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CAD, CAM, CAE Articles

February 2011

Next Trillion Dollar Industry: 3D Printing - most 3D printing technology uses few materials, can be more efficient than traditional manufacturing, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Business Insider, Feb 25, 2011 (more rapid prototyping articles)

How to Remove AutoCAD/LT From Your System - after installation problems it may be necessary to remove all Autodesk products from system, reinstall on cleaned system, LT Is Still AutoCAD, Feb 26, 2011 (more AutoCAD LT tutorials)

Planview: Little More than PPM? Not Quite PLM? - capabilities to assess, compare different product concepts, resource planning, manage requirements, support innovation, existing PDM, Planviewís PPM could become composite PLM system, Chad Jackson, Engineering Matters, Jan 10, 2011 (more PLM articles

PLM Platform Wars: Who is Right or Who is Left? - CAD, PLM world extremely competitive, heterogeneous environment unable to provide visibility, manageability, bundling of CATIA into V6 creating possibilities, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Feb 25, 2011 (more PLM articles

Z Corp's Recycling Smarts - new invigoration in interest in 3D printing world with entry of low-cost machines from vendors, models include material extraction from build chamber fed into feed mechanism for next build, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 25, 2011 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Breaking Architectural Barriers with Structural Glass - glass goes beyond mere aesthetics, defining loads, modeling stresses, Abaqus FEA simulates critical fittings, Stutzki Engineering, Product Design & Development, Feb 16, 2011 (more FEA articles)

Constant Velocity Motion Along Multi Directional Path - create path component with stationary reference object with SolidWorks add-in, mate moving component, define velocity, subtract reported velocity, Robert Warren, 3DVision, Feb 25, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Simulation Advisor - works with SolidWorks Simulation interface by starting appropriate PropertyManagers, linking to online help topics, analyze workflow through simulation output, Rajat Trehan, CATI Tech Notes, Feb 25, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Bricscad v11.3.1-1 Has Tiny Increment Number for So Many Big Changes - ACIS modeler updated to v21, creates, edit tables, table styles, standard text style uses Arial, major/minor adaptive grid lines through new system variables, toolbars have multiple rows, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Feb 25, 2011 (more Bricscad reviews)

Revit Family Browser by Kiwi Code Solutions - new features added like UI enhancements, family search function, drag drop from Windows Explorer, Alan Jackson, OPENREVIT, Feb 26, 2011 (more Revit reviews)

Parametric Patterns, Pt 10.1: Recursion, Encore - complexity in models doesnít effect performance in linear manner, to set up basic recursive structure have 2 identical shared families, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Feb 26, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Tip - Exporting Ambient Occlusion (Revit Clinic) - including ambient occlusion in exported page, setting right pixel size, The Revit Kid, Feb 26, 2011  (more Revit tutorials)

Phasing & Revit Ceilings - patterns are fairly straight forward, you can make your own with text file, Craig Barbieri, iRevit, Feb 24, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Putting Q in PLM (PTC Does Quality Management) - integrating quality management into PLM helps engineering, product quality in field, PTC tools helps improving reliability by capturing failures, documenting test data, analyzing trends, Jim Brown, Clarity on PLM, Feb 24, 2011 (more Pro/E articles)

36 Arguments for Existence of BIM - BIM is 100% aspirational, it requires changes to definition of traditional architectural phases, more data sharing than engineers are used to, Randy Deutsch, BIM + Integrated Design, Feb 24, 2011 (more AEC articles

Finding Discrepancies Between BIM Models & Contract Documents using Newforma Project Center - making 2 drawing sets as identical as possible in regard to scale, alignment, use Before-After slider to toggle, Peter Urban, AECbytes, Feb 23, 2011 (more AEC articles

Just How 3D are We? Pt 1 - adoption rate of 3D software is far lower than software companies would like, firms will use 2D when they can do so profitably, invest in 3D when business purposes justify it, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011 (more CAD management articles)

Text Masking using Text Styles - create new text style named Mask Text, set font, text sizes, rotate in contour before placing label in V8i, EnvisionCAD, Feb 25, 2011 (more MicroStation tutorials)

It's all About Position - Inventor allow assembly to be stored with different positions, both can be shown in drawing using overlay command, Garin Gardiner, In the Machine, Feb 11, 2011 (more Autodesk Inventor tutorials)

How to Change Orientation of Imported SolidWorks Part - start sketch, create coordinate system, save part as IGES, re-import model back into SolidWorks, Josh Altergott, CATI Tech Notes, Feb 24, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Bottle It - sketches turned into 3D model that could be reworked to encompass all key design features, better visualization of final product with 2D designs into SolidWorks, Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 23, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Edit Data with the Selection Manager - powerful function provides alternatives to speed  selection, get results, use features to select geometry in Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Russell Brook, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

New Version of 3D Simulation Software - Simio express uses its standard object library so you can model in 3D, allows you to modify logic of your objects using add-on process logic, Laura Carrabine, Design World, Feb 24, 2011

3D Screen Could Offer More Realistic Videoconferencing - new glasses free 3D video screen can be watched by multiple users, capturing hologram in digital format, Stephen Harris, The Engineer, Feb 23, 2011 (more graphics and visualization articles features)

Editing Dimension Objects Using Grips - AutoCAD objects can be modified using GRIPs, dimension value will be instantly updated as you move end points of dimension lines, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 25, 2011 (more AutoCAD dimensioning tutorials)  

Implementing Drag & Drop at Specific Location in AutoCAD Using .NET - updated C# code with new/modified lines, SendStringToExecute call now sends point in screen coordinates, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 25, 2011 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Autodesk Vault & AutoCAD Mechanical - designing simple console, creating part reference, save file, check in vault, pan, zoom, measure, rename, edit property, Brian Schanen, Under the Hood, Feb 4, 2011 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Generate 2D Output from 3D AutoCAD Models in Flash - 3D tools in AutoCAD evolve, fastest way of producing 2D working drawings is to generate them from 3D solid models, Bill Fane, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011 (more AutoCAD solid modeling tutorials)

Quickly Choose & Match Materials in Revit - if many materials in project, choose from material dialog box, Luke Johnson, What Revit Wants, Feb 25, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Dept. of Subtle - Connectors & Diameter - go to family type style to create parameter, insert diameter by choosing from list, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Feb 23, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Introduction to VSTA as Rapid Prototyping Tool - Macro Manager helps to create either an application level macro or document level, find out how to access length in Revit API, Rod Howarth, Feb 13, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

A Few Million Points: Scan to BIM Getting Started with Revit 2011, Pt 2 - go to Scan to BIM section, choose Outline PointCloud, set decimation to lower end, decide whether to match/measure, Beau Turner, Will Render for Food, Feb 25, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Parametric Patterns, Pt 10: Recursion - having 2 identical families with different names that get loaded into each other repeatedly in Revit, make 1 family, load 2nd into 1st, position, save, Zach Kron, Buildz, Feb 23, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

External Application Attributes - handling regeneration of attribute, no error message received during compilation, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 24, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

The Jim Heppelmann Interview - PTC rebranding, re-launching its flagship product, Pro/Engineer under Creo product suite, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 23, 2011 (more PTC articles)

Search Based App & PLM Innovation - SBA offer purpose-designed user interface, 2 main problems in PLM - absolute complexity of application, high cost of change, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Feb 21, 2011 (more PLM articles)

Multi-processing in ACIS, CGM - multithreading, shared memory model benefit from data access plus thread-management routines that control thread interactions in CAD, high-level compute-intensive operations systems, Developer2Developer, Feb 23, 2011 (more CAD development articles)

Pump up Performance of Your Old Laptop - upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 32-bit, turn off Aero graphics theme, use readyboost, reduce/reset System restore usage, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011 (more CAD development tutorials)

GH to GSA Finite Elements from Area & Regions - set up bases, properties of models, assign shape of generating columns in Rhino 3D, mesh regions with GSA, Jon Mirtschin, Geometry Gym, Feb 22, 2011 (more Rhino tutorials)

Tips & Tricks - Exporting Your CATIA Models to 3DVIA.com - step-by-step process on demonstration of model export from CATIA, uploading them to your account on 3DVIA.com, Don Swavely, 3DVIA, Feb 23, 2011 (more CATIA tutorials)

Eliminating Ring Burrs in Mastercam Lathe - plunge turn toolpath has many benefits like longer insert life, fewer tools for finishing parts, finish toolpath stops short of shoulder for changing to plunging motion, Mastercam Xtras, Feb 23, 2011 (more Mastercam articles)

Boston 3DBOXX 8550 Xtreme Workstation Reviewed - extraordinary unit with strength to push things to next level, can be upgraded in many ways beyond original build, delivers fast output, Dirk Skuan, TechEYE.net, Feb 21, 2011 (more BOXX reviews)  

Disallow Join vs Donít Clean Join - disallow join option is selected when you pick end of  wall with wall joins tool when itís not connected with another wall, donít clean join option is available when you are manipulating wall join, Dwane Lindsey, Revit ArchCenter, Feb 23, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Waiting For User Input in AutoLISP: PAUSE Function - AutoCAD would run MOVE command, select objects, once user specifies base point, 0,0,0 is predefined as second point, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 24, 2011 (more AutoLISP tutorials)

Learning Curve Tutorial: When You Need 2D Working Drawings, the Fastest, Most Accurate Approach is to Start in 3D - fastest way of producing 2D  drawings is to create them from 3D solid models, create top view of model, rename 2D views meaningfully, Bill Fane, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2011 (more AutoCAD 3D tutorials)

How to Create PDF from AutoCAD with a Single Click - export PDF files from AutoCAD drawings, fine tuning export to PDF process, adjust layer export in the file, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, Feb 22, 2011 (more AutoCAD plotting tutorials)

Autodesk Adds Inventor Support to AutoCAD WS - DWG markup truly portable operation, after publishing file you can email/post online, magnified snap areas, dimensions as in original file, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Feb 23, 2011 (more AutoCAD WS features)

Managing Drag & Drop from Palette Into AutoCAD Using .NET - when someone clicks on image drag operation starts, custom command RINS will add raster image to AutoCAD drawing, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 23, 2011 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

How to Dimension Feature Patterns on Drawings - ASME repetitive feature dimensioning scheme in SolidWorks, disorganized direct dimensions, ordinate dimensioning, use GD&T to avoid accumulation, Matthew Lorono, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 23 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Mythical Specifications: Non-Accumulative Tolerance - dimensional callout attempts to dimension any pattern without considering tolerance stack-up in SolidWorks, thereís no way to avoid accumulation without dumping linear dimensions, Matthew Lorono, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 21, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Tech Tip: Thickness Analysis - material thickness remains important design concern in plastic part design in SolidWorks, castings, choose show thickness regions for color plot across full thickness range, CAPUniversity, Feb 23, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How Do I Upgrade My SolidWorks Network License Server to New Version? - start SNL Administrator, stop service, modify/transfer current activation back to server in SolidWorks, Josh Altergott, CATI Tech Notes, Feb 23, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Modeling with Your Hands, Your Shoulders Will Be Huge   - Temple University projects uses XBOX kinect to interact with geometry, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Feb 22, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

How to Enhance Aircraft Performance with Improved Propeller Design - using Femap with NX Nastran for raising limits of blade materials, new 4-bladed composite propeller developed by MT-Propeller, Robert Shinno, Siemens PLM Software Blog, Feb 22, 2011 (more FEA articles)

Behind the Scenes: PTC University 'Educates' Creo Blog   - interview with Matt Cohen, Divisional Vice President of PTC University, Geoff Hedges, Creo, Feb 21, 2011 (more Pro/E articles)

AGCís Winter 2011 BIMForum, Pt 1 - 3D details from BIM model to supplement traditional 2D images to make construction inspection, DPR used laser scanning to determine specific elements for comparisons with fabrication model, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Feb 17, 2011 (more AEC articles)

How To Use Equation To Control Feature States - SolidWorks 2011 users can use VB 'iif' function, set state of feature to be suppressed if condition is met, John Setzer, SolidNotes, Feb 22, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Create Custom Toolbars or Commands In AutoCAD - add custom LISP routines, create CUIX file, tool bars, ribbons, scroll down partial customize files in tree then load, Emilio Valentin, Feb 22, 2011 (more AutoCAD customization tutorials)

Autodesk to Acquire Blue Ridge Numerics for CFD Technology - specialized tools give fluid flow, heat transfer focused users high level CAD integration, SIMULIA to develop own flow solver as part of Abaqus toolset, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 17, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)

Autodesk Adds CFDesign to Its Quiver - computational fluid dynamics software, new simulation capabilities for effective design process, tools to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, drive profitability, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Feb 17, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)

Revit Tip - Change Color of RPC Trees - color change without rendering with object styles, changing material, The Revit Kid, Feb 20, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Create Manhole - A Method   - simple example shows nested families, reporting parameters, formulas working together, Darren Snook, Revit Waterman, Feb 23, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Dimension Walls Using FindReferencesByDirection - extraction of references in Revit API simplified using higher-level specialized FindReferencesByDirection process, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 9, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Transparent Columns in Detail Callouts - when unjoined wall, column occupy same physical space, detailed callouts generated internally, to edit column family clear checkbox, Kathryn Langan, Revit Clinic, Feb 22, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Troubleshooting Elements That Disappear When Rendering - close Revit 2011, empty contents of windows temp folder, apply swatch hotfix below containing updated material file, following technical solution outlines both uninstall, reinstall steps, Ryan Duell, Revit Clinic, Feb 22, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Interview With John Kawola, CEO of Z Corporation - rapid growth in software applications generating printable 3D data, digital consumers demand output devices consistent with familiar devices in 2D world, Johnny Ryan, Assorted Materials, Feb 19, 2011 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Whatís New In AutoCAD: Block, References - block editor changes editing techniques, parametric capabilities as drawing tool, using data extraction to create schedule in drawing, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Feb 21, 2011 (more AutoCAD block tutorials)

Do You Want To Save a Lot Of Time When Dimensioning Your Drawings? - new Auto Arrange Dimensions command chooses positions for selected dimensions, you can detail your drawing through model dimensions, Alin Vargatu, Javelin Technologies Blog, Feb 14, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Pen Sets, Pt 2 - using BIM on day to day basis, open pen sets with colors but some different line weights, pen numbers based on templates architects used with ArchiCAD 6.5, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, Feb 20, 2011 (more AEC articles)

To Cloud: What Is n!Fuze? - allows online collaboration by sharing workspaces, functionality provided so invited guests download files, versioning supported, Carol Streetz, SolidNotes, Feb 21, 2011 (more SolidWorks reviews)

Parametric Face Based Families - add more face based objects to connectors for ease of placement in 3D, press escape after component placement, create interesting randomized shapes in Revit discipline, Chris Senior, Revit Elemental, Feb 20, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Enable Ribbon Items In Zero Document State - methods to activate custom add-in panel items in Revit, regeneration option to Manual, code of initial version of external application, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 18, 2011 (more Revit articles)

Civil3D.Net, Getting Alignment Station Label Styles - alignment labels split into labels applied in specific points in Civil 3D, both API 101 Series plus AU class covers selecting alignment from dialog box, Joshua Modglin, civil3d.com, Feb 19, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Unable To Find Requested .NET Framework Data Provider - create new Survey Database in Civil 3D, verify installation by running .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool Users Guide, Almas Suljevic , Being Civil, Feb 18, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

CATIA V5 How To Import IGS Surfaces into V5 Then Thicken Them - hard to import, export geometry between different CAD software, example of airplane design where we copy some surfaces to use them in separate part file, Mark Mason, CAD Tutorials, Feb 20, 2011 (more CATIA tutorials)

Secret World of Printing Concept Cars in 3D - stretching what is possible on engineering, manufacturing, stereolithography cuts design up into 'slices' printed from bottom up, Keith Barry, Autopia, Feb 16, 2011 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Behind the Scenes: Creo, NC and Manufacturing - recent technological advances, especially in CAM, direct modeling apps, interview with Jose Coronado, Creo NC product manager, Geoff Hedges, Creo, Feb 17, 2011 (more CAM articles)

3D Viewing Tips for AutoCAD - switch between parallel, perspective views, choose standard viewpoints with view cube, standard visual style like X-ray vision sets opacity of faces, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Feb 17, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Sheet Set Manager, Pt 1 - existing layouts added to sheet set by browsing for proper file in drawing set, dialog box will display 4 steps, CAD Clues, Feb 2, 2011 (more AutoCAD sheet tutorials)

Sheet Set Manager, Pt 2 - add project information like project name, project number, project description, manager is fast way to organize, find what is needed in big drawing set, creating sub-folders, CAD Clues, Feb 8, 2011 (more AutoCAD sheet tutorials)

Changing Color of Individual Face in 3DVIA Composer - click on part to change, go to geometry, explode, select all faces in assembly tree, use different file name, Dale Rice, SolidNotes, Feb 16, 2011 (more 3DVIA articles)

Hidden SolidWorks Commands - undocumented, under documented, some buried in documentation, Scott Baugh, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 17, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Solar System Drawn To Scale In AutoCAD DWG, Scale Is Everything - sample drawing shows entire solar system but can be zoomed in to see Apollo Lunar Landing Module, plaque on moon, Shaan Hurley, Between The Lines, Feb 17, 2011 (more applying AutoCAD articles

New Extensions Boost Impact of Autodesk Revit Structure 2011 - designed to help facilitate BIM process, structural engineering firms, providing tools for structural design with analysis, Brian Haines, Revit Community, Feb 17, 2011 (more Revit reviews)

The HTC Flyer, Best Tablet For Mobile Design? - pressure-sensitive stylus distinguishes HTC tablet for design use, but size, single tasking may limit, SolidSmack, Feb 17, 2011 (more handheld device reviews)

Autodesk to Acquire CFD Vendor Blue Ridge Numerics for $39 Million - Autodesk adding to simulation offering, reaches PTC customers, Randall Newton, GraphicSpeak, Feb 17, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)

More Good News: Tekla, Cenit - building, construction group revenue grow by 19% in 2010, US continues to be single largest market for its AEC BIM solutions, Monica Schnitger,  Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Feb 11, 2011 (more AEC articles)

LEEDing BIM Revolution - provision of modeling services, analytics, information management, environmental data for AEC, model merge, green data will give industry ability to manage green requirements, Peggy Smedley, Constructech, Feb 17, 2011 (more AEC articles)

Sheet Set Manager, Pt 3 - publish to plotter, using dialog box, select sheets of construction documents in CAD, multi-sheet file will place full set in one file, CAD Clues, Feb 16, 2011 (more AutoCAD sheet sets tutorials)

I Shared DWG, What Will They Get? - AutoCAD WS is secure alternative to sending files via email or using FTP, no need to have account or register, Iris Shoor, AutoCAD WS Blog, Feb 16, 2011 (more AutoCAD WS articles)

Find Mid Point Between Two Points In AutoCAD - using object snap tracking, creating custom variables in calculator, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Feb 16, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Tips To Improve Civil 3D Performance - turn off survey tab, uninstall Vault client, use Data Shortcuts, minimum number of components in label styles, Rick Ellis, Cadapult Software Solutions, Feb 16, 2011 (more AutoCAD Civil 3D tutorials

Download Profile: Establish CAD Standards Within SolidWorks Environment - PowerPoint presentation road mapping CAD procedures, covers writing techniques, work environment considerations, Matthew Lorono, Lorono's SolidWorks Resources, Feb 17, 2011 (more SolidWorks features)

What Is This Crazy Post3D Thing? - Post3D powered by gaming engine, users can experience scenes, products as avatars, product demonstrated at SolidWorks World 2011, fcsuper, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 15, 2011 (more Post3D articles)

InspectionXpert For SolidWorks Review - identified information in characteristic tree, project refresh function used if dimensions are added or if drawing is changed, fcsuper, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 14, 2011 (more SolidWorks reviews)

Integrated Systems Engineering is the New Battleground for MCADís Big Four - BMW chose its V6 platform for future electronics design, most manufacturers looking towards CAD industry, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Feb 15, 2011 (more MCAD articles)

Multi-Threading In SolidWorks: Bitter Truth - rebuilding feature tree by nature linear, everything in simulation motion, workgroup PDM, 3DVia Composer is single-threaded, Keith Rice, 3D Vision, Feb 15, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How To Kill All Previous Revision On SolidWorks Drawing - select previous revision bubble, first prompt asking deletion of corresponding table row, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Feb 15, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials

SolidWorks Support Monthly FAQ - February 2011 - inserting excel OLE objects does not work, why Windows 7 x64 operating system recommended, cause of warning 'file is checked out on another computer,' Matthew West, Solid Forums, Feb 11, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Discover Howe & Howe, Black Ops Bros   - cutting edge of interface design, 3D models drive plasma torch, CNC cutters, attempt to output different CAD formats, Steve McGrath, SolidWorks Blog, Feb 15, 2011 (more SolidWorks success stories)

Dassault Announces Banner 2010, Cautious for 2011 - PLM brands revenue was 335 million euro, CATIA up 43%, SolidWorks, 3Dvia up 22%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Feb 15, 2011 (more CATIA articles)

Proficiency Collaboration Gateway Update Adds STEP As Primary Exchange Format - using STEP will increase customer confidence during non-feature-based conversions, new CAD version support for CATIA V5 R20, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Feb 9, 2011 (more Proficiency reviews)

Solid Edge Assembly Top Tips Videos   - excellent quality video with widescreen HD format, subjects cover part modeling, sheet metal, drafting, Jon Sutcliffe, Synchronous Technology, Feb 7, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Putting ĎContextí In BIM - 'information' part differentiates BIM from other 3D CAD model, MEP streamlining electrical design works, wider project context using point cloud models in photo-realistic detail by laser scanners, Joe Croser, Lidar News, Feb 3, 2011 (more AEC features)

Lynn Allen on AutoCAD for Mac: Preferences  - default settings when units are set to unit list, research for specific file type, reset application options, Lynn Allen, AutoCAD Exchange, Feb 15, 2011 (more AutoCAD for Mac articles)

Battle Over DWG Ends Next Week, Thursday - Autodesk attempt to register file extension as trademark in USA, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Feb 15, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)

Rand + Avatech Showing Results - commentary on merged company's recent quarter, in which revenue almost doubled, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Group, Feb 14, 2011 (more MCAD articles)

Economic Revolution Could Come in 3D - rise in 3D printing, The Economist, Feb 13, 2011 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Best Practices For Maintenance On Your SQL Database - maintaining SolidWorks Enterprise PDM administration is easy, offload backup files from SQL server, Corey Kubichka, Solid Notes, Feb 14, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Digging For Hidden Gems - SolidWorks 2011 creates extruded surfaces from split lines, adds option for manual intervention in parting surfaces, Dezignstuff SolidWorks Blog, Feb 13, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Rick Chin - SolidWorks Innovator - 17th employee at SolidWorks, entrepreneurial history, present role as director of product innovation, Jeff Mirisola, Jeff's Tool Shed, Feb 14, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Cadfaster Collaborate - application allows project teams worldwide to view, discuss 3D designs, using lightweight models, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 14, 2011

Tips, Tools Weekly (Vol 16, No 6) - AutoCAD tip using annotated scaled leaders to create line work, produce multiple scales for site development plans in architecture, Cadalyst, Feb 14, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Building Engineering Office Around Mac? - while Mac easier to use and more apps becoming available, it will some time PLM can be managed on Mac platform, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Feb 15, 2011 (more CAD on Mac articles)

Tapeworm, Script For Creating Developable Surfaces - long series of connected planar quads, 2 most important inputs for script, Marten Nettelbladt, Grasshopper, Feb 13, 2011 (more Rhino tutorials)

Programmatically Adding Active DWG to Active Project, AutoCAD Electrical - LISP code needed for custom application to add active drawing, use any ASCII text editor, Nate Holt, AutoCAD Electrical Etcetera, Feb 12, 2011 (more AutoLISP tutorials)

SolidWorks:Heard!, Episode 318, Tablet Engineering Tools - engineering, design tools available for iPad include AutoCAD WS (free), iRhino 3D (viewer, $3.99), 3dvia Mobile HD, Inventor Publisher Mobile, vueCAD ($9.99 + translation), Lou Gallo, SolidWorks:HEARD, Feb 13, 2011 (CAD on Mac articles)

Point Symbols Disappear on Export To AutoCAD  - check blocks in your drawing, set scale uniformly property to 'no,' annotative property set to 'no,' Mark Spatz, civil3d.com, Feb 13, 2011 (more AutoCAD Civil 3D tutorials)

Inventor Design Reuse, Sketch, Features - copy command copies to clipboard pasted into sketch, unresolved plane references used for feature position, David Fetz, CAD Geek Speak, Feb 10, 2011 (more Inventor tutorials)

Seeing Is Believing - experts using visualization power to communicate ideas throughout workflows, using 3D modeling for design development, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Feb 13, 2011 (more graphics articles)

Sunlight On Imagina 2011 - convergence of physical, virtual content, creation of full 3D model, stereoscopic projection enabling power to graphics accelerators, Michael Moser, 3D Perspectives, Feb 10, 2011 (more graphics articles)

Which One Should I Use? Multiline Text Or Single Line Text? -  MTEXT allows creation of textbox, DTEXT in AutoCAD allows quick text annotation, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 10, 2011 (more AutoCAD text tutorials)

Status Bar Text - resizing main Revit window, selecting home ribbon tab, choosing Annotation tab, UI Automation event displayed, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 9, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Gathering Points Defining 3D AutoCAD Geometry Using .NET - 2D collection codes to work with additional 3D objects, more specific support for Solid3d, surface object, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 11, 2011 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Integrate PDM and PLM: Wrong Question? - several CAD systems create difficulties for PLM implementation, PLM to support people to run product development, exchange information, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Feb 9, 2011 (more CAD management articles)

Strategic Planning, Business Alignment - CAD initiatives should link to business goals, IT strategy should connect to planning processes, Mark Kiker, CADDManager Blog, Feb 8, 2011 (more CAD management articles)

Whatís New for SolidWorks 2012 - generic user interface capabilities to be added, global variables are now editable, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 8, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Alternate Position or Configuration In SolidWorks - example of box cover assembly, visit drawing view, alternate position view, view layout, Deepak Gupta, Boxers SolidWorks Blog, Feb 9, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Manipulate Synchronous Technology Steering Wheel - steering wheel activated by selecting faces to edit, use modifier key while manipulating geometry in Solid Edge, Russell Book, Cadalyst, Feb 7, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Quick Dimensions - QDIM lets you apply dimensions once instead of multiple times, long-standing AutoCAD command, ordinate identifies X or Y coordinates of selected objects, Kate Morrical, LT Unlimited, Feb 7, 2011 (more AutoCAD LT tutorials)

Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 16, No. 5) - quickly rotate UCS in AutoCAD, edit hatch boundaries, insert text using paste special, Cadalyst Staff, Feb 7, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Working On Layouts, Pt 16: Toggling Visibility Of Annotative Objects In Model, Paper Space - annotated objects in viewports, operate On/Off button on AutoCAD Status bar, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 8, 2011 (more AutoCAD plotting tutorials)

Working On Layouts, Pt 17: Printout Scale - we need not have scaled printouts, run the PLOT command, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 9, 2011 (more AutoCAD plotting tutorials)

Creating Smallest Possible Circle Around 2D AutoCAD Geometry Using .NET - providing choice of creating multiple circles, 2 iterative algorithms, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 9, 2011 (more AutoCAD programming  tutorials

Family Browser 3.7 - Reviewing New Features - Revit's preview icon generator, type catalog creator, Aaron Maller, Malleristic Revitation, Feb 8, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Quick Tip: How To Add Custom Material To Your Parts - opening XML file in notepad, copying one existing entry will allow population within Civil 3D, Seth Hall, Being Civil, Feb 8, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Disk Mirroring For Free - CAD managerís tool box, RoboCopy is powerful way to move files between offices, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Feb 9, 2011 (more CAD management articles)

Don't Get Lost In CAD-to-BIM Translation - get all on same page by mapping out inputs, outputs for your next venture, clarify project requirements in writing, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Feb 9, 2011 (more AEC articles)

Storing CAD Databases In Cloud - CATIA V6 stores all project data in database, no longer uses a native file format for their MCAD system storage, Deelip Menezes, Enterprise Applications on MS SQL Server, Feb 9, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

Social Media, PLM Explained For Dummies - requirement for product lifecycle management, extending single version of truth, 2.0 changes, extended search, more, Jos Voskuilís Weblog, Feb 10, 2011 (more PLM articles)

How To Manage Folders In AutoCAD WS - create new folders, copy-cut-paste is important to manage online drawing, delete button in web app erases files permanently, AutoCAD WS Blog, Feb 9, 2011 (more AutoCAD WS articles)

Time To Build New Computer? - components providing best performance for Civil 3D, Land Surveying solid processor might not work with large Corridors, Justin Ziemba, Being Civil, Feb 9, 2011 (more Civil 3D articles)

Joe K, Working With Rhino, Revit, Pt 3 - determine common origin point to begin modeling, quantify furniture components by selecting family .rfa, Joe Kendsersky, BUILDZ, Feb 9, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Tutorial, Create Monolithic Stair Stringer  - editing railing profile, creating parametric stringer profile, loading profile back into project, Revit Kid, Feb9, 2011 (more Revit tutorials

SolidWorks Simulation Reporting To Roof For Snow Duty - rough up rooftop with CAD, attach to frame, apply gravity along with snow load, Stephen Endersby, SolidWorks Blog, Feb 9, 2011 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Jeff Ray: A Gentleman Walks Off the Stage - ex-CEO address SolidWorks World audience for last time, accomplishments at SolidWorks, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Feb 9, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

CATIA V5: How to Create a Bent Tube  - quick demo showing creation of 3D sketch for using it in different ways, simple tools available for CATIA users, Siim Teller, GRABCAD, Feb 9, 2011 (more CATIA tutorials)

Luxology Modo 501 - model, render, animate for 3D design all in single interface, powerful polygon modeler allows detailed sculpting, Josh Mings, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 8, 2011 (more modo reviews)

CAD, PLM, Product Cost - tools such as CAD, PDM dealing with cost calculations, SolidWorks focus on manufacturing-design aspects, Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Think Tank, Feb 7, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Simplify ECOs With Revision Manager - employ Where Used function from engineering change orders, open assembly for Solid Edge revision from Markup application, Russell Brook, Cadalyst, Feb 6, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Manipulate Synchronous Technology Steering Wheel - Solid Edge can remove history-based modeling, axes along with disc-shaped plane initiate Move command, Russell Brook, Cadalyst, Feb 7, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol 16, No 5) - using CAD software tool effectively, rotate UCS quickly plus precisely, edit hatch boundaries, Cadalyst Staff, Feb 7, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Strategic Planning, Step Four - focus statements, get projects started in Revit, develop library of details, Mark Kiker, CADDManager Blog, Feb 7, 2011 (more CAD management articles)

AutoCAD, Update Sheet List Table, Edit Sheet List Table Settings - right click for short-cut menu, you might move table from paper space to model space, Jimmy Bergmark, Between The Lines, Feb 7, 2011 (more AutoCAD sheet sets tutorials)

Civil 3D, Sharing Point Data With Survey Database - point data pulled from master database, surfaces, location information can be developed, John Evans, Design and Motion, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Adding Flow Arrows To Your SSA Links - working with sanitary sewer dataset in Civil 3D, customize links plus results of analysis, Dana Probert, BIM On The Rocks, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

NCS 4.0 Layer Questions, Answers - convert work in Civil 3D templates to IOB, optimize delivery to enhance AutoCAD productivity, Tench Tilghman, CAD Pilot, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Quick Tip: Move @0,0,86 - copy, paste bunch of polylines with various elevations in Civil 3D, snap to 0, select perpetrators plus use MOVE, Kati Mercier, civil3d.com, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

XML Reporting - export information from drawing into file using XSL, Civil 3D uses them as example reports, Christopher Fugitt, Civil 3D Reminders, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Disable Image Preview In XREF Dialog - geo-referencing images, dealing with Civil 3D, creating word files, right click on name of image, Brian Hailey, Civil 3D Plus, Feb 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Iterating Over Unordered Set Property - problems with CurtainCell.CurveLoops, aware of effect of calling property in Revit API, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 7, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Engineering Workshop # 9 - FEA of paint ball pressure vessel to investigate influence of threads, progress towards 3D, Bob Johnson, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 7, 2011 (more FEA articles)

Whatís New in AutoCAD: Drawing, Drafting Tools - polyline enhancements, set different layer properties in different viewport, lock pointer to more angles, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Feb 4, 2011 (more AutoCAD tips)

Import Metric DEM File Into Imperial Drawing? - create metric drawing in Civil 3D, assign coordinate system to drawing, expand surface, definitions, browse to location of LandXML file, select to import, Almas Suljevic, Being Civil, Jan 4, 2011 (more Civil3D tutorials)

Create Angled Wall End - Method - creating Profile family for cut-out, generating wall-based generic family, applying family to project, Darren Snook, Waterman, Feb 5, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Project Coordination - Early Days - begin Revit project at origin, match coordinate system of Master Site Revit project to survey, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Feb 4, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

LEED Way with Revit - create new text shared parameter, bind to all categories in model, apply filters to view, set colors, Don Hudder, HOK BIM Solutions, Jan 4, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

System Family Creation - using Revit API to create new wall, assign structural layers, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 4, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Simulate Bolt Connection - using connectors simplifies modeling, common parameters namely yield strength, ultimate strength, proof strength, Rajat Trehan, CATI Tech notes, Feb 3, 2011 (more FEA articles)

Forecast: A 100% Chance of Cloud Collaboration - young engineer/entrepreneur calls his iPhone his office, new ways to work, running cloud applications getting easier, Steve Robbins, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

Story Ideas Wanted on Cloud Computing - survey shows over one third of respondents are 'anti-cloud,' 10% admit to not knowing what it is, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Feb 3, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

Clouds Gather for GPU-Based Rendering - GPU rendering farm appears on the scene, Bunkspeed first to use cloud GPU rendering, others following, Greg Corke, DEVELOP3D, Feb 3, 2011 (more graphics articles)

n!Fuze Announcement at SolidWorks World 2011 - SolidWorks targeting customers who need data management, collaboration, but not ready for full PDM application, Matthew Lorono, SolidWorks Legion, Feb 3, 2011 (more SolidWorks reviews)

SolidWorks 2012 New Feature - Large Design Review - parts loaded in light weight visualization mode, pan, zoom smoothly, switch back/forth to detailed mode easily, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Feb 4, 2011 (more SolidWorks reviews)

Asheen Phansey - SolidWorks Sustainability Evangelist -sustainability overview, SolidWorks designers want to go elsewhere for information, Jeff Mirisola, Jeff's Tool Shed, Feb 3, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Compatibility 101, Pt 2 - situations faced while contemplating Civil 3D, Matt Kolberg, civil3d.com, Feb 3, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

LT2011 New (and Older Forgotten) Commands, Pt 5 - AutoCAD/LT variables that are new, GRIDSTYLE, CALCINPUT, CMDDIA, EDGEMODE, LT is Still AutoCAD, Feb 2, 2011 (more AutoCAD LT features)

Revit Tutorial - Family Creation Series, Pt 8: Create Door - modeling door frame inside door family, using sweep by 3D Edges, The Revit Kid, Feb 3, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Getting Panels to Include Patterns in Plan View in Revit MEP - load family into project, define filter, set color, pattern in order to make equipment hatched, David Butts, The MEP CAD Engineer, Feb 3, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Doors: Creating Your Own Door Family, Pt 3 - creating door frame, architrave, name new reference plane in Revit, generate new parameter called rebate, remove symbolic lines before forming Sweep, Revit Zone, Feb 4, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Command and Conquer When Switching Views - open Revit document, switch current ribbon tab, providing OnIdling event handler to invoke commands after setting new active document, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Jan 3, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Newforma Add In for Autodesk Revit - spatial data management, document control, discoverable design-process audit trial, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Feb 3, 2011 (more Revit reviews)

NX Progressive Die Design - integrated CAD/CAM system, analyzing resultant shape when working in intermediary stages, tools allow die layout adjusted efficiently, Al Dean, DEVELOP3D, Feb 3, 2011 (more NX reviews)

Architectural Technologist - Searching Large Drawing - search for text in CAD drawing accomplished by first converting to PDF, Steve Scaysbrook, Konstrukshon CPD Weblog, Feb 3, 2011

Can You Rock 3D in Photoshop? Read and See (Interview/Giveaway) - using Photoshop for 3D CAD, Collada interface, simple animations, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Feb 2, 2011 (more MCAD articles)

Quick Access Toolbar - adding Layer Drop Down menu to toolbar in Civil 3D, expand tree to your current workspace, customizing minimum maximum width, Kati Mercier, civil3d.com, Jan 7, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Review: Vectorworks Architect 2011 - full BIM program, adds direct modeling, best-in-class 2D/3D integration, great rendering with Maxon, more, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Feb 2, 2011 (more Vectorworks reviews)

Working on Layouts, Pt 15: Toggling Model, Layout Tabs - hide layouts, model tabs appearing above command line, to make visible choose option from status bar, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 2, 2011 (more AutoCAD plotting tutorials)

Vero VISI 18: Manufacturing - review of VISI CADCAM system, covering progressive die design, machining, wire EDM, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 2, 2011 (more VISI reviews)

Circuit Builder, Switching From AWG To Metric Wire Sizes, AutoCAD Electrical - defining alternate electric standard, add NEC-MM2 entry, Nate Holt, AutoCAD Electrical Etcetera, Jan 31, 2011 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Revit Tutorial - Family Creation Series, Pt 7: Create Door   - creating door from scratch, The Revit Kid, Feb 2, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Modeling 3D Textures   - draw profile that has draft in Rhino, split into 4 quarters, take 2 even units in grid, turn off isocurve visibility to simplify graphics card display, Bryan James, Rhino Tech Tips, Feb 2, 2011 (more Rhino tutorials)

Collaboration: Faces in Cloud - revamped CAD community features, Planet PTC offers discussion forums, cloud-hosted rendering, infinite computing concept, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2011 (more collaboration articles)

Research Reveals Best Practices for CAD Use -working in multi-CAD environment, how best companies handle challenges, Michelle Boucher, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2011 (more CAD management features)

Episode 15, Initiating Collaborative BIM Project - collaborative, model-based process, exercise in patience, outright efficiency, offsite manufacturing usage also tested, Bilal Succar, BIM Think Space, Feb 2, 2011 (more AEC articles)

Conversation With Jon Hirschtick - SolidWorks founder discussing winning millions gambling at US casinos during grad school days, adventures that later became basis of movie, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Jan 31, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Tools to Make Your Drawing Spectacular in SolidWorks 2011 - handy buttons for organizing dimensions, editable cosmetic threads callouts, enhanced feature for rotated perspective, Lars Christensen, cadcamstuff.com, Feb 1, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

SWW11: SolidWorks 2012 What's New Reveal - tab key to hide, swept flange for complex features, per pixel lighting in 3dvia Composer, Lou Gallo, SolidWorks HEARD, Feb 1, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

New, Interesting at SolidWorks World - highlights include TS Elements, 4g:PLM, n!Fuze, DraftSight, Bunkspeed in the cloud, Zygote human models, Intel graphic workstation, Live Buildings, spec-driven piping, Steve Wolfe, COFES.com. Feb 1, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

Vleeschhouwer Report: State of SolidWorks for 2011 - SolidWorks business compared to competitors, growing non-CAD products, cloud, growth of VAR channel needed, more, Jay Vleeschhouwer, WorldCAD Access, Feb 1, 2011 (more SolidWorks articles)

AutoCAD Facebook Fans, Their Mobiles - survey shows users leaving desktops, tablets emerging, surprise 5% would like a dedicated AutoCAD tablet, Camille, AutoCAD WS Blog, Feb 1, 2011 (more AutoCAD WS articles)

In Box: System Variable Editor - write list of system variables using SYSVDLG in AutoCAD, file written using AutoLISP function, Tom Stoeckel, Without a Net, Feb 1, 2011 (more AutoCAD customizing tutorials)

Customizing ScriptPro 2.0 to Process Drawings Not Present in AutoCAD Editor - create modified version, remove code to open selected document, launch XML report automatically, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 2, 2011 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Compatibility 101, Pt 1 - files not backward compatible, export objects to XML file, Matt Kolberg, civil3d.com, Feb 1, 2011 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Labs - Civil 3D Point Cloud Feature Extraction Tech Preview - automatic categorization of various features, hide/isolate features once categorized, John Evans, Design and Motion, Feb 1, 2011 (more Civil 3D reviews)

Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Snap Shot Configurations - adding subassembly, , find next new component, re-apply configurations, Susan Cinadr, Siemens PLM Software Blog, Feb 1, 2011 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Behavior to Be Aware of When Copy/Monitoring - use Slope Arrow tool to slope slabs in Revit, set new wall type to set core structure, Kathryn Langan, Revit Clinic, Feb 2, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

LEDAS Changes Leadership to Better Guide Future Development of CAD Technology - former CEO, cofounder, David Levin interviewed on transition, products, technology, strategy, future, isicad, Feb 1, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

Social Product Innovation - Facebook - 2 main ways of using social product, exploring use of social computing in product innovation, Jim Brown, Clarity on PLM, Feb 1, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)

The Carl Bass Interview - wide-ranging conversation with Autodesk CEO, includes design on the cloud, PLM, CAM, love for Sudoku, great lengths make his PC run silently, Martyn Day, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 1, 2011 (more Autodesk articles)

Working On Layouts, Pt 14: Importing Layouts from Templates - select from AutoCAD's file browsing window, putting designs drawing, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 1, 2011 (more AutoCAD plotting tutorials)

Revit Structure Bracing - bracing has offset for brace symbol settings, set structural usage to kicker bracing, Lawrence Hooker, Technology 4 Design, Feb 1, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

Use of NewTakeOffFitting on Duct - handling programmatic creation of pipes, fittings in Revit API, MEP curve is base pipe, can not depend on order of connectors, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Feb 1, 2011 (more Revit tutorials)

What's Next: James P. Barrett - BIM producing greater integration, collaboration among project members, better understanding of building details provide than 2D documentation, Las Vegas approach, Joann Gonchar, Architectural RECORD, Feb 1, 2011 (more AEC articles)

PLM Cloud: Dedicated, Private, Public - bridge between IT, cloud is network, difference between dedicated, public, private cloud, Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM, Feb 1, 2011 (more CAD industry articles)


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