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MCAD Europe 2006: A Reshaping Dynamic Market

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L. Stephen Wolfe & Randall S. Newton
December 14, 2006

01consulting studies the MCAD market in Europe through countries and industries, under two categories: high-end and mid-range.

Almost entering "its forties," the MCAD market, still the biggest segment of the PLM market, is particularly dynamic. Growing at a 7% annual rate, the market is pushed both from the top, through process-oriented implementation strategies, and from the bottom through the continuous 2D to 3D migrations.

The mid range segment is growing at +25%, in line with our last year's forecast, getting closer to the value of the High-end segment which is decreasing at the same time (-2%). This report provides vendor rankings under different criteria and discusses the trends and the factors enabling them.

MCAD Europe 2006: High-end Compared to Mid-range

By providing market size and vendors positions in several industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Industrial equipment and machinery, the report analyzes the actual trends. The market is also scanned through a geographic angle, showing the diversity of tendencies in different European regions. Vendors are ranked in each country, and for each region, the size of the market is evaluated.

MCAD Revenue Europe (2005 Actual)

In this chart, SolidWorks and Solid Edge numbers have been extracted out of Dassault Systemes and UGS numbers.

Furthermore, main trends and facts are analyzed; thus, reasons for Dassault’s excellent performance which goes beyond SolidWorks growth are proposed, examined and commented. The report develops how Autodesk and SolidWorks are contributing to the growth of the mid range segment as well as Solid Edge that is now accelerating growth and outrunning Think3. Finally, the impact of the mentioned changes on the service companies are discussed leading to a reshaped MCAD market in Europe.

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01consulting is an independent provider of operational and management services in Europe. Founded by Darius Lahoutifard, a senior executive in the Enterprise software markets, the company employs its expertise in operations, sales, marketing, business development, human resources, finance and equity to a wide variety of both financially sound and distressed organizations, including established companies as well as advanced technology start-ups.


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