcam - Have it Your Way - Delcam sees market for 'mass customization' for its customers and offers software for it, Roopinder Tara, CADdigest.com, Apr 23, 2008

Integrated and Automated Knowledge-Based CAM For Better Productivity - CAM industry faces shortage of skilled engineers and CAD/CAM data exchange issues, Mike Coleman, MoldMaking Technology, Apr 2008

Mach 2008 Preview - Alphacam, EdgeCAM, Radan, Delcam and many others will be displaying latest in cutting edge manufacturing technology, MCAD Online, Mar 25, 2008

Five Reasons to Work With Integrated CAD/CAM Software - common interfacing, minimized data loss, no version lag, fragmented support, more, Steve Thomas, MoldMaking Technology, Feb 2008

Another Step Toward CAM Automation - STEP AP224 interface will help make use of data communications standards in manufacturing environment, Mark Albert, MMS Online, Mar 2008

Model Milling - 3 axis CNC milling used for large architectural models, Thomas Seebohm & B.J. Novitski, Architecture Week, Feb 13, 2008

An Alternate Route For Generating an Alternate Tool Path - VoluMill toolpath engine, available as web-based, client/server platform, which can be used with any CAM system, Derek Korn, MMS Online, Feb 2008

GE CNC Units Programmed Directly Onsite - Manual Guide i helps CNC controllers easily program directly onsite, CNCinformation.com, Feb 12, 2008


Implementing an Integrated 3D System for Design and Manufacturing - 3D CAD helps machine shop analyze and fix 3D files before machining it, American Machinist, Dec 21, 2007

CAD Software is the New Black - Gerber and Lectra provide CAD/CAM software to meet specific fashion industry demands, CNET News.com, Dec 7, 2007

Engineering Meets Manufacturing - integrating PLM software with manufacturing execution system can reduce production costs and time, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, Dec 2007

Ponoko Envisions Web Becoming Personal Manufacturing Platform - Ponoko website helps individual designers manufacture their ideas, quote and sell to consumers, Jenee White, CADdigest.com, Dec 10, 2007

Beyond Step - STEP-NC standard helps CNC machines read CAD and CAM information but industry make take time to adopt it, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, Oct 2007

Manufacturing Execution Systems for Mold Manufacturers - defining manufacturing execution system and selecting appropriate one for moldmaking, Thomas R. Cutler, Moldmaking Technology, Oct 2007

How Accurate are Your CNC Programs? - analyzing issue of canned cycles in CAM software, Sheet Metal Guy Blog, Oct 2, 2007

Meeting the Demands of Multi-Tasking: CAM and Machine Simulation - CAM system requirements plus implementation approaches for machine simulation, John Callen, Moldmaking Technology, Oct 2007

Five-Axis Machining: What are the Benefits and How Can You Achieve This Capability? - reduced machining time, no need of multiple setups, ability to machine complex parts, more, Jay Phillips, MoldMaking Technology, Sep 2007

CAM Product Adds New Toolpaths - WorkNC G3 CAM software offers new graphical interface, workzone manager, flat surface machining capabilities, more, Sara Ferris, Desktop Engineering, Jul 26, 2007

Solutions for Your Large Mold Machining Challenges - characteristics of a large mold machining center, Craig McQueen, Moldmaking Technology, June 2007

How do You Know When it's Time for New CAM Software? - factors to consider when evaluating a new CAM software, Vytas Cijunelis, Moldmaking Technology, June 1, 2007

Delcam Technical Summit - highlights included: CAM technologies like adaptive machining and large format machining, more, Leslie Gordon, Machine Design, May 9, 2007

Delcam's Growth Spurt - Delcam is expanding in US and far east and has $12M from investment, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, May 8, 2007

Rediscovering CAM - features of CAM technology that can help you gain a competitive advantage, Steve Mastrangelo, Moldmaking Technology, May 2007

Benefits of Positional Five-Axis Machining - benefits include effective use of tools, reduced cycle time, fewer setups, improved surface finish, more, Brett Hopkins, Moldmaking Technology, May 2007

A Perfect Fit - US expansion leads Delcam to acquire PartMaker, developer of applications for the programming of complex machines, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, January 2007

Put Your BOM to Work - creating bill of materials helps in managing manufacturing process and costs, Anthony Rante, Mechanical Engineering, February 2007

Where Does CAM Stand? - researches are focusing on streamlining the CAD and CAM applications on a computer to bring out maximum feedback, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, January 2007


Building the Future with CAM - introduction to CAM, consequences of loss of skilled workforce, and practicality of push-button CAM, John Myers, Inventor Connections, December 4, 2006 (requires free registration)

Knowledge Solves Manufacturing's Rubik's Cube - capturing product development knowledge and reusing it step by step to achieve innovative digital product development, Paul Brown of UGS Corp., Desktop Engineering, November 2006

Toward Automating CAM - feature-based CAM software like FeatureCAM contains information for generating NC codes for manufacturing a part, Tom McCollough, Machine Design, October 26, 2006

Direct Digital Manufacturing is Poised for Lift-off - creating customized products using additive manufacturing will reduce product development cycle and prove product viability, Carl Dekker, timecompress.com, September 2006

Making the Job Easier - an integrated CAD/CAM solution complements design and manufacturing processes for focused development and increased efficiency, Mark Driscoll, Desktop Engineering, October 2006

Survey: 3D Modeling Paves Road to Success - Aberdeen Group's survey recommends to keep two separate teams of drafters and engineers, Kenneth Wong, Cadalyst, October 10, 2006

Manufacturing Goes Digital - manufacturers are using digital product model to gain a competitive edge, CIMdata, Inc., May 2006, pdf

Perfect Match - 3D simulation tools like PhysX Flag based on 3DCreate and Vericut provide low-cost access to SMEs, The Engineer Online, September 18, 2006

High Speed Machining: The Next Decade - as time passes, high speed machining becomes specific in use, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, October 2006

An Overview of 3+2 Machining - comparatively less complex 3+2 machining technique provides faster speeds with less errors, good surface finish, lesser machine setups and more, Mark Albert, MMS Online, October 2006

The Changing Manufacturing Culture - collaboration and flexibility become the keys to manufacturing success, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst, September 20, 2006

On Buying a CAM System - five factors to be considered when buying an appropriate CAM system, John Callen of Gibbs and Associates, Desktop Engineering, August 2006

Bend Allowance or Bend Deduction - differentiating between bend allowance and bend deduction, Sheet Metal Guy Blog, August 17, 2006

Getting the Most from Your Multi-Axis Machines - points to be considered during NC program verification, optimization and machine simulation, Mark Benedetti, Moldmaking Technology, August 2006

Shop Management Systems Add Value to the Mold Build Process - easy to implement job shop management systems take care of the entire manufacturing process and yield a quick return on investment, Matt Michaels, Moldmaking Technology, August 2006

The Next Chapter for CAM -  growing multitasking machines, user-friendly CAM products, and improved data interoperability provide more productivity and profit to CAM market, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst, August 3, 2006

KPP-Wrapping - Swept Volume Generation - computing a collision-free extraction path and then generating a swept volume, COE NewsNet, June 2006

Build Your Own CNC Machine (Part 1) - assembling a CNC machine from components, choosing a controller, Will O'Brien, engadget, June 29, 2006

Simulation Technology Proves to be Path to Real Advantages - comprehensive machine simulation software helps programmers find errors in NC programs and compare simulated cut part with original, Tooling & Production, July 2006

Direct-From-CAM Machining Streamlines Robotic Milling - Robo-Mill has CNC machining center capabilities and is compatible with CATIA, GibbsCAM and UGS CAM applications, Derek Korn, MMS Online, June 2006

Does Your CAD System Support Design and Validation in One Window? - check for functionality, ability to support desired design environment and other features while considering a 3D CAD system, Craig Therrien, Moldmaking Technology, June 2006

CAD/CAM & CAE - new 3D simulation software like Compuplast, Moldex v 8.0, Moldflow; CAM software like Esprit Mold and Mastercam X CAD/CAM; BST and SST 1200 large-format 3D printers and PC/ABS material for rapid prototyping, Mikell Knights, Plastic Technology, June 2006

Digital Manufacturing: Moving the Design into Production - an essential component of PLM, digital manufacturing shortens product development cycles, reduces manufacturing costs and improves product quality, Ed Miller & John MacKrell, CIMdata, January 2006

Crash Test Genius - CAM software can verify toolpaths and is being improved to simulate entire machining system, Tom McCollough, Moldmaking Technology, May 2006

Trends in NC Programming for Moldmakers - 12 NC programming/CAM software trends in mold manufacturing industry, Alan Christman, Moldmaking Technology, May 2006

Task Simplification or Increased Training? - specify the target value of a dimension and simplify the task for machine operator, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, May 2006

Software Adds Muscle to Lean Engineering - lean-engineering program helps you find and categorize manufacturing waste to improve design cycle, David Primrose of UGS, Machine Design, April 13, 2006

Practical Tips for High Speed Machining of Dies and Molds - constant material removal, involving Z-level operations, shorter tool length, more, Edwin Gasparraj of UGS, MMS Online, April 4, 2006

PDM and Manufacturing - vital for manufacturers, PDM systems have matured and can manage complex data efficiently for use in different projects, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst Manufacturing, April 5, 2006

Enabling the Art of Moldmaking - CimatronE provides core mold and die design tools, Al Dean, Desktop Engineering, March 2006

Start Designing for Profitability - collaborate with manufacturers and design engineers to improve early design concepts and increase profitability, Mitch Free of MfgQuote.com, Desktop Engineering, February 2006

Streamlined from the Start - lean manufacturing, forming the base of lean product development, closely watches each step of product design cycle, Scott Miller, James Richmond & Aron Bowman, Mechanical Engineering, March 2006

Flying High with Multi-Axis Lasers - multi-axis laser systems process high quality aerospace components reducing prototype and overall process cost,  Terry L. VanderWert & Michael D. Polad, Fabricating & Metal Working, March 3, 2006

Excising the Excess - SigmaTEKs nesting software optimizes use of material, Karen Bells, Cincinnati Business Courier, March 10, 2006

Q&A with Hugh Humphreys - director of Delcam plc talks about changes in CAM industry and how Delcam plans to stay ahead in future, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, February 2006

Why Boeing is Big on Right-Size Machine Tools - Japanese term "chaku-chaku" works well at Boeing plants as single-piece flow reduces machine setup time, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, March 2006

Power to the People - companies like CoCreate offer subscription licensing to SMBs to manage their product design data cost effectively, L. James Ashley, Desktop Engineering, February 2006

Specialized CAM Takes Center Stage - mid-range CAM applications continue to be in demand over high-end CAD/CAM systems due to improved data translation, shop-floor programming, and use of CAD/CAM in new industries, Peter Dickin of Delcam, Desktop Engineering, January 2006

Is U.S. Innovation Dead or Alive? - future of U.S. manufacturing industry is at risk due to increasing outsourcing rate and shortage of skilled workforce, Kenneth Wong, Cadalyst Management, February 13, 2006

Digital Manufacturing in PLM Environments - digital manufacturing focuses on planning and manufacturing part of a product, CIMdata, January 2006, pdf (may require free registration)

CAD/CAM Considerations For Micromilling - important factors for generating tool paths for miniature molds and microcomponents, Derek Korn, MMS Online, February 2006

Q&A with Giovanni Opimitti - president of Vero International talks on need for efficient communication tools as paperless environment and globalization grow, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, January 2006

Simply Complex - CAM optimizes high-speed multitasking machines, Michael Abrams, Mechanical Engineering, January 2006

Online Resources for CNC Users - a list of useful and free resources for CNC professionals, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, January 2006


Q&A with Glenn McMinn - the president of Delcam USA talks about acquisition of FeatureCAM and its future, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, December 2005

Swiss Machining Embraces CAM with Good Reason - machine setup-time reduction and multi axis programming using CAM software make Swiss machines popular, Hanan Fishman of Partmaker Software/IMCS Inc., Tooling & Production, January 2006

Technology Trends in CAM Software - annual CIMdata Market Assessment Report mentions multi-configuration machine tools, five-axis machines, and high-speed machining as top three latest trends, Alan Christman of CIMdata, Inc., MMS Online, December 2005

STEP-NC is an Advancement Still Searching for its Markets - due to the lack of proper machine tools and CAD systems, STEP-NC has not seen recognition till now, John Callen of Gibbs and Associates, Tooling & Production, December 2005

Accurately Mounting Jaws on Three-Jaw Chucks - correct input of diameter data can help chucking of all three jaws in first go, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, December 2005

Q&A with Mike Coleman - CEO of TekSoft talks about CAMWorks, lack of trained workforce, and changing global trends in CAM industry, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, November 2005

Design Through Manufacture: an Advanced Tooling Strategy - UGS proposes to develop advance tooling solution by combining software technology with latest tool design, Vynce Paradise & Aaron Frankel of UGS, Tooling & Production, December 2005

Measuring Right for All Your Needs, Part 2 - Enterprise Metrology (EM) provides MCAD integrated inspection planning to improve manufacturing efficiency, Steve Logee, Desktop Engineering, November 2005

Custom Program Instead of a Custom Fixture - the "NC Transformer Plus" software from Numerical Control Software Solutions uses NC file to custom program, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, December 2005

As The Turn/Mill Concept Evolves, Is New Terminology Needed? - machines combine turning and milling, Mark Albert, MMS Online, November 2005

Q&A with Jeffrey Jaje - senior marketing engineer for Sescoi Inc. talks on recent release of WorkNC V17 for mold and die industry, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, October 2005

CAD/CAM Software Report 2005 - CAM developers Delcam, Gibbs, CGTech; IBM Deutschland, DP Technology; Vero, NX Machining and Tooling and CNC Software are questioned on technology, market conditions, more, Tooling & Production, November 2005

Engineering Apprentices - students from Montana's Hamilton High School win 2nd and 3rd place in Mastercam competition, Greg Lemon, Ravalli Republic, November 1, 2005

Measuring Right for All Your Needs - Enterprise Metrology (EM) is emerging discipline that aims to collect and analyze dimensional data, Steve Logee, Desktop Engineering, October 2005

Understanding Jerk Control - jerk, the change in acceleration, can cause unwanted vibrations in CNC machines, Norman Bleier, MMS Online, October 2005

Self-Improving CNC - 'Learning Control' feature found in GE Fanuc CNC machines makes self-improvement possible, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, October 2005

A Different Pattern for Plunges - a pattern of plunges can substitute for high speed machining, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, October 2005

Marrying Product and Process Design - digital manufacturing now forms a basic component of PLM, Ed Miller of CIMdata Inc., American Machinist, October 2005

Cashing in on Complexity - shops switch to making complex single parts as high volume simple parts are being made overseas, Charles Bates, American Machinist, October 2005

Designing Dream Machines - In India - US companies are outsourcing design jobs to Indian engineering companies, BusinessWeek online, October 2005

Not Just for the Factory Floor - lean manufacturing makes companies stay competitive while applying lean principles throughout the company, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst Manufacturing, October 5, 2005

Sizing Up the A380's Wings - high-speed milling machines like Sinumerik 840D NC are being used for building wings of A380, Aerospace Engineering Online, October 2005, pdf

The 2004 CAM Software Leaders - UGS, IBM/Dassault Systems, CNC Software and SolidCAM are CAM 2005 market leaders according to CIMdata report, Alan Christman of CIMdata Inc., MMS Online, August 2005

Ten Questions About Chatter - basics about machine tool vibration, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, October 2005

Integrated CNC Machine Simulation is Growing - simulation software corrects the tool path strategy, thus avoiding machine crashes and saving money to manufacturers, David F. Schultz, Tooling & Production, October 2005

The Point of Reference for Fixture Offset Entries - a machine's zero return position can act as point of reference for fixture offset entries, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, October 2005

Q&A with Mark Summers - president of CNC Software says Mastercam helps customers to make their manufacturing process fast and efficient with quality, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, September 2005

Solutions You CAM Afford - CAM vendors are now focusing on integrated CAM tools to provide affordable CAM solutions, The Engineer Online, September 2005

Q&A with Alan Levine - managing director for OPEN MIND Technologies USA focuses on milling and streamlining the CNC programming process for multiaxis applications, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, August 2005

Another Use for the Program Check Page - odd behavior of machine can be explained by G and M codes displayed by program check page, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, September 2005

Program Offset Entries Whenever Possible - three ways to program offset entries so operators don't have to enter data into the machine, Mike Lynch, MMS Online, August 2005

Making a Flexible Machine Tool More Flexible - multitasking CAM programming can be a challenge since it involves simultaneous machining operations and an orchestrated movement of a number of machine components, Derek Korn, MMS Online, September 2005

Multiaxis Lasers Come of Age - multiaxis lasers are being used on parts that were too costly or impractical for cutting methods, Terry L. Vanderwert & Michael D. Polad of PRIMA NA, Machine Design, August 2005

Uncovering Hidden Waste in Product Design - design methodologies to reduce the time to edit CAD models in your manufacturing process and improve production, David Prawel, COE NewsNet, August 2005

Understanding Volumetric Positioning Errors - Body Diagonal Displacement Measurement Method is a good quick check of 3D (volumetric) positioning errors, Charles Wang, Tooling & Production, September 2005

Better Times Ahead for CAM Vendors - CAM vendors are working hard on automatic feature recognition and multitasking machines to increase sales in 2005, Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, August 2005

Trends in Aerospace Machining - aerospace manufacturers take high-speed machining and CAM software for machining complex shapes, Kenneth J. Korane, Machine Design, August 2005

Q&A with Ralph Picklo - director of sales for Cimatron Technologies believes in integration of CAD/CAM into the complete business processes, vendors need to understand and support tooling industry, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, July 2005

 Machining Outside the Shop - CAD/CAM software and 3D scanning technologies are pairing up with machine tools to reach a variety of non-traditional locations, Derek Korn, MMS Online, July 2005

The Changing Face of CNC Programming - CAM software advancements are helping to maximize the productivity of CNC programmers, giving the manufacturer an advantage in flexibility and optimization, Mark Albert, MMS Online, July 2005

The Expanding Role of Simulation - NC program simulation information can be used to automatically produce process documentation and robust in-process inspection documentation, Bryan Jacobs, Manufacturing Center, July 2005

Manufacturing Excellence! - Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing (CEM) assists the smaller companies in improving production process and manufacturing businesses, CADUser.com, July 2005

Q&A with Steve Sivitter - the CEO of Pathtrace Systems, developer of EdgeCAM software, supports improving manufacturing through automation, communication, and education, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, June 2005

Tug-of-War - the manufacturing industry spent 5 percent more on IT this year as compared to last year, Jeff Moad, Managing Automation, May 25, 2005

The Right Tools for the Right Job - evaluate your CAM software so that it can respond to regional and global trends in product demand and adjust the product development processes accordingly, Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, June 2005

CAD and CAM Link Up - the merger of UGS and Tecnomatix will allow engineers using UGS manufacturing NX and Solid Edge to directly access Tecnomatix products, Paul Teague, Design News, May 16, 2005 (more CAM articles)

Q & A with Glenn Coleman - the VP of product design at Surfware talks about their new toolpath engine TrueMill, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, May 2005

Redefining High Speed Machining - by dynamically managing tool engagement, Surfware's TrueMill CAM technology dramatically reduces cycle times while extending cutting tool life, John Teresko, Industry Week, May 24, 2005

The Integrated CAD/CAM Solution - MCAD vendors like SolidWorks, UGS/Solid Edge and Autodesk have integrated CAM products which helps manufacturers to reduce costs and increase productivity, Bruce Wiener, Desktop Engineering, May 2005

Go-Between - shop floor software taps into CAD systems to get vital manufacturing information, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, May 2005

Q&A with Dan Frayssinet - co-founder of DP Technology says manufacturing will become a direct process, independent of operator interaction, Ann Mazakas, Desktop Engineering, May 2005

When Safety and Savings Matter - lacrosse goggle was fitted to 3D laser scan of face, Kevin Vititoe, Desktop Engineering, May 2005

On-Machine Inspecting - software to inspect a part while still on the NC machine may cost machining time but will save time overall, Paul Sharke, Mechanical Engineering, April 2005

Mustang Accelerates in Reverse - stamping dies reverse engineered with Geomagic Studio for Ford Mustang, Jill Aitoro, Caduser, March 2005

A Toolpath Like No Other - a look at SurfCAM's patent-pending TrueMill toolpath engine, Charles Bates, American Machinist, April 1, 2005

The Case for Digital Manufacturing - even small manufacturers can simulate machining with software, Andy DeVicq and Bob Lloyd, Cadserver, April 5, 2005

CAD vs. CAM 101 - the gap between CAD and CAM have reduced considerably over the years, yet there are differences especially in their features and interoperability, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst Manufacturing, March 17, 2005

Bridging the Gap - despite progress, a fully wired factory floor is still a dream, Peter Fretty, Advanced Manufacturing, January 5, 2005 (more CAM features)

Will Technology Lead a Revival? - report from IMTS 2004 show, by Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, January 5, 2005 (more CAM features)

CAD to CAM: Where it Started and Where It's Going - a brief history of the design drawing and how integrated translators and a new standard will carry it into the future, John Wedrychowski, Desktop Engineering, February 2005

CAD Data Increasing in Value - more and more manufacturers are utilizing CAD data further up, and down, the IT chain, Alan Johnson, ferret.com.au, February 15, 2005

Take Control - CNC systems of the future will play an even bigger part in production, Martin Oakham, e4engineering, January 28, 2005

ALDAC: Solution for Replacement Parts - the navy is using state-of-the-art equipment, aircraft and weapons system parts that can be scanned, analyzed, modeled and authenticated against OEM components and imported into CAD/CAM to be ready for manufacture, Sarah Ehman and Bob Polanowski, dcmilitary.com, February 10, 2005

PLM: A Strategy for Increased Manufacturing Productivity - to enhance innovation and improve manufacturing efficiency, quality, economy and consequent productivity, a sound PLM strategy is essential, Tony Hakola and Michael Horning, CADdigest.com, January 27, 2005

5-Axis Machining Hits the Road - with the cost of five axis equipment falling, the technology is now within the reach of a wider range of engineering companies, including those in the autosport sector, CADserver, January 2005

Turning Ideas Into Parts - a Florida CNC shop draws on a wide array of software -  including CAD, CAM and shopfloor programming tools - to gain maximum leverage from its manufacturing know-how, Mark Albert, MMS Online, February 2005

Reverse Engineering: The Catalyst Behind the Next Big Aerospace Leap - reverse engineering is the key to conquering the divide between the physical and digital worlds and creating full integration among all facets of the aerospace manufacturing process, Ping Fu, Aerospace Engineering (hosted on Geomagic.com), January 20, 2005

Down The Road - implementing CAD/CAM in your shop is necessary to reduce programming and production errors, provide ease of part programming, increase machine throughput and utilization and integrate essential non-machining operations into your manufacturing scheme, Manufacturing Center, February 2005

The Ultimate CAM Checklist - tips to help you choose the right CAM software for your shop, Patrick Waurzyniak, Manufacturing Engineering (hosted on ThomasNet), January 18, 2005

Offshore Outsourcing Is Both Inevitable and a Source of U.S. Manufacturing Strength - think3's CEO believes strategic outsourcing lets in-house engineers focus on innovative new designs, while more routine design/engineering work is outsourced, thus improving the recruitment, retention and motivation of in-house engineering talent, Joe Costello, Machine Design, January 6, 2005

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing - a look at manufacturing's recent history reveals clues of what's to come, Patricia Panchak, Industry Week, January 1, 2005more CAM features)


A Rapid Prototyping Industry Briefing - Terry Wohlers shares his views relating to the latest developments in RP and looks ahead to 2005, SolidWorks Community, December  28, 2004 (requires free registration)

What's Next for 3D in Manufacturing? - 3D CAD data is making its way from the CAD world through manufacturing and on downstream, via 3D publishing, Solid Digital Digest, December 21, 2004 (requires free registration)

Solid Modeling, CAM and CNC: Revealing Geometry Gaps - tips on how to define, investigate and locate geometry gaps that can cause problems during tool path generation, Don LaCourse and Robert Byrnes, CADdigest.com, December 15, 2004

Solid Modeling, CAM and CNC: Recommended Practices - tips on optimizing the flow of information from solid modeling to NC (Numerical Control Tool Paths), Don LaCourse and Robert Byrnes, CADdigest.com, December 13, 2004

Solid Modeling, CAM and CNC: Problem Detection & Troubleshooting - tips on solving geometry-related problems in the machine shop, Don LaCourse and Robert Byrnes, CADdigest.com, December 10, 2004

Add Value with Methodology, Part II - standardized design methodologies improve CAD and CAM on-time performance, leading to greater innovation and improved profits, Gary Patelski and Jeffrey Solash, Design Engineering, December 2004

Solid Modeling, CAM and CNC: Preferred Capabilities - before you buy any NC software, carefully consider whether it can do your job, Don LaCourse and Robert Byrnes, CADdigest.com, December 9, 2004

Solid Modeling, CAM and CNC: Managing Change - tips on implementing and integrating a Numerical Control (NC) application, Don LaCourse and Robert Byrnes, CADdigest.com, December 8, 2004

Rapid Manufacturing Ramps Up - Stratasys and Z Corp. both see trends toward more and better materials, increased speed and greater demand for short-run manufacturing, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, November 2004

Fatex: Innovation Drives Lectra's Partnerships with its Clients - Lectra recently launched its latest innovations at the recent European international trade show for clothing and accessories manufacturing, including the newest version of Modaris patterning and grading software, fibre2fashion.com, November 24, 2004

Maintaining the Balance - preventive maintenance for today's CNC machine tools should be a part of every shop's routine - but what technologies are available and how should they be used?, Martin Oakham, e4engineering, November 19, 2004

From Online to on the Table: CU to Put 'Printable Machines' on the Web - Cornell University is putting a library of stereolithographic files online from which special printers can construct full-size, 3D, fully working plastic models of historic machines from the collection at the Museum of Science in Boston, Bill Steele, Cornell Chronicle, November 18, 2004

The 2004 CAM Roundup - a reference guide to selecting CAM software, plus a discussion on going from CAD/CAM to final product, Connect Press staff, Inventor Connections, November 10, 2004 (requires free registration)

Software Report--the Experts Weigh In - CAM software vendors CGTech, Mastercam, Delcam, DP Technology, EGS, Gibbs, Open Mind, Pathtrace and Surfware discuss their products and the industry, Tooling and Production, November 4, 2004

What's Ahead For CAD/CAM? - digital exchange of part data between CAD and CAM consists primarily of nominal geometry and not the part specifications necessary for automated manufacturing, American Machinist, October 1, 2004

The Key to Speed - quick turnarounds make injection molding the best prototyping choice for a maker of automotive locksets, Joseph Ogando, Design News, October 11, 2004

Profile: Ron Hollis of Quickparts, Inc. on His Company's Phenomenal Growth - Quickparts president and CEO discusses his business strategies and management style and how his company developed the first online quoting system, Lynda Rutledge, Inventor Connections, October 12, 2004 (requires free registration)

Investing in the Next Hot Technology - Stratasys Inc., maker of rapid prototyping model printing systems, remains a worthy addition to any investor's watch list, Jeremy MacNealy, The Motley Fool, October 12, 2004

Desktop Manufacturing - four-part article on the possible impact of desktop fabricators, Red Herring, September 8, 2004

GM's Reuse Strategy - General Motors is expanding its parts database of 40,000 3D CAD models with the goal to reuse 40 to 60% of parts across its brands to save time and money, Laurie Sullivan, Information Week, September 27, 2004

Putting Process into the Product - DELMIA’s digital manufacturing allows OEMs to define details from preproduction to final shop floor processes in the software, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, October 2004

Delcam's ArtCAM Software Key to Growth at Ice Carving Company - a Canada-based producer of ice sculptures for the hospitality ice industry uses ArtCAM  Insignia software in its international ice-carving services, CADdigest.com, September 30, 2004

3D CAD Tips & Techniques - Version 2.6 - 49 new CAD and CAM tips, 3DCADTips, September 15, 2004 (requires free registration)

The Future Brightens for MCAD-to-CAM Connectivity - new ISO and ASME standards and enhanced MCAD interoperability initiatives are helping to improve communication between MCAD and CAM systems, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, September 2004

Texturing Granite - the recently unveiled Diana Memorial in London is unusual because its design and construction combined groundbreaking CAD/CAM production techniques with the traditional art of stonemasonry, Don Barker, Architecture Week, September 15, 2004

Now It's Your Turn - advice on how to begin outsourcing your rapid prototypes, Glenn Hartwig, Desktop Engineering, September 2004

Milling Good Parts from Bad Geometry - an overview of Adaptive Machining, a useful new addition to the CAD/CAM process, Machine Design, August 19, 2004

Web Site Builds on Users' Bright Ideas - eMachineShop.com enables people to design 3D objects, such as car parts and door knobs in metal or plastic, then order them online, Peter Svensson, Associated Press (hosted on USAToday.com), August 18, 2004

Less Visits to the Dentist - CAD/CAM tools are helping to make dentistry a less painful, more aesthetic experience, Marcie Fraser, Capital News 9, July 22, 2004

Future of CAD is Bright and Unlimited - interview with the director of the Purdue University center that created the world's first 3D CAD parts search engine, Nitish S Rele, Sify.com, June 24, 2004

CAM Software Market Poised for a Rebound - a discussion of the current trends in the CAM industry, which edged into positive territory in 2003 after several years of declining growth, Manufacturing Automation, May/June 2004

Holey Molds! - you can thank SURFCAM software, among others, for that nearly impossible-to-open heavy-duty plastic packaging encasing many audio and computer products, C. H. Bush, surfcam.com, June 17, 2004

The Digital Revolution Arrives - a look at some of the latest trends in digital manufacturing, including tools from UGS, Proficiency and CoCreate, Peter Fretty, Advanced Manufacturing, May 2004

Gearing Up for F-35 Assembly - Lockheed Martin is using Delmia's ENVISION software to ensure that production workers can easily reach all areas of a component of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, David Alexander, Aerospace Engineering Online, June 2004 (pdf)

The New Crown Jewel of Dentistry - CAD/CAM tools are enabling a Canadian dentist to create precise dental crowns and bridges made from nonmetal compounds, Rachel Ross, TheStar.com, June 14, 2004

Structural Plastics Exploring Ways to Make Molds & Parts Faster - a new method of making molds faster and less expensively uses an approach analogous to rapid-prototyping methods that build up a model out of thin slices, Mikell Knights, Plastics Technology, June 2004

Mold Makers Create Future - mold makers will benefit by visiting several CAD/CAM machining manufacturers to witness the latest technologies, jobwerx.com, May 28, 2004

Rapid Injection Molding Allows Automotive Component Supplier To Maneuver Around Tight Prototyping Deadlines - a part supplier for automotive OEMs avoids manufacturing obstacles by using rapid injection molding to produce production-grade prototype parts, Alexandra Pratt, Pro/E Community, May 12, 2004 (may require free registration)

Designs on Success - a look at how manufacturers are overcoming the obstacles between conceptual design and implementation, Jim Limperis, The Manufacturer, May 2004

Feature Recognition: CAD/CAM's Future - developments in CAD/CAM, particularly feature recognition, are making programming easier, Zoe Fielding, ferret.com.au, May 4, 2004

Visualizing the Virtual Factory - collaborative 3D visualization tools, from such companies as Delmia and Tecnomatix, are helping manufacturers speed the design and build cycles of new products, while lowering production costs and boosting plant efficiency, Patrick Waurzyniak, Manufacturing Engineering, April 2004

DaimlerChrysler CIO on the Road to IT Success - DaimlerChrysler is implementing Dassault's DELMIA, a program that CIO Susan Ungar believes will revolutionize the automobile industry, Stan Gibson, eWeek, May 3, 2004

Fighting Back to Kick-start New Era - a UK manufacturing company transformed a massive sales setback into a potentially job-creating expansion after investing in new CAD/CAM tools, Carl Jones, Shropshire Star, May 3, 2004

Web Weavers - GlobalSpec and Thomas Register have unveiled major upgrades to their websites that both companies promise will make product searches easier than ever, Paul E. Teague, Design News, April 26, 2004

Sizing Up Laser Placement Systems - a variety of CAD systems are being deployed to make lighter, more intelligent and versatile laser systems, Karen Fisher Mason, High-Performance Composites, March 2004

Engineering Solutions Worldwide Rides a Growing Trend - a St. Louis company is capitalizing on a trend among manufacturers to provide rapid prototyping and large-scale fabrication at one shop, Shera Dalin, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 18, 2004

Indian Researchers Lead World's First Search Tool for 3-D Shapes - the world's first 3D parts search engine will allow users to provide a shape - such as an existing CAD drawing or a free-hand sketch - to look for similar textures and geometry in its data base, Anand Parthasarathy, The Hindu, April 19, 2004

Researchers Develop 3-D Search Engine - researchers at both Purdue and Princeton universities have developed new search engines that can mine catalogs of three-dimensional objects - including CAD designs - based on user sketches, Brian Bergstein, Associated Press (hosted on MSNBC.com), April 15, 2004

NRI-Led Team Develops New Search Engine - the world's first 3D CAD part search engine will enable users to search huge industry databases by sketching a part from memory, penciling in modifications to an existing part or selecting a part that has a similar shape, Seema Hakhu Kachru, rediff.com, April 14, 2004

Software That Searches the Parts Bin - an engineer is developing software that works like a graphics-oriented version of Google to make searching engineering databases for a part design easier, Otis Port, Business Week Online, April 15, 2004

Software Makes for Better Biking - using SURFCAM to sketch out the geometry for bicycle frames, Maine's Aegis Bicycles develops some of the most advanced bicycles available, SURFCAM, April 8, 2004

The Rapid Prototyping Education Problem - a lack of awareness and education is impeding the growth and expansion of the rapid prototyping industry, Todd Grimm, Time-Compression Technologies, January/February 2004

Computer-Aided Packaging - modern computer-based design and manufacturing techniques are revolutionizing food packaging, says UK-based firm Delcam, Foodproductiondaily.com, April 2, 2004

Laser System is a Bright Idea for Faster Product Development - by using a laser scanning system mounted on the arm of a portable CMM, vehicle manufacturers can speed time-to-market by having faster turns from CAD to prototypes to production, Gary S. Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production, April 2004

The Future Is Now - two Utah dentists are using special CAD/CAM tools to create partial and full crowns, veneers and other tooth restorations with great precision in less than an hour, Diana Mills, New Utah, April 1, 2004

Bridging the Gap Between Silos of Automation - to decrease product cost and inefficiency, Delphi has developed new CAD/CAM design methodologies that allow designers to create fully associated CAD models, process models and process drawings that work the same on all the major CAD systems, COE NewsNet, March 2004

The Process Before The Program - CAM automation brings many benefits, including reduced programming time and, especially, greater consistency from job to job, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, March 18, 2004

Boat Parts Production Is More Precise With Five-Axis Machining Software - Mastercam and Vericut CNC simulation software help produce the tightest of tolerances for boat parts, MMS Online, April 1, 2004

CAM Going Upstream - knowledge bases have the potential to move the focus of manufacturing applications upstream from toolpath generation into the heart of the design process, John Callen, DE Online, March 2004

Laser Scanning Cuts Through Challenge - laser scanning was used to produce a new mold for a part that previously had been made from CAD data and pattern models, Michelle Maniscalco, Injection Molding Magazine, March 2004

Life Through a Lens - CNC machining leads to surgical success in helping prevent blindness, Matt Bailey, Surfware.com, March 2, 2004

Wohlers Report 2003 - discusses the state of the rapid prototyping industry, which is on the cusp of monumental change through advances in technology, materials, operations and new applications and processes, Terry Wohlers, CADserver, February 25, 2004

NMW Conferences Focus on Technology, Market Trends - a look at some of the highlights of the dozens of sessions at the National Manufacturing Week in Chicago, Rick DeMeis, Design News, February 23, 2004

Bold Claims for Future of Design Software - Delphi Technologies says it will redefine CAD/CAM design for manufacturers with new methods enabling designers to use existing CAD systems to create higher quality CAD data that is easier to change downstream, Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, January/February 2004

3D Lasers Cut a Wider Product Swath - lasers are becoming a very real competitive option to traditional parts processing methods, Mazak Nissho Iwai, Tooling & Production, February 2004

A Benchmark Comparison of Curvature Matched Machining Methods - Curvature Matched Machining methods go head to head with three commercial CAM algorithms, C. Greg Jensen, Rob Cheatham, Zhenyu Chen, Max Wan, Yifan Chen and Brian Bowman, COE NewsNet, January 2004 (pdf)

Inkjet Goes 3D - researchers have developed a printer that makes three-dimensional forms without the use of a laser, offering a cheaper alternative for many in the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry, TRN, January 28, 2004

Yacht Equipment Manufacturer Is Racing Towards The Future - SurfCAM is deployed to design and manufacture high-performing sailboat parts, MMS Online, January 25, 2004

Manchester, Mo., Computer-Design Pioneers Blaze New Trails in Aerospace Field - CAD/CAM technology's role in aerospace design and manufacturing has evolved so much that makers are eliminating years between the time it takes to design an aircraft and to build the first prototype, Cynthia Wilson, Miami Herald, January 19, 2004

Provo Seeks to Nurture Y Inventions - a computer program invented at Brigham Young University allows tool design to be transferred from an engineer's computer to machining mills at a faster pace, Rob Weiler, BYU Newsnet, January 15, 2004

Faro Gets Lit - although Faro experienced a meteoric rise in its share price in 2003, no one is sure what its future market might be, or how soon it will arrive, Seth Jayson, Fool.com, January 14, 2004

New Ideas to Recharge Design and Manufacturing - two new production methods - both CAD-neutral and requiring no additional investment in new software, hardware or IT services - are reducing design cycles, Andrew Brown Jr., Machine Design, January 8, 2004

CAD Software is Cool with Curves - to model complex, high-pressure aircraft ducts, engineers at ACE Clearwater Enterprises turned to VX software to more easily develop multi-curved surfaces, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, January 8, 2004


Saving a Relief After a Material Set-up Has Been Assigned - ArtCAM tips and tricks, ArtCAM Quarterly, Autumn 2003

How Flexible Is Your Manufacturing? - new research into more modular and flexible manufacturing systems is trying to help manufacturers become more agile, lean and better serve their customers, Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, December 2003

You Can Automate More Than You Think - a 9-person machine shop expedites 3D milling work by reducing its dependence on employees for information-related tasks that occur before the machining center can start to cut, Peter Zelinski, MMS Online, November 2003

Plugging Into Tombstone Productivity - customized CAD/CAM software helps a machine tool builder maximize the output of its horizontal machining centers, Mark Albert, MMS Online, December 15, 2003

Technology and Trends in CAM Software  - summarizes some important technology developments affecting CAD/CAM software today and how it may affect the choices you make in upgrading or choosing software, Alan Christman, MMS Online, November 2003

Sketching In Space - 3D cyber-stylus enables the free-hand sketching of objects inside a virtual space, Jan Libbenga, The Register, Dec 4, 2004

Curves Editing with VX CAD/CAM - interactive tutorial, Novedge Newsletter, November 2003

ESI Launches PAM-MEDYSA 2G - with virtual prototyping and simulation among the fastest growing segments of the PLM sector, companies such as ESI, MSC Software and LMS International will be competing to gain their share of the market, Amy Rowell, CADwire.net, November 20, 2003

Design Outsourcing for Mid-Size Manufacturers - companies such as think3 are offering design outsourcing as a way to get jobs done at a lower cost and in less time than would otherwise be possible, Marc Cannon, Desktop Engineering, November 2003

STEP-NC Gives Impetus to Feature-Based Manufacturing - although it may be a few years away from commercial availability, STEP-NC has the potential to change the very nature of CAM, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, November 2003

CAD is King in New Inspection Capabilities - with production quality such a critical issue for manufacturers, CAD/CAM and inspection have become more closely linked than ever, Jamie Wade, ferret.com.au, November 17, 2003

Speed Metal - thanks to recent breakthroughs in rapid prototyping technologies, it may soon be possible to create functional aluminum parts directly from CAD models instead of relying on tooling, dies and traditional metalworking methods, Jon Excell, e4engineering, November 6, 2003

Shop Has Great Expectations for Software - tooling provider and automotive-seal manufacturer GTI Corp. believes its recently installed Delcam software will speed and simplify data transfer for the company's sealing system and tooling designs, American Machinist, September 2003

Manufacturing and Financial Services Provide Strong Markets for Application Software in North America, Reveals IDC - according to a new report, more than 23% of 2002 applications software revenue originated from companies in the manufacturing sector, Anna Toncheva, IDC, October 2, 2003

Product to Bridge the Great Divide - a new easy-to-use pattern-making tool may prove to have a major effect on the garment manufacturing industry and has the potential to revive the home-sewing market, allAfrica.com, September 30, 2003

What Are Multi-Tasking Machines and Their Benefits? - explores the advantages of being able to execute simple and complex milling and turning all on one specially designed machine, CAD CAM Forum, September 30, 2003

Spray On Tooling - a UK company is developing a process called sprayforming that it believes will eventually replace traditional tool-making methods, Eve Oxberry, ferret.com.au, September 26, 2003

From CAD to Airbag - a new tool that generates motion control paths directly from CAD drawings is helping an airbag manufacturer increase production for the fast-growing curtain-bag market, Dave Wilson, e4engineering, September 23, 2003

High-End CAD-Integrated CAM Dominates the Market - more than one third of the total CAM market belongs to EDS PLM Solutions’ NX CAM, Dassault's CATIA CAM, and PTC’s Pro/NC, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, August 2003

New Dimensions For 3-D Measurements - a precision 3D, non-contact surface measurement system is now undergoing beta testing, John Teresko, Industry Week, October 1, 2003

Intricate Parts from the Inside Out - a new production technology - Laser Engineered Net Shaping, or LENS - makes near-net-shape metal parts directly from CAD data, Richard Grylls, Machine Design, September 4, 2003

What Will CAD CAM Software Do For Me? - explores the advantages of using a CAM system, how to choose one and how to implement it, CAD CAM Forum, June 20, 2003

So What's Windows Got To Do With CAM Software? - if your CAM system isn't based on Microsoft Windows platform, should you redevelop it to make it so?, CAD CAM Forum, July 25, 2003

CAD CAM Software Time Compression Study - to hasten productivity, programmers and managers of CAD/CAM software need to consider other factors besides simply the length of time it takes to program a certain job, CAD CAM Forum, August 18, 2003

Is Integrated CAD CAM Software the Best Solution? - advice on whether to purchase an integrated CAD/CAM software package or instead find the best CAD software and the best CAM software, CAD CAM Forum, August 2003

The Future of CAD CAM Software - what does the future hold for manufacturing companies as machines and software technology progress?, CAD CAM Forum, August 7, 2003

ArtCAM Tips and Tricks: Give Your Modeling Skills Some "Wings" - exercise to enhance your modeling techniques, James Booth. ArtCAM Quarterly, Summer 2003

Plastic Parts in Five Weeks - a Massachusetts company uses SolidWorks and Surfware in a plastic casting process to create medical parts with distinctive textures, Surfware.com, August 15, 2003

Smooth Road for Rough Machining Molds - Surfware has developed a new roughing software strategy that uses Step Reduction Milling (SRM) to optimize the machining process, cutting rough machining time in half and decreasing NC-programming time by as much as 90%, Patricia L. Smith, American Machinist, July 2003

Virtually Yours - 3D simulation packages such as Dassault's Quest are enabling the virtual design, planning and running of factories, Ben Hargreaves, e4engineering, August 8, 2003

Favor Firms That Invest In New Research, Development - investor advice includes Stratasys as example, Jonah Keri,  Investor's Business Daily, August 8, 2003

STEP Will Streamline Product Design, Manufacturing, and Product Life Cycle Data Exchange - the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP) has key potential for helping bridge the gap between design and manufacturing, Manufacturing Automation, July 2003

A Class Act Resurfaces - after a management buyout from PTC, "Class A" surfacing specialist ICEM recently relaunched itself and outlined its vision and strategy, Martyn Day, CADserver, August 1, 2003

A Better Way to Do Face Milling - Surfware completely redesigned its face milling capabilities to reduce the time and effort of this everyday task, Surfware.com, July 30, 2003

Best of Both Worlds for Jewelry Designer - a Baltimore man is combining his love of jewelry with CAD/CAM tools to create one-of-a-kind pieces for his clients, Jennifer Siciliano Shayne, The Jeffersonian.com, July 15, 2003

CAD/CAM Purchasing Considerations - results of a survey that asks what factors - including ease-of-use, cost, functionality, compatibility and support - are considered when purchasing CAD/CAM software, timecompress.com, March 2003

CAM Software Market Has Opportunities for a Resurgence in 2003 - there's a real chance for coming growth in the CAM software market, propelled by the continued significance of the manufacturing sector and by pressing needs to continue to achieve advances in automated manufacturing, Manufacturing Automation, June 2003

What is Manufacturing Not Getting From Its CAD? - explores the gap that exists between CAD and CAM and how the STEP format may help to join the two fields, John Connolly, timecompress.com, March 2003

Automotive Modeling Takes New Turn - a new lightweight modeling system avoids conventional solid aluminum or epoxy resin blocks and castings and instead employs thin aluminum profiles assembled in boxlike groups with adjustable set-up heights, dial infolink, June 12, 2003

Computer Inspection Aids Six Sigma Efforts - zero defects is the goal of the computer-aided inspection Six Sigma process that aims to define, measure, analyze, improve and control to eliminate unproductive steps, Ping Fu, Quality, May 2003

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Software -  laser cutting of intricate and small shapes is so demanding on sheet metal and other materials that software technology is often the deciding factor between a successful cut and wasted product, dial infolink, June 3, 2003

From Parts to Plants: Virtual Prototyping and Manufacturing - examines the function of digital prototyping in simulating the machining of a part or placement of machines on a plant floor and simulating workflow, Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, May/June 2003

ArtCAM 6.0 Tips & Tricks - tips on new shortcut keys and vector editing, ArtCAM Quarterly, Spring 2003

CAD/CAM &CAE at NPE 2003 - a look at some of the new mold and tool-making products that will be presented at the upcoming international plastics show, including the latest versions of VX CAD/CAM, Geomagic Studio and Moldflow Plastic Insight, Mikell Knights, Plastics Technology, June 2003

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2003 Exceeds Expectations - looks at some of the new products unveiled at the recent RP&M 2003 conference and exposition, Terry Wohlers, MCADCafe, May 28, 2003

CAD Will Give the ALC a Leg-up - CAD/CAM tools will help the Artificial Limb Centre in Pune, India to more quickly and accurately manufacture prostheses, expressindia.com, May 19, 2003

China Journeys from CAD/CAM to PIM - CAD/CAM software companies are vying for a share of the Chinese market, where CAD/CAM/PIM (product information management) technologies are on the increase among manufacturers, Teresa Leung and Queenie Ng, Asia Computer Weekly, May 19, 2003

CAI Software Improves Quality - Raindrop Geomagic's chief Ping Fu discusses computer-aided inspection (CAI), a new approach to automated inspection in manufacturing that Fu calls the missing link between CAD and CAM, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, May 2, 2003

Digital Manufacturing - how manufacturers are capturing, re-using and sharing their digital design data to help speed time to market and improve product quality, Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, March/April 2003

Is CNC Machining Really Better Than RP? - CNC machining and rapid prototyping each has its own supporters and its own merits, and a knowledge of both technologies is important in selecting the right tool for the job, Terry Wohlers and Todd Grimm, TimeCompress, January 2003

3D Model-to-Router Slashes Prototyping Time - CNC routers can produce large and highly accurate prototypes without requiring skilled labor and can be purchased for as little as $20,000, Roy Valentine, TimeCompress, January 2003

Manufacturing Intelligence - using the right CAD/CAM tools can enhance real-time manufacturing intelligence by turning raw machine data into valuable information, Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, January 2003

Driving Performance: Managed Supply Chain - effective catalog management is providing benefits to companies across the global supply chain and involving CAD companies such as SolidWorks, John Zipperer, Internet World, January 1, 2003

Why CAM Isn't CAD: Some Similarities, More Differences - CAD and CAM may ultimately join as one, but for now their differences impede integration, mainly because their workflows and final products are so different, Jeffrey Rowe, Advanced Manufacturing, January 2003


What You Need to Know to Effectively Use CAD/CAM - for design engineers to fully use CAD/CAM to make parts, they must ensure that four key elements are in place, John Connolly, timecompress.com, November 2002

CAM Programming System More Than Doubles Machining Productivity - a Tour de France component manufacturer doubled productivity with knowledge-based machining and ESPRIT from DP Technology, Jerry Fireman, timecompress.com, November 2002

Peak Performance with VX - Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings, the maker of binding systems for touring, alpine and freeride skiing, used VX CAD/CAM software to develop the first thoroughbred freeride ski binding, CADserver, December 23, 2002

Chief Of The Year: Ralph Szygenda - by implementing a more collaborative infrastructure and enhancing 3D CAD/CAM modeling software, General Motors' chief information officer has helped reduced the time it takes to deliver customer-and dealer-ordered vehicles from 70 days to 30, Robin Gareiss, InformationWeek, December 2, 2002

Boosting Productivity the Italian Way - a recent exhibition in Milan brought together more than 2,000 international companies to display the latest trends and equipment in machining, welding, assembly, and die/mold making, American Machinist, December 2002

CAM-Powered Engine Development - a NASCAR team that designs and builds up to four engines a week relies on a single CAM system to take part data, bring it into the CNC program, and manipulate it for fast and efficient machining, American Machinist, November 2002

Know-it-All Designers - students at University of Cincinnati School of Design are learning how to integrate their artistry with the reality of the manufacturing world, American Machinist, November 18, 2002

Delcam Press Mission - The Master Plan Is Unveiled - a report from Delcam's annual press event, where some new CAM tools were previewed, Al Dean, CADserver, October 23, 2002

One STEP Closer - STEP-NC promises to streamline machine tool programming for digital manufacturing, John Lewis, Design News Online, October 21, 2002

MecSoft Mounts Campaign to Revolutionize CAM - with its launch of VisualMill 4.0, MecSoft is determined to claim its share of the crowded CAM market, CADdigest, October 9, 2002

New Process Improves "Bump Forming" - a process developed at Ohio State University for shaping metal parts using magnetism may cut manufacturing costs and help preserve the environment, e4engineering.com, October 10, 2002

Designing the Great American Supercar - a measuring system, photogrammetry and optical scanning helped Ford greatly reduce its design to manufacturing cycle for the new GT40, Sherry L. Baranek, timecompress.com, September 2002

Ease-of-Use, Plant Integration Become Major Themes of Electric Servo Manufacturers - a look at new-generation motion controllers, Frank Bartos, Control Engineering Europe, September 1, 2002

Conjoined Twins Benefit from Rapid Prototyping - a surgical team used a 3D rapid prototyping program from Objet Geometries to plan the successful separation of conjoined twins in Los Angeles, Dave Wilson, e4engineering.com, October 2, 2002

E-Business Gradually Edging Into Manufacturing Sector - a recent survey reveals that manufacturers are increasingly aware of the benefits of e-business, Stephen Howe, Financial Times Limited, September 26, 2002

The Correct Recipe for Workflow Automation - tips on how to implement workflow technologies, Michael Atherton, Darwin, September 2002

CEO of Tecnomatix Technologies Says MPM is Right Solution at Right Time - Harel Beit-On of Tecnomatix discusses his company's collaborative manufacturing software products, TWST.com, September 18, 2002

Supply Chain - an overview of supply chain management, including a case study and links for more resources, Darwin, August 8, 2002

Modular Tools Can Boost Output - using modular quick-change tooling rather than conventional tools can increase productivity, save time and reduce manufacturing costs, Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, September 2002

Lean Manufacturing - Part 5 - how to use lean thinking with your IT systems, David Berger, Advanced Manufacturing, September 2002

Lights Out At Sunset - an Oregon machining job shop invests in automation to remain competitive, C. H. Bush, CNC West, August/September 2002

Artful Dodges - examines CNC machining and successfully eliminating chatter and optimizing milling operations, Martin Oakham Metalworking Production, July 10, 2002

e-Manufacturing - new online tools offer manufacturers opportunities to tighten operations to save costs and improve quality (part 4), Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing Magazine, July 15, 2002

Safety Factor - VX Helps Drive the Jet Stream - a UK safety equipment manufacturer relied on VX CAD/CAM software to design its latest projects, CADserver, August 29, 2002

Reengineering the Mold Shop - high-speed machining and improved software and simulation may reshape the mold industry, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, August 8, 2002 (pdf)

From Art to Part With CNC Machining - today's NC machines are driven by sophisticated software and hardware systems, John Connolly, timecompress.com, May 2002

Virtual Product Development Using VP and VR - virtual technology has emerged as a great solution to testing and visualizing products early in the design process, John Connolly, timecompress.com, May 2002

Engineers Must Forward Engineer to Reverse Engineer - restoring a vintage de Havilland Vampire jet fighter using FARO and MicroStation Modeler, Nick Reffold, timecompress.com, May 2002

Is Your Supply Chain Out of Synch? - two-thirds of manufacturing companies fail to synchronize supply chain operations with partners, e4engineering.com, August 7, 2002

Making Machines Into "Smart" Partners - can the advances of the process control world and the networked office be applied to the shop floor?, Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, July 2002

CAD/CAM and the Defense Industry - the complexity and size of projects in defense industry -- nuclear submarines, aircraft and other weapon systems -- place many demands on CAD programs, Charles Clarke, C3, June 2002

DeskProto - producing programs for 3 axis milling machines from solid models is so easy for today's designers, using this remarkably small and useful package, CAD User, June 2002

Factories Of The Future - Integrated Product Development - DaimlerChrysler, Johnson Controls and General Motors have united the islands of product development and production through carefully crafted systems that connect core functions with one another and with the supply chain, Tim Stevens, Industry Week, June 1, 2002

Program Improves Transfer of Data From CAD to Machine Shops - The EMNet computer program may help reduce the errors in transferring data from CAD systems to computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, NASA Tech Briefs, March 2002

VISI Series 9.2 - Integrated CAD and Machining - a system that will cover the entire design to production process, Al Dean, Cadserver, March 18, 2002

Q & A with Ping Fu, President and CEO, Raindrop Geomagic - IEN Online, March 13, 2002

User Views on Rapid Prototyping - over 260 managers of design functions at mechanical engineering sites assess the potential of RP, CAD Spaghetti, February 2002

Justify Your ROI - advanced manufacturing technology (including CAD) can yield impressive returns on investment for manufacturers. Part 1/6. By by Steve Krar and Arthur Gill, Advanced Manufacturing, Jan 2002

PowerShape 4 - Enhanced Hybrid Modeling - Delcam adds to its success in the design and manufacturing industry by enhancing the modification of features and the ability to store feature history, CAD Server, January 2002


UG/CAM for V17 - Knowledge- based Manufacturing - Unigraphics takes design the final step with CNC, Al Dean, CADserver, Oct 26, 2001

Speedy By Design - up to 95% of a Formula 1 race car changes every year and McLaren team uses high tech to its advantage, Design News Online, Sep 10, 2001

Side Trip Into Software - Dick Morly summarizes his presentation and offers his impressions of COFES 2001, Manufacturing Automation, Sep 2001

Imagining Faster - new design tools and software like rapid prototyping, haptic devices and 3D displays allow companies to move products to market, Scott Kirsner, Darwin, August 2001

The Dreams of Digital Designers - Business Week Speaks with IBM's Stephen Ward about the digitally designed future, July 2001

Get the eMessage? - unlike the US, where email is rampant, UK CAD/CAM decision makers get 1-10 emails a day, CAD Spaghetti, July 2001

Software Adds Flexibility in Manufacturing - interview with Robert Bean, president and  CEO of CADKEY, Design News, July 2, 2001 (pdf)

Industry Connects, Special Report - a guide to industry and the Internet by Advanced Manufacturing, July 2001

Depth Perception - 3D is used for real business use, includes mention of Actify and Caligari, James Karney, Internet World, May 1, 2001

Lasercut V4 - Cenit's solution makes light work in CATIA - review by Al Dean, CAD Server, May 2001

Laser Scanner Provides More Accuracy in Inspecting Highly Contoured First Articles - software and hardware create 3D models from thousands of accurate point, NVision, MCAD Vision, May 2001

Change Will Reshape the RP Process and Its Equipment - timecompress.com, May 2001

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