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Sketching with Geometric Accuracy - Siemens' Catchbook app automatically cleans up lines, shapes users input via finger or pen, users can write notes within drawing, send designs to others as drawing, stereolithography, or PDF files, Jean Thilmany, 3D CAD World, Oct 29, 2015

Siemens PLM Catchbook is the Tip of the Iceberg - sketching app comes with D-Cubed 2D DCM engine inside, creates dimensions, accurate lines, arcs, other shapes to easily turn concept into CAD, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Sep 21, 2015

To Catch More Design Ideas, Siemens PLM Software Crafts a Tool Anyone Can Use - 2D sketching app, Catchbook lets users create, annotate drawings, import, trace over photographs, share their work with collaborators, will be available at three price points, Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Cadalyst, Sep 17, 2015

ArcSite: First Mobile CAD to Draw with Real-Time Constraints - Q&A with Pei Zhan of Arctuition about writing constraint engine for iOS, licensing libraries for it, supporting sensors in iPads, file format used by ArcSite, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 14, 2015

Let Me Frame It for You: A Review of Fra.me - easy-to-use app puts software, applications, related tools in cloud, lets user access it through web browser, anywhere, on any device, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Sep 15, 2015

Guided Tour Through ArcSite - CAD program for mobile devices uses real-time shape recognition, constraints to convert hand-drawn sketches into connected lines, arcs, price starts from $10/month for 100 projects, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 10, 2015

Intosite Mobile Software from Siemens PLM - Q&A with Tali Segal of Siemens PLM about using Intosite, placing 3D model on map, file size limitations, choosing Windows Metro interface over desktop, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Aug 31, 2015

Siemens PLM Shows Catchbook - Is This the End for Paper Napkins - mobile-based sketching, drawing tool allow users to sketch, dimension line work to define product geometry, can interpret drafter's intent, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 9, 2015

Autodesk Launches New Generative Design Tool for Optimizing Additive Manufacturing - Autodesk Within helps users add various input parameters that can generate series of variable-density lattice structures, surface skins, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, June 17, 2015

The Future of Designing Wearables Could Include Projecting CAD Directly onto Your Body - Tactum, done in collaboration with Autodesk Research, uses projection mapping, Microsoft Kinect cameras to allow users to see designs on their body in real-time, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, June 11, 2015

Frame is About to Put All of Your CAD Apps in the Cloud: Our Interview with CEO Nikola Bozinovic - idea for Frame, benefits of Frame over browser/mobile specific development, business models of different clients, Frame vs Windows desktop virtualization offerings, near future of cloud, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, Mar 25, 2015

Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in the Cloud Interview of the Year - Q&A about how cloud going to change way users think about CAD, changing demographics of market, use of CAD tools on mobile devices, change in strategy due to focus on cloud, initiatives to offer new CAD tools to students, SolidSmack, Mar 16, 2015

Jon Hirschtick Opens Up About Onshape, Why it was Created, What it Does, What it Won't - interview with founder, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, Mar 9, 2015

What Does 'Onshape' Mean? - user gets form, geometry of design just right, Jon Hirschtick, Onshape, Mar 2, 2015

Hirschtick Ready to Gamble Again - technical, marketing challenges for Onshape, combination of 3D graphics being built into mobile, faster internet connections, better, cheaper cloud computing resources will support Onshape to function, Kaylie Duffy, Product Design & Development, Mar 5, 2015

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 4.0 - this phase is starting now, considering example of Engineering 4.0 for sales, purchasing, quality assurance, Rich Allen, The SOLIDWORKS Blog, Feb 3, 2015

Concepts Reboots Drafting for iPad - new drafting tool for tablets bridges conceptualization, drafting, opens up new lines of communication for professionals, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Feb 12, 2015

Q&A: Jon Hirschtick on the Future of CAD, Pt 2 - future of cloud, web, mobile, lingering security concerns around CAD in cloud, how cloud-based CAD solutions address data management headaches, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 9, 2015

Q&A: Jon Hirschtick on the Future of CAD - need to change CAD, challenges faced by small companies, opinion about cloud-based CAD solutions, OnShape's approach to cloud, benefits of true cloud-based solutions to users, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Feb 5, 2015

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 3.0 - 3rd phase occurred from 1985 to 2015, computers became increasingly powerful, offered new paradigm of creating, inventing, Rich Allen, The SOLIDWORKS Blog, Feb 3, 2015

Distributed Design is No Longer a Dream: Why CAD Must Evolve to Support It - teams have become highly fragmented, global, members change all the time; Onshape is cloud-based 3D CAD system with built-in version control, collaboration, Jon Hirschtick, Onshape, Jan 28, 2015

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 2.0 - reflection of tools used during Engineering 2.0 era, which occurred from 1970 to 1995, this phase took advantage of computer age, Rich Allen, The SOLIDWORKS Blog, Jan 28, 2015

Why We Started From Scratch (Again) in the CAD Business - design, computing world has changed, obligation to customers, nobody else is meeting challenge, make CAD fun again, Jon Hirschtick, Onshape, Jan 7, 2015

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 1.0 - reflection of earliest stage tools used during Engineering 1.0 era, which occurred from 1760 to 1970, Rich Allen, The SOLIDWORKS Blog, Jan 20, 2015

Mc4Software OEMs ARES - Mc4 needs CAD engine for their HVAC application but Autodesk terminated their agreement; MC4 scrambled but was able to OEM version of ARES in just 3 months, Giuseppe Cozzupoli, CADdigest.com, Jan 26, 2015

Taking UAVs Beyond Line of Sight - PrecisionHawk announced 'Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System' solution for UAVs; Ascending Technologies has partnered with Intel to use Intel's Realsense 3D sensors in obstacle-avoidance system for small UAVs, Sam Billingsley, SPAR Point Group, Jan 2015

Expert Interview with Mirza Coralic About BabaCAD - free, user-friendly software for creating technical designs, customization options for users, most recommend features by users, CADspeed, Dec 31, 2014

New Dawn for 3D Reality Computing - more sophisticated scanning hardware, easier manipulation of captured data, shrinking costs contribute to bright forecast for technology, Randall Newton, Cadalyst, Dec 31, 2014

Future of Design: How Big Data Changes Everything You Know About Designing and Making Things - collecting actual information about performance creates baselines, understanding for subsequent designs or immediate updates, Phil Bernstein, CADdigest.com, Dec 16, 2014

Reality Computing: Even Better Than the Real Thing? - reality computing is helpful in study of endangered coral reefs, restoration of historic building, customized shoe experience, construction industry, Heather Miller, CADdigest.com, Dec 16, 2014

Mainframe2: CAD in the Cloud - provides CAD software developers with tools to help retain preferences for each user, 2-week trial of Mainframe2 on 3D CAD-capable graphics workstation costs $199 for 100 hours of testing, Greg Corke, AEC Magazine, Dec 4, 2014

It's Time to Declare browserCAD in a Deep Funk - browserCAD fails because of low barrier to entry on development side, low financial barrier, its target market doesn't exist, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Dec 2, 2014

User Interfaces (And What We Can Learn From Their Limitations) - discussing stages of user interface development, drawback to toolbars, cursor menus, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Nov 18, 2014

Entrepreneurial Software from India - DSTools from DesignSense Software Technologies does the die set design in 3D, generates 2D drawings from 3D models, so that die sets can be manufactured, runs inside SOLIDWORKS, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Oct 28, 2014

Startup on the Danube Aims to Simplify Building Survey Process - OrthoGraph Architect 3D mobile app for iPad works with laser scanner device to survey existing building quickly, available for 'professional' price, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Oct 28, 2014

London Duo Inspires to Make CAD Authoring on Mobile Work - CADO app solves multitouch issue of one-finger CAD authoring, features patent-pending technology, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Oct 27, 2014

Using 3D as a Design Medium - with integration of direct modeling methods, CAD apps are more than documentation tools, can be used as tools to explore designs in more depth, Chad Jackson, PTC Creo Blog, July 28, 2014

Modern Family: The New Relationship Between CAD Technician and Engineer - understanding typical engineering equation, CAD technician, engineer use laptop, iPhone, iPad, cloud, BIM technologies, central 3D model for design information, Shaun Bryant, CADdigest.com, June 5, 2014

Write Once, Run on Many CAD Platforms - Q&A with Evan Yares of Nanosoft America about AutoCAD-compatible nanoCAD app, fee arrangement, marketing of nanoCAD outside of Russia, reasons to use it, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 28, 2013

The Need for Design Agility - 5 challenges that drive need for flexible design: unanticipated, late stage changes, model import, team change, modification of models from other sources, PTC.com, Jan 2014

nanoCAD for Free: From Russia with 2D - free 2D CAD program has API compatibility with AutoCAD, company plans to populate nanoCAD universe with specialized, localized apps, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Oct 30, 2013

Cl3ver Steps Out with 3D Authoring App - 3D visualization tool helps user upload 3D models, create presentations, which can be hosted on any site using embedded code, supports 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, SolidWorks, available at base price of $20/month, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Aug 16, 2013

Leveraging 3D CAD Data - history of 3D CAD, 5 different ways to use CAD, concept of model-based definition, development of STEP AP242 neutral file standard to support PMI, Evan Yares, 3D CAD World, Aug 13, 2013

Reuse 3D CAD Models - PLM systems provide repositories, search capabilities for storing 3D CAD models; community sites like GrabCAD help reuse CAD models in crowd, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2013

iSEEK Shape Search Going Mobile - ability to take picture of part with Android phone, then searching it using mobile app will be introduced soon, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 18, 2013

The Hardware Timeline of CAD - proprietary systems in 60s, mainframes, minicomputers, UNIX workstations in 70s, 80s, personal computers, elastic and mobile computing, GrabCAD, June 13, 2013

The ODA Rolls Out Teigha 3.9 - support for multi-threaded loading of .dwg files, multi-threaded rendering, updated ACIS support, production release of Teigha for Java released, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, June 5, 2013

Sunglass.io Updates Collaboration Platform, Announces $20 PDM - free version includes viewing, versioning, check-in/out, project functionality, US$20/user/month version adds support, ability to host private projects, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, May 3, 2013

Why Jon Hirschtick Loves CAD - SolidWorks founder says nothing definite of Belmont Technology plans but drops hints, Evan Yares, 3D CAD World, May 3, 2013

Lagoa Offers Cloud Based Collaborative 3D Rendering - collaborative platform for creating, visualizing in 3D using web browser, uses Amazon Web Services, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, May 1, 2013

Sunglass Revision Management - format specific feature used in CAD platforms to keep track of design changes, covers SolidWorks plug-in workflow, web viewer experience, Lou Gallo, SolidWorks:HEARD, Apr 28, 2013

Five Presentations on Model-Based Development - advantages: faster design revisions, infinite viewpoints, exploded views of assemblies, automated generation, update of drawings, Evan Yares, 3D CAD World, Apr 24, 2013

Dassault Debuts HT Body for High-Tech Electronics Design - aims to deliver single, pre-integrated design, engineering experience, focuses on social collaboration, visualization tools, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Apr 18, 2013

Russian CAD - high-quality products like KOMPAS by ASCON, T-FLEX by Top Systems, nanoCAD by Nanosoft offer solutions for complex problems, Evan Yares, 3D CAD World, Apr 10, 2013

2D Conceptual Design, 50 Years Later - easy-to-use TurboCalc app combines sketching, calculation, optimization, available for $99, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, Apr 5, 2013

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World - computing power in cloud comes with limitations, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Feb 26, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Joshua Smith of Kaon Interactive - talk about technology of running CAD on smart phones, tablets, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 15, 2013

Exclusive Interview: David Pinchefsky of NexGen Ergonomics - HumanCAD software, price, ergonomics testing, 3D models import in 3ds, STEP, IGES, DXF formats, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Jan 8, 2013

cadTouch Looks Like Visio, Runs Like CAD - CAD software might be most advanced 2D CAD package on iOS, touch-drag motion to face fat-finger conundrum, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Dec 11, 2012

Your CAD Software: Coming to a Browser Near You - cloud-hosted CAD needs to deal with new input mechanisms, display modes, response time, security issues, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2012

Sketchfab Brings Smooth, Simple Model Viewing to the Web - responsive site layout, impressive fullscreen viewer, clean, simple interface, API available on Github, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 15, 2012

Sunglass Launches 3D Collaboration Site - rich media annotation feature to pin images, PDFs, videos, hyperlinks as notes on 3D models, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Oct 8, 2012

Sunglass: 2 Way CAD Data Streaming From the Web - first commercial version released, claims to be a live document, ready to accept user input, updates displayed model instantly, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Oct 5, 2012

Sunglass Unveils Cloud-Based Collaborative Product Design - company claims to be first to enable cross format access, offers version browser, integrated plug-ins, collaborative assembly, rich media annotations, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Oct 4, 2012

Breaking: Sunglass.IO Blast Out of Beta, Snags 'GitHub for 3D Design' Title - version browser, deeply integrated plug-ins, selectively control access to individual parts of larger project, rich media annotations, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 4, 2012

Sunglass Collaborative 3D Environment - cloud–based app direct integrates with SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino, uploads CAD models to online viewer, editor, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 14, 2012

A Fresh Perspective on CAD: Introducing a New Cloud-Based Ecosystem for 3D Design and Collaboration - basic version of Sunglass free, company focuses on making platform capable of handling 2D, 3D models in constrained budget, Laura Hopperton, EUREKA, Aug 9, 2012

Shape-Based Search is the Key to Design Reuse - CADseek employs fully automated shape coding, result-navigation window displays floating thumbnails of matching items in 3D environment, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Aug 1, 2012

Ember Allows Volumetric Data Editing Inside 3ds Max - edits 3D volume data like flame effects, offers scalar, vector fields creation from mathematical functions, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Aug 1, 2012

The Immersed Boundary Approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics - doesn't require mesh generation, increases accuracy by using conservative volume integration in calculation of boundary cells, Marco Mulas, DEVELOP 3D, July 31, 2012

Sunglass API Fuels CAD Connections - officially released API directly integrates with desktop software tools like SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino, improving collaboration, Beth Stackpole, Design News, July 27, 2012

Cheetah, Creo, and 2D Geometric Constraint Solvers - software developer, Cloud Invent talks about Cheetah constraint solver, support for 3D constraints, parallelism, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, June 23, 2012

Sunglass.io - talk about company's experience, keeping cost low, ability to run on mobile devices, being different from other tools in market, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 5, 2012

Generation 3.0 Online CAD Busting Out All Over - To3D releases working version of its browser-based CAD software, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 3, 2012

GrabCAD, Sunglass, and TinkerCAD are Leading a CAD Industry Pivot - browser-based CAD apps facilitate 3D collaboration, interoperability, modeling, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 30, 2012

Seeing Collaboration Through Sunglass - browser-based interface has audio chat function, camera views, options to add notes, rendering, supports common 3D file formats, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, May 29, 2012

Start-Up Sunglass Sets Out to 'Disrupt the CAD Industry' - free software as a service supports 3D CAD file formats, can save, store modeling sessions for later access, save geometry in tessellated formats, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, May 25, 2012

Seeing Into the Future: Eureka Asks 3 CAD Companies What They See as Emerging Technologies - PTC, SpaceClaim, Autodesk on mobile markets, social media, easy-to-use, highly interoperable CAD software, Justin Cunningham, EUREKA, May 14, 2012

Are Engineers Ready to Go Mobile? - CAD vendor offer mobile apps to easily access product data, effectively collaborate with peers; tablets, smart phones offer capabilities like GPS tracking, accelerometers, video capabilities, voice, Beth Stackpole, Design News, May 11, 2012

Nanosoft = DraftSight + APIs (and It's Free) - AutoCAD clone, nanoCAD has linetype editor, Excel-style table editor, APIs include OLE automation, C++, .NET, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Mar 9, 2012

What the New iPad Means for CAD Developers - improved CPU performance, screen resolution, memory for faster display, rendering of CAD models, storing CAD data, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Mar 8, 2012

Displaying Massive CAD Models Using a Gaming Engine - Paul Schuebach of CAD Software Solutions on displaying 3D models from Inventor in Windows, Web browsers, Android, demos of models running in Unity3D, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Feb 14, 2012

NASA Open Sources Conceptual Aircraft Design Application - NASA to release OpenVSP under open source license, includes library of standard components/primitive geometric building blocks common to all aircrafts, Canadian Manufacturing, Jan 16, 2012

Surfacing Top 10 - users' wish list regarding surface feature in CAD software, improvements in SolidWorks, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Jan 5, 2012

Back to Back Comparisons Don't Matter - CAD software take totally different approaches towards single job, ease of use doesn't matter at all if software is not capable, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Dec 19, 2011

Consumers in Front Seat of Driving Product Innovation - companies must support user innovation, creating documented, open interfaces to support modifications to products, Barb Schmitz, Creo (by PTC), Dec 5, 2011

What Problems Should Your CAD Vendor be Solving for You? - better idea generation tools, 3D data reuse, control of history tree, geometry diagnostics, instead of cloud, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Dec 5, 2011

Get Smart with Embedded Software - software development along with embedded software should progress with same professional engineering techniques to create smart products, Mike Evans, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2011

Better Tools for Conceptual Design - CAD vendors are offering tools to select materials, processes in planning stages to make environment-friendly products, Justin Cunningham, EUREKA, Oct 13, 2011

Best Practices in 3D CAD User Interfaces - principles for general system design, 3D parametric design, user support, Evan Yares, Sep 29, 2011

Two Approaches to Innovation - advantages, disadvantages of discontinuous, continuous approaches for software development, Matt Lombard, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Sep 28, 2011

Multi-processing in ACIS, CGM - multithreading, shared memory model benefit from data access plus thread-management routines that control thread interactions in CAD, high-level compute-intensive operations systems, Developer2Developer, Feb 23, 2011

Pump up Performance of Your Old Laptop - upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 32-bit, turn off Aero graphics theme, use readyboost, reduce/reset System restore usage, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011

Developer Tips & Tricks - Isolating Problematic Entities - ACIS APIs error processing for segregating problematic domains, notification, detection, cause & remedy, Shilpa Dhall, spatial.com, Dec 22, 2010

CAD, PLM and Pragmatic Cloud: Do Less - slow, careful adoption of cloud technology yielding dividends for Autodesk with AutoCAD WS, Siemens PLM with TeamCenter, Dassault with 3DVIA, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Dec 15, 2010

2010-2011 in CAD Technology, the Illustrated Version, Pt 1 - Creo is PTC's curly fries, nerd queen collaborative PDM now a hot date, Randall Newton, GraphicSpeak, Dec 14, 2010

Desperately Seeking System Tests - software test suites are necessary  but may not simulate customer use, Stefanie Kenny, Developer 2 Developer, Dec 9, 2010

Evolution of Computer-Aided Design - fathers of CAD, CAD today/tomorrow, Creo, CAD on Mac, low cost CAD, more, David Cohn, Dec 1, 2010

Evolutionary Biology and Software Engineering - evolution a model for software engineering, penguin in Sahara analogous to heavy application on mobile device, John Sloan, Developer 2 Developer, Nov 23, 2010

Lean Product Development Ideas For Your CAD Problem - Pt 1 - eliminate waste, improve processes, Jeff Waters, Aug 12, 2010




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