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3Dconnexion's New Device

reprinted by permission of Ralph Grabowski, editor

July 15, 2003

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Barry Smith from Logitech - ahem, 3Dconnexion - called to describe the latest addition to their line of 3D "mice." The SpaceTraveler ($599 U.S. dollars) is meant for use with notebook computers, and is 1/10th the size of their other products. It has eight blue glowing buttons encircling the controller, which looks like a tall hockey puck, but is just 2 inches in diameter.

SpaceTraveler is meant for use with applications that involve 3D models (like CAD) and very large 2D models (like huge spreadsheets). It allows users to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D models or datasets with the controller in one hand while the other hand selects, inspects or edits with a mouse. The company's 3D controllers sense force: pushing on the controller left-right and forward-backward moves the model in the x- and y-directions; pull up and push down to move in the z-direction.

3Dconnexion's other products include:

  • SpaceBall 5000 ($499) - stand-alone 3D controller, now with USB connector and higher precision.

  • SpaceMouse Plus is similar, but is sold in Europe.

  • SpaceNavigator ($299) - integrates the SpaceBall into Logitech's keyboard.

In the bad news department, Logitech shares fell by 1/3 after the company warned its Q1 operating income had slumped to $8 million, half the previous forecast, and one day after a published interview with the CEO said business was on track. The company has annual revenues of $1.2 billion. 3Dconnexion website.

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