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December 2001

The Race to Data Management - most CAD people manage to avoid PDM but more MCAD vendors are starting to integrate it, Benjamin B. Ames, Design News, Dec 17, 2001

Design Smart, for Manufacturability - DFM can mean enormous cost savings, reduction of excessive parts, better assembly techniques, and a positive effect on employee ergonomics, Laurie Ann Toupin, Design News, December 17, 2001

What Can Mechanical Engineers Learn from Industrial Designers? - Benjamin B. Ames, Design News, Dec 3, 2001

Roadmap to an MCAD Merger - interoperability between SDRC and Unigraphics "no problem," Benjamin B. Ames, Senior Editor, Design News, Dec 3, 2001

November  2001

Design-Centric versus Process-Centric CAD: Myth or Reality? - The differences between high-end and mid-range MCAD products, Joe Greco, CADENCE, Nov 2001

October 2001

2D Drafting - despite the high-end features in MCAD programs, the deliverable are still 2D drawings in many cases. Joe Greco supplies a 2D checklist, Desktop Engineering, Oct 2001

Molding The Future - Advancements In Injection Mold Design and Processes - Jeffrey Rowe, MCAD Vision, Oct 2001 (pdf file) 

Pro/MECHANICA Thermal Technical Tips - John Buchowski, PTC, Oct 2001

GS Gives PDM Away for Free - Well, Almost - using the free PDM in Solid Edge will involve paying $4,000 for Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server, CADserver, Oct 1, 2001

September  2001

News From Solid Edge Global Summit 2001 - report from Solid Edge Atlanta user conference, Kenneth Wong, CADENCE, Sep 26, 2001

GM's Engineering Software Supplier is Buying Ford's - the SDRC/Unigraphics merger could cause a culture clash in the automotive industry, Drew Winter, AutoWorld, Sep 1, 2001 

August 2001

EDS Acquires SDRC - CIMData's position paper on the merger, June 22, 2001, pdf file (reprinted in MCAD Vision, August 2001)

After Merger, SDRC Soothes Users - I-DEAS users are assured 2 more releases, reports Benjamin Ames from SDRC's users' conference, Aug 6, 2001

Reduce the Number of Constraints with Construction Lines complex profiles can  have Mechanical Desktop users entering constraints forever - unless they use construction lines, Jim LoFaso, Inside AutoCAD, August 2001

Imagining Faster - new design tools and software like rapid prototyping, haptic devices and 3D displays allow companies to move products to market, Scott Kirsner, Darwin, August 2001

July 2001

3D Force Feedback CAD Hardware - Peter Sheerin explores the cutting edge in 3D modeling input devices, CADENCE, July 2001

Engineers Bank Better Salaries - annual reader survey reveals average salary of $64,490, up over 5% from last year, Design News Online, July 2, 2001 (more engineering salary info)

How to Get A Better Handle On Fatigue -  FEA programs model cyclical loads to help predict failure, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, July 19, 2001 (pdf file)

Hull Raising - 3D simulation key to raising disabled Russian sub, Karen Moltenbrey, CGW, July 2001

Innovation in the Fast Lane - Fleetwood, a recreation vehicle manufacturer, Sikorsky and Boeing use CAD with collaboration to optimize design efforts, Beth Stackpole, eWEEK, July 17, 2001

Software Adds Flexibility in Manufacturing - interview with Robert Bean, president and  CEO of CADKEY, Design News, July 2, 2001 (pdf)

Industry Connects, Special Report - a guide to industry and the Internet by Advanced Manufacturing, July 2001

June 2001

3D Collaborative Design Survey Results - seventy percent of respondents will have need for a collaborative design system within 2 years, Wanda Meloni, CGW, June 2001 (pdf file)

Big Deal For UGS - UGS is moving fast, as its merger with SDRC and deal with Fiat indicate, Martyn Day CADserver, June 18, 2001

CATIA Operators Salary Survey - year 2001 survey shows average salary of $53,172 and consultants leading the bunch with $122,000, CATIA Solutions, June 2001 (pdf)

Design For Manufacturability Software Reduces Time to Calculate Cost of Airframe Components by 75% - Aerospace Online, June 1, 2001

Tips for SolidWorks - several compiled by Kate McGraw, SOLID Solutions, June 18, 2001

Engineering Website Resource Guide - the best engineering websites in five categories - includes TenLinks.com as best all around portal, Loren Werner, Tim Thompson, DE Online, June 2001

FEA Boosts Winston Cup Winner - engineering student uses FEA to strengthen part used in race car, Design News, June 18, 2001

FEA Reality Checks - gaining confidence in your simulation, Pamela J. Waterman, DE Online, June 2001

Flying Through Space - AutoCAD has provide many ways to orient yourself in 3D but with the new 3DORBIT, it finally gets it right, John Wilson, CADENCE, June 2001

Four Arguments For the Elimination of 2D CAD - Randall S. Newton, AECVision, June 2001

GM Partners Adopting Its CAD System - UGS benefits from GM alliances, Wards Auto World, June 1, 2001

A Matter of Perspective - a study of perspective techniques can make manual and CAD presentations more realistic, Diana Phillips Mahoney, CGW, June 2001

New CAD and FEA Alliances Let Users Choose Their Tools - FEA vendors integrating with different CAD companies, Louse Elliott, Design News Online, June 2001

Part to Art - enhanced visualization capabilities allow CAD models to be used in marketing efforts, Jenny Donelan, CGW, June 2001

May 2001

SolidWorks Takes CAD to ASP Model - publishing parts catalogs is easier than ever with 3DPartStream.NET, Kevin Newcomb, ASPnews.com, May 29, 2001

Asteroid CAD? - PlanetCAD now concentrates on selling  PrescientQA software and has all but abandoned its web initiatives. Computer Aided Design Report, May 2001

Design Tools Get a Little Better - sums up notable enhancements in MCAD tools from Pro/E, SolidWorks, SDRC, others, Lawrence S Gould, Automotive Manufacturing and Production, May 2001

Ferrari Designs a Winner - improvements in engine, aerodynamics and design software help Ferrari make Formula 1 race car, Design News Online, May 2001

Hand Crafted  - SensAble's free from design tool adds sense of touch so designers can feel what they are making, c3mag.com, May 2001

On Target with Pro/E - Rapid productivity for Custom Design - case history of how Pro/ENGINEER Aids in Design and Manufacture of paint ball gun, CADserver, May 11, 2001

UGS and Spatial: Is Interoperability Really the Goal? - or is the recent announcement a prelude to a merger between CAD giants? Tom Gill, MCAD Vision, May 2001

TECHNODIGIT: How to Capture Reality and Mesh any Cloud of Points - reverse engineering application, CADinfo.NET, May 9, 2001

Depth Perception - 3D is used for real business use, includes mention of Actify and Caligari, James Karney, Internet World, May 1, 2001

Laser Scanner Provides More Accuracy in Inspecting Highly Contoured First Articles - software and hardware create 3D models from thousands of accurate point, NVision, MCAD Vision, May 2001

Change Will Reshape the RP Process and Its Equipment - timecompress.com, May 2001

April 2001

Feature Translation Update - what went wrong with Pro/E models that were converted to CATIA? Computer Aided Design Report, April 2001

Alventive Spins Off IronCAD - but does it have a chance against bigger MCAD companies? Computer Aided Design Report, April 2001

Benchmarking Product Design Using Pro/ENGINEER - Wali Crawford, MCADVision, April 2001

How to Drive Smart Assemblies - using CAD and CAE tools for complex assemblies, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, April 5, 2001 (pdf)

Numerous Factors Contribute to Design Industry's Slow Shift From 2D to 3D CAD - CEO's of MCAD companies try to explain, NASA tech Briefs, April 9, 2001

Solid Modelers Are Doing More of the Manual Design Work - enhancements in latest SolidWorks release are "down to earth useful" says Lawrence Gould, Automotive Manufacturing And Production

SolidWorks Wants In At the Design Level - SolidWorks' Jon McCelany discusses new technologies will help the designer, Richard Karpinski, TechWeb, Apr 23, 2001

Visualizing Change - Richard Karpinski talks to SolidWorks' Jon McCeleney about 3DPartStream,  Transformation Today, Apr 23, 2001

March 2001

Alibre's Progress - a well funded company with a parametric web-based MCAD application gets a big contract from GE but user acceptance is modest, Computer Aided Design Report, March 2001 

Daratech 2001 - report from Daratech's annual summit, featuring CEOs of most of the big CAD companies, by Martyn Day, CADserver, March 2001

Engineering an American Supercar - Amy Higgins, Machine Design, March 2001

Extreme Modeling - Joe Greco, DEonline, March, 2001

Flying Deep - submersible vehicle designed with Inventor and analyzed with FEA, CGW March 2001

Improving the Design Process with Solid Modeling - Joe Gasper, Synergis, MCAD Vision, March 2001

Design for the Jet Set - luxury private jets demand the best materials, workmanship -- as well as 3D tools from Geomagic, SDRC and MasterCAM. Karen Moltenbrey, CGW, March 2001

 Mechanical Design and Engineering - application service providers (ASPs), Joe Greco, CADENCE, March 2001

Planning the Transition From 2D to 3D - white paper by Lee Whitney, VP of MICROCADAM, Design News, March 2001

thinkdesign Drives Dinan Designs - CADinfo.NET, March 2001

Updating New Workstations on SolidWorks 2000 - Gregory E. Jankowski, Solid Solutions, March/April 2001

February 2001

Feature-Based Translation - Joe Greco, CADENCE, February 2001

New Ideas Reshape Solid Modeling - Joseph Dunn, Machine Design, February 8, 2001

January 2001

MCAD State of the Art: Clearing Collaboration and Surface Modeling Hurdles - special report, CADENCE, January 2001

2D to 3D - Joe Greco, CADENCE, January 2001

Engineering the Next Generation: Part 1 - Al Dean, CADserver, January 10, 2001


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