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New Workstations from Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo - new machines from tier one workstation manufacturers feature Intel Haswell-EP Xeon E5 v3 series CPUs, new GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD, host of new I/O technologies including Thunderbolt 2, PCIe SSDs, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 13, 2014

Lenovo ThinkServer RD340 Shines at Virtualization - single 2.4Ghz Xeon E5-2470 v2 CPU, 32GB RAM, MegaRAID SAS 9240-8i controller, 2 USB ports up front, good performance, at home as file server or a virtual computer host, base price is $1,319, Bill Debevc, CADdigest.com, Sep 19, 2014

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Application Performance Figures with New Haswell Xeon E5 v3 CPUs - ThinkStation P series vs Sandy Bridge Xeon vs Ivy Bridge Xeon workstations; comparative performance figures inside 4 leading 3D applications: SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo, 3ds Max, Maya, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, Sep 9, 2014

Surprising Results from SOLIDWORKS Workstation Graphic Benchmarking - using Lenovo ThinkStation E32 to test discrete vs integrated GPUs found Intel is gaining ground on NVIDIA, Stephen Wolfe & Jon Peddie, Graphic Speak, Aug 22, 2014

First Look Review: Lenovo ThinkStation P500 P700 P900 - workstations for mainstream CAD/CAM, high-end CAE, FLEX bays to add additional I/O ports, card readers or storage, standard FLEX drive trays, revamped supporting software, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 12, 2014

Lenovo ThinkStation E32 SFF - impressive entry-level workstation consists of Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 processor, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro K600 graphics card, 1TB HDD, Greg Corke, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 3, 2014

HP's Z230: The Workstation Market Leader's Entry-Class Deskside - comparison with Lenovo E32SFF, BOXX 4150 XT workstations; substantial differences in GPU, memory were differentiating facor, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, Feb 4, 2014

Performance in a Petite Package - Lenovo ThinkStation E32 SFF has dual-core 3.4GHz Intel Core i3-4130 CPU, Windows 8 Pro, integrated Intel HD graphics, 4GB of memory, price starts at $749, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2014

Lenovo E31 SFF ThinkStation Review - mid-level workstation has Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 CPU, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 600 graphics card, suitable for CAD professionals, analysts performing FEM setup, small studies, priced at US$1274, John Evans, Design and Motion, Sep 11, 2013

Lenovo Launches Workstation Tailored for AutoCAD LT - entry-level ThinkStation E32 is built for design, AEC community, has Intel Xeon E3-1200v3 processor, 32 GB of ECC memory, priced at $729, Cadalyst, Aug 22, 2013

Lenovo C30 Workstation and NVIDIA's New Kepler-Generation Quadro K5000 and K4000 GPUs - small form factor dual-socket workstation with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, base price of $1,169, Quadro K4000 delivers 64% better price-performance than higher-priced K5000, Alex Herrera, Graphic Speak, May 7, 2013

Lenovo's Sexy Laptop Does CAD - ThinkPad Carbon X1 Touch is light, thin laptop, surprisingly good performer for Inventor, even simulation, only lacking fast rendering, John Evans, CADdigest.com, Apr 22, 2013

Lenovo ThinkStation E31 - solid and versatile machine with 3.3GHz Xeon processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SATA hard drive, low base price of $669, Brian Benton, CADdigest.com, Apr 19, 2013

Workstation Review: Lenovo ThinkStation E31 SFF - 3.3GHz Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 processor, NVIDIA Quadro 600 graphics card, professional-level performance, priced at $1,093, affordable system in compact package, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, Apr 1, 2013

The Lenovo ThinkStation S30 - Intel Xeon E5-1620 processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, earns impressive benchmark scores, good performance at right price, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Jan 24, 2013

No Limits with Lenovo's ThinkStation D30 - two 8-core Intel Xeon E5 2687W CPUs, 16GB SDRAM, NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics card, impressive workstation for multi-purpose high-capability modeling, price over $8K, John Evans, CADdigest.com, Jan 11, 2013

Lenovo C30 ThinkStation - impressive hi-def display, lightning fast drive performance, limited storage space, 800-watt system runs quietly, built to perform, sustain for long product lifecycle, Ray Howard, CADdigest.com, Jan 2, 2012

Lenovo ThinkStation E31 SFF Review - 3.3GHz Xeon E3-1230V2 CPU, NVIDIA Quadro 600 video card, 3 yr warranty, good performance, Emmanuel Garcia, CADdigest.com, Nov 16, 2012

Balancing Price and Performance - mid-range Lenovo ThinkStation S30 has 3.6GHz Intel E5-1620 CPU, NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics accelerator 2 USB 3.0 ports, offers excellent performance at reasonable price, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2012

Lenovo ThinkStation S30: Power, Performance and Stamina - midrange workstation with single core Xeon CPU, NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, 2 DVI ports, impressive performance, good option for CAE, Srihari Gangaraj, CADdigest.com, Oct 29, 2012

Budget CAD Workstations - options for less than $2000: Xi MTower PCIe, Dell Precision T1650, HP Z220 CMT, Lenovo ThinkStation S30, Art Liddle, Cadalyst, Sep 5, 2012

A Very Affordable Workstation - entry-level Lenovo ThinkStation E30 has Intel Xeon E3-1230 quad core CPU, NVIDIA Quadro 600 graphics accelerator, auto-sensing power supply, provides modest performance, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, July 2, 2012

A Look at Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations: E31, S30, C30, D30 - strong, seamless performance, eco-friendly, professional-grade computing for budget-minded users, Bill Martin-Otto, CAD/CAM Performance, June 29, 2012

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