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Cloud Features

PTC Puts Entire Portfolio on Subscription - offers Creo engineering packages: level 1, 2, 3, 4, plan requires minimum of one year commitment, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Nov 16, 2015

Graebert Seeks to Conquer the Device Divide - ARES Commander 2016 incorporates new commands, features, enhancements to UI, ARES Touch attempts to make full-featured CAD software for every platform, ARES Kudo takes full DWG-based CAD platform into cloud, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Nov 4, 2015 

Running Revit in the Cloud - responsiveness, performance of application to GDaaS cloud desktop platform, relevance of 'lossless' function that causes delay to image transient rendering when navigating, Karl Van Nieuwenhuyse, AEC Magazine, Oct 29, 2015

Sketching with Geometric Accuracy - Siemens' Catchbook app automatically cleans up lines, shapes users input via finger or pen, users can write notes within drawing, send designs to others as drawing, stereolithography, or PDF files, Jean Thilmany, 3D CAD World, Oct 29, 2015

Veteran CAD CEO on Staying Relevant and Important in Today's CAD Market - Q&A with Graebert GmbH CEO Wilfried Graebert about ARES Map, releasing ARES Touch for Android tablets, iOS, 2D mechanical for ARES, best-known OEMs, Ralph Grabowski, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 27, 2015

CAD and the Internet of Things - PTC has embraced IoT, selling ThingWorx, Axeda offerings to users outside regular customer base, will offer its engineering technologies for sale to its existing IoT customers, Jean Thilmany, 3D CAD World, Oct 23, 2015

GE and ANSYS Team Up to Bring IoT Data into Simulations - ANSYS is participating in GE's Digital Predix early adopter program to access GE's industrial cloud platform for data, analytics to simulation company, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 7, 2015

Elixir Takes Off with Cloud-Based Design Tools - Elixir Aircraft is using cloud, Dassault Systemes' 3DEXPERIENCE 'Engineered to Fly' platform for its forthcoming plane, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Oct 5, 2015

Fusion 360 Adds Simulation. What Can't It Do? - at mere $25/month, Fusion 360 offers enough simulation technology for small businesses, Shawn Wasserman and Roopinder Tara, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 2, 2015

Mac CAD Market Looks Rich Compared to Years Past: Heated Global Competition Drives Up Goodies - users are wanting platform independence besides working in Windows desktop environment, Onshape, Fusion 360 are offering such options that didn't exist few years ago, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Sep 29, 2015

The Sky is the Limit for Cloud Computing - exploring approaches to mechanical, fluid simulations on-cloud: CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+, Dassault Systemes' 3DEXPERIENCE, Autodesk 360, ANSYS Cloud, Altair HyperWorks, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Sep 1, 2015

Siemens PLM Catchbook is the Tip of the Iceberg - sketching app comes with D-Cubed 2D DCM engine inside, creates dimensions, accurate lines, arcs, other shapes to easily turn concept into CAD, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Sep 21, 2015

To Catch More Design Ideas, Siemens PLM Software Crafts a Tool Anyone Can Use - 2D sketching app, Catchbook lets users create, annotate drawings, import, trace over photographs, share their work with collaborators, will be available at three price points, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Sep 17, 2015

ArcSite: First Mobile CAD to Draw with Real-Time Constraints - Q&A with Pei Zhan of Arctuition about writing constraint engine for iOS, licensing libraries for it, supporting sensors in iPads, file format used by ArcSite, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 14, 2015

Let Me Frame It for You: A Review of Fra.me - easy-to-use app puts software, applications, related tools in cloud, lets user access it through web browser, anywhere, on any device, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Sep 15, 2015

Bentley EADOC: Cloud-Based Construction Management - well-organized interface, has ability to handle submittals, drawings, pay estimates, change orders, RFI's, action items, schedules, other construction-related documents, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Sep 10, 2015

Guided Tour Through ArcSite - CAD program for mobile devices uses real-time shape recognition, constraints to convert hand-drawn sketches into connected lines, arcs, price starts from $10/month for 100 projects, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 10, 2015

Intosite Mobile Software from Siemens PLM - Q&A with Tali Segal of Siemens PLM about using Intosite, placing 3D model on map, file size limitations, choosing Windows Metro interface over desktop, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Aug 31, 2015

SIGGRAPH 2015: Full Coverage of Computer Graphics Show - event was focused on virtual reality, cloud-based rendering, developers discussed how hardware, software are driving development of VR to make it affordable to masses, Akiko Ashley, Architosh, Aug 21, 2015

PLM for Small Manufacturers - Why Cloud - cloud-based PLM can manage design workflows, track projects through product realization process, keep track of revisions, share documents securely for smaller manufacturers, John Hayes, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 9, 2015

Siemens PLM Shows Catchbook - Is This the End for Paper Napkins - mobile-based sketching, drawing tool allow users to sketch, dimension line work to define product geometry, can interpret drafter's intent, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 9, 2015

The Growth of CAD in the Clouds - Kenesto Drive stores CAD information, files online; advantage, drawbacks of cloud storage, Paul Heney, 3D CAD World, Sep 8, 2015

Beware the Hype Around the Internet of Things - industrial IoT can make difference if it can lower cost of aggregating machines, process performance data compared to current wired networks, James Anderton, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 4, 2015

Autodesk Research Project Dreamcatcher: Pushing the Limits of Generative Design - explore, expand limits of generative design using cloud computing, natural-language input, pattern-based problem description, AI-assisted design space visualization, Bruce Jenkins of Ora Research, Desktop Engineering, Sep 2, 2015

Carl Bass on Why Translation with CloudCAD Isn't a Problem - two benefits of moving to cloud: translations in cloud show failures, unlike in desktop products; shortcomings in translations can be updated instantaneously, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 1, 2015

Autodesk Invests in IoT Firm SeeControl - will acquire enterprise-level IoT cloud service platform, Revit, Inventor, Fusion360, Plant Design, Infraworks360 might be on top list for immediate IoT support, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 1, 2015

Kenesto Updates Its Cloud Drive Package - offers ability to 'lock' document when it's in use, browse through file's version history, users can work on files offline, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Aug 21, 2015

MobileCAD is Reaching Maturity, Pt 3 - examining problems that need to be solved to effectively run CAD on mobile device, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine News, Aug 3, 2015

MobileCAD is Reaching Maturity, Pt 4 - Q&A with Graebert about challenge of porting full CAD system from desktop to Android tablet, importing, exporting formats, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine News, Aug 17, 2015

The Rising Resistance to Cloud-Based CAD, Pt 2 - CAD managers share their perspectives, including concerns about security risks, control over data, ongoing costs, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Aug 12, 2015

Nikola Bozinovic Talks to Architosh About Frame: What It Can Mean for Apple's Mac Customers - getting started on Frame, being different than competition, discussing technology of Frame, data storage, extreme speed, de-constructing personal computer or workstation, code for Mac, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Aug 3, 2015

Dealing with the Deluge of Big Data - IoT products can deliver valuable information that can help evolve future designs, but engineers need to learn to use it, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Aug 3, 2015

Can the Building Automation Industry Deliver Their Own Building Internet of Things - several big players have made moves to become more involved in intelligent buildings, building automation, realizing Building Internet of Things (BIoT) can rapidly expand, Allan McHale, AutomatedBuildings.com, Aug 2015

Kenesto Drive Positioned as Dropbox for Engineers - Kenesto Drive free version offers basic file sharing, storage capabilities, ability to view, share 2D, 3D engineering documents in browser, functionality to lock down files for editing, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, July 29, 2015

Three Ways the Internet of Things Can Benefit Your Construction Project - lowered costs, safer employees, smarter design, Rachel Burger, Capterra Construction Management Blog, July 28, 2015

The Future of Engineering Simulation is in Cloud - cloud-based simulation can be highly advantageous for organizations, can reduce burden of infrastructure handling, Mehul Patel, Product Design & Development, July 24, 2015

Digital Doppelgänger - three steps in development of prototype based on 'digital twin' concept: rig up bike with components, create communication links between these components, PTC's Thingworx IoT platform, connect Thingworx input into dashboard-style interface, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, July 15, 2015

Cloud-Based CAD Getting Traction - cloud-based CAD, mobile access to CAD are rated as high-growth sectors of industry, cloud can power both CAD operations as well as CAE simulations, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, July 24, 2015

Skysite: A Repro Take on Collaboration - targeting construction phase, Skysite system is largely focused on sharing PDFs; files that are not in PDF format cannot currently be opened in Skysite viewer, mobile apps support PDF annotation, markup, Paul Wilkinson, Extranet Evolution, July 22, 2015

The Rising Resistance to Cloud-Based CAD - push for centralization of CAD, reasons for resisting cloud centralization, companies need to have clear strategy to approach cloud-based CAD tools, Robert Green, Cadalyst, July 22, 2015

MobileCAD is Reaching Maturity, Pt 2 - Graebert is going mobile now: has experience of putting lot of CAD program onto small form factor, has advantage of its location, makes most of its sales from OEM products, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine News, July 20, 2015

5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your CAD Work to Cloud Using Fra.me - CAD license validity for cloud, how to: bring existing CAD project library to Fra.me, share data in team, use PDM tools together with Frame, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, July 22, 2015

Frame Officially Launches to Bring Any Windows Application to the Cloud - available in 2 distinct plans: Frame Personal, Frame for Business, help individuals, teams to install, manage, share their desktop applications using browser, price starts from $10 per month, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, July 20, 2015

Delivering on the Promise of BIM - challenge of project information explosion caused by adoption of BIM in AEC industry, importance of managing all this project information systematically to render order from chaos, Allen Preger, AECbytes, July 15, 2015

New Internet of Things Product Family from PTC Offers a 'Clearer Pathway to Interconnected World' - PTC Integrity supports holistic systems, software design, engineer product lines to deliver variation, manage evolution, release of strategic software assets, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, July 14, 2015

Can CAE Inspire Innovative Design? - Altair announces opening of new HPC Cloud Challenge aimed at exploring how computing can improve large-scale design exploration in CAE, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, July 15, 2015

MobileCAD is Reaching Maturity, Pt 1 - keeping CAD apps updated is not easy; few CAD vendors like Autodesk, Graebert, IMSI/Design have been able to update their CAD apps aggressively, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine News, July 13, 2015

IoT Product Design Calls for Embedded System Savvy - design engineers need to take more holistic view of products to successfully partake in IoT design, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2015

SKYSITE: Cloud-Based Document Management for Construction - simple, intuitive UI, has ability to generate activity report, auto-indexing capability, mobile app is available for both Android, iOS devices, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, July 7, 2015

Are Your 3D Models Mobile, On the Cloud, or Stuck in Another Century - creating right architecture of CAD models for putting on mobile device, protecting intellectual property, Brian Rohde, Developer to Developer, Spatial.com, July 2, 2015

Cloud-Based CAD to Grow, Users Should Know Pros and Cons - smaller companies could be turning to the cloud to cut licensing costs, Jean Thilmany, 3D CAD World, June 29, 2015

Cloud-Based 3D Printed Part Stress Analysis Available - Scan&Solve Rhino3D plug-in allows user to specify materials, restraints loads, simulate stress on object, ENGINEERING.com, June 22, 2015

Online Master's Degree in Big Data Analytics for IoT - Pennsylvania State University will start admission in spring 2016 for data analytics program; curriculum will cover data management technologies, predictive, prescriptive, descriptive analytics, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, June 22, 2015

4 Contemplative Takeaways from Liveworx - ThingWorx includes capabilities to stream data from product to database in cloud; ROI for Smart Connected Products (SCP) enabled by IoT is non-standard, Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights, June 16, 2015

ANSYS Moves Into Big Data and IoT - announced merger with Gear Design Solutions targets big data analysis associated with semiconductor, electronic system designs, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, June 19, 2015

Demystifying Cloud Services - 3 main service categories: infrastructure as a service, platform as service, software as a service; types of services that can be delivered using various flavors of cloud: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, virtual private cloud, Christa Prokos, PTC Blog, June 7, 2015

Will the IoT Benefit the Design Process? - 'digital twin' concept: ThingWorx helps user monitor sensors' real-world output using data, then pushes live data to Creo session, creating digital twin, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, June 16, 2015

Pay-As-You Go Structural Simulation for Early Design: Sim4Design - cloud-based Sim4Design reduces barriers associated with adoption of CAE through ease-of-use, excellent solution for infrequent, on-demand analysis, for training occasional user, pre-paid usage model starts from $10, Sanjeev Pal, CADdigest.com, June 16, 2015

IoT and PTC's Brave New World - PTC's IoT initiative seems to be very well positioned for near future, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, June 4, 2015

How the Internet of Things Can Change the World of Manufacturing - use of cloud, ability to aggregate, analyze all of information from multiple sources could change nature of manufacturing, James Anderton, ENGINEERING.com, June 5, 2015

Sensor Data Meets Models - real-time monitoring could change nature of digital prototypes, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2015

Siemens' Big Data Solution Drives Product Performance Intelligence - performance analytics enable proactive problem solving; Omneo Performance Analytics is designed to monitor data across entire supply chain, customer experience, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, May 30, 2015

New Technology Helps Turn MCAD Models Into BIM Content - cloud BIMscript can generate intelligent, native BIM objects for popular BIM applications; BIMobject LENA is authoring app for Rhino that works in combination with modeling, optimization features of 3D CAD software to generate BIMscript, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, June 1, 2015

When Do You Render in the Cloud? - cloud performance is vendor specific, pay attention to amount of preconfigured cores, understand clearly ratio of file size to cloud credit, keep in mind upload, download times, Andrew Wheeler, ENGINEERING.com, May 28, 2015

CAD Apps, For When You're Mobile - eDrawings Pro, Solid Edge Mobile Viewer, PTC Creo View Mobile, Autodesk ForceEffect, Solid Edge Pro, AutoCAD, PTC Creo on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet, Carlos Gonzalez, Machine Design, May 21, 2015

PTC Doubles Down on IoT Market - CEO James Heppelmann explained logic behind PTC's investment in IoT technology, Rob Spiegel, Design News, May 12, 2015

ANSYS to Offer Public Cloud Hosting Option for Enterprises - ANSYS Enterprise Cloud on AWS is not SaaS, but it runs ANSYS in 'virtual private cloud,' Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, May 21, 2015

In High-Tech Electronics, Managing Three Lifecycles As One is a New Key to Product Development - IoT is driving need for PLM, ALM, EDM to work together, high tech's low rates of PLM successes is worrying, Laila Hirr, ENGINEERING.com, May 19, 2015

IoT World 2015: Big Data and Open Platforms Dominate Talks - GE demoed ChillHub, wired refrigerator complemented by smart apps; connected product is experience augmented by automation, real-time data, services, apps, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, May 15, 2015

ThingWorx 6.0 Ships - But What Does It Do for IoT? - PTC has included variety of security features including vulnerability protection, improved encryption, certificate support, FIPS-140-2 compliance, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, May 14, 2015

LiveWorx - PTC Aiming for the IoTop? - partnering agreement with servicemax is reinforcement of PTC's IoT strategy; ThingWorx Converge is intended to deliver product development to IoT integration, Allan Behrens, Texal.com, May 13, 2015

ANSYS Jumps on the Simulation Cloud with 16.1 Release - ANSYS Enterprise Cloud will be available through browser, common user environment will be able to connect all ANSYS tools, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, May 12, 2015

New ANSYS Enterprise Cloud Aims for Smarter Simulation on Demand - simplifies, accelerates transition to cloud-based simulation by providing reference architecture for end-to-end simulation that can be deployed within days, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, May 11, 2015

Cool Engineering Apps, Pt 1: Autodesk ForceEffect Motion - simulation app for creating, testing mechanical systems with moving parts, fully integrated with Autodesk 360, available for free from iTunes app store, Andrew Wheeler, ENGINEERING.com, May 6, 2015

Cool Engineering Apps, Pt 2: Autodesk ForceEffect Flow - visualize 2D fluid flow around object with greater ease of use, available for free from iTunes app store, Roopinder Tara, ENGINEERING.com, May 11, 2015

PTC's $500M IoT Investment Sees Big Data Analytics & 3rd Party Integration - announced Big Data Analytic capabilities to ThingWorx, PTC's IoT platform; partnership with ServiceMax for service management of IoT platform, features of ThingWorx Converge, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, May 8, 2015

LiveWorx Connects Physical & Digital - Magic Happens - PTC adds ColdLight for Neuron solution that analyzes data to detect, predict failures, prescribe solutions; announced new partnership with ServiceMax, release of ThingWorx 6.0, development of ThingWorx Converge, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, May 9, 2015

LiveWorx 2015: PTC Drives Home Its IoT Future, Pt 1 - event drew record number of attendees as compared to last year's event, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, May 7, 2015

PTC is Connecting the Digital Prototype and the Physical Product - PTC LiveWorx conference on Internet of Things has 1,000 more attendees than expected; data is expected to grow from terabyte to yottabytes by 2035, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 5, 2015

Is Cloud-Based Simulation Affordable Enough to Dominate the Start-Up Market? - leveraging cloud alone is not helpful; reduced price, increased collaboration of users' simulations is also needed, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Apr 30, 2015

Develop3D Live Talks - Onshape Chairman Jon Hirschtick - discusses ways to tackle challenges with brand new approach, how fully leveraging latest cloud/web/mobile technologies can improve way products are designed today, shares lesson that Onshape learnt from building new full-cloud CAD system, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Apr 14, 2015

Develop3D Live Talks - Autodesk CEO Carl Bass - discusses new means of cloud-based design, engineering, how to pair them with manufacturing advances that are now within reach of even smallest companies, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Apr 13, 2015

Kenesto - cloud-based version, Kenesto Drive for small firms that have started to utilize web for storing, sharing files without any document management, DEVELOP 3D, Apr 2, 2015

Frame is About to Put All of Your CAD Apps in the Cloud: Our Interview with CEO Nikola Bozinovic - idea for Frame, benefits of Frame over browser/mobile specific development, business models of different clients, Frame vs Windows desktop virtualization offerings, near future of cloud, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, Mar 25, 2015

A Cloud Storage, Versioning and Vault Tool Built Specifically for CAD - Kenesto Drive allows users to work with cloud based-files directly from their local workstation, available for $250 a month for 10 users, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Mar 24, 2015

Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in the Cloud Interview of the Year - Q&A about how cloud going to change way users think about CAD, changing demographics of market, use of CAD tools on mobile devices, change in strategy due to focus on cloud, initiatives to offer new CAD tools to students, SolidSmack, Mar 16, 2015

Jon Hirschtick Opens Up About Onshape, Why it was Created, What it Does, What it Won't - interview with founder, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, Mar 9, 2015

What Does 'Onshape' Mean? - user gets form, geometry of design just right, Jon Hirschtick, Onshape, Mar 2, 2015

Hirschtick Ready to Gamble Again - technical, marketing challenges for Onshape, combination of 3D graphics being built into mobile, faster internet connections, better, cheaper cloud computing resources will support Onshape to function, Kaylie Duffy, Product Design & Development, Mar 5, 2015

Taking the IoT's Electromagnetic Pulse - move to integrate wireless transmission, circuitry, sensors into everyday household items, consumer goods is expected to increase demand for EMC simulation, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Mar 1, 2015

Ahead in the Cloud - cloud-based apps: ConjectPC captures, collates, analyzes data; ConjectMI runs on iPad or Windows tablets, enabling on-site teams to visually inspect work carried out, report on it in real time, CAD User, Jan 2015

How PTC Conects IoT with CAD - PTC talked about ThingWorx, differences from Axeda, look of IoT device, connecting back home, ThingWorx integration into Creo, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Feb 25, 2015

PTC's PLM Cloud - Tom Shoemaker, Chris Bergquist of PTC talk about PLM Cloud, difference from other Web-based PLMs, pricing, security on the cloud, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Feb 18, 2015

Introducing Kenesto Drive for File Management and Collaboration - benefits: automatic file versioning, extremely simple, effective file locking, automated back-up, personal file ownership with sharing, multi-CAD assembly support, intelligent off-line file access, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 16, 2015

The Flexible, Convenient Future for Buying CAD - subscription licensing models provide access to latest software release, doesn't necessarily mean cloud, offer same software on desktop, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Feb 12, 2015

Cloud CAD will Have to Solve PDM Problems at First Place - with absence of file system exposed to end user, cloud CAD system will have to solve PDM problem first, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Feb 9, 2015

Q&A: Jon Hirschtick on the Future of CAD, Pt 2 - future of cloud, web, mobile, lingering security concerns around CAD in cloud, how cloud-based CAD solutions address data management headaches, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 9, 2015

Q&A: Jon Hirschtick on the Future of CAD - need to change CAD, challenges faced by small companies, opinion about cloud-based CAD solutions, OnShape's approach to cloud, benefits of true cloud-based solutions to users, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 5, 2015

Expert Interview with Oleg Shilovitsky of Beyond PLM on Engineering and Manufacturing Innovations - merits, demerits of PLM software, experience with CAD workstations, manufacturing BOM dilemma, difference between mobile and social PLM, CADspeed, Feb 2, 2015

What Does 2015 Hold for PLM? Predicting the Future is Never Easy - key technologies to target in 2015: cloud, 3D printing, Internet of Things, mobile PLM tools, James McKinney, CIMdata, Jan 7, 2015

Aras Touts Visual Collaboration for Latest Aras Innovator Release - Aras Innovator 11 has visual collaboration capabilities, viewables are accessible within context of product structure, processes, social functionality to make users comments, follow discussion threads, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Jan 31, 2015

PTC Introduces PTC PLM Cloud for SMB Market - based on PTC Windchill, PTC cloud offering eliminates risky SMB practice of shared folders, file naming conventions, will be available March 2015 in Standard, Premium, Enterprise packages, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Jan 29, 2015

Mobile Apps for Designers and Engineers on the Go - Sketchbook Mobile, Autodesk AutoCAD 360, ForceEffect, GrabCAD Workbench, Solid Edge Mobile Viewer, eDrawings Pro, Engineering Cookbook, Engineering Handbook Lite, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Jan 15, 2015

Virtualizing AEC Skillsets Across Office Locations - Hanson Professional Services, a 400-member design firm, faces problem when sharing data, skills across its teams in various locations, each with its own data sets, Panzura puts data on cloud, is able to save Hanson $40K in IT costs per year, CADdigest.com, Jan 7, 2015

The Rise of Cloud-Service Facilitators, the Blurring of IT Boundaries - Mainframe2 is offering cloud services to vendors who want to deliver SaaS products, has GPU-acceleration feature, plans start at $199 per month, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2015

Kenesto: A Cloud PLM Collaboration Platform for SMBs - secure, hybrid, cloud-desktop collaboration platform provides project teams, users control of documents, designs with anytime, anywhere access, CIMdata, Dec 16, 2014

2014 3DEXPERIENCE Forum: Doing Business in the Age of Experience - Dassault Systemes continues to enhance its 3DEXPERIENCE platform messaging, continues to build out its platform with release of additional 'experiences,' CIMdata, Dec 17, 2014

Future of Design: How Big Data Changes Everything You Know About Designing and Making Things - collecting actual information about performance creates baselines, understanding for subsequent designs or immediate updates, Phil Bernstein, CADdigest.com, Dec 16, 2014

Thinkbox Deadline 7 Offers Flexible Cloud Support - compute management solution for digital media assets includes spot rendering of selected regions, support for more products, sharding out of box, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Dec 16, 2014

Building 3DEXPERIENCE Portfolios at Dassault Systemes - Dassault Systemes 3D Experience Forum focused on mining, company's reorganization around its verticals, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Dec 5, 2014

3DEXPERIENCE: Think Differently to Innovate More Effectively - mining needs advanced modeling, simulation, real-time optimization techniques, Dassault showcased Steven Levine's Living Heart Project, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Dec 8, 2014

Mainframe2: CAD in the Cloud - provides CAD software developers with tools to help retain preferences for each user, 2-week trial of Mainframe2 on 3D CAD-capable graphics workstation costs $199 for 100 hours of testing, Greg Corke, AEC Magazine, Dec 4, 2014

It's Time to Declare browserCAD in a Deep Funk - browserCAD fails because of low barrier to entry on development side, low financial barrier, its target market doesn't exist, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 2, 2014

Dassault Dazzles Attendees in Vegas with 3DEXPERIENCE - David Markham from Lockheed Martin talked about importance of effective collaboration, Eric De Hoff from Honda discussed importance of realistic simulations, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Nov 17, 2014

Autodesk Now Says Yes to Cloud-Based PDM - latest PLM 360 update incorporates core PDM-like document management capabilities, browser-based viewing technology to help non-CAD users easily display models on desktops or mobile devices, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Nov 17, 2014

Dassault and FDA Collaborate on The Living Heart Project - collaborative research agreement between FDA, Dassault on use of heart model for planning pacemaker surgery, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Nov 14, 2014

The Heart of 3DEXPERIENCE - Living Heart project relies on Dassault Systemes' 3D design, engineering analysis software to create interactive, beating digital heart, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Nov 14, 2014

In Search of the 3DEXPERIENCE - Dassault is trying to move far beyond discrete manufacturing, becoming experience lifecycle management company through 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Nov 13, 2014

Virtualization - What is It and Why You Want It - engineering company could take control of its computers, having centralized computing makes backups easier, more security, freedom to work from anywhere, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, Nov 4, 2014

Aras Launches Mobile Strategy to Expand PLM User Base - Aras Flow mobile app combines ease of social collaboration with compliance-grade security; Component Finder mobile app is component search tool based on ARAS, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Nov 2, 2014

Testing Simulation with Cloud Computing - comparison of desktop, cloud, HPC solving options, virtual valve test, benefits of cloud, Mark Lobo, Jon den Hartog, Derrek Cooper & Wolfgang Gentzsch, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2014

Software Certification Questions on Virtual Machines - currently, some CAD software titles are certified to run in virtualized environment; bandwidth connection, interconnects play important role in determining interactive experience, performance of software running on virtual machine, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Sep 30, 2014

HoneyComb: A New and Free Browser-Based Parametric CAD Platform for 3D Printing - parametric CAD program has simple interface, users can sketch 2D objects, convert them into full 3D shapes, created designs are stored in cloud using STL file format, Cabe Atwell, SolidSmack, Sep 23, 2014

Intel Xeon E5-2600/1600 v3 Aimed at Data Centers, Private Cloud, and Virtualization - up to 18 cores per socket, 45MB of last-level cache, Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 product family boosts CAE software performance, consuming lesser power, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Sep 10, 2014

The Cloud Opens Doors to Mainstream PLM - major PLM vendors are offering PLM in private cloud, but companies like GrabCAD, Autodesk, Kenesto, Arena are adopting true SaaS multi-tenant model, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Sep 1, 2014

Ahead in the Cloud - GRAPHISOFT's BIMcloud includes tools for built-in conflict resolution, extremely high network tolerance, is optimized for multiple office setups, David Chadwick, CAD User, July 2014

Is It Time to Revisit CAD in the Cloud? - advantages of CAD in cloud are nullified when we consider ubiquitous bandwidth requirement, cheap storage space, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, July 29, 2014

BIM in the Cloud: Industry View - industry consultants Nigel Davis, David Fano find out to which extent firms are currently using BIM in cloud, its meaning for AEC industry, AEC Magazine, July 29, 2014

The Promise and Reality of CAD on the Cloud - renting CPU cores is area of cloud computing that offers real value for businesses, poses minimal security risk, Robert Green, Cadalyst, July 9, 2014

Dassault Systemes - Private Cloud, New Industries and UX-Led Design Key to Its Future - 'private clouds' will be available to customers by end of 2014 from 6 different sites across globe, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, July 11, 2014

Not 'A Load of Crap' Anymore: 'PLM 360 is Way Ahead of Plan,' Says Autodesk's Carl Bass - Autodesk's PLM business has taken off very well, industry experts are hopeful about PLM 360 bringing SMBs to cloud, Verdi Ogewell, ENGINEERING.com, June 18, 2014

Are You Still Using FTP for CAD File Transfer? - pros, cons of using email, FTP, cloud-based file sharing, cloud-based PDM, Scott Wertel, ENGINEERING.com, June 23, 2014

GrabCAD's PDM Workbench: Design Collaboration in Minutes - PDM Workbench processes each CAD file upon upload into proprietary BREP format for easy, fast sharing; integration of Workbench, Creo will offer better collaboration, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, June 19, 2014

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE-On-the-Cloud Brings High Power Design Tools to Small Design Teams - list of CATIA processes available on cloud, CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE offers location-agnostic content sharing, useful for smaller companies, Sanjeev Pal, ENGINEERING.com, June 17, 2014

Modern Family: The New Relationship Between CAD Technician and Engineer - understanding typical engineering equation, CAD technician, engineer use laptop, iPhone, iPad, cloud, BIM technologies, central 3D model for design information, Shaun Bryant, CADdigest.com, June 5, 2014

CAD Manager Tips to Increase Your Team's Productivity and Efficiency - cloud collaboration tool like Autodesk 360 empowers teamwork, use Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive to store data online, Shaun Bryant, CADdigest.com, May 30, 2014

Lagoa Working on Cloud-Based MCAD Tool - Lagoa's new modeler is based on Siemens PLM Parasolid engine, offers 3 levels of subscription plans: maker, individual, enterprise, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, May 29, 2014

GrabCAD Chooses Parasolid for Workbench Collaboration - GrabCAD CEO Hardi Meybaum announces licensing deal for Parasolid to power collaboration in Workbench at Solid Edge University, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, May 16, 2014

5 Things About AutoCAD Cloud Integration Your Boss Wants to Know - single click access to BIM 360, improved point cloud support, updated UI, easy accessibility of software, unlimited cloud space with subscription, Steward Hudson, Synergis, Apr 21, 2014

GrabCAD: Social Network or Cloud PLM? - Q&A with Rob Stevens of GrabCAD about current business model of GrabCAD, competitors, nature of typical customer, GrabCAD Toolbox, moving to cloud, isicad, Apr 25, 2014

Feature-Based CAD from Lagoa, Coming to a Browser Near You - upcoming product offers simpler, intuitive drag and drop assemble functions, ability to work in fully ray-traced, interactive mode during geometry creation, editing, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, May 1, 2014

Middlemen, Middleware Unlock the Public Cloud - cloud computing offers cost-effective solution to growing complexity of simulation jobs, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, May 1, 2014

NVIDIA GTC 2014: The Dawn of Pascal; the Rise of the Machines - next generation of GPU from NVIDIA, PASCAL measures one-third the size of PCIe card, releases JETSEN TK1, developer kit capable of 326 GFLOPS for $192, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Apr 10, 2014

Cloud Computing - A Few Things to Think About - pros: easy to access, update, no large investments needed; cons: access to files is dependent on internet access of client, host, security issues, Richard Williams, Engineering.com, Mar 20, 2014

Autodesk Talks to Architosh about Octane Cloud Workstation: Autodesk Edition at Amazon - technology basics, client side requirements, real-time performance of Octane Render on OTOY's Octane Cloud Workstation, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Mar 20, 2014

Dell Prepares for the Diverse Future of Workstations - Dell announced workstation virtualization center of excellence, Dell Wyse datacenter for virtual workstations to support trend of workstation virtualization, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Mar 13, 2014

CAD Collaboration & Cloud: Chat With GrabCAD's Hardi Meybaum - points of disagreement: file is primary things, no technical challenge to get CAD data to cloud, developing tools with good user experience is easy, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Mar 12, 2014

Virtualization, and What You Can Expect from It - Dell launched Workstation Center of Excellence with 4 virtualization software partners: Siemens PLM, PTC, Autodesk, Dassault Systems; reasons to virtualize software, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Mar 11, 2014

SolidWorks World 2014, Pt 2: Trends on Display in the Partner Pavilion - new offerings emphasize expanded 3D printing capabilities, tools that move heavy lifting of design, rendering off desktop, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Feb 25, 2014

Kenesto PLM Platform Re-Launched - Kenesto adopts OEM product strategy, offers collaboration features with CAD benefits, platform focuses on workflow management, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 13, 2014

Autodesk Core 1.0: Successor to ShapeManager, or Toy for Enthusiasts? - ShapeManager lacks parallelization capabilities, Autodesk must improve voxel-based approach, solve precision issue, before further development of Core, Nikolay Snytnikov, isicad, Feb 10, 2014

GrabCAD, SimScale Challenge Promotes Cloud-Based Design - participants to design underrun protection device for trucks that will be measured on weight, stiffness, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Jan 29, 2014

Review: Lagoa.com Cloud Render Solution - browser-based app can handle complex, multiple part assemblies, works on project basis, materials provide quick effects for typically complex materials, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Jan 27, 2014

CAD-PDM Integration, Transparency and Cloud Pain Killer - Data management transparency is a key for success, offer users familiar user experience, sneak cloud servers into CAD system, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Jan 28, 2014

CFDCalc: The Appification of CFD - browser-based CFD calculator, specifically developed to analyze heat sink, SMX mixer (chemical mixer), pipe performance, running a job costs $60-80, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Jan 22, 2014

Dassault Moves to the Internal Cloud - Q&A with CEO Bernard Charles about support on public cloud, definition of platform, architecture, obsolete 'PLM' term, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 21, 2013

A Quick Look at Lagoa's Cloud-Hosted Rendering - composition, rendering tools are accessible from within standard browser, customizable values in material property box, unlimited rendering hours for paying customer, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Jan 20, 2014

CAD Goes Social - GrabCAD offers asynchronous collaboration, integrates with Autodesk, Solid Edge to increase collaboration among engineers for real-time designing, 3D CAD World, Jan 15, 2014

GrabCAD Workbench - cloud-based data management tools, desktop client helps manage upload, sync process, compare tool helps visually inspect where geometry has changed between different versions, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Jan 13, 2014

Kenesto on Reinventing Itself - Kenesto organizes around workspaces, teams, or communities, allows each participant to model their portion of workflow, manage then eliminates duplicates, overlaps, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 14, 2013

2013, Marked by Cloud and Changing Licensing Methods - new kind of CAE software: modular, designed for repeatable specific tasks, accessible from different devices running different operating systems, targeted at non-experts, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Jan 7, 2014

Cloud-Hosted Renderer Lagoa Now Drives GrabCAD and SpaceClaim Visualization - GrabCAD Workbench has option to open uploaded model in photo-realistic mode using Lagoa, SpaceClaim 2014 shifts rendering processing from desktop to Lagoa cloud, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Jan 6, 2014

What 'End of Local Storage' Means for CAD? - tech trend predicted in 2014: consumers finally embrace cloud storage, external hard drive sales will decline, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Jan 2, 2014

Cloud Pricing: It's Really Complicated - report finds that there is large range of pricing models, no standards among service providers, pricing is complex, not user friendly, Brandon Butler, Dec 10, 2013

For Broader Adoption, Cloud Must Go Vertical - cloud adoption in manufacturing industries needs technology, commercial catalysts, Allan Behrens, Compare the Cloud, Dec 19, 2013

Fusion 360 Feedback from the Early Adopters - outstanding industrial design tool, works well as lightweight CAD tool, allows cloud collaboration, storage, data crunching for simulation, John Hayes, Engineering.com, Dec 17, 2013

Geometry Comparison Technology, Parallel Computations, Cloud Systems and Much More - LEDAS CEO, Alexey Ershov talks about geometry comparison technology, integrating DEXMA with Fidesys, 'parallel modeling kernel' project, isicad, Dec 11, 2013

Speed Up Engineering IT - virtualization promises solution to budget constraints, challenges associated with deploying new engineering computing hardware, Frank Ohlhorst, Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2013

Mainframe2 Building Cloud Platform for Workstation Apps: Shows Stuff at AU 2013 - Mainframe2 takes advantage of HTML5 to extend access to cloud-based compute resources via modern browsers, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Dec 3, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench Entices More Users with Added Features - CAD viewer helps view 3D files directly from browser without software, desktop client bridges users' local machines and cloud repositories, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Nov 25, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench Just Got a Lot Smarter - GrabCAD added desktop sync client, version control, partner workspace for file conflict resolution, version comparison, improved collaboration, Gavin Bath, Design and Motion, Nov 20, 2013

Autodesk 360: Cloud Credits - click on contract administration, manage users to go to Autodesk 360 website, select 'edit access' link next to users, ensure if Autodesk 360 is checked, expand, check storage, Autodesk remote, Cherisse Biddulph, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Nov 15, 2013

PTC CEO: Sure, We Could Do the Cloud, But Customers Aren't Interested - talk about NetIDEAS acquisition, evolution of technology portfolio over time, bringing it into managed service environment with NetIDEAS, into peer cloud SaaS environment over time, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Nov 8, 2013

Work with Large CAD Assemblies - employ lightweight visualization technology wherever appropriate, virtualization, cloud technologies are also helpful in handling large assembly performance, collaboration problem, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2013

Workstation, Cluster or Cloud? - factors engineering firms should consider before investing in workstations, grid computing or hosted offerings, Frank Ohlhorst, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2013

The Defined API - categorizes API/customization features as supported, unsupported, forbidden, avoid using unsupported APIs in cloud, check security features as forbidden in PLM 360 API, Doug Redmond, It's All Just Ones and Zeros, Nov 1, 2013

Evolution and Revolution in Geometric Kernels - cluster management approach to control processes, processors on supercomputer, voxel representation for solid body modeling but consider significant drawbacks of voxel representation also, Nikolay Snytnikov, isicad, Oct 30, 2013

Cloud Based APIs - PLM 360 updates automatically overwriting old version; tips for working with cloud API: forward compatibility, smoke tests, documentation, Doug Redmond, It's All Just Ones and Zeros, Oct 30, 2013

RGK Geometric Kernel - Now on a Mobile Platform - RGK Mobile app demonstrates capabilities of RGK kernel, platform coverage, users can open earlier created models, deal with complex models, Lev Borodinov, Sergey Kozlov, Anatoly Kryzhanovsky, isicad, Oct 28, 2013

Sunny Forecast for Cloud-Based PLM - SaaS-based PLM offerings like Autodesk PLM 360, Arena Demand, Arena Projects, Arena Exchange, Solair PLM are getting popular, 9.7% compound annual growth rate of PLM market is expected by 2015, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Oct 17, 2013

Siemens Dips Its Toe Into SaaS with IntoSite - cloud-based web app maintains 3D representation of production facility, available at monthly subscription of $45 per user per month, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Oct 24, 2013

CAD File Sharing and Integration Challenges - CAD licenses, mobile devices, publishing process can cause integration issues, use mainstream file sharing cloud services to move CAD data around, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Oct 15, 2013

From Perpetual Ownership to On Demand, On Lease, Augmented with Off-Premise Computing Power - HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel product launched at Altair Technology Conference, topology optimization tool to optimize geometry for 3D printing is under development, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Oct 10, 2013

Top 3 Pros and Cons to Have a Special CAD File Sharing Tool - integrates viewer, allows dependency between files, provides special publishing services, but ensure security before sharing CAD data, consider costs, scale, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Oct 8, 2013

CAD Toolkit Maker Tech Soft 3D Introduces New Product Suite for Cloud and Mobile - HOOPS Visualize for Mobile, HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Exchange are available, helping developers focus on core competencies instead of starting from scratch, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 3, 2013

Simulation in the Cloud is Becoming Mainstream - understanding hardware, processing power requirements for cloud-based simulation, usability factor, growth of collaborative communities like GrabCAD, John Hayes, Engineering.com, Sep 24, 2013

Why LEDAS Labs and Its Geometry Comparison - LEDAS cloud-based geometry comparator project uses stable, reliable technology, is up to 10,000 times faster, provides informative results though user-friendly GUI, API, offered at much lower price, David Levin, isicad, July 29, 2013

GrabCAD Integrates Autodesk Tools Into Cloud Collaboration Environment - GrabCAD Toolbox offers cloud-based access to 3rd-party design tools like AutoCAD 360, Fusion 360 to edit CAD models, Elizabeth Montalbano, Design News, July 23, 2013

PDM, Pt 1: Product Data Management's Journey to the Cloud - brief history of product data management, current state of PDM, difficulties in adopting PDM system, GrabCAD, July 22, 2013

Importance of DWG Drawings and 2D - industries like civil and electrical engineering still embrace 2D drawings, GrabCAD Workbench helps edit any 2D model in browser with AutoCAD 360, GrabCAD, July 18, 2013

TeamPlatform Takes on the Email-FTP-Dropbox Troika - designed for engineers, TeamPlatform can view MCAD models, share files, organize communications, better than trying to use email and Dropbox, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, July 8, 2013

Why Adobe's 'Cloud' Software Doesn't Work for Customers - issues related to monthly payments, monthly license checking while upgrading from InDesign CS5 to CS6, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 21, 2013

CadFaster Collaborate for iPad - works with most BIM tools, 3D model compression technology to greatly shrink BIM model files, 3 impressive viewing modes, supports annotation markup, but limiting Google OpenID system, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, June 3, 2013

Autodesk and Adobe's Cloud-Based Subscription Models - What's the Deal? - cloud, subscription will mean: limited piracy, consistent revenue, identifiable customers, traceable usage; software firms will get better deal, rather than customers, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, June 18, 2013

The Implications of the Cloud for Simulation - both Autodesk, Dassault Systemes announced CAD in cloud offerings that provide integrated PDM functionality, expected to extend offerings to simulation, Chad Jackson, NAFEMS Blog, June 4, 2013

Bentley Pointools V8i - stand-alone product has point-cloud differencing, clash detection functions, can arrange data into more logical layers, used for analysis in Stonehenge heritage project, Eric van Rees, Geo Informatics, June 2013

Axe Marks the Spot - point cloud visualization technology from Bentley reveals Bronze Age engravings on Stonehenge, CAD User, Mar/Apr 2013

Here's What It's Like to Start Up 3D Projects on TeamPlatform - setting up basic account, workspace, using embedded CAD viewer, Jeffrey Heimgartner, CADdigest.com, May 23, 2013

The Costs of the Cloud - primary benefits of outsourcing high-performance computing, challenges involve evolving costing/pricing model, submission model, moving data in, out of cloud, security, regulatory compliance, Frank Ohlhorst, Desktop Engineering, May 1, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench Beta: Browser-Based Project Management and Collaboration App - no installation, download, or thin client needed, has robust support for common 3D file formats, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, May 6, 2013

Sunglass.io Updates Collaboration Platform, Announces $20 PDM - free version includes viewing, versioning, check-in/out, project functionality, US$20/user/month version adds support, ability to host private projects, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, May 3, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench: First Experiments - use viewer to access SolidWorks assembly, collaborate by sharing files, insert pins, comments, lacks basic security between parts, assemblies, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, May 3, 2013

MyCADBox - shares CAD models, syncs STEP, IGES files between PC, iPad, but lacks measure, explode, section, comment features with no direct upload access, Thomas Rambach, CADToolbox.com, May 4, 2013

CAD Collaboration - Are You Taking the Best Path? - opt CAD software that allows file conversions without loss of fidelity, ensure security of files, strong access control before sharing them in cloud, Aaron Goldberg, CAD/CAM Performance, May 2, 2013

Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360 -  TeamPlatform provides far more benefits, being project-oriented product, with exquisite collaboration tools, ability to handle variety of 3D CAD formats, Daniel Dobrzynski, CADdigest.com, May 2, 2013

Lagoa Offers Cloud Based Collaborative 3D Rendering - collaborative platform for creating, visualizing in 3D using web browser, uses Amazon Web Services, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, May 1, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench - manipulate CAD file using in-browser viewer, explode assembly, section view tool with easy slider control, Thomas Rambach, CADToolbox.com, Apr 30, 2013

Sunglass Revision Management - format specific feature used in CAD platforms to keep track of design changes, covers SolidWorks plug-in workflow, web viewer experience, Lou Gallo, SolidWorks:HEARD, Apr 28, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench - definition, collaboration portfolio, workflow of uploading, sharing, collaborating with others, Lou Gallo, SolidWorks:HEARD, Apr 21, 2013

GrabCAD Launches 'Workbench' Beta - view drawings from any major CAD system, maintain comments with drawings, select, view assemblies or parts in BOM, annotate on 3D model, John Hayes, Engineering.com, Apr 17, 2013

GrabCAD Workbench Cracks the Door on Open Engineering - new collaboration site for mechanical engineering, product development, has ability to gather, track all comments, communications regarding CAD content with model, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Apr 17, 2013

Lagoa Brings 3D Rendering to the Cloud - browser-based 3D rendering, collaboration platform, offers cloud-based multiphysics simulation, pro version priced at $123 per month, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Apr 8, 2013

Stand Alone Indexing of RAW Point Cloud Data Into .pcg Files - drag, drop AdPointCloudIndexer.exe, raw point cloud file into command prompt, click enter to begin indexing process, Ben Malone, BIMopedia, Apr 2, 2013

Ultimate iPad Guide: Mobile CAD Viewers and Collaboration for Architects - 17 apps, mostly are available for free, BIMx, AutoCAD WS considered as most sophisticated apps, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Mar 21, 2013

The Cloud: Driving a Hybrid - hybrid cloud environment can be combined private or public clouds, on-premises implementations, discussing advantages, Greg Milliken, Desktop Engineering, Mar 1, 2013

Cloud-Hosted Step File Storage with MyCadbox - based on CadFaster QuickStep, MyCadbox can synchronize desktop client's view, iPad app's view, browser-visible content, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Mar 6, 2013

CadFaster Launches MyCadbox for Fast, Cloud-Based 3D Model Sharing - combines features of QuickStep, CadFaster Collaborate, supports STEP format, basic version free, Pro version for $10, with cloud sharing capacity to 100 models, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Mar 5, 2013

MyCadbox - DropBox for CAD Files - cloud-based online CAD collaboration service, free level of MyCadbox can store up to 10 models, paid level at $10/month can store 100 models, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Mar 1, 2013

CadFaster Retools, Releases MyCadbox for Online CAD Collaboration - retooled app, site for sharing models, co-viewing sessions across the Web and mobile devices, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Mar 4, 2013

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World - computing power in cloud comes with limitations, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Feb 26, 2013

Rescale: Build Your Own Simulation Template in the Cloud - offers cloud-hosted software, HPC hardware to create, run customized, repeatable, multi-solver simulation, optimization cycles, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Feb 25, 2013

Laser Scanning, Visualization Reveal Art from Bronze Age -  archaeologists analyzed undiscovered 72 Stonehenge carvings using Bentley Pointools, Richard Zambuni, Cadalyst, Feb 20, 2013

Bentley Pointools' Powerful Visualization Technology Uncovers Prehistoric Artwork on Stonehenge - Bentley Pointools facilitates visualization, analysis of 850 gigabytes of 0.5 mm-resolution survey data, Bentley.com, Feb 2013

Mobile Engineering 2.0 - mobile apps combine real, virtual worlds, offer ways to sketch, draw, interact with digital design data, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2013

Engineering Meets the Mobile Fast Lane - mobile apps help improve key workflows: early design, collaboration, design costing, on-site field inspection, client presentations, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2013

Cloud-Based Project Management with TeamPlatform - supports wide range of 3D formats, includes online visualization tools, can exports workspace data to Excel, $25/month per member for Pro Team version, Phil Magenheim, CADdigest.com, Jan 17, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Joshua Smith of Kaon Interactive - talk about technology of running CAD on smart phones, tablets, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 15, 2013

Running CAD on Small Screens, Pt 4: Hard to Predict is the Future - future portable devices may have 2GHz eight-core ARM chips; future CAD software may be based on HTML5, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 15, 2013

CAD on the Cloud - benefits include enhanced collaboration, enormous processing power, parallelization of tasks, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Jan 11, 2013

Where are the CAD Apps for Windows Phones? - market share too small to assign programming resources, Microsoft wouldn't be interested, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Jan 8, 2013

Running CAD on Small Screens, Pt 3: How to Benefit from CAD on Mobile Devices - ease of access, free or low pricing encourage use of CAD apps on mobile devices, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 8, 2013

It Could Be That CAD Vendors will Suffer from Avoiding Granularity - Android, iOS enable users to perform specific tasks while communicating with each other, while Windows, Linux, OS X can't do so, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Dec 17, 2012

Geomagic Spark: 3D Scanning Meets 3D CAD - provides professional-grade 3D scan-to-CAD capabilities at affordable price, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, Dec 12, 2012

cadTouch Looks Like Visio, Runs Like CAD - CAD software might be most advanced 2D CAD package on iOS, touch-drag motion to face fat-finger conundrum, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Dec 11, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Geomagic Spark Encompasses That Other Cloud - first MCAD program to handle entire range from 3D point clouds, talk about working with SpaceClaim, Spark accuracy, scanner support, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 4, 2012

Geomagic Spark Unites 3D Scan Data with MCAD Geometry - Geomagic, SpaceClaim collaborated to create new technology specifically for Spark that combines mesh editing expertise with direct modeling, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Dec 2, 2012

Mobile CAD - 2D, 3D CAD apps are available for mobile devices but format translation is too heavy to handle, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff Blog, Dec 2, 2012

Moving Code to the Cloud - It's Easier Than You Think, Pt 1 - architecting for cloud, considering cloud costs, building simple web-service, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Nov 19, 2012

Running CAD on Small Screens - challenges faced by mobile operating systems: CPU incompatibility, small working RAM, human interaction, graphics accelerated, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 19, 2012

Autodesk Is or Is Not Going Cloud-Exclusive - Q&A with Autodesk executives on moving desktop programs to cloud, Autodesk's pages on Facebook, Twitter, DesignFeed technology, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 19, 2012

Your CAD Software: Coming to a Browser Near You - cloud-hosted CAD needs to deal with new input mechanisms, display modes, response time, security issues, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2012

NVIDIA Floats Workstations Graphics to the Cloud - cloud-based NVIDIA VGX K2 GPU to deliver virtualized workstation performance, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Nov 2, 2012

NVIDIA Announces First Virtual Workstation GPU - VGX K2 will provide high-performance graphic compute technology to any device connected to K2-equipped data center, Citrix becomes launch partner, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 17, 2012

Sunglass Launches 3D Collaboration Site - rich media annotation feature to pin images, PDFs, videos, hyperlinks as notes on 3D models, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Oct 8, 2012

Sunglass: 2 Way CAD Data Streaming From the Web - first commercial version released, claims to be a live document, ready to accept user input, updates displayed model instantly, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Oct 5, 2012

Sunglass Unveils Cloud-Based Collaborative Product Design - company claims to be first to enable cross format access, offers version browser, integrated plug-ins, collaborative assembly, rich media annotations, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 4, 2012

Breaking: Sunglass.IO Blast Out of Beta, Snags 'GitHub for 3D Design' Title - version browser, deeply integrated plug-ins, selectively control access to individual parts of larger project, rich media annotations, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 4, 2012

HP and Autodesk Move AEC Workflows to the Cloud - primary benefits of cloud for AEC professionals, challenges of using cloud, design enhancements applicable to visualization, model rendering, future of cloud, Carles Marti & Rick Rundell, Cadalyst, Oct 4, 2012

Sunglass Collaborative 3D Environment - cloud–based app direct integrates with SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino, uploads CAD models to online viewer, editor, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 14, 2012

A Fresh Perspective on CAD: Introducing a New Cloud-Based Ecosystem for 3D Design and Collaboration - basic version of Sunglass free, company focuses on making platform capable of handling 2D, 3D models in constrained budget, Laura Hopperton, EUREKA, Aug 9, 2012

Second Generation Maximus From NVIDIA Professional Solutions Group - latest GPU architecture: NVIDIA Quadro K5000, Tesla K20, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Aug 13, 2012

NVIDIA Refuels GPU Architecture for High-Octane Performance - powered by Kepler architecture, Maximus workstation platform can support up to 192 cores for added efficiency, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Aug 10, 2012

NVIDIA Offers Heavy-Duty Parallel Processing in Upgraded Maximus Platform - offers Quadro K5000, Tesla K20 GPUs based on Kepler architecture, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Aug 8, 2012

How Safe is Your CAD Data? - industrial espionage, move to cloud raise security concerns towards design IP, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, July 31, 2012

Sunglass API Fuels CAD Connections - officially released API directly integrates with desktop software tools like SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino, improving collaboration, Beth Stackpole, Design News, July 27, 2012

Optimizing Your Revit Workstation for Point Clouds - hard drive is limiting factor for performance; solid-state drives are recommended for optimization, Kyle Bernhardt, CADspeed, July 25, 2012

Scan-to-BIM: A Reality Check - practitioner of point cloud data, Autodesk Revit, Steve Bury talks about laser-scan workflow, specialized point cloud tools, Scan-to-BIM automation, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, July 20, 2012

Revit vs Online Rendering - tests conclude cloud rendering faster than desktop, Bart Blankendaal, upFront.eZine, July 24, 2012

ePrint & Share - free cloud service from HP helps share files with project members on multiple devices, print using web-connected Designjet printers, Greg Corke, AEC Magazine, July 20, 2012

Do You Wish You Had Flatter Files? - digital flat file cabinet stores drawings in cloud, accessible anywhere; interview with Chris Vaught, Paul Munford, The CAD Setter Out, July 2012

CAD Project Cloud Collaboration. What? - cloud tools: Autodesk 360, BuzzSaw, AutoCAD WS, n!Fuze, 3DVIA, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, July 19, 2012

Vectorworks Cloud Services: Reduce CPU Computing Times, Improve Collaboration in 3D Workflows - synchronizing, computing presentation, construction documents in cloud, leveraging mobile devices, Jeremy Powell of Nemetschek Vectorworks, CADspeed, July 4, 2012

Invisible GPUs are Coming - NVIDIA's Kepler architecture has Hyper-Q feature to communicate with multiple CPU cores simultaneously, making GPU virtualization feasible, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, July 2, 2012

Benchmarking Rendering: Desktop vs Cloud, Readers React, Pt 1 - comments about cloud hype, rendering results, model complexity, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, July 3, 2012

Readers React, Pt 2 - realistic test conditions, rendering resolution, rendering in Revit, simple renderings take longer on cloud, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, July 3, 2012

Benchmarking Rendering: Desktop vs Cloud - rendering AutoCAD sample model on cloud turns out to be a far longer process than on desktop, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 19, 2012

Superfast Graphics Let CAD Go to the Cloud - NVIDIA's VGX graphics processor can handle up to 100 users doing heavy-duty graphics using cloud server, Machine Design, June 14, 2012

Graphics Processors Let CAD Go to the Cloud - NVIDIA VGX technology delivers virtualized desktops of users at work, Leland Teschler, Machine Design, May 31, 2012

iOS and Android Apps for Mobile CAD Users - free apps include: ProjectWise Explorer, MagicPlan, AutoCAD WS, SketchBook Mobile Express, Frame Design 2D, CadFaster, TurboViewer, Cadalyst, Jun 7, 2012

No More Cloudy Days - environments fitting into cloud, determining need to implement cloud-based technologies, tools required to create cloud environment, Robert Green, Cadalyst, June 5, 2012

Sunglass.io - talk about company's experience, keeping cost low, ability to run on mobile devices, being different from other tools in market, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 5, 2012

TeamPlatform - free for subset of services, web-based collaboration app has product design hub, engineering service portal, 3D scan, print platform, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 5, 2012

Which Web Browsers Can Run 3D CAD? - overview of browsers working on desktop, laptop computers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 4, 2012

Generation 3.0 Online CAD Busting Out All Over - To3D releases working version of its browser-based CAD software, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 3, 2012

GrabCAD, Sunglass, and TinkerCAD are Leading a CAD Industry Pivot - browser-based CAD apps facilitate 3D collaboration, interoperability, modeling, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 30, 2012

Cloud Concerns - Security - Autodesk Puts Its Arguments On Line - author finds white paper on Autodesk 360 superficially reassuring, contradictory parts; readers worry about security aspects of cloud, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, May 30, 2012

Seeing Collaboration Through Sunglass - browser-based interface has audio chat function, camera views, options to add notes, rendering, supports common 3D file formats, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, May 29, 2012

Start-Up Sunglass Sets Out to 'Disrupt the CAD Industry' - free software as a service supports 3D CAD file formats, can save, store modeling sessions for later access, save geometry in tessellated formats, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, May 25, 2012

Cloud CAD is Really Difficult - understanding CAD architecture, using existing desktop to approach cloud CAD or building CAD architecture optimized for use on cloud, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, May 1, 2012

Why the Cloud for CAD? - discussing product requirements: 3D design, ease-of-use, PDM, accessibility; performance, security issues related to cloud, Jim Foster, To3D Mechanical Design Software, May 10, 2012

Integration of Salesforce.com and AutoCAD WS, Pt 3 - create custom controller extension to implement custom logic, Daniel Du, AutoCAD DevBlog, May 13, 2012

Integration of Salesforce.com and AutoCAD WS, Pt 1 - setting up force.com development environment, Daniel Du, AutoCAD DevBlog, May 9, 2012

Integration of Salesforce.com and AutoCAD WS, Pt 2 - installing force.com IDE, Daniel Du, AutoCAD DevBlog, May 9, 2012

Will Cloud Computing Result in Uniform Pricing? - no, as vendor can block access to software based on IP address, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, May 6, 2012

Mobile CAD, the Cloud, and Management Mayhem - users worried about CAD integrity, file management mayhem, security, understanding public cloud, private cloud, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Apr 25, 2012

Express Delivery - document distribution 'in the cloud' web service, Eneo offers fast, effective, secure document distribution, controls file access, Tanya Weaver, AEC Magazine, Apr 10, 2012

Vectorworks Cloud Services - 4 parts: desktop sync tool, cloud-based Vectorworks server, Nomad for portable devices, web portal, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Mar 20, 2012

Vectorworks Cloud Services: Architosh Has the Story - Biplab Sarkar of Nemetschek on capabilities of cloud services, using it, details of Nomad app, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Mar 26, 2012

Cloud PLM: What do You Need to Know About Multitenancy - single instance of software runs on server, serving multiple client organizations, improves profitability, lowers operational cost, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Mar 18, 2012

Cloud Computing Offers New Possibilities to Design Engineers - CAD vendors like Autodesk, Dassault offering cloud-based apps for simulation, synchronization, rendering, modeling capabilities, minimizing hardware requirements, Justin Cunningham, EUREKA, Jan 17, 2012

Make Me a System with Everything - collection of hardware, software to give single product design system to facilitate smooth data exchange, collaboration, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2012

PLM Cloud: Differentiation or 'Anti-Cloud Rant'? - Autodesk offering game changer cloud apps, Siemens still testing cloud capabilities, PTC is strongly neutral, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Dec 22, 2011

CAD Cross Mobile - display, power source are limiting factor for going mobile with CAD, but potential of Android can't be ignored, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Dec 17, 2011

What the Cloud Really Means - readers responding, liking cloud concept, willing to pay for it, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 13, 2011

FirstTrace's Take on Taking the Cloud Private - addresses security, latency issues, KinnosaONE document management system targets engineering formats, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 13, 2011

Autodesk University 2011, Pt 2: The Promise of the Cloud - myths about cloud busted, areas where cloud can make significant difference, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Dec 8, 2011

What the Cloud Really Means - virtualization of all aspects of software, most of code needs to be rewritten for cloud, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 6, 2011

The 4 Myths of Cloud Computing in Business - breaking myths about outsourcing, future, money investment, security, Leslie Guevarra, GreenBiz.com, Dec 2, 2011

How Autodesk Uses Cloud Computing to Revolutionize Sustainable Design - cloud provides flexibility, mobility, power of infinite computing, enhancing collaboration between customer and company, Leslie Guevarra, GreenBiz.com, Nov 29, 2011

The Cloud is Dead? - trust needs to be created among users about safety of data in cloud, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 29, 2011

Discovering Cloud Computing - understanding 3 types of cloud related to design industry: public, remote private, private, Bill Debevc, AUGI Library, Nov 22, 2011

Moldflow Insight WS - Cloud Plastic Injection Analysis Subscription - complete service from Autodesk with different price models offers savings up to 33%, John Evans, Design and Motion, Nov 22, 2011

Cloud Concerns - Security Again - even deleted design data can exist on cloud servers as multiple backups, can be stolen, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 18, 2011

How You Feel About CAD in the Cloud? - 15% of respondents are excited, but numbers of cloud-positive people comes down as compared to last year's results, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 17, 2011

Autodesk Cloud-Based Structural Engineering Software Review - Project Storm not finished, cloud computing not up to hype, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 16, 2011

Autodesk Cloud - Pay Per Rendering - How Much Would You Pay? - $84/month for user to keep desktop up-to-date, rendering diligently, The Revit Kid, Oct 8, 2011

Cloud Concerns - Trust - Autodesk needs to earn trust to win its customers over to cloud, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 15, 2011

CAD on the Cloud According to Autodesk's Jim Quanci - Autodesk is convinced about CAD on cloud, but convincing customers is most important, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 10, 2011

Some Thoughts on Cloud Computing - Dassault Systemes is investing in moving its products to common cloud platform, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Nov 10, 2011

The Cloud is Dead? - more readers responding, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 8, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Interview May 2010 - Pt 2 - charging cloud-based services, users' reaction on moving CAD on cloud, data concerns, limitation of selecting more than 30 objects, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 8, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Interview May 2010 - Pt 1 - Autodesk executives on cloud-based offerings, Project Butterfly (now AutoCAD WS), future directions of product, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 4, 2011

All Major Autodesk Products on the Cloud by 2014? - readers comment on subsidizing move of software tools to cloud, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Nov 2, 2011

The Cloud is Dead, Pt 1: Readers Respond - comments on pricy apps in cloud, appropriate usage, security concerns, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 1, 2011

The Cloud is Dead, Pt 2: Twitters Respond - CAD users, bloggers comment, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Nov 1, 2011

Cloud Concerns - Tie-In - considering impermanence, price ramping, unwelcome terms, conditions, technical changes, 'ignoreware,' Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Oct 31, 2011

Cloud, Head's-Down CAD Drafters and Technological Analogies - cloud creates opportunity to optimize work, virtualize computing power, deliver scalability, more, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Oct 28, 2011 

Cloud Concerns - Security - major worries include safety of data, unauthorized access, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Oct 26, 2011

The Cloud is Dead - CAD-on-the-cloud is as important as object-oriented programming, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Oct 25, 2011

Common Cloud Computing Concerns - review of business economics, high level technologies of cloud computing, Dave Edstrom, MoldMaking Technology, Oct 1, 2011

Cloud Benefits - Processing Power - private cloud will get more acceptance for tasks sharing processing load, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Oct 21, 2011

Cloud Concerns - Downtime - potential for downtime increases while working on cloud-based CAD app as compared to working on standalone PC, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Oct 19, 2011

Cloud Concerns - Terms and Conditions - legalese of Autodesk copyright clauses interpreted for users, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Oct 14, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Debuts - users of Autodesk cloud can enjoy free level of initiative related to storage, easy access to certain types of sharing/viewing services, collaborating/simulating data, Susan Smith, AECCafe, Oct 17, 2011

Another Disruptive Autodesk Cloud: Moldflow Insight WS for On-Call Injection Molding Simulation - on-demand cloud-based app to validate, optimize design of plastic parts, injection molds, Randall Newton, GraphicSpeak, Oct 13, 2011

How do You Feel About CAD in the Cloud? - over half of people surveyed were concerned or frightened of cloud, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Sep 30, 2011

3 Key Cloud Principles: Will CAD/PLM Follow? - discussing oracle public cloud, efficiency of portable logic, portable data, open API, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Oct 7, 2011

Autodesk Cloud and 'Business as Usual' Question - different opinions about Autodesk cloud, views of bloggers, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Oct 6, 2011

System Requirements for Autodesk Cloud Rendering - Revit 3D, Oct 6, 2011

Moldflow Insight WS on the Autodesk Cloud - plastic part injection, mild simulation, optimization tools, cloud unit allocations to be based on hours per year, price as per purchase models, John Evans, Design and Motion, Oct 4, 2011

The Cloud Provides Mobility for Construction - web-based products, services by Autodesk offer mobility, subscription customers to be benefitted most, Constructech, Sep 28, 2011

Autodesk Cloud - Don't Panic, Business as Usual - Autodesk's effort to generate revenues from subscriptions by offering few cloud-based services free for subscription customers, Steve Johnson, blog nauseam, Sep 30, 2011

Autodesk Takes a Big Step Into the Cloud - web services to improve desktop capabilities, beneficial for Suite customers, high-performance computing apps to be allocated to subscribers in units, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Aug 19, 2011

Autodesk Cloud - How CAD (and You) Will Be Consolidate Online - cloud apps offer online storage, rendering capabilities, energy analysis, simulation, data management to aid collaboration, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Sep 12, 2011

An Overview of Web Addresses for Autodesk Cloud Services - individual web services include: Cloud Documents, Cloud Rendering, AutoCAD WS, Green Building Studio, Conceptual Energy Analysis, Autodesk Buzzsaw, CADforum, Sep 29, 2011

Now This is How to Do the App Internet Right - Autodesk Cloud offers storage, rendering, collaboration capabilities, identifying customer workflows, improving work experience, James Staten, ZDNet, Sep 28, 2011

Autodesk Increases Cloud Capability to Include Powerful Simulation - Autodesk Inventor Optimization service gives different optimized variables, better results quickly, Justin Cunningham, EUREKA, Sep 29, 2011

Autodesk Subscribers Get Cloud Club Membership for Free - cloud-hosted apps with 3 GB of storage space, list of initial web services available for Autodesk subscribers, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Sep 27, 2011

Autodesk Offers Sustainable Design Tools in the Cloud - incorporating early-stage energy modeling into building designs, seeing impact of materials chosen will be faster, more collaborative in cloud, Leslie Guevarra, GreenBiz.com, Sep 27, 2011

Taking BIM to the Cloud - cloud rendering app can produce compelling, photorealistic visualizations in cloud, Mike Massey, Knowing What You Don't Know About CAD, Sep 27, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Computing is Here - analysis of 1st cloud initiative by Autodesk, some features available only to subscription customers, favors Revit subscribers,  Inventor optimization with but only 100 'cloud units,' John Evans, Design & Motion, Sep 27, 2011

Already the Leader in CloudCAD, Autodesk Goes Just About Whole Hog - DesignReview for iOS devices limited to 2D/3D DWF files with no DWG support, 3GB storage, optimization for Inventor, used of now-decade-old Buzzsaw, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 27, 2011

Autodesk Aims to Take 3D Design, Engineering to the Cloud - interview with Autodesk VP Andrew Anagnost, Rachel King, ZDNet, Sep 23, 2011

Autodesk Cloud - Collaborate More and Output Faster - cloud utilities: Project Nitrous, Design Review mobile app, Project Neon; advantage for subscription customers, Mark Flayler, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Sep 27, 2011

Preparing for Take-Off - factors to consider before storing data in cloud, Andy Cordial, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2011

'Engineering Cloud' Promises to Modernize Manufacturing - Fujitsu offers specialized cloud computing platform hosting CAD, analytic software, using remote virtual environment computing technique, Charles Babcock, InformationWeek, June 22, 2011

Dassault Moves 3D Authoring and PLM to the Cloud - executive on 3DStore for designing, product development, V6 on cloud, SLA guarantee, role of VAR, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, July 5, 2011

'True Cloud' Solution and PLM Competition - cloud computing in various forms, offering PLM on cloud, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, July 2, 2011

Spatial Unveils CGM - availability of modeling kernel, convergence geometric modeler, as well as set of data translation libraries announced, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, June 29, 2011

Dassault Releasing CGM Kernel Through Spatial - native B-rep interoperability with V5 models being offered, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, July 4, 2011

Autodesk, SolidWorks and Collaboration Renaissance - n!Fuze cloud service from SolidWorks, cloud-based Autodesk Nitrous to view, edit, share 2D, 3D design files, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, June 27, 2011

I'm Using AutoCAD WS, Are My Files Safe? - yes, Amazon S3 servers (SAS70) Type II certified can only be accessed by username, password, Derek Wielkopolski, Ideate, June 10, 2011

Rendering on Someone Else's Server Farms - benefits of cloud computing have to be compared with risks involved, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011

Through Thick and Thin - free Inventor Optimization can perform multiple simulations in cloud, making local machine available for additional work, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011

Deploying Your Engineering Applications Over a Private Cloud - EASA offers private cloud, free of logistical, security concerns, to host engineering apps, models, Seb Dewhurst of EASA, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011

Not Just Rains But Data Too in the Cloud - cloud computing removes installation and upgrades hassles, provides high computing power to users, The Navhind Times, June 10, 2011

CFD in the Cloud - concept of cloud computing, addressing issue like software incompatibility, server space, Mike Hudspeth, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011

Defining the Cloud - characteristics of cloud computing, service models include: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Pamela Waterman & Jamie Gooch, Desktop Engineering, May 31, 2011

The Gathering Cloud - reasons to choose cloud computing: convenience, portable functionality, cost, speed benefits, maturation, due diligence, Jamie Gooch, Desktop Engineering, May 31, 2011

Cloud Computing Forecast: Still Hazy - risks involved in moving to cloud computing, Brian Albright, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011

Apple Shatters Cloud Storage Price Ceiling with iCloud. Will CAD Follow? - iCloud mass storage service ' iTunes Match' available unlimited at $24.99 per year, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, June 6, 2011

Cloud-Based Analysis: Silver Lining or White Fluff? - approaches of major vendors to cloud computing, real benefit of simulation on cloud, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2011 (more FEA articles)

Harnessing the Cloud for Engineering - Inventor Optimization Technology Preview for simplified simulation set-up, performs multiple what-if scenarios in cloud, Bob Williams of Autodesk, Machine Design, May 19, 2011 (more Inventor articles)

Reviewing Cloud Services - comparing Microsoft Mesh, DropBox, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, May 16, 2011

Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud - cloud-based vulnerability management solution is better than that of premise based, Gordon Mackay, AEC Newsroom, Apr 18, 2011

HP, PLM Cloud and Services Aggregation - PLM companies may connect to private, public cloud, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Apr 12, 2011 (more PLM articles)

The CAD Cloud. Finally. Citrix and AutoCAD 2012 - 9 Autodesk products certified for use with Citrix, XenApp, Skatterbrainz Blog, Apr 6, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)


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