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“It’s Layout Space, Jim, But Not As We Know It!”

By Alan Wooldridge, Cadalot, June 9, 2003

In version 4 of IntelliCAD 2001, users finally got Layout Space. Up until this release IntelliCAD worked more like AutoCAD R14, in that we had one Layout Space, i.e. what was formally known as Paper Space.

Autodesk neatly changed the term from Paper Space (R14) to Layout Space (R2000) when it gave to AutoCAD what we had seen in other applications like Microsoft Excel - sexy tabs along the bottom of the screen and multiple working environments.

IntelliCAD users will have to wait for the sexy tabs, but what they now do have is a functional way of having more than one layout per file.

“What does this mean in real terms?” I hear you cry.

With Multiple Layout Space it is possible to have each drawing sheet in its own environment on it’s own page.

Consider the AutoCAD screen below:

Click on image to enlarge

Here is a drawing for a side extension. At the moment we are looking at Drawing 02 Existing Ground Floor Plan. You can see that the drawing on the Tab to the left is drawing 01 the Location Plan, and that on the right is drawing 03 Proposed Ground Floor Plan.

Now let’s look at the same drawing in IntelliCAD 2001 version 4:

Click on image to enlarge

In version 4 of IntelliCAD 2001 we don’t see the Tabs (yet).

However, by typing PMSPACE and entering in the command line by double-clicking on the Space Mode Settings area of the status bar we launch the Workspaces dialogue box.

Click on image to enlarge

Let's look a bit closer:

As can be seen above, all the Layout Spaces from the drawings created in AutoCAD 2002 are there. And this is where you can move between Layout Spaces.

Click on image to enlarge

Yes, I would like the width of the field displaying the name to be wider, and I would like those sexy tabs. However, Multiple Layout Space was the #1 most-requested feature by IntelliCAD 2001 users; the developers listened and quickly supplied a solution.

It’s not “sexy” yet, but it is very functional. Using a product that gives me the same functionality of AutoCAD at less than a tenth of the cost, I’m willing to wait for the bells and whistles to follow. And from what I gather, lurking in the various IntelliCAD forums, most other users are willing to wait as well.

About the Author

Alan James Wooldridge is a structural engineer and  planning supervisor who has also been acting as CAD manager in a UK consultancy since 1988. He has been involved with CAD since 1975, when he assisted in the development of in-house CAD systems for the SGB Group of companies. He has been using AutoCAD since version 2.5. He is also well versed in Generic CADD and Cadvance. His Cadalot website <http://www.cadalot.co.uk> provides support and guidance for CAD users.

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