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IronCAD Continues to be Iron Solid - IronCAD incorporates ACIS, Parasolid modeling kernels, offers parametric feature modeling, direct editing within part structure, allows reading point cloud files, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Nov 12, 2015

KeyShot for IronCAD: Affordable, Realistic Rendering Made Easy - real-time raytracing, instant real world lighting, scientifically accurate materials, can import native file formats, TCT Magazine, Feb 11, 2014

Photorealistic Rendering Has Become an Essential Tool in CAD - IronCAD has 3D visualization tools based on HOOPS technology, alternatively offers integrated, low-cost version of KeyShot for producing high-end visuals based on CAD models, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Feb 12, 2014

Free 3D Configurations and Collaboration with IronCAD Compose - impressive, free app has 20 built-in catalogs, needs translator to import additional file formats at cost of US$195, suitable for front-end of design or sales cycle, Scott Wertel, CADdigest.com, July 9, 2013

Three Free CAD Programs for Engineers and Designers - IronCAD COMPOSE, Autodesk Inventor Fusion, Solid Edge 2D Drafting, Evan Yares, Design World, July 10, 2012

Free Product Configuration With IRONCAD COMPOSE - sales tool has photorealistic rendering, animation features, ability to use IronCAD Triball to quickly modify underlying mesh geometry, Deelip.com, June 10, 2012

IronCAD COMPOSE is Free - Free, As in Internet - view IronCAD files, configure 3D models to customer requirements, generate renderings, animations of 3D models, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 5, 2012

IronCAD Courts Configurable Product Market with COMPOSE - drag, drop standard parts, fit into configurable assembly, libraries include press feeder machine components, conveyor assembly, piping sample, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, May 31, 2012

IronCAD Donates 5,000 Seats of 3D Design Software to Educational Institutions in 2004 - commentary by Jeffrey Rowe, MCADCafe, May 3, 2005

The MCAD/PDM Connection - examines how each of the major high-end and mid-range MCAD applications integrates PDM tools (functions that allow users who don't have the authoring application to preview, open and share documents), Joe Greco, DE Online, February 2003 (may require free registration)



IronCAD - How to Add Geometry to Existing Drawings  - bring in DWG or DXF file, merge them into same file, Mark Mason, CAD Tutorials, Jan 7, 2013

History Based Direct Modeling Using IronCAD - Pt 3 - moving hole from bottom block to top block, feature tree, Deelip Menezes, Deelip.com, Oct 15, 2010 (also see Pt 1, Pt 2)

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How IronCAD's Hybrid Modeling Compares with Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge - IronCAD offers 2 modes to create geometry, offers parameterization on demand, live rules are not needed, can modify imported geometry just like native geometry, Scott Wertel, CADdigest.com, July 15, 2013

Designing Innovatively with IronCAD 2013 - overview of modules, 2 working environments, scene, drawing, CAXA draft options, impressive TriBall interface, ability to reuse geometry imported from other native CAD formats, Daniel Dobrzynski, CADdigest.com, May 21, 2013

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