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ALGOR and SpaceClaim Marketing Agreement Seeks to Tempt Users with New 3D Design-to-Analysis Workflow Possibilities

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Randall S. Newton, March 24, 2008

Simulation and analysis software vendor ALGOR, Inc. and start-up 3D design vendor SpaceClaim this week announced a marketing partnership. The deal calls for ALGOR to make available a free time-limited copy of SpaceClaim Professional to all its customers, while SpaceClaim will offer its users a free time-limited copy of ALGOR DesignCheck.

The statement from ALGOR and SpaceClaim says the deal provides “thousands of users with a complete design-to-analysis solution and a unique computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflow. Users can control the CAE workflow regardless of the native CAD environment, reducing the amount of time that it takes to iterate through multiple CAE scenarios, which leads to better-performing designs and reduced project costs.” The two companies call the deal a “technology partnership” but we see no evidence of joint development or other aspects one would normally consider part of a technology partnership. This deal is about finding new customers for each other’s products.

From SpaceClaim, two workflow examples of the joint use of ALGOR and SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim users who try ALGOR DesignCheck can upgrade to other ALGOR simulation capabilities including static stress and Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) with linear and nonlinear material models; linear dynamics; fatigue; CFD including steady-state and transient heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow and mass transfer; electrostatics; full multiphysics; and piping. ALGOR says all its products provide direct CAD/CAE data exchange and full associativity with SpaceClaim.

The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet.

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