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Recover from a Power Failure with IntelliCAD's AutoSave

  By Jos van Doorn
September 6, 2005

You're working in IntelliCAD. You're creating a technical drawing. You've been on that drawing a couple of hours. And then a disaster. Power failure. The electricity shut down. The computer is no longer working. You've got a blank screen. And your drawing is gone.

Everything you did with your drawing. It's gone. Because you didn't save your drawing, you lost a lot of time.

NOTE: if you were using the AutoSave feature of IntelliCAD, your drawing has been saved.

Over the AutoSave Feature

You can retrieve your drawing. And get back what you did. You will not get back everything. You'll loose some work.

How much will you lose? That depends on how you have set the AutoSave feature. But you have not lost everything. Not your whole drawing.

Let's see how we can work with the AutoSave feature. Let's see what it does. And let's see how we can retrieve an IntelliCAD drawing:

  1. First we must enable AutoSave. We click on Tools in the menu bar and on Options in the pull down menu. The Options dialog box is displayed.
  2. The screen under the General tab is displayed. In the dialog box is the AutoSave area. Click in the checkbox in front of Enable auto save.
  3. Now the AutoSave feature is enabled. You can set a time for the AutoSave feature. (I've set the time to ten minutes.)

Here I must give a warning. Don't set the time too small. Because the drawing will be saved. That takes time.

Suppose you're working on a big drawing. Very often you have to wait. As the drawing is saved. I don't think you want to do that.

More About the Time You Set

If you've got a power failure. You will loose not more than the time you set for the AutoSave feature. So things are not that bad.

You can set what extension is used for the drawing that is saved over the AutoSave feature. By default that extension is SV$. Don't change that extension.

You have enabled the AutoSave feature. The drawing is saved every ten minutes. And the drawing file gets the extension SV$. Very nice!

But where is the drawing saved? And what can I do with the saved drawing? First let's see where the drawing is saved.

You Can Set Where the Drawing is Saved

Open the Options dialog box. And then click on the Paths/Files tab. Move down in the list. You see the entry Temporary file. Behind that entry is the path in which the AutoSave feature saves your drawing file. With the SV$ extension. You can change it. Click on the path. And type a new path. Make sure the path exists. Create it first. I have created the C:\Temp folder.

And now you have this power failure. Your computer is no longer working. Wait until you again have electricity and start your computer. Go to the path where the drawing file has been saved through AutoSave. Find your file. The name of the file is the same as the name of your drawing.

To make sure your drawing name is used. Save your drawing right away as you start working on it. You must change the file extension of the drawing file. Change the file extension to DWG. And maybe move the drawing file to a new path.

Now the drawing file can be opened by IntelliCAD. Now you can continue working on your drawing.

Power failure? No problem.

About the Author

Jos van Doorn is an AutoCAD specialist and AutoLISP programmer. He has published a series of e-books on AutoCAD and AutoLISP topics, which are available for downloading at his website. He is also publisher of the free ACAD Newsletter. To subscribe, visit the newsletter's webpage.

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