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3D Digitizers and ScannersReviews

SMARTTECH 3D's New Industrial 3D Scanner - SMARTTECH 3D Robotized is structured light 3D scanner operates within enclosed chamber, sensor can travel all around subject at virtually any angle, workspace of 300 x 230 x 180mm, can compare scan to 3D CAD model, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 27, 2015

Reality Capture Technologies Give a Closer Look at a High-Flying Architectural Wonder - laser scanners, point cloud-processing software help United States Air Force Academy to better understand its Cadet Chapel, make plan for its rehabilitation, Angus Stocking, Cadalyst, Sep 3, 2015

Artec Eva, Spider and Studio - easy-to-use, handheld 3D scanners have built-in illumination to ensure sufficient, even lighting on textures, prefer objects with lots of sharp edges, available for $20,000, Mark Clarkson, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2015

Interview: Andrew Smith from Fuel3D on SCANIFY - journey of Fuel3D, impact of Kickstarter campaign in further development of device, potential in market for consumer, prosumer 3D scanning devices, Microfabricator.com, June 30, 2015

The Best 3D Scanner on the Market - Doesn't Exist - discussing factors that play important role in owning 3D imaging systems, Will Tompkinson, SPAR Point Group, Apr 2015

Introduction to Reality Computing - definition, fundamentals: capture, timeline of 3D scanning development, create, deliver, digital, physical realizations, value of reality computing, industry ramifications, AUGI Library, Apr 28, 2015

First Impressions of the FARO Freestyle3D Scanner - structured light scanner, projects pattern of infrared dots, detects their deformation, comes bundled with Surface Pro 3, FARO's SCENE Capture software pre-installed, provides painless capturing, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Apr 10, 2015

Handheld 3D Scanner Brings 3D Printing to the Masses - SCANIFY 3D scanner captures, processes 3D model quickly by combining precalibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging, Kaylie Duffy, Product Design & Development, Apr 13, 2015

Review of Handheld Scanners from FARO, DotProduct, and More - detailed summary of technical features, applications of FARO's Freestyle scanner, Mantis Vision's F5 scanner, EVA, Spider scanners by Artec, DotProduct's DPI-7 scanner, Eugene Liscio, SPAR Point Group, Jan 2015

3D Imaging in 2015: Outlook Good (and Bad) - introduction of 3D imaging to professionals will create need of education, training; raising prices for services will be tough, Sam Billingsley, SPAR Point Group, Jan 12, 2015

FARO's New Freestyle3D Handheld Scanner - lightweight, comes with Microsoft Surface tablet, scans up to distance of 3 meters, captures 88k points per second, accuracy greater than 1.5mm, Sean Higgins, SPAR Point Group, Jan 7, 2015

New Dawn for 3D Reality Computing - more sophisticated scanning hardware, easier manipulation of captured data, shrinking costs contribute to bright forecast for technology, Randall Newton, Cadalyst, Dec 31, 2014

Scan to BIM Still Requires Expert Modelers - busting myths: point cloud is easy, it is error free, point cloud can be exported to Revit BIM, it is ready to use, Bhushan Avsatthi, Informed Infrastructure, Sep 18, 2014

Mantis Vision Announces Aquila 3D-Scanning Tablet - 8" tablet is intended to give developers set of tools to produce 3D content, create new applications that use 3D technology, Sean Higgins, SPAR Point Group, Sep 2014

Cool Tools: Wide-Format Printers and Scanners - Canon OcÚ PlotWave 500, Colortrac SmartLF SG, Epson T Series, HP Designjet T3500 eMultifunction Printer, Contex HD iFLEX, Desktop Engineering, Sep 1, 2014

Review of 2 3D Scanners, Pt 2: The Structure Sensor from Occipital - uses similar technology like Kinect, itSeez3D is good for 3D scanning, 3D printing, can export file as .obj or .ply with full-color texture maps, Michael Molitch-Hou & Danielle Matich, 3D Printing Industry, Aug 21, 2014

Review of 2 3D Scanners, Pt 1: The Sense from 3D Systems - low-cost, handheld 3D scanning device for consumers, generates watertight, full-colored 3D model instantly, Michael Molitch-Hou & Danielle Matich, 3D Printing Industry, Aug 20, 2014

Reality Computing Connects 3D Printing to Scanning and Design Software - definition of reality computing, spatial sensing technologies used to capture data for reality computing, Andrew Wheeler, ENGINEERING.com, Aug 14, 2014

FARO's Q2 Highlights Growing Interest in Reality Computing - revenue up 20% y/y to $82 million, net income increased 74% to $6.3 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Aug 4, 2014

Ease of Use Drives 3D Scanner Adoption in Engineering - scanner selection criteria: consider application requirements, set-up time, versatility, user requirements, accuracy, resolution, scanner size and range, Brian Albright, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2014

Sensing the World in 3D - handheld Cubify Sense scanner works by emitting laser beams to detect, determine object's surfaces, features, available for $399, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, July 21, 2014

3D Systems Sense - entry level product to to capture 3D geometry quickly, cheaply, uses combination of camera, laser strips to project, capture, triangulate points, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, May 20, 2014

What's the Right 3D Scanner for You? - available types: structured light, laser scanners, photogrammetry, contact probe; consider factors like portability, accuracy, speed, cost before making purchasing decision, Jordan Pelovitz, LAGOA, Apr 21, 2014

Z Corp. Raises the Ante on 3D Scanners - handheld, portable ZScanner 600 can scan hard-to-reach surface areas, with 0.1 mm resolution, XY accuracy up to 80 microns, generates polygon mesh of surface, Doug Smock, Design News, Sep 15, 2009

Services in 3D Scanning - FARO, Kreon, Metris, Perceptron and Renishaw offer laser scanners while Direct Dimensions provides services and training, Rita Stange, Inventor Connections, April 16, 2007 (may require free registration)

All That Glitters! - 3D Scanners' latest hand-held laser scanner, ModelMaker Z, provides superior dark or shiny surface data capture, capable of capturing up to thirty profiles and positioning them in 3D space each second, CADUser.com, July 2005

Go-Between - shop floor software taps into CAD systems to get vital manufacturing information, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, May 2005 (more CAM articles)

Terrestrial 3-D Laser Scanners Capture Reality - 3D laser scanners can be applied to a wide range of applications, from GIS,  construction, civil engineering and manufacturing-plant markets to architectural projects, Matt Ball, GEO World, January 2004

Low-Cost Digitizers Collect 3D Data - a look at a variety of systems (under $30,000) that address the task formerly known as reverse engineering, Pamela J. Waterman, Desktop Engineering, January 2005

Rethinking the Design Cycle - a product design company is using a "dimensionless design" process with the help of SensAble’s Freeform haptic modeling system to go beyond the constraints of a rigidly defined CAD model, CADserver, January 7, 2005

New Hardware and Software Seen at SIGGRAPH 2004 - reviews of  Rhino 4.0, form*Z 4.5, SensAble's new haptic system, and 3D displays, Joe Greco, Cadalyst MCAD Tech News #127, August 19, 2004

Get Touchy-Feely with Haptics - reviews of the latest input devices for entering data and taking measurements, designed to make tedious tasks easy to accomplish - and fun, Glenn Hartwig, Desktop Engineering, May 2004

Six New Tools for Today's Architects - a round-up of essential software and hardware tools: Revit 6, Atmosphere, Pictometry Online and Electronic Field Study (EFS) Software, Sympodium ID250 Interactive Pen Display, Laser ScanArm and AirGen Fuel Cell Generator, Deborah Snoonian, Architectural Record, March 2004

Tools for Field Surveying - reviews of ZiPCAD, a PDA-based tool that imports and exports DXF files; PhotoModeler software, which creates a scaled 3D model of a building or space; and the Cyrax 3D Laser Scanning System, which creates a 3D "cloud" of data points from a given station point, Evan H. Shu, ArchitectureWeek, July 30, 2003

Innovations In Input - a round-up of some of the latest innovations in input devices: Spaceball 5000, Dimentor Inspector, MicroScribe G2X, Cintiq 18SX and Cintiq Grip Pen, Jeffrey Rowe, Desktop Engineering, June 2003

A Million Points of Light - a quick look at Cyra's scanning system, Roopinder Tara, TenLinks.com, June 4, 2002

Feel the Texture of Virtual Clay - a look at SensAble's FreeForm modeling system, Design News, Jan 7, 2002

3D Force Feedback CAD Hardware - new input devices offer tactile feedback, including SensAble's Phantom Desktop and Immersions CyberForce, Peter Sheerin, CADENCE July 2001

Reverse Engineering through Desktop Digitizing: A Look at how Roland Picza, Immersion Microscribe-3D NVision ModelMaker use different technnology to provide desktop digitizing - includes a review of Roland's PIX-30, a 3D touch probe 3 axis digitizer, Joe Greco, CADENCE, March 2001

Reverse Engineering Hardware: More Systems, More Choices - Pamela  J. Waterman, Desktop Engineering, November 2000

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