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  Yoav Etiel To Depart Bricsnet - official press release, Oct 9, 2001
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Interview: Yoav Etiel, former VP of Bricsnet

Yoav Etiel, executive vice president of World Wide Marketing, recently left Bricsnet. Here is an exclusive interview with TenLinks.com.

TL: You were at Bentley before Bricsnet. For how long and what was your position?
Etiel: I was with Bentley between 1993 and 2000, when I left as the company's senior vice president of marketing.

TL: Who did you replace at Bricsnet?
Etiel: I joined as the company's first executive vice president of Worldwide Marketing, a position that CEO Erik de Keyser strategically created to consolidate the message of 9 companies that made up Bricsnet after 18 months of acquisitions and to focus the efforts toward the promising opportunities ahead. Specifically, it was my duty to lead the campaign to credibly compete in the very lucrative market of software for real estate organizations.

TL: Why are you leaving Bricsnet?
Etiel: Mission accomplished. The company is on the right track and needs to shift the attention to execute the road map we laid out. It's a sales-driven phase and it has a very good team and leadership in place for what is necessary at this moment. Tony Flynn, who I brought in as COO, heads the Americas/Asia region and Bertrand Dumazy, who co-founded Constructeo, which we acquired in July, is heading the European efforts as COO of that region.

TL: Bricsnet seems to be emphasizing its real estate management/post-construction business. With your CAD background, did you feel as if you were under utilized?
Etiel: On the contrary. I enjoyed leading the company to make the real-estate market its focus. Both the company and myself benefited tremendously from our experience in software for the design and construction phases.

TL: Bricsnet has reported losses. Did its aggressive acquisitions of companies during the height of the Internet economy  put Bricsnet in a difficult financial position? Would you care to comment?
Etiel: The nature of the software business is R&D investment upfront. Recession coupled with diminishing investment sentiments has made life in the software business very challenging to most companies. Relative to others, Bricsnet happens to be rather fortunate -- it does have sizeable revenues, its IPO is behind it and its product is ready-to-market. To bridge the gap to profitability, which the company maintains is expected in the fourth quarter, the company has rigorously reduced expenses, and has raised capital through a comprehensive financial transaction involving the merger with Constructeo.

TL: Where do you see Bricsnet's CAD tools, especially IntelliCAD, in the future (in terms of development effort, marketing, sales).
Etiel: It's a good question and the company has in fact asked me to help them research this very topic, now that I have a bit more time on my hands.

TL: What are your plans for the near future? Have you spoken to Bentley management and are there possibilities there?
Etiel: I've hardly had the time to change a shirt since you've seen the press release announcing my departure, so I have not spoken to anyone regarding my future endeavors but my first priority right now is a vacation in Israel -- originally scheduled to commence September 12.

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