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Acrobat 6.0 Tips and Tricks for the CAD Professional:
Creating Large-Format Adobe PDF Documents

By Quynh Nguyen, Adobe, July 3, 2003

New Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional supports ISO, ANSI, JIS, and ARCH formats, making it easy to produce high-quality PDF documents from virtually any large-format document.

Here's how:

  1. Specify the page size in AutoCAD’s Page Setup dialog.

  2. Under the Plot Device tab, select Adobe PDF as the plotter name.

  3. Click Properties and then click on Custom Properties. The Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog box will appear.

  4. At the Adobe PDF Settings tab, choose a page size by selecting an option from the Adobe PDF Page Size pull down menu (standard page sizes such as ISO, ARCH, JIS and ANSI are listed as options). If the pages size you want isn't listed, click Add Custom Page, name your custom page size, enter its height and width values, and click Add/Modify to add it to the Adobe PDF Page Size menu.

  5. Click Plot. Name the PDF document and specify a location for the file, and then click save.

  6. By default, the Adobe PDF document is saved with the same name as the original document, but with a PDF extension. It is also saved in the same location as the original document.

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