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Russian Programmer Arrested in Alibre Code Theft Case

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Randall S. Newton, August 24, 2007

In 2003 Alibre, Inc. accused former employee Roman Voznyuk of stealing the source code for Alibre Design and trying to pass it off as a new product called RaceCAD. The Russian national, recently living in Canada, was arrested August 6 as he attempted to enter the US for a brief holiday at Niagara Falls.


Voznyuk was an employee of Alibre, Inc. (Richardson, Texas) until he was laid off in 2003. According to Alibre founder Paul Grayson, Voznyuk was unable to find other work as a programmer in the US, so he returned to his native Russia. Soon after that, Voznyuk began selling a product called RaceCAD Design Professional over the Internet. Alibre quickly identified the product as Alibre Design and began efforts to block Voznyuk. Alibre and the authorities have been pursuing Voznyuk ever since.

As originally reported in CADCAMNet, Alibre initiated criminal and civil action against Voznyuk in October of 2003. Backing them up were Spatial Technologies, D-Cubed (now part of UGS), and the Open Design Alliance, since Alibre Design contained licensed software code from these companies.

Alibre hired the late Joe Greco to conduct an independent comparison of the two products. He concluded that the interface and operation of RaceCAD was a direct copy of Alibre Design. “It’s obvious with even a cursory review that RaceCAD is essentially an unauthorized version of Alibre Design, down to every menu command, icon, and dialog box,” said Greco in his report to Alibre.

When Alibre contacted Voznyuk, he offered to “settle” with Alibre and discontinue the English version of RaceCAD if Alibre agreed to give him the right to sell the Russian version of Alibre Design. Alibre chose instead to file legal actions, and it bought Google advertisements in both English and Russian warning those who used the search term “RaceCAD” that the software was illegal.


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The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet

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