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August 2013

Sort/Group the Selection Tree in Navisworks - select any appended file, right-click to choose scene followed by sort, hit 'yes' on Navisworks manage warning box, rename closed project in Windows explorer before re-sorting selection tree, Jarod Schultz, Aug 28, 2013 (more Navisworks articles)

Analytic Derivatives: A Hidden Gem in HFSS - engineer can extract design sensitivity from one simulation as opposed to running extensive parametric sweeps in ANSYS, Jim DeLap, ANSYS, Aug 28, 2013 (more ANSYS articles)

Attribute Keynotes - open keynotes attribute manager in ArchiCAD, select attribute type, attribute to attach keynotes to, click add button, Glen Richardson, Cadimage, Aug 29, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Add Dimension Leader Line - select dimension to apply leader, hover over grip next to dimension text, select 'move with leader' option in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Tips, Aug 28,2013 (more AutoCAD dimensioning tutorials)

Continue a Table in a New Column with a Table Break - select table, click arrow grip at bottom-middle of table, re-position arrow grip higher on screen, display labels in table breaks, turn on repeating labels in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Tips, Aug 28, 2013 (more AutoCAD tables tutorials)

How to Change the Insertion Point of a Block - enter UCSICON in block editor to position UCS icon where base point is located on block, use MOVE command, select objects, specify base point for insertion point of block to be in AutoCAD, Michael Beall, AUGI Library, Aug 28, 2013 (more AutoCAD block tutorials)

AutoCAD: How to Change Background Color  - right-click on model space, select options followed by display tab to click colors button, choose color to set uniform background, adjust command line text colors, YouTube, Aug 22, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

What's New in AutoCAD MEP 2014: Saved by Zero - Set to Layer Zero Feature - change drawing layer to layer 0 with just single click to improve block CAD standards, minimize errors related to layers, modify definition of selected block, Shruti Harve, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 28, 2013 (more AutoCAD MEP articles)

How to Get Support for Your CAD Software - find solution using efficient search engine, ask on twitter, in discussion group/forum, contact reseller, request web support, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 28, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Modeling, Texturing & Rigging a Realistic Shark in 3D Studio Max, Pt 1 - model shark's body, fins, mouth, eyes, teeth with 3D Studio Max's standard poly modeling toolset, Soni Kumari, Cgtuts+, Aug 28, 2013 (more 3ds Max tutorials)

5 Revit Presentation Tips - turn on ambient shadows in hidden line view, add background image to hidden line view, apply graphic override to individual element, category, switch hidden line view to realistic view, Steven Shell, Bradley BIM, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Hacking System Parameters in Door Family - open door family to input value under 'fire rating,' change family category of doors, modify parameter from 'type' to 'instance' in Revit, Philip Chan, Phil-osophy in BIM, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Window Hacking - go to family element visibility settings to check 'show only if instance is cut' option, swap type to window, check box, swap back again to generic model in Revit, Andy Milburn, Shades of Grey, Aug 27, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Open MEP Connector Warning - apply IsConnected property of connector instance to check if it is open or not or employ LINQ to determine number of open connectors in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Transfer Project Standards and Shared Coordinates - apply transfer project standards to share project info with related linked project files, reverse orientation of project base point, survey point in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Urban Generics - 'lock profiles' feature to open familiar sketch mode when editing extrusion, populate urban blocks with gross floor area, model complex geometry in mass category in Revit, Andy Milburn, Shades of Grey, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Tip: Interior Rendering Shows Black - arrest Revit issues by checking location of camera if rendering displays black scene, Revit Kid, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Creating Revit Geometry from Point Clouds - check memory usage while working with large point clouds, indexing, set keyboard shortcuts in Revit, installation notes for Cloudworx, Luke Johnson, What Revit Wants, Aug 28, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

RasterImage Inverse Transform - code to negate scaling, displacement, rotation of selected raster image in AutoCAD, Balaji Ramamoorthy, AutoCAD DevBlog, Aug 29, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Server API Access and VBScript - REST service is RevitServerAdminRESTService2014, not used by admin UI, access Revit Server, download project files using both VBScript, AutoIT, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 29, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

SolidWorks Motion Analysis - apply motion analysis, disable playback of view keys to avoid SolidWorks zoom in/out, specify mate type, typical gear mate along with 2D sketches, utilize contact sets to define animation, Wayne White, CADD Edge, Aug 16, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

EPDM - Transition Action to Run a Task - double-click transition to access transitions properties, left-click add action to access transition actions, select execute task as type before picking tasks from select task to execute pull-down in SolidWorks, Joe Medeiros, Javelin Technologies, Aug 28, 2013 (more SolidWorks PDM articles)

Surface to Solid - create extruded top surface larger than rest of geometry, isolate surface bodies, thicken surface, avoid merging both bodies together, apply simple Boolean addition to set geometry in SolidWorks, Wayne White, CADD Edge, Aug 9, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Introducing Next Generation Feeds and Speeds with CAD/CAM Wizard - just needs data about machine, material, feature type, depth, minimum corner radius to derive complete roughing, finishing strategy for pocket, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 27, 2013 (more CAM articles)

The Evolution of Tool Path Design, Pt 3 - trochoidal tool path in NX CAM to detect areas where full engagement of cutting tool occurs, then modify that portion of path, Jim Wright, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 2013 (more NX articles)

Vectorworks Light Objects - modes available in light tool in visualization toolset: directional, point, spot, custom, Kevin Lee Allen, ProLightingSpace, Aug 27, 2013 (more Vectorworks tutorials)

Computing Pond Values  - activate hydrology commands from application add-ins option to compute water volumes in MicroStation, Ronald Brys, Envision CAD, Aug 27, 2013 (more MicroStation tutorials)

FBX File Format - export directly to FBX format with Revit, link FBX scene to 3ds Max design, edit materials sharing same texture map file location, select daylight system to position project, Samuel Macalister, BIM Toolbox, Aug 27, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Grading Terrain Just Got Simpler in Autodesk InfraWorks - draw rough outline of site to be regraded, right-click to select coverage, pick 'shape terrain' option to flatten coverage, set elevation of coverage, Lawrence Sander, At Land's End, Aug 27, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

InfraWorks - Tricking Roads Into Thinking They're Parking Lots - create image representing single parking stall, go to InfraWorks to generate row of parking stalls, form material group including aisle, parking stalls, white stripe, define road style, Eric Chappell's Blog, Aug 27, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Revit MEP Extension Space Naming Utility - download space naming utility to assign Revit MEP space names, numbers, click on 'launch SNU' option to coordinate between names, numbers, Gareth Spencer, CADline, Aug 27, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

How to Obtain a Stand-Alone License of the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit When on Subscription with IMAGINiT - login to portal, select 'generate authcode' from utilities dropdown menu, choose appropriate software before generating code, Jeff Lotan, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 27, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Determining Maximal Flow in HVAC Duct Connectors - return connector manager for element, max flow for connector set, determine max flow for element, set shared parameter, mainline command to retrieve, process all ducts in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 27, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Exporting Image and Setting a Default 3D View Orientation - generate pictures of families, project documents looking like default 3D views, remove call to invoke SetOrientation method in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 26, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

What's New in Revit Structure 2014: Structural Analytical Model Improvements - check connectivity of nodes by observing read-only property of nodes, filters to arrest analytical Revit model issues, adjust analytical walls with wall adjustment tool functionalities, Shruti Harve, Ideate, Aug 27, 2013 (more Revit articles)

Accessing the Autodesk Database Link - set up DBLink tool, export data from Access to Excel, edit data in Excel, import Excel data into Access, Access to Revit before linking Revit model with database, Patrick Davis, Tampa Revit, Aug 26, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Cloud-Based Simulation - SimScale platform uses open source code solvers, delivers flexible, fast, fully scalable solution, free basic plan, paid pro plans are available, Barb Schmitz, Engineering.com, Aug 26, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Femap Tips & Tricks: Solid Mesh with Beam Elements  - ensure that mesh is contiguous, 1D element connects for 3D elements correctly, You Tube, Aug 23, 2013 (more Femap articles)

3D Printing Earnings: Up - 3D printing market is booming, revenues are going up, eBay introduces app to help buy customized 3D printed items, TechShop offers free membership to veterans, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Aug 27, 2013 (more rapid prototyping articles)

The Next-Gen RepRap is Here: Meet the Isis One Pro-Quality 3D Printer - uses fused filament fabrication technology, has build area of 12"x12"x9", comes with 4GB SD card, Marlin firmware, Kiss KISSlicer PRO, available for US$2199, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Aug 27, 2013 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Multi-Bodies, Pt 2: Managing and Manipulating - understanding features, facts related to multi-body modeling, regions vs bodies, pathfinder management in Solid Edge, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 22, 2013 (more Solid Edge articles)

Multi-Body Modeling, Pt 3: How to Make Multiple Bodies - consider methods: disjoint solids, insert part copy, cutting body, multi-body publish, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 26, 2013 (more Solid Edge articles)

SolidWorks Composer: Measuring Between 2 Holes  - go to distance angle drop down, select plane-projected measurement option to pick points or curves with Alt key in SolidWorks Composer, Suraj Sethi, YouTube, Aug 27, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Thickness with Multibody Sheetmetal Parts  - create base flange, adjust sheetmetal parameters, mid plane direction to determine thickness of parts in SolidWorks, Stewart Nankivell, YouTube, Aug 27, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Simulation Tools: Probing Results  - adding fixtures in material to probe results of simulation study in SolidWorks, Damien Murphy, YouTube, Aug 26, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Zuken Eyes US Expansion with a Message Around Product-Level Design - Zuken plans to invest $30 to $50 million in expansion effort over next 3 years, trying to change discussion around PCB design, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Aug 26, 2013 (more MCAD articles)

Best Roughing Strategies by Material - roughing strategies for pockets: same, corncob, same + HSM, corncob + HSM, large, large corncob, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Aug 25, 2013 (more CAM articles)

Detail View of a Detail View  - 3DVIA Composer tip for detail view bubbles, 3D Mojo, Aug 23, 2013 (more 3DVIA articles)

Review: Can modo 701 Make Its Mark on Animation and VFX? - powerful modeling workflow, stripped back animation interface, automatic character setup kit for rigging biped character, Paul Younghusband, Animation World Network, July 26, 2013 (more modo reviews)

Assign a Number to Windows in ArchiCAD 17 - select all doors, change ID to 0, go to element ID manger in document to set element type, unique ID for each element, Cadimage, Aug 27, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Bluebeam Tip of the Week: Quick Security Sessions  - print, edit, copy texts/graphics or extract content besides creating permissions, passwords for documents that can be applied repeatedly, Carol Hagen, Carol's Construction Technology Blog, Aug 23, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Get a Grip on AutoCAD - manipulating grip selected object, grips macro to turn it on/off, control grip colors, size, Walt Sparling, AUGI Library, Aug 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

6 Rules for Coordinating Construction Models with BIM 360 Glue - update model often, check work by running clash analysis, check detailed clash review, communicate clash comments to resolve them, assess clash reports, notifications until no clashes remain, Thomas Schwaiger, Beyond Design, Aug 23, 2013 (more Autodesk 360 articlesAEC articles)

How to Find AutoCAD Command from User Interface - click application menu, type command in search box in top right corner of page to know if command is within UI, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 25, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips

NETLOAD Crash - update video driver on laptop to arrest issues related to NETLOAD command in AutoCAD, Adam Nagy, AutoCAD DevBlog, Aug 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Safety First with Secureload - check 'trusted file search path' located in file tab of options dialog to locate, add custom content or apply TRUSTEDPATHS, TRUSTEDDOMAINS system variables to access search paths, Isaac Harper, What's the Word on AutoCAD?, Aug 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Why is My Cursor Very Slow or Jumpy in AutoCAD? - apply 3DCONFIG command to verify graphics card driver, click on 'view tune log' to check existing graphics card, disable selection cycling, quick properties, dynamic input located in tray settings, Joanna Gryszka, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

About That Exploit in DWG Files - AutoCAD fails to properly bounds-check data in DWG file before using it to index, copy heap memory values, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Aug 27, 2013 (more AutoCAD bugs articles)

Toggling Dots to Angles and Back Again - invoke AETOGGLETEE command, select entire drawing to convert all connection dots at once, edit buttons macro in AutoCAD Electrical, Stan Wile, Terminal AutoCAD, Aug 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

How to Change Corners of New Designed Coverages in InfraWorks - customize smoothing property of draw tool found in DrawTool customization file, apply coverage.json to configure properties of tool in Civil 3D, Andreas Lippold, At Land's End, Aug 23, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Getting the Status Icon - get VDF PropertyDefintion for status information, call GetPropertyValue for FileIteration object in Vault, Doug Redmond, It's All Just Ones and Zeros, Aug 23, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Bolted Connection Pet Peeve - edit bolted connection, pick small button with 3 dots to access bolt family table, exit connection window to view bolts changing to stainless steel, nuts to zinc in Inventor, Brendan Henderson, Brendan's Inventor Blog, Aug 26, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Create Workplane at the Intersecting Point of an Axis and a Face - apply TransientGeometry.CurveSurfaceIntersection to check intersecting points of curve, surface, employ AddByPointAndTangent method to create new work plane in Inventor, Xiaodong Liang, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 26, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Beam and Column Auto-Height Adjustments - change 'start attachment type' from 'end elevation' to 'distance,' use 'modify sub elements' to adjust height of roof/floor at corner, Jarod Schultz, Aug 26, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Retrieving All Available Line Styles - retrieve line styles without line instance in Revit, macro to list all subcategories of lines category, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Learn How to Align and Measure a Scope Box in Revit Without the API - understanding scope boxes with respect to their usages, limitations in Revit, Marcello Sgambelluri, Simply Complex, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

The Evolution of Tool Path Design, Pt 1 - 3 measures of tool path efficiency, learn about zig, zig-zag tool paths in NX CAM, Jim Wright, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 2013 (more NX articles)

The Evolution of Tool Path Design, Pt 2 - offset tool paths in NX CAM to achieve complete cutting in odd-shaped areas, Jim Wright, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 2013 (more NX articles)

Power Surfacing 101 for SolidWorks: Create an Organic Pitcher Design - start with primitive shape, selection methods, use basic shape manipulation techniques, incorporate traditional SolidWorks editing techniques, adjust transparency, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, Aug 14, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Using Advanced Sheet Metal Functionality in SolidWorks  - applying lofted bend tools, maintaining symmetry within design, creating multi-body sheet metal parts in SolidWorks, Adam Rose, YouTube, Aug 22, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Sheet Metal Tech Tip: Simplify Bends and Normal Cut  - flatten hole in sheet metal part, select normal cut feature to control angle on edge of sheet metal, apply simplify bends option to remove curves from SolidWorks profile, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 26, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Assembly - How to Copy Your Components & Manage the References  - open assembly, notice in-content references, right-click on part tool to select edit part before exiting part, rename, open file to handle external references problem in SolidWorks file, Rosanna Daniel, YouTube, Aug 22, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How to Simulate Any G-Code File in NX CAM - create part, blank geometry, create manufacturing setup, load simulation machine into part file, when loading machine specify part mount junction, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 26, 2013 (more NX tutorials)

ArchiCAD and Urban Design - author shares his experiences of using ArchiCAD in past, James Badcock, Shoegnome, Aug 23, 2013 (more ArchiCAD articles)

Lenovo Launches Workstation Tailored for AutoCAD LT - entry-level ThinkStation E32 is built for design, AEC community, has Intel Xeon E3-1200v3 processor, 32 GB of ECC memory, priced at $729, Cadalyst, Aug 22, 2013 (more Lenovo workstation articles)

3D Printing in AutoCAD: From Drawing File to Model - prepare drawing while modeling thin shell or walls, arrest structural problems, move parts, set AutoCAD environment, select 3D solids, meshes before exporting .stl file, Jesse Evans, Synergis, Aug 22, 2013 (more AutoCAD articlesrapid prototyping articles)

AutoCAD: AutoComplete vs Alias - select 'according to frequency of usage' radio button, check delay time from input search options dialog, David Koch, The Architect's Desktop, Aug 23, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Measurement Units in AutoCAD - type UNITS from DYN to open measurement units, go to insertion scale to set units to scale inserted content in AutoCAD, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 23, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Converting AutoCAD SHX to SHP - locate file dumpshx.exe in express tools directory, copy this file in new empty location along with shape file, navigate to directory containing .exe, .shx files to generate dumpshx.exe file, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, Aug 22, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

How to Create PDF from AutoCAD Drawings - invoke plot command to change plotter to 'DWG to PDF.pc3,' explore EXPORTPDF options to create multiple PDF with single sheet or single PDF with multi-sheet or apply publish command, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 22, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Adding a Boolean 'OR' Operator to a Vault Find -  create find statement to include Boolean OR operator in Value field between designers names, John Hackney, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Aug 24, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Civil 3D Crashes - uninstall geotechnical model if not used else download module installer, rename folder in absence of subscription account, Trevor Clayton, CADline, Aug 23, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Vault Visualization File (DWF) Shows Symbols Instead of the Correct Text - install missing font in machines without Inventor to ensure all characters appear correctly in Vault, copy font file AIGDT__.TTF to machine before installing it, Bob Felton, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 22, 2013 (more Inventor tutorialsAutodesk Vault articles)

Import STEP Sheet Metal Files Into Inventor - open the standard.ipt template to add 'thickness' user parameter, check export box before saving template, else apply iLogic to export any existing thickness parameter to iProperty, Luke Davenport, CADline, Aug 23, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Using a Sketch to Create an Angled Workplane in Autodesk Inventor - create sketch perpendicular to plane, draw 2 lines for datum, setting angle before finishing sketch, apply 'normal to axis through point' option in workplane tool, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 25, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Import Mechanical Desktop Drawings Directly Into Inventor 2014 - modify Inventor project file, place MDT file into Inventor assembly, make MDT Inventor part editable, John Hackney, Cadalyst, Aug 22, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Revit MEP Circuiting - create new power circuit for 2 devices, click power button, hover cursor, apply tab key to check circuit associated with devices in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 24, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

New vs Existing Display in Revit - select 'show all' option in phasing category to show existing objects in halftone appearance, apply 'show complete' option to display both existing, new objects in same line weight, Doug Bowers, Applying Technology to Architecture, Aug 25, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Adding a Door to Curtain Wall - create curtain wall, select properties from type selector menu, add elevation tag to create an elevation view, define door size, location, add, resize, remove door in Revit, Veng Leong, Learning Revit, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Using Filters to Show Insulation in Revit - go to object styles dialog box to change line pattern style from solid to dash, hidden or other styles required for duct installation, observe duct insulation changes, Gareth Spencer, CADline, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Suppress the Databinding 'Error' Messages When Launching Revit from Visual Studio - open Revit.exe.config file to append code in Revit, Joe Ye, AEC DevBlog, Aug 23, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Light Fixture Grid Positioning and Wires - set reference lines to strong before unchecking visibility parameters in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 22, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Dell Precision T1700 - small form factor workstation has Xeon E3-1270 v3 processor, NVIDIA Quadro K600 graphics card, supports Intel HyperThreading, 16GB RAM, 2 fast USB 3.0 ports, suitable for working with parts, small CAD assemblies, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 20, 2013 (more Dell workstation reviews)

Samsung 840 EVO SSD - 1TB  drive uses SATA 3.0 interface, available in 5 capacities, delivers bigger capacities, better performance, includes smart features designed to boost read/write speeds, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 20, 2013 (more CAD hardware articles)

AMD Looks Ahead to Gains in the Workstation Market - workstation market represents high end of desktop computing, AMD announces performance gains for PTC Creo 2.0, Dassault's SIMULIA analysis program, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Aug 22, 2013 (more CAD hardware articles)

E3 WireWorks: Sharing Levels Configuration - open sheet in E3, select 'L' key on keyboard of machine containing level configuration, save configurations as .vis file before sharing it with other machines, Delvin Masilamani, Javelin Technologies, Aug 23, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials

EPDM - Performing a Back-Up Using SQL Server Management Studio - enter server type, name, authentication details in Microsoft SQL server, right click on database to select 'back-up' from tasks, check database before selecting back-up type in SolidWorks EPDM, Joe Medeiros, Javelin Technologies, Aug 22, 2013 (more SolidWorks PDM articles)

SolidWorks 2013 Assembly - How to Mirror Components in Your Assembly  - click on reference geometry to select plane, select faces, activate mirror components tool in SolidWorks, Rosanna Daniel, YouTube, Aug 22, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials

Stacks of Appeal - wide format ePrinters, HP Designjet T920, T1500 have integrated output stacking tray, front-roll paper handling ability, come with 6 original HP color inks, HP print head, David Chadwick, CAD User, July 2013 (more large format printer reviews)

What Causes Element Formulation Errors in Non-Linear Structural Runs? - study solver output carefully, take advantage of nonlinear diagnostics tools, results-tracking tools to understand trends, John Doyle, ANSYS, Aug 20, 2013 (more ANSYS articles)

Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2013 - Day 2 - presentations on PowerSHAPE 2014, Delcam Electrode, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Aug 22, 2013 (more CAD show articlesCAM articles)

Enhanced Utilities - Bentley Utilities Designer provides enhanced, BIM-oriented environment, on-the-fly cost estimation; Roadworks Online, Intelligent Trench focus on improving efficiency, collaboration between all utility providers, CAD User, July 2013 (more MicroStation articles, AEC articles)

BIMx - Graphisoft BIMx helps user create view only portable ArchiCAD models, supports many texture types in variety of formats, has editing, optimization tools, can control visibility of model layer, David Chadwick, CAD User, July 2013 (more AEC articles)

New Multiple Keynote Label Option - add multiple keynotes to keynote label from palette, update already placed keynote labels in ArchiCAD, Glen Richardson, Cadimage, Aug 22, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

ArchiCAD and Shop Drawings - using navigator, layout book feature, doing shop drawing mark-ups in ArchiCAD, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, Aug 21, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Batch Check Multiple AutoCAD Drawings Against a Standards File - batch standards checker checks drawings from different locations, xrefs against standards file, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Aug 22, 2013 (more AutoCAD drawing tutorials)

AutoCAD: How to Create Additional Scales - invoke SCALELISTEDIT command, select add button in scale list dialog box to view name appearing in scale list, adjust scale property based on paper, drawing units, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 21, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Get Mouse (Cursor) Position Without Event - understanding API code to monitor user input, Windows messages in AutoCAD, Xiaodong Liang, AutoCAD DevBlog, Aug 21, 2013 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Update on the Project to De-Skew Images Inside AutoCAD - apply IronPython to build code into .NET module, develop user-input mechanism, swap display procedures by creating cropped file, automate insertion of RasterImage in current space, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Aug 21, 2013 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

AutoCAD: How to Lock Unlock Viewport  - sketch drawing with dimension, contour labels, set layout, enter viewport by double-clicking highlights to avoid affecting actual viewport while moving it, YouTube, Aug 19, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Document Database, Pt 2 - utilize AddWithValue method or create NavisworksParameter, add rows to parameters collection before invoking NavisworksCommand to input values, Xiaodong Liang, AEC DevBlog, Aug 21, 2013 (more Navisworks articles)

Defining Worksets - allows multiple user access same file, loads model in portion by dividing Revit workflow model in logical ways, Mathew Miller, Revittize, Aug 21, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

View References - tie detail view reference to actual view to connect information together logically, workaround is using schedule keys for each detail type that needs reference in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 21, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Updating Part Features from Assembly Features with a Neat Little Utility - open feature migrator, unsuppress assembly feature to make it editable, right click feature created to update assembly in Inventor, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 21, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Introduction to Autodesk Inventor: Robotics  - creating projects, new files to control data, 2D sketches with variety of commands, navigate Inventor UI, constrain sketches by applying sketch constraints, parametric dimensions, Andrew Sears & Dan Banach, YouTube, Aug 16, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Stop Designing with Obsolete Files - generate variable, place edit box pointing to variable, set variable to 'obsolete' value, allow search routine to filter out files except those where state variable equals obsolete in SolidWorks, Jeff Sweeney, 3D Vision Technologies, Aug 21, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Tech Tip: Troubleshooting Mold 'Tooling Split' Failure - ensure if core/cavity block sketch is smaller than parting surface border, knit surfaces when multiple surface exists in core, cavity, parting surface border, avoid internal blue edges, check shutoff surfaces, Chaz Stipkovic, Fisher/Unitech, Aug 21, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Contacting Active Users in EPDM - drag to select SolidWorks EPDM users, right-click to send mail, enter message before clicking send option, Jenn Pouliot, CAPUniversity, Aug 21, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Introduction to SolidWorks FEA Simulation by Intercad  - understanding FEA simulation interfaces, simulation options, simulation pre-processing vs post-processing, simulation seats in SolidWorks, Esfand Kouhi, YouTube, Aug 19, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Compile Multiple Custom Properties to 1 in SolidWorks  - create custom property tab file, check material, thickness custom property values in SolidWorks, Perry Klinger, YouTube, Aug 20, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Large Design Review Mode in SolidWorks  - open large assemblies by utilizing features that assists in increasing performance while decreasing unnecessary loading times in SolidWorks, Damien Murphy, YouTube, Aug 11, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Bill of Materials in SolidWorks Drawing Module  - tips to apply BOMs in SolidWorks drawings, Darren Silsby, YouTube, Aug 20, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Tool Centerline Tolerances for Turning - set tool on centerline using ruler trick, use height gage to set heights for more accurate centerline, Bob Warfield, CNC Cookbook, Aug 20, 2013 (more CAM articles)

Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2013 - Day 1 - CEO Clive Martel gave company updates, presentation by Seiji Niwa from HP, technical presentations on Vortex, FeatureCAM 2014, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Aug 21, 2013 (more CAD show articlesCAM articles)

Create a Channel Drain Profile - open complex profile manager, draw channel drain shape in profile editor, choose beam option before clicking on store profile button in ArchiCAD, Tate Gibbes, Cadimage, Aug 21, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

On Display, in ACA - 3 major elements of display system, learning about display manager, sets, representations, configurations in AutoCAD Architecture, Melinda Heavrin, AUGI Library, Aug 20, 2013 (more AutoCAD Architecture tutorials)

AutoCAD 2013: 3D Modeling Basics - Extract Edges and Surface Sweep  - creating, modifying 3D models, Brooke Godfrey, YouTube, Aug 2, 2013 (more AutoCAD solid modeling tutorials)

Layer States are Not Saved in an AutoCAD Session - save visibility for reference by changing value of VISRETAIN system variable to 1, go to layer list to view layer name, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 20, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Inventor Metric Punch Tools - edit ifeature author table to add new sizes, right click on table, select insert row, type desired values, ensure sizes by activating them, David Gate, CADline, Aug 21, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Mass Murder - understanding generic model, generic model adaptive, conceptual mass templates in Revit to be able to use mass floors, Andy Milburn, Shades of Grey, Aug 20, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Determining Absolutely All Visible and Hidden Elements - apply CustomExporter to process 3D view, call ElementVisible property to determine whether element is visible in any exported views in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 20, 2013 (more Revit articles)

Dynamo Glare Study - create hand-build geometry with mass forms, turn on sun path, set particular sun setting to bounce bunch of rays from sun point down onto surface, Zach Kron, Buildz, Aug 10, 2013 (more Revit tutorialsVasari articles)

Displacement with Revit  - utilize displaced views as communication tool to fit design components together, apply section box to cut through floor, element hide to hide section boxes in Revit, Curt Egli, Synergis, Aug 21, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Changing Solid Edge Modeling Standard and Default Templates - modify registry key, copy templates to desired standards like ISO, ANSI, JIS, David Merritt, Dave's Rave, Aug 12, 2013 (more Solid Edge tutorials)

Why Do We Need Multi-Body Modeling? - overview, reasons for using multi-body modeling methods in Solid Edge, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 20, 2013 (more Solid Edge articles)

EPDM - Gray Folders and Files in the Local Vault View - check for deleted, renamed folder/files, lack of permissions to view file/folder, file added in local vault view, error while adding file to vault, ensure 'show only local files' is checked in SolidWorks EPDM, Joe Medeiros, Javelin Technologies, Aug 20, 2013 (more SolidWorks PDM articles)

2 Tools You Might Find Useful in SolidWorks - apply SolidWorks performance test tool to run performance test, CAD admin dashboard tool to allow person/admin to log into SolidWorks customer portal, check relevant machine-related information, The SolidWorks Blog, Aug 20, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks: New On-Screen Input Option and Bonus Search Tip - check 'enable on-screen numeric input on entity creation' option followed by 'create dimension only when value is entered' option to insert dimensions in sketch environment, retain dimensions on-screen, Sam Hochberg, SolidNotes, Aug 20, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

What's Inside a Spotlight Lighting Device, Pt 2 - import device, view default instrument texture, spotlight lighting device symbol, instrument body symbol inside resource browser, go to data tab to check unique number assigned by Vectorworks, Kevin Lee Allen, ProLightingSpace, Aug 19, 2013 (more Vectorworks tutorials)

VDC in the Cloud - Journey to LEAN Construction - business benefits of VDC in cloud includes lean construction, agility & mobility, collaboration, cost reduction, leveling playing field, reviews whole process to build worthy structure in minimum time, cost, Chris France, AECbytes, Aug 19, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Finding the Efficiency of BIM - utilize mass families to model unit types as multi-story elements, combine plan types, forms to complete plan development, assign unit type groups to assure floor-to-floor consistency, modeling efficiency, Jay Holland, BIM Aficionado, Aug 19, 2013 (more AEC articles)

How to Create a Channel Drain Linetype - form shape, select, copy all elements, choose 'new' line to assign linetype name, check symbol option before clicking paste line components button in ArchiCAD, Tate Gibbes, Cadimage, Aug 20, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Transferring Pens from 1 Pen Set to the Other - go to pen set to append pens to be reused, change over to standard pens set, overwrite pen in pen set already created in ArchiCAD, Jonathan Breen, Cadimage, Aug 19, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

MicroStation Tip: Activate Reference for Editing - go to reference file detail, hover over element, select activate to turn on reference for editing reference file directly without switching files, Bob Mecham, Envision CAD, Aug 16, 2013 (more MicroStation tutorials)

Awesome New DIMCONTINUEMODE in AutoCAD 2014 - set value of system variable to 1 to allow baseline, continued dimensions follow style of base dimension, Lynn Allen's Blog, Aug 19, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Vault File - Store Validation - copy common file-stores from site-to-site in replicated Vault environment, apply 'reference repair utility' to locate, manage orphaned files, Kim Hyde, CADline, Aug 19, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Parking Stalls in InfraWorks - create layout of few short rows, grab layout tile, go to material tab to create material, select texture in define new material dialog box, drag, drop coverage area, Eric Chappell's Blog, Aug 15, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Inventor Revit BIM Export Properties - right click on model root in model browser, change existing properties, add extra custom iProperties in Inventor, David Gate, CADline, Aug 19, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Access Inventor Studio by Code - obtain automation interface by add-in after importing library in Inventor, Xiaodong Liang, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 19, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Revit Structure 2014 Tutorial - Shared Parameters, Schedules and Tags - launch structural project, position few rectangular footings on level 1, select shared parameter command to create new file, generate groups to organize shared parameters, adjust foundation width parameter, Autodesk Revit Structure, Aug 17, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Parameters, Pt 6: FM and COBie - implement COBie toolkit with project templates or follow Revit COBie toolkit documentation steps, select project parameters to access parameters, go to external tools to check COBie add-in updates, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 17, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit: Adding a 45 Degree Door Swing Using Visibility Controls - open any one of OOTB single door families, save it in custom content folder, draw 45 degree door, swing arc in ground floor view, assign length, visibility parameters to new lines, Sherry Pittman, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 16, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

View Filter API - utilize filter tab of visibility/graphic override dialogue to set color of elements in view, apply ParameterFilterElement class to align with ElementFilter interfaces for element iteration in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 19, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Complete Uninstall of SolidWorks - select uninstall method located under advanced options in installation manager, click 'change' to edit options, check items to remove them from hard drive, Scott Durksen, Javelin Technologies, Aug 19, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

PhotoView 360 Tips - apply material, appearances to parts in assembly, rotate environment to add proper lighting, activate, modify perspective view mode, click final render button to create customized renders of any object, Jordan Tadic, 3D Vision Technologies, Aug 19, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Advanced 3D Sketching in SolidWorks 2013  - hit sketch tab to load 3D sketch, select origin to draw centerline, sketch orientation in SolidWorks, Myles Bryning, YouTube, Aug 16, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Simplification is the New Face of modeFRONTIER 4.5 - integration platform for multi-objective, multi-disciplinary optimization, has easy-to-use UI, parameter chooser feature to integrate 3rd-party tools easily, improved explorer tree, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Aug 15, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Cl3ver Steps Out with 3D Authoring App - 3D visualization tool helps user upload 3D models, create presentations, which can be hosted on any site using embedded code, supports 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, SolidWorks, available at base price of $20/month, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Aug 16, 2013 (more CAD development articlesMCAD articles)

ST6: Emboss - on sheet metal parts, use emboss tool for form across bends; in regular parts, use it for castings, injection molded parts, pressed/drawn/forged parts, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 16, 2013 (more Solid Edge articles)

Add Some Light to Your Images - go to Lightworks folder in lamp default settings dialog box to include window lamps effect, place objects to interior face of dome shaped window in ArchiCAD, Tate Gibbes, Cadimage, Aug 16, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

How to Quickly Morph a Bullnose Verandah - select roof, covering, right click to select 'convert selection to morph,' choose union under Boolean operations option before applying tube option to extrude roof in ArchiCAD, Jonathan Breen, Cadimage, Aug 15, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Vault on Metro - add service references in VS project to set up Vault service objects, Doug Redmond, It's All Just Ones and Zeros, Aug 16, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Using Project Memento to Manipulate Mesh Output from ReCap Photo - consider model of Morgan 3 Wheeler, select sections of mesh, delete it, maintain texture for better results, export appropriately decimated mesh, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Aug 16, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Files Tab in AutoCAD 2014 - turn on 'file tabs' control icon in view tab to display tab for all open drawings, pass cursor over drawing tab to view file path, images of model, layouts, Martin Phelps, CADline, Aug 16, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

AutoCAD Hidden Commands - expand panels from hidden state to select additional tools, move cursor to drawing area to shrink expanded panel into original size, employ PushPin icon to maintain panel block position, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 15, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Registry Values for ProductID and LocaleID for AutoCAD and the Vertical Products - check ProductID assignments, LocaleID structures along with product IDs of AutoCAD products, Virupaksha Aithal, AutoCAD DevBlog, Aug 16, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Remedy for the Inability to Open Embedded AutoCAD Drawings in Word Documents with AutoCAD-Based 2013 Or 2014 Products - maintain back up of existing system registry before double-clicking .reg file to mark its entry into registry, Bob Felton, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 15, 2013 (more AutoCAD articles)

Managing Your Civil Design Software Environment - understanding license, installation managements of Civil 3D, Infrastructure Design Suite, tips to maximize productivity of projects, Bryan Tanner, AUGI Library, Aug 16, 2013 (more Civil 3D articles)

Dragging Labels in 2014 - 'extension methods' feature in Civil 3D helps define interface, centralize code, define extension class to label class, Isaac Rodriguez, Civilized Development, Aug 16, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Getting the Look You Want in InfraWorks, Pt 2: Creating a Custom Road Style - understanding configuration settings to build rural road style, create material group, create widths, materials to build out road surface, Eric Chappell's Blog, Aug 14, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Gaps in Corridor Surface - change maximum angles between adjacent TIN lines to generate full surface in Civil 3D, Almas Suljevic, Being Civil, Aug 16, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Mirroring Components the Proper Way: AutoCAD Electrical - apply reverse/flip component command to avoid switching issues, Stan Wile, Terminal AutoCAD, Aug 14, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Transferring Electrical Standards Back to Library - go to drawings within active project, select project ribbon tab followed by 'other tools' panel to update symbol library WD_M block in AutoCAD Electrical, Miles Nicholson, CADline, Aug 14, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Updating Parts Through an Assembly - VBA macro to create/update parameter in part, uses AllReferencedDocuments property of assembly document to get documents referenced by Inventor assembly, Brian Ekins, Mod the Machine, Aug 15, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Migrating Assembly Level Features to Parts in Autodesk Inventor with a Neat Little Utility - 'Inventor FeatureMigrator' app helps, creates new copies of components it affects, created sketches aren't fully constrained to new geometry, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 18, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Design Visualization with Revit - Which Rendering Engine to Use? - pros, cons of using rendering engines in Revit: mental ray render, cloud render, ray trace visual style, Tod Stephens, AUGI Library, Aug 15, 2013 (more Revit articles)

Revit: Type Catalogs - learn about yes/no parameter, text parameter, rename type catalog file before renaming CSV to replace it without closing Revit, David Koch, The Architect's Desktop, Aug 15, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Generating a MidCurve Between 2 Curve Elements - UI to select 2 curve elements in Revit, determine curve parameterization data, generate approximating midcurve model line segments, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 15, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Linked Files and Visibility/Graphics - check 'override display settings for this instance' before selecting custom to activate model categories tab, override individual model categories in single instance of 2 copies of linked file in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 17, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Architecture 2014: Displaced Views - utilize displace elements tool to create exploded views, move elements with displacement sets along x, y, z axis away from Revit model, John Flanagan, CADline, Aug 14, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Parameters, Pt 5: Types and Project Units - understanding text, integer, number, length, area, volume parameter types, employing project units to define parameter types, applying formulas to calculate parameter types with same project units in Revit, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Double-Click Options & Selection Enhancements for Revit 2014 - adjust settings in Revit.ini file to allow alteration of parameter value when clicked twice in Revit, Ryan Duell, Revit Clinic, Aug 16, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Iterative Workflows Between Revit and Navisworks  - understanding iterative process with regard to design, pre-construction, construction phases in Revit, Bill Knittle, Synergis, Aug 15, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

SolidWorks Composer Quick Tip - Auto Navigate Buttons in 3 Steps - drag navigation buttons to any view, copy buttons to all required views before clicking 'update views with selected actors' button, press ctrl while dragging views from views pane, Scott Woods, HRS Blog, Aug 14, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

EPDM - Sandbox Vault - right-click on SolidWorks EPDM server to create Sandbox Vault, select 'create new vault,' choose Vault name followed by root folder, database server location, opt for empty standard configuration, Joe Medeiros, Javelin Technologies, Aug 16, 2013 (more SolidWorks PDM articles)

How to Move Parts and Sub-Assemblies Around in the Assembly Feature Tree - apply alt+drag, drop into proper location to ensure that second frame appears first in SolidWorks, Ketul Patel, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 15, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How to Use SolidWorks Task Scheduler to Modify Custom Properties - select task, specify files to run, populate file by manually typing values in SolidWorks, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 15, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Measuring Between Circles and Arcs  - measuring from center of circle to another feature using measure tool in SolidWorks, Solid Professor, Aug 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How to Avoid Overengineering Composite Parts - understand anisotropic nature of fiber-reinforced plastics, factors affecting stiffness: production processes, alignment of carbon fibers in FRP epoxy resin matrices, Prabhakar Vallury & Roger Assaker, Machine Design, Aug 7, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Glassified: New Ruler from MIT Media Lab Automagically Measures Angles, Volume, and Shape Properties - modified ruler with transparent display that supplements physical strokes made on paper with virtual graphics, Simon Martin, SolidSmack, Aug 14, 2013 (more engineering articles)

BIM, on a Smaller Scale - defining 'small' depending on size, complexity of projects, considering pitfalls in implementing BIM: numbers, IT, budget, commitment, Martijn de Riet, AUGI Library, Aug 14, 2013 (more AEC articles)

BIM Implementation - key factors include executive overview, strategy, objectives, responsibilities, skills development, systems implementation, data management, contractual changes, budget, Bob Garrett of Excitech, CAD User, July 2013 (more AEC articles)

Software Tools and Green Building: Building Momentum from Each Other - analysis, simulation tools for green building: Bentley AECOsim Energy Simulator, Autodesk Vasari, OpenStudio for SketchUp, DIVA-for-Rhino, IES VE-Navigator Lauren Browne, Green Building Community, July 29, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Factory Rollout - Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2014 has large library of 2D, 3D parametric assets, quick layout tools, point cloud handling ability, Revit interoperability, CAD User, May 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

A Break Down of the Features Inside IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server - tools to insert manufactures number at mass level referencing part number, set up scheduled task that performs backup, publishes .DWF's of only released versions of items to external folder, audit Vault security, Mark Flayler, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, May13, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Missing Those Arrow Grips on AutoCAD Arcs? - set GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL to 0 to restore arrow grips, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, Aug 14, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Part Builder Land Mines - curb heads, hydrants, other parts that exist above grade cannot exist in model of part in Civil 3D, optional properties do not like special characters like " or / or < or > or =, Kevin Spear, Land Development Engineering, Aug 6, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Hide Drawing Dimensions Which are Orphaned - move orphaned dimension to layer which is switched off, set its layer back to normal dimension layer if resetting is needed in Inventor, Xiaodong Liang, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 14, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Language Independent Section View Type Id Retrieval - iterating over all view types, pick first one of ViewType.Section in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 14, 2013 (more Revit tutorials

Spooling Pipe in Revit  - creating fabrication spools for pipe layouts, Bill Knittle, Synergis, Aug 14, 2013 (more Revit tutorials

Revit 2014: New Selection Tools - check select panel or Revit status bar to access tools, keep 'select underlay' off, turn off 'select links' while working with point clouds, Sherry Pittman, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 14, 2013 (more Revit tutorials

How to Throw a Fit and Prosper from It - redirect CAD management frustrations into well-planned presentation to get management's attention, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Aug 14, 2013 (more CAD management articles)

Record Your Own CAD Training Videos - set up Camtasia recording software, learn about correct video resolution, audio settings, cursor options, speech recognition functionality, video output, Robert Green, Cadalyst, Aug 14, 2013 (more CAD management articles)

A Beginners Guide to Setting Up Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in SolidWorks - differentiating between drawing template, sheet format, saving customized sheet format, editing, assigning sheet format, Laura Weismantel, CAPUniversity, Aug 14, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Simulation: How to Get the Angle of Displacement - consider simple torsion bar with offset transverse load, probe multiple spots or probe using 'on selected entities' to get tangential displacements at multiple locations, Chris Olson, The SolidWorks Blog, Aug 14, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Leveraging 3D CAD Data - history of 3D CAD, 5 different ways to use CAD, concept of model-based definition, development of STEP AP242 neutral file standard to support PMI, Evan Yares, 3D CAD World, Aug 13, 2013 (more CAD development articles, MCAD articles)

Siemens Femap: Add Tangent Surfaces Tip - pick key surface, use pick^ button at upper right, select 'add tangent surfaces' option, Femap loads interface with ID numbers of all tangent faces connected, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 13, 2013 (more Femap articles)

ArchiCAD GDL vs Revit Families - shape is easier to model in Revit families but parametrics are easier to assign in GDL, GDL has higher level of functionality applicable to parameters, can create highly efficient modeling tools for any building element, Kristian Bursell, Shoegnome, Aug 13, 2013 (more ArchiCAD articlesRevit articles)

AutoCAD Tooltips - from options dialogue box in AutoCAD, select display, option to show tool tips, customize as needed, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 13, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Creating SampleLineGroup and SampleLine Using AutoCAD Civil 3D .NET API - C# code to create string sampleLineName, ObjectId sampleLineGroupId, Point2dCollection points in order to add SampleLineGroup, SampleLine, Partha Sarkar, Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog, Aug 13, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Schedule to Check Your Files Into Vault - start Inventor task scheduler, go to create task option to select 'check in to vault' option, set correct project file, check-in folder, fill out authentication credentials before pre-processing begins, Chris Turner, CADline, Aug 13, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Navisworks 2014 Support for BIM 360 Field - allows mobile viewing of models, synchronizes workflow in equipment database to connect information-rich, well-coordinated BIM to field activities, syncs field data to BIM, Anthony Governanti, Beyond Design, Aug 13, 2013 (more Navisworks articles)

Inventor 2014 - Copy Components with Constraints - install update 2 applied behavior of Inventor to copy, paste multiple components to new/existing assemblies, Luke Davenport, CADline, Aug 13, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Revit Architecture 2014 - Section Perspective - place camera in building model, select camera view, tick section box check box to display section box in drawing, employ control grips to drag sides of box inside model, John Flanagan, CADline, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Deleting and Updating Extensible Storage Schema - all extensible storage schemata are held in memory, shared between open projects, unload Revit links before deleting schema, employ update handler in add-in to update instances of schema, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Phase and Poche Materials - configure templates to work automatically while using phase features, examine materials dialog, icon for asset use, identify poche material before assigning type property in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 12, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Early Cost Estimating with Revit and Ideate BIMLink - access information via Excel to save editing time, apply multi-category method to extract model data, design option, phasing information, eliminate need of training estimators, Glynnis Patterson, Ideate, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Sneaky Arrows - click on 'room & area' arrow to view drop-down list of options, press arrow in 'massing & site' tab to adjust site settings in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Mona Lisa's Eyes Follow the Revit Camera Wherever it Goes - using adaptive components to make people face camera in perspective view in Revit, Tim Waldock, RevitCat, Aug 14, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

How Do I Isolate 1 of My Weldment Bodies for Detailing? - expand cut list folder, locate plate to isolate, right-click on body, insert into new part in SolidWorks, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 13, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Costing 2013 Sheet Metal  - open costing template editor from SolidWorks tools menu, open template, add materials, filter template editor box, Adam Rose, YouTube, Aug 12, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Recognizes Android as a Platform - eDrawings for Android is intuitive, easy-to-use UI, opens 3D, associated files, can open SolidWorks template files, compatible on both phones, tablets, priced at $2, Lou Gallo, SolidWorks:HEARD, Aug 14, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

How to Reorder Drawing Sheets in CATIA V5  - select drawing sheets to be rearranged, right click, go to selected objects, click on reorder tool, CAD Systems Help, Aug 8, 2013 (more CATIA tutorials)

What is the Best Way to Use Synchronous Technology? - start with dimensions, get better control over design intent with face relations, then move to live rules, start with all rules turned off, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Aug 12, 2013 (more Solid Edge articles)

Different Paths to Similar Results: The Vectorworks Tapered Extrude Command - make simple backdrop using tapered extrude, set height as required, taper to 0 to create 3D form, Kevin Lee Allen, ProLightingSpace, Aug 12, 2013 (more Vectorworks tutorials)

Paving the Way to Better Engineering Simulation - issues in renting computing power from HPC cloud provider, benefits of participating in UberCloud CAE Experiment, Wolfgang Gentzsch, Dennis Nagy & Burak Yenier, Desktop Engineering, Aug 9, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Get Your Stories Straight - basic schematic diagram to setout layers, stories in ArchiCAD, Tate Gibbes, Cadimage, Aug 13, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Comparing Floating Point Numbers - apply IsEqual function to compare 2 values within specified tolerance in Inventor, Brian Ekins, Mod the Machine, Aug 12, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Run Stress Simulation by Code - employ ControlDefinition.Execute command to execute corresponding commands, workaround is applying SendKeys, activate stress simulation environment before running simulation in Inventor, Xiaodong Liang, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 13, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Use InventorViewControl to Print - utilize ApprenticeServerDocument property to access methods, properties of ApprenticePrintManager object in Inventor, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 12, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Rooms, Spaces and Zones - create rooms, spaces within room-binding elements, utilize spaces to perform heating/cooling, conceptual energy analysis, place spaces in model from analyze tab, press delete to remove space in Revit MEP, Patrick Davis, Tampa Revit, Aug 8, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Collaboration - meaning of collaboration, reason for collaborating with clients, design team, fabricators, contractor, communicate to collaborate well, hold initial BIM/Revit meeting before starting major project, Glenn Jowett, Revit ST, Aug 11, 2013 (more Revit articles)

Attributes, Relationships and Other Stuff - understanding issues related to view transparency setting, BIM element mass, stacked wall component relationships, changing color of element, exception while retrieving bounding box in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 12, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Set Graphic Overrides for an Element in a View - utilize View.SetElementOverrides to set view-specific graphic overrides for specific element in Revit, Harry Mattison, Boost Your BIM, Aug 12, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Piping Tips and Tricks - set up interface to accommodate quick, accurate pipe designs, customize piping systems, auto-correct angles using Revit tools, Bill Knittle, Synergis, Aug 12, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Using Temperature Parameters in Formulas - generating formulas to measure total, sensible cooling capacities in Revit, Chris Price, Revit Rants, Aug 13, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Fun with Dynamo for BPA - Automatic Shading Design - set up simple parametric window family with 2 shading devices, type parameters for main window form variable in Revit, David Scheer, Building Performance Analysis, Aug 12, 2013 (more Revit articles, Vasari articles)

Simulation, Vault, and You - using Autodesk Vault Basic 2014, support in Simulation CFD, manual check-out issues, organizing Simulation Mechanical data in Vault client, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 12, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles, engineering analysis articles)

Vault Ribbon Disappears in Inventor 2014 - open add-in manager, click 'show hidden members' to view 2 EDM add-ins, go to EDM add-in to untick 'load automatically' option before restarting Inventor, Kevin Jaufmann-Ludwig, Cracking the Vault, Aug 12, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

How to Troubleshoot the 'Could Not Obtain a License for SolidWorks Standard Error' Message - install updated version of SolidWorks SolidNetWork license manager, return borrowed licenses, close SNL manager, review 'license usage tab' before running update on server, Neil Bucalo, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 12, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Wire Harness Design with SolidWorks Electrical  - apply wire, cable harness design from concept to fully realized manufacturing documentation to create flattened views with complete bill of material in SolidWorks Electrical, Ali Alfridi, YouTube, Aug 5, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Releases eDrawings for Android - quick, responsive multi-touch 3D navigation features, ability to snap to exploded views of assembly, available for $2, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Aug 12, 2013 (more SolidWorks articles)

IMSI TurboCAD Mac Pro 7 - audio prompts, well-written electronic user guide, new drawing wizard, DWG paper space, model space capabilities, push/pull tool, part tree feature for advanced model parametrics, ability to display multiple views of drawing simultaneously, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Aug 9, 2013 (more TurboCAD reviews)

BricsCAD BIM: Materials Definition - simple material definition is made up of layer name, appearance, default thickness; multiply material definition has list of simple materials, thickness for each simple material, total thickness, Rakesh Rao, Smart Ways to Work with .dwg CAD, Aug 10, 2013 (more BricsCAD articles)

With CAD Sales Declining, Is PTC Still a CAD Company? - CEO James Heppelmann talked about progress of Creo, pricing pressure on support pricing, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Aug 8, 2013 (more PTC articlesCAD industry articles)

28 Feeds and Speeds Features to Try in G-Wizard Calculator - 'more' button for alloys, conditions, tool crib, tool sizes button, geometry button, ballnose geometry, feeds, speeds PCN option, Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook, Aug 9, 2013 (more CAM articles)

Moving to BIM - advantages of adopting BIM, techniques for getting team members involved in BIM implementation process, Lynn Allen, isicad, Aug 8, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Change the Doors+Windows Schedule Margin Colors - select margin, open settings, go to 'fills and pens' section of parameters to change margin colors in ArchiCAD, Cadimage, Aug 12, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

AutoCAD Language Pack 2014 - select, download language pack, double-click on downloaded EXE file to extract AutoCAD language pack files, click install button to install files, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 8, 2013 (more AutoCAD articles)

Types of Cursor in AutoCAD - usage of standard, point selection, object selection mouse cursors, osnap marker in AutoCAD, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 11, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

AutoCAD 2014: The Rotate/Copy Command - employ copy tool to generate shape, toggle ortho on before selecting geometry, apply rotate, trim tool to produce shape, clean overlapping lines respectively, John Flanagan, CADline, Aug 8, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

How to Break a Line at a Specified Distance and Gap - invoke break command, pick line, type in F followed by from, enter before selecting point to start offset in AutoCAD, Sherry Pittman, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 9, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

E-mailing a Plant 3D SQL Server Project - create project in Plant 3D, check copy settings from existing project, open project setup wizard, choose SQLite local database on page 5 of wizard, Dave Wolfe, Process Design from the Outside, Aug 8, 2013 (more AutoCAD Plant 3D articles)

Using Catalogues in Navisworks Quantification - load project before going to project setup to select pre-determined catalog, visit item catalog tab before adding resources in resource catalog, right-click on item or folder to modify catalog, Lee Mullin, Beyond Design, Aug 9, 2013 (more Navisworks articles)

Adding Cross Reference (XREF) Info to Footprints - AutoCAD Electrical - simple APPLOAD it, type PANEL_CROSSREF command, push schematic parent cross-reference info on to panel footprint, set target attribute name for special cross-referencing, Stan Wile, Terminal AutoCAD, Aug 8, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Showcase Tips & Tricks: Import Native Revit Files Workflow  - open Revit file in Showcase, click on settings to select Revit view, check import status menu to view conversion of .rvt file, Marion Landry, YouTube, Aug 8, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Autodesk Infrastructure Suite Premium: Suite Workflow Clarification  - understanding proper workflow from Civil 3D to 3ds max design, Marion Landry, YouTube, Aug 9, 2013 (more 3ds Max tutorials)

Demystifying CogoPoint.Latitude and CogoPoint.Longitude API - create COGO point in drawing area before investigating latitude, longitude values from Civil 3D API, in UI OPM, Partha Sarkar, Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog, Aug 8, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Autodesk Introduces Cloud-Powered Version of Infrastructure Modeling Solution - create presentation material as still images, slideshows, animations, aggregate 2D/3D CAD, raster data in varied formats, communicate project proposals to increase accessibility, manage data in cloud via desktop computers, Cadalyst, Aug 7, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Speed Up How You Use Inventor - press E, R key to start extrude or revolve commands respectively, right-click while in sketch to view shortcuts available to create further features, David Gate, CADline, Aug 8, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Editing Inventor Solid Bodies - delete face with/without heal option, employ boundary patch command to sculpt, apply move face, replace face command to move housing inside shoulder, solid face respectively, John Hackney, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Aug 10, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Showing and Fixing Sick Constraints in Autodesk Inventor 2014 - set select part priority in selection filter, pick bushings before applying 'replace all components' option to switch to selected assembly, utilize show sick constraints function to view sick constraints, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 11, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Add Mid-Plane from Part Dimensions - invoke workplane command to drag off plane/surface, select 'show dimensions' followed by feature or dimensions, measure plane position in Inventor, Brendan Henderson, Brendan's Inventor Blog, Aug 12, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Fantastic Filters - anatomy of filter, applying it to Revit view, using filters for documentation, management, review, coordination, analysis, Greg Hale, AUGI Library, Aug 8, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Naming a Reference Plane - add dimension string across each detectable reference plane if reference plane is not detectable in Revit, Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd, Aug 9, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Setting the Compound Structure Core and Shell Layers - creating new collection of layers, set them on type by applying SetCompoundStructure method in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 9, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Proper Way to Save the Revit Model for Consultants Use - synchronize local files to central before closing file, open central file to check 'detach from central & audit,' select detach & preserve worksets option before purging unused objects in Revit model, Veng Leong, Learning Revit, Aug 9, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

The Revit Server REST API - implement batch file that calls Revit.exe, manipulate document in document opened event handler, subscribe to idling event in event handler, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 8, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Parameters, Pt 4: Schedules - open door schedule by double-clicking on it, modify contents, schedule look by editing fields, filter, sorting/grouping, formatting or appearance, assign fire performance ratings to door types in Revit, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 8, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Solid Edge University 2013, Pt 2: Q&A with Karsten Newbury - talk about latest release, purpose behind building online community, perspective on cloud, collaboration with GrabCAD, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Aug 8, 2013 (more CAD show articlesSolid Edge articles)

Canon Shows Multiple Technologies - head mounted MREAL virtual reality device helps user handle facsimile of part, have display of model of part in intended setting, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Aug 9, 2013 (more CAD show articles, virtual reality articles)

Epson T7000 Prints Directly on Poster Boards - uses no-heat print head that never needs replacement, precise 'MicroPiezo' patented technology, uses waterproof ink, available for $4995, print server costs extra $399, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Aug 9, 2013 (more CAD show articles, large format printer articles)

Interior Build Density Options in 3D Printing - applies only to FDM printers, printing sample part in 3 different densities: solid, sparse high density, sparse low density, comparing time, material required in each case, Dave Tupper, CAPUniversity, Aug 9, 2013 (more rapid prototyping articles)

Mcor 3D Printing - Paper Goes in, Strong Cheap Models Come Out - IRIS 3D printer uses ordinary copier paper as material, each sheet is essentially glued to previous one, cut with surgical precision, available for $40K to $50K, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Aug 9, 2013 (more rapid prototyping articles)

How to Change What Part(s) a Drawing or Assembly is Referencing - close SolidWorks drawing, pick file in 'file open' dialog, click on references button, change name of part that drawing is going to reference, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 8, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Interference Detection for a Weldment - check option 'include multibody part interferences' in assembly mode, interference is highlighted, perform trim/extend on weldment body in SolidWorks, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 9, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Advanced File Open Options - troubleshooting corrupt component file in SolidWorks: change mode to lightweight during file opening process, try opening with different configuration or display states, Blake Cokinis, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 9, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Aras Bears Down on the Problem of Multi-CAD Data Management - Aras Innovator 9.4 has series of CAD-driven enhancements, expanded Microsoft platform support, loud-based, secure file exchange, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Aug 7, 2013 (more PLM articles)

The Return of Virtual Reality - Occulus, Epson show varying approaches to headset design at SIGGRAPH 2013, Jon Peddie, Graphic Speak, Aug 6, 2013 (more CAD show articlesvirtual reality articles)

Symbol Line Types in All Composites - correcting gravel in composite slab, merging dissimilar fills in ArchiCAD 17, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, Aug 7, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Do You Draw a Lot of Repetitive Details? - draw detail, select, copy all elements by right-clicking on context menu, choose 'module file from clipboard' option before saving file in ArchiCAD, Tate Gibbes, Cadimage, Aug 8, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Autodesk Wants to 'Democratize' Reality Capture, Meshing Technologies - Autodesk debuted free Project Memento technology preview, boasting of most scalable mesh engine available, has automatic error detection, doesn't support texture editing, Dan McGovern, SPAR Point Group, Aug 7, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Standalone License Activation for 2014 Products Fails with mshtml.dll Error - turn on/off Windows features, uncheck Internet Explorer 10 box, reboot machine before viewing installed updates, Bob Felton, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 7, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

AutoCAD File Association Issue - occurs due to Windows restore point issue, workaround is always reassociating DWG files with AutoCAD, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, Aug 7, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

The PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS System Variable - set PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS value to 1, select polyline to display grips, choose pick option from polyline, display menu to reverse width of polyline in AutoCAD, Martin Phelps, CADline, Aug 7, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Feeding Extra Information into a Command Line Selection Using acedCmd in .NET - pass extra information into acedCmd by wrapping point, entity name information in RTLB, RTLE codes in AutoCAD, Fenton Webb, AutoCAD DevBlog, Aug 7, 2013 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Creating an Isometric View of a Skewed Model - click on create orthographic view button, generate UCS aligned with pipe, align UCS to piping with osnaps before rotating to obtain isometric view in AutoCAD, Dave Wolfe, Process Design from the Outside, Aug 7, 2013 (more AutoCAD Plant 3D articles)

Inventor Apprentice: Opening an Assembly Document Without Loading Sub-components - apply LevelOfDetailRepresentation feature to gain control over components that loads when opening assembly document in Inventor, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 7, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Model the Canon EFS 55-250mm Zoom Lens in 3D Studio Max: Pt 3  - add realistic textures, materials, build scene lighting, prepare model for rendering in 3D Studio Max, Stefan Surmabojov & Andrew Surmabojov, Cgtuts+, Aug 5, 2013 (more 3ds Max tutorials)

The New Shape Terrain Command in InfraWorks 360 Pro - right click coverage area to launch shape terrain command, type elevation in elevation value box or drag blue arrow up/down to set terrain graphically, Eric Chappell's Blog, Aug 7, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Accessing Survey Database Points Using AutoCAD Civil 3D COM API - apply IAeccSurveyPoint:: Name property to get, set name of points in Civil 3D, Partha Sarkar, Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog, Aug 7, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

How Do You Like Them Apps? - Civil 3D provides ability to search for, then install apps to work inside of Civil 3D, available from Autodesk exchange apps website for free or at nominal cost, Ron Couillard, What's the Word on Civil 3D?, Aug 6, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Setting the Exact Same Location for 2 Views on a Sheet - restore previous crop box settings, apply function with hard-wired element ids in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 7, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Parameters, Pt 3: Tags - understanding tags based on their usages, categories like door, window, wall, column, add fire performance parameter for doors, visit family editor to modify graphics of any label in Revit, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 6, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Templates and Sheet Formats for Beginners - add notes, images, edit existing ones while editing sheet format, file location must be listed in system options while saving template in SolidWorks, Rebecca Giese, Symmetry Solutions Blog, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Toolbox Browser: Adding Property Values with the Help of Excel - hidden button in control panel of Toolbox to export data to Toolbox parts in Excel format, insert configuration specific property quickly, The SolidWorks Blog, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks Toolbox tutorials)

Where Did That Command Go? - type search query in SolidWorks search box to locate command in SolidWorks UI, run, highlight command, add command to toolbar, Bryan Pawlak, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Help Improve SolidWorks' Help File - check 'use SolidWorks web help' box, click on feedback in topic option to obtain clarification regarding missing information, fill feedback form to inform SolidWorks about problem, Alin Vargatu, Javelin Technologies, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SW Explorer - Rename and Search is Slow - go to control panel to select indexing options, click modify to edit search locations, press 'rebuild' in advanced options to rebuild index in SolidWorks, John Van Engen, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Initializing Contact with Simulation - insert parts into positions of initial contact, locate true point of contact, allow simulation mesh to under-represent contact surface, refine mesh locally, place mesh points when required in SolidWorks, Keith Pedersen, CAPUniversity, Aug 7, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

And the New Speed Champ Is - Ciara Kronos 800S is single-socket workstation, has Intel Core i7-2700K CPU, ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard, performs 18% faster than fastest dual-socket system, available for $5,714 David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2013 (more CAD hardware articles)

3 Dimensional Data Visualization and Analysis with SketchUp - predicting gas consumption of given city, considering it in 4 dimensions, creating simple gas consumption mesh, complex consumption profile visualization on weekly basis, Arpad Varga, SketchUp UR Space, July 2013 (more SketchUp articles)

SketchUp and Lumion - Compliment to Each Other - Lumion is complete package of environmental rendering, animation tools, uses real time lighting, has preloaded detailed texture menu with photorealistic effects, optimized objects library, Daniel Tal, SketchUp UR Space, July 2013 (more SketchUp articles, AEC articles)

The Vectorworks Multiple Extrude Command - creating truncated pyramid, absolute placement to place 2 circles creates incorrect shape, Kevin Lee Allen, ProLightingSpace, Aug 6, 2013 (more Vectorworks tutorials)

Box Snapping - employ o-snapping, gumball techniques to move geometry into Rhino, setup box snap with Grasshopper definition to translate objects in Rhino, LMNts, Aug 5, 2013 (more AEC articles)

To COBie or Not to COBie - understanding 'construction operations building information exchange,' its purpose, applications, contents, relation between COBie, IFC, COBie innards, COBie deliverables, its future in Revit, Antony McPhee, Practical BIM, Aug 4, 2013 (more AEC articles, Revit articles)

OCR in AutoCAD - find OCR, identify text menu item in ribbon, draw rectangle around text in image, pick 1st point, followed by rotation, 2nd point, check vector text in green color, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

AutoCAD Tip - UCS Command Default - switch to AutoCAD ribbon's view tab to notice UCS changes with each view, launch view dialog to select views, restore ortho UCS to 'no,' Shaan Hurley of Autodesk, Between the Lines, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Repeat Last Command in AutoCAD - press up arrow, scroll through previous commands in reverse order, select repeat command or recent input to access previous commands, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, July 31, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Cool Everyday Features in AutoCAD 2014 - hold down ctrl key to draw arcs counter clockwise, fillet open polyline to itself, display blocks with attributes by setting ATTDIA value to 1, Lynn Allen's Blog, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

ACAD/ACA/AMEP: Cannot Use Dynamic Input - press F12 key to switch on dynamic input, ensure PICKFIRST value is set to 1, check if starting template is imperial, metric or global, Cherisse Biddulph, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD MEP articles)

ACAD/ACA/AMEP: Block Lost Association to its Object and Shows - insert block into drawing, open 'enhanced attribute editor' to select attribute tag to be modified, set objects field category in field dialog box, Cherisse Biddulph, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD MEP articles)

Managing Your Discipline and Coordination Models with Autodesk Vault - manages data, captures document relationships, streamlines workflows by updating coordinated models with discipline models, share models, control workflow states, Thomas Schwaiger, Beyond Design, Aug 6, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2014: Populate Tips, Pt 6: Tips for Advanced Users  - select mesh, click on regenerate selected option to change look of character, go to motion panel area to set particular motion, orientation of character, Marion Landry, YouTube, Aug 6, 2013 (more 3ds Max tutorials)

Changing Electrical Standards in Existing Drawings - open project manager properties, drawing properties to update standards, highlight drawings, apply project defaults in AutoCAD Electrical, Miles Nicholson, CADline, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Adding a New Family Code to the Catalog Database - AutoCAD Electrical - ensure family attribute is ZS to allow creation of table in default_catalog.mdb, add link to symbol using icon menu wizard, Todd Schmoock, Synergis, Aug 6, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Extend or Contract Solid Bodies in Inventor - enable 'legacy solid edit environment' in application options to edit base solids with simple tools, open model to stretch in Inventor, locate base solid in feature tree, Luke Davenport, CADline, Aug 6, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

CComPtr and Releasing COM Objects - set code part that is interacting with COM objects into separate function, or create local scope around local variables that ends before CoUninitialize() in Inventor, Adam Nagy, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 5, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Unable to Select Internal Edge When kPartFaceFilter and kPartEdgeFilter are Used - go to context menu to select, utilize 'select other' option that loops through various possibilities in Inventor, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 2, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Nested Break Out Views in Inventor Drawings - create assembly drawing with preferred view, apply sketching tool to create connected boundary for break out, select break out from place views tab before finishing sketch in Inventor, John Hackney, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, July 31, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Animation and the DisplacementElement Class - understanding DisplacementElementAnimation SDK sample that creates animation of model by disassembling, reassembling them in Revit, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Aug 6, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Get Your Views in Order - Project Browser - start at top of browser with work in progress before publishing to have sheets with views placed on them in Revit, David Light, Revit, Aug 6, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Localized Applications for the Revit Exchange Store - creating multi-language Revit app, code for creating new panel, button, help file, Augusto Goncalves, AEC DevBlog, Aug 5, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Autodesk Has Plenty to Talk About Away from the SIGGRAPH Show Floor - management at M&E division is acting more like part of Autodesk family, decreasing its presence at trade shows, increasing number of virtual events, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Aug 6, 2013 (more CAD show articles, Autodesk articles)

Pictures from the SIGGRAPH 2013 Show Floor, Pt 2 - NVIDIA announced Kepler-based Quadro K6000 GPU, Pixologic unveiled ZBrush 4R6, providing Sculptris app for free, Akiko Ashley, Architosh, Aug 6, 2013 (more CAD show articles, CAD hardware articles)

4 Ways to Model a Complex Blend in SolidWorks  - loft cut, boundary cut options to get transition directly between faces, Alin Vargatu, You Tube, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Simulation: Use the Mid-Surface Command to Define Your Shells - edit definition of mid-surface to give it thickness, right click corresponding solid body, exclude it from study, Chris Olson, SolidNotes, Aug 6, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Can a Monitor Be Too Big? - Lenovo ThinkVision LT3053p is 30" workstation-grade monitor with built-in tilt, pivot, swivel mechanisms, 2560x1600 resolution, multi-workstation function, available for $1,500, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Aug 6, 2013 (more LCD display reviews)

Keynotes Search Function - open keynotes palette, type words to be searched in search field, view keynotes of selected category, click x button to cancel search in ArchiCAD, Glen Richardson, Cadimage, Aug 6, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Aras Innovator Upgrades Multi-CAD Management Performance - latest open release has best-in-class multi-CAD performance, cloud-based, secure file exchange, expanded Microsoft platform support, available for free, Cadalyst, Aug 5, 2013 (more PLM articles)

Autodesk Sim 360: Prescribed Displacement - go to constraints panel to select prescribed displacement, establish new location to view surface, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 5, 2013 (more Autodesk 360 articles)

Drawing Limits in AutoCAD - invoke LIMITS command to define drawing limits, specify 0,0 as lower left corner, type upper right corner coordinates based on units of AutoCAD drawing, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, July 26, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

AutoCAD Command Line Transparency - click on wrench located in AutoCAD command line, right-click in command line area to open general, rollover transparency options, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, July 25, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Welcome Screen in AutoCAD 2014 - enable/disable display startup option located in left bottom corner of welcome screen to change welcome screen, or click on access help inverted arrow option, Sunith Babu, Daily CAD Tips, July 29, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Adding a Custom Paper Size in AutoCAD - invoke PAGESETUP or PLOTTERMANAGER command to open plotter configuration editor, enable 'custom paper sizes' option, select margins for paper size to adjust layout, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, Aug 1, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Notes on Supports in Plant 3D Isometrics - map comment property, create filter for non-blank supports, generate AnnotationSchemes to put callout on iso, Dave Wolfe, Process Design from the Outside, Aug 1, 2013 (more AutoCAD Plant 3D articles

Flattening 3D Models into 2D Footprints - FLATSHOT - apply FLATSHOT command to break 3D model into 2D top, side views, utilize ViewCube to rotate model, set destination of new 2D block before configuring lines in AutoCAD Electrical, Stan Wile, Terminal AutoCAD, Aug 5, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Selecting All Occurrences in an Autodesk Inventor Assembly - right-click on doubtful component, pick 'select all occurrences' option from selection menu to view component, shocks, change visibility, delete, replace components, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 5, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Use 3D Solid Edges for Frame Generator Selection - set base model to reference option to prevent it from impacting mass of assembly, turn off visibility settings once edge selection is done in Inventor, Curtis Waguespack, From the Trenches with Autodesk Inventor, Aug 5, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Inventor: Access Sheet Metal Part Bends Information from a Drawing View - select bend line in drawing belonging to flat bend pattern of SheetMetal part, utilize VBA code to locate bend results relating to bend line, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, Aug 1, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Set a Line Type for a Specific Part in the Drawing View - code to change all drawing curves, obtain reference document, modify line type, weight in Inventor, Xiaodong Liang, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 31, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Inventor API: Create Constraints for 3D Sketch - VBA code to add new Sketch3D object to existing part, add parallel constraints between 2 lines before adding length constraint in 1 line, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Deleting Remnant Sketch Entities - expand model tree nodes, locate sketch with entities, find, delete holes in model tree, right-click on entity to select 'edit sketch' option in Inventor, Brendan Henderson, Brendan's Inventor Blog, Aug 5, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Click Twice to Create a Cropped Dependent View - click twice on points to create new dependent view cropped to rectangle in Revit, Harry Mattison, Boost Your BIM, Aug 5,2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Basic Tip: Selecting Objects - click on objects to remove it from selection, press tab key to cycle between overlapping objects, drag window selection, filter selection, employ contextual menu to select multiple objects, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 5, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Revit Parameters, Pt 2 - create copy of floor plan view, select duplicate or duplicate with detailing, pick filters option in visibility graphics to create, edit filter, override visibility settings of filer created, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 3, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Seen at SIGGRAPH: The Photo Collection - exhibition floor showcased Christie's turnkey CAVE-like Holostation, theatre-grade projectors, Leonar3Do Go Bird, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Aug 5, 2013 (more CAD show articles)

Pictures from the SIGGRAPH 2013 Show Floor, Pt 1 - Apple organized job fair, Side Effects Software announced Houdini ENGINE, AMD showcased OpenCL acceleration, LightWorks announced iRay+ API technology, partnership with NVIDIA, Akiko Ashley, Architosh, Aug 2, 2013 (more CAD show articles, CAD hardware articles)

Solve Key Problems in Composite Simulation - composites are more complex than traditional materials: design optimization, good material data, correct idiosyncrasies modeling are helpful, Mark Clarkson, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Impact, Drop and Crash Testing and Analysis - implicit vs explicit solver, advantages, disadvantages of explicit solver, applying explicit analysis: initial loading state, model checking, data output, post-processing, Tony Abbey, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1,2013 (more FEA articles)

TolAnalyst Basics - tolerance stack-up analysis tool to study effects of tolerances, assembly methods on dimensional stack-up between 2 features of SolidWorks assembly, Nick Beattie, Symmetry Solutions Blog, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Simulation Tips for Flip Shell Elements - use simulation default option to align shells, create keyboard shortcut, mouse gesture for accessing 'flip shell elements' command in SolidWorks Simulation, Bill Reuss, 3D Vision Technologies, Aug 1,2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

The Digger is Your Friend - digger tool highlights various components in assemblies, provides various customization controls to create image outputs, animations in SolidWorks Composer, Jeffery Wong, The SolidWorks Blog, July 24, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks: Invert Selection  - assigning keyboard shortcut to selection toolset, YouTube, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Secret Shortcut to SmartMate  - engage SmartMates with button in move component PropertyManager in SolidWorks, John Setzer, SolidNotes, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Equations - Create More Intelligent Parts  - equation functionality to control features, dimensions within models, assemblies, YouTube, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

ANSYS Q2 Revenue Up 10%, Sees Some Volatility - total GAAP revenue was $215 million, license revenue was up 8%, North America was up 12%, closed 20 deals over $1 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Aug 1, 2013 (more ANSYS articles)

Solid Edge ST6 - greater control over steering wheel, ability to propagate synchronous features to root parts, updated 'extrude from planar face' command, reflective modeling tools, ability to add sheet metal features to uniformly thick parts, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 1, 2013 (more Solid Edge reviews)

Keeping Up-to-Date and Reducing Risk with NBS Create - go to NBS Guidance homepage to find updated items, check office master clauses, verify changes before accepting NBS project modifications, Stephen Hamil, Construction Code, Aug 2, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Using Building Materials and Priorities in ArchiCAD 17 - assign intersection priority to each skin of assembly, select 'filter and cut elements in 3D' option, adjust wall, slab, marquee tool settings in ArchiCAD, Thomas Simmons, AECbytes, July 31, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Autodesk Sim 360: Self-Contained Editing On the Fly - apply ribbon to navigate to 'edit design' environment, split face tool to cut faces into sections, select return button to go back to setup environment, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 1, 2013 (more Autodesk 360 articles)

Design Using Autodesk Fusion 360, Pt 2 - convert T-Spline surface shape into solid, switch from sculpt to model environment, make out space for phone screen, model other phone parts before arranging items in browser, Mindaugas Petrikas, Design and Motion, Aug 2, 2013 (more Autodesk 360 articles)

Fun at the CAD Beach - apply SNAPANG variable to customize ortho, edit AutoCorrect listing, set toolbars with ribbon, plot .DWG to .PDF in AutoCAD, Michael Beall, CADTutor, Aug 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

AutoCAD: Modify the Size of the Breakline Symbol - type BREAKLINE command to draw breakline, type S before starting drawing to modify size of breakline symbol, press E instead of S to control breakline extensions, Marti Broquetas, CAD Addict, Aug 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

OFFSET Polyline True Distance - OFFSETGAPTYPE - change system variable OFFSETGAPTYPE value to 1 to create rounded edges at polyline corners in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Tips, Aug 2, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Using the AutoCAD Electrical Audit Tool - scans for issues related to wires, components, click details button to identify issues, utilize tools to print identified AutoCAD Electrical issues, Todd Schmoock, Synergis, Aug 1, 2013 (more AutoCAD Electrical tutorials)

Getting Rid of the Black Streaks in an Autodesk Showcase Scene - go to scene settings option, select 'distance from camera to near clipping plane' setting, adjust clipping distance, order of faces, Jonathan Landeros, Inventor Tales, Aug 1, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

Sketch Blocks in Autodesk Inventor: How to Guide - generate sketch block, select place block option to position sketch block into part, nest sketch blocks, right-click on block to edit block, copy/paste blocks for reuse, Clinton Brown, CADline, Aug 1, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Inventor API: Check Visibility of Components in Drawing View - select drawing view that is referencing assembly document, apply DrawingView.GetVisibility function, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Add a Node to the Model Browser Using a ClientFeature - employ client feature to insert node in Inventor, Wayne Brill, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Revit Parameters, Pt 1 - understanding parameters, type vs instance parameter, shared, project parameters with examples, ways to add parameters to group in Revit, Michael Earley, BIM Manager, Aug 2, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Understanding View Range - floor plan vs ceiling plan, accessing view range button from properties panel, top, cut-plane, bottom, view depth terms related to view range dialog box, view depth object displays in Revit, Jerad Meidinger, AUGI Library, Aug 2, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Beam Instance Properties in Revit - apply Y & Z offset uniform values or end Y/Z offset independent values to adjust beam position vertically, horizontally in model, Gareth Spencer, CADline, Aug 1, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Create a View/Sheet Set - add views to sheet that matches criteria, set PrintManager to utilize selected views/sheets option, obtain ViewSheetSetting in Revit, Harry Mattison, Boost Your BIM, Aug 1, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Scaling Revit Families Nested in Curtain Panel Patterns - create pattern element within planting category, set another family before loading 1st family into 2nd, place dimensions, generate in-place mass, irregular shaped pattern while trimming pattern elements around edges, Tim Waldock, Revit Cat, Aug 1, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Persistent IDs - apply GetPersistentIds to obtain PersistentIds for set of entities, ResolvePersistentIds to get back entity IDs, types in Vault, Doug Redmond, It's All Just Ones and Zeros, Aug 2, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

Vault API - Yes/No in the Restrictions Found Dialog - choose 'yes' to add multiple files in Vault, Marat Mirgaleev, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Autodesk Vault articles)

KeyShot Renderings Less Than Perfect - On Purpose - introducing KeyShot's Toon shading that gives hand drawn sketchy finish to realistic 3D shaded model, scoring high on advertising platform, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Aug 2, 2013 (more KeyShot articles)

LMI Will Scan You But It Won't Be Pretty - LMI introduces low-cost KScan3D system to create 3D color scan that stitches multiple scans together automatically, employs HDI 3D scanner unlike most other systems, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, July 25, 2013 (more CAD show articles, CAD hardware articles)

Seen at Siggraph: SPEC's New Benchmarks - Specviewperf support CATIA V6, Creo V2.0, SolidWorks, NX, latest Specviewperf V12 has timing framework that loads executable programs, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Aug 2, 2013 (more CAD show articles)

Market Reshapes Around Composites - software vendors are acquiring companies specializing in composites modeling to optimize weight, performance of material, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Beneath the Layers: Composite Complexity - understand expansion behavior, orientation, simulation, wrinkle detection to work better with composites, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

Simulation for Small Businesses, Pt 2 - vendors are offering dedicated SMBs focused simulation software that have appropriate workflow, address pricing, complexity, deployment issues, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

What You May Not Know About Shaded with Edges - customizing display of edges using tangent edge control, showing SolidWorks model in wireframe, Jim Peltier, Javelin Technologies, Aug 4, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Electrical: Working with Dual Column Title Blocks - creating customized title block: set initial information, insert attributes into sheet at selected locations, Shao Liu, Javelin Technologies, Aug 2, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Adaptive Meshing in SolidWorks Simulation - activate meshing tool, learn about h-adaptive, p-adaptive meshing options to automatically refine mesh, HRS Blog, Aug 2, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Copy with Mates, Have You Forgotten This Command - copy multiple components to create new instances with mates, creating 4-step spiral staircase, Judy Marlo, CATI Tech Notes, Aug 2, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Dimension Input History: Love It? Hate It? - history list covers dimension dialog toolbar making it inaccessible, workaround is to place toolbar above input box using backdoor registry key in SolidWorks, Irfan Zardadkhan, Javelin Technologies, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Tech Tip: Balloon a Sub-Assembly and Its Parts - make sketch within sub-assembly file, hide/show same sketch independently for each drawing view, Tonia Lauer, Fisher/Unitech, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Looks to Set New Marks for Performance, Capability and Price - whopping 12 GB of GDDR5 video memory, 225W power, 288GB/s memory bandwidth, 2880 CUDA processors, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, July 30, 2013 (more NVIDIA articlesgraphics card articles)

SimScale Shifts Loads of Simulation to the Web Browser - simulation platform runs mechanical analysis, fluid, thermodynamic processes, has library showing details, tags, public link, ability to import into own workspace, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, July 30, 2013 (more engineering analysis articles)

A Highlight Overview of SIGGRAPH 2013 with Perspectives on Mac - Maxon announced CINEMA 4D R15, LightWorks announced exclusive reseller agreement with NVIDIA, AMD announced FirePro card, NVIDIA announced Quadro K6000, demo'ed Grid VCA, Akiko Ashley, Architosh, July 31, 2013 (more CAD show articles)

Edit Keynotes on the Fly - go to Cadimage menu to select keynotes followed by edit key palette, check entire contents of selected keynote to update, add keynotes in ArchiCAD, Glen Richardson, Cadimage, Aug 1, 2013 (more ArchiCAD tutorials)

Bluebeam Revu Tip: Working with More Screen Real Estate - utilize interface button to toggle on/off panels, command bar, status bar, navigation bar, hide tabs visible on open documents, Carol Hagen, Carol's Construction Technology Blog, July 31, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Demonstration - Specifying Construction Products Using NBS Create - specify construction products from particular manufacturers, avail NBS plus services to provide product information to manufacturers, Stephen Hamil, Construction Code, July 31, 2013 (more AEC articles)

Dynamic Workflow - nwf file references original authoring files, displays geometry shown in those files in Navisworks, learn about search sets, group clashes into constructability issues, Michael Smith, AUGI Library, July 30, 2013 (more Navisworks articles)

The Value of Layer Previous in AutoCAD  - use tool to undo last set of actions in layer property manager, apply tool repeatedly to stair-step back through various layer settings in AutoCAD, Lynn Allen's Blog, July 31, 2013 (more AutoCAD tips)

Purging DGN Linestyles from Drawings Not Open in the AutoCAD Editor - using DGNPURGE, DGNPURGEEXT commands, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Aug 1, 2013 (more AutoCAD programming tutorials)

Autodesk ReCap 1.0: Error Installing Service Pack 1 - check installed version, Check, update ReCap version written in system registry, close registry editor, restart computer, Byron Morales, Up and Ready, July 30, 2013 (more Autodesk articles)

View Frame Overview in Layout - check viewport frame type, set it to 'undefined,' view frames should be displayed after REGENALL command in Civil 3D, Being Civil, July 31, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Getting the Look You Want in InfraWorks, Pt 1: Using the Style Palette - opens style palette window, click roads tab, drag, drop style to represent 2-lane rural road, Eric Chappell's Blog, July 31, 2013 (more Civil 3D tutorials)

Inventor API: Alpha Sort Occurrences in Assembly Browser - apply VBA code to obtain names of all occurrences in assembly, sort names alphabetically, find model browser pane, ignore pattern elements, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Inventor API: Change the Mirrored State of a Derived Part - VBA example to update derived part from non-mirrored to mirrored state in Inventor, Vladimir Ananyev, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 30, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Recursively Accessing Parameters from an Inventor Assembly Document - understanding VB.NET example to access assembly document parameter containing multiple levels of parts, sub-assemblies in Inventor, Wayne Brill, Manufacturing DevBlog, July 29, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Explore the New Assembly Simplification Process in Autodesk Inventor 2014  - apply new simplification tools like simplify panel, simplify command available on simplify tab to simplify assembly model, Imran Bhutta, YouTube, July 23, 2013 (more Inventor tutorials)

Imaginit Clarity: How to Add Another Paper Size for PDF Prints - select ClarityPDF printer, open print server properties, create new form on forms tab, provide form name, measurements before saving form, restart Clarity task server to determine page size option, Sherry Pittman, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, July 31, 2013  (more Revit articles)

Multi-Segment Grid Bubble Removed by Crop Region - edit grid sketch, select split element tool from modify tab, click around crop region to create 2nd sketch segment, finish sketch in Revit, Ryan Duell, Revit Clinic, July 31, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

Create a Floor with an Opening or Complex Boundary - using NewFloor method, copying floor without its openings, committing transaction, creating openings in second step, Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, July 31, 2013 (more Revit tutorials)

SolidWorks Instant3D - helps perform basic extruded boss or extruded cut commands without starting command at all, Brian Reel, CATI Tech Notes, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Fastest 'Tangent' in the East - adding tangent relationship to sketch: select 2 desired entities, choose icon for tangent relationship from popup context menu, Jason Pancoast, CAPUniversity, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

Do 3 Things at Once: Intersect Command, Pt 3 - fill 'cavity' type area with solid, create solid body from void of 2 other solid bodies, find volume of void in SolidWorks, Randy Simmons, 3DVision Technologies, Aug 1, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

New in SolidWorks 2013 - Enhanced SpeedPak for Large Assemblies  - apply SpeedPak tool to simplify sub-assembly components by replacing heavy geometry with light graphical representation of external faces in SolidWorks, Alin Vargatu, YouTube, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Electrical 2D, Pt 1: Projects Manager  - open project manage to edit, set template, choose language to generate project, create, open 2nd project underneath 1st one, achieve, close, delete project, YouTube, July 30, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

SolidWorks Electrical 2D, Pt 2: Templates & View Options  - explore ways to customize, save templates, modify quick access bar, change process to display items in SolidWorks, YouTube, July 30, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)

eDrawings Augmented Reality for IOS Mobile Devices - helps user view model in real world setting, but mobile devices camera is limitation, enlarge QR code to increase range of recognition, Robert Warren, 3DVision Technologies, July 31, 2013 (more SolidWorks tutorials)


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