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LIX: A 3D Printing Pen That Actually Fits in Your Pocket - extremely portable, comfortable to use, height of 6.45", diameter of 0.5", aluminum body. Simon Martin, SolidSmack, Apr 17, 2014

Carl Bass Gains Groupies with His Inside 3DP Keynote in New York - glimpse of history with 3D printing, benefit of 3D printing technology, issues involved, latest developments across 3D landscape, Rachel Park, 3D Printing Industry, Apr 8, 2014

3D Printing: Real Tools Please - 3D software vendors like SpaceClaim, Autodesk, Materialise are adding more tools to better support process of 3D printing, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Mar 24, 2014

3D Printing File Management - avoid using special characters in any file names or paths, store printer specific files conveniently, tray file allows user to reprint entire tray, Dave Tupper, CAPUniversity, Mar 21, 2014

Review: Materialise Magics 18 - 3D printing software contains data fixing, manipulation tools, assists with cutting, splitting, adapting large components to fit within specific build envelope, can optimize 2D build platform, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 5, 2014

Z Corp’s Recycling Smarts - new invigoration in interest in 3D printing world with entry of low-cost machines from vendors, models include material extraction from build chamber fed into feed mechanism for next build, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 25, 2011

Dimension Printing uPrint 3D Printer - very small form factor machine with easy installation, core part include core parts printer itself & material bay, comparative build speed, Al Dean, Experience Manufacturing, Feb 2, 2010

Z Corporation ZPrinter 350 - low-cost printer with good-sized build chamber, more controlled operations, higher-end models features incorporated, Al Dean, AEC Magazine, Dec 2009

3D Printing at a Desktop Near You - desktop 3D printers for AEC market: ZPrinter 350, uPrint, V-Flash Desktop Modeler, Susan Smith, AECCafe, Nov 16, 2009

The Younger Sibling - affordable, compact Connex350 3D printer creates good quality models with fine thickness, high-resolution printing, can combine may types of materials, Al Dean, Experience Manufacturing, Sep 14, 2009

Affordable 3D Printer - highly affordable, cost effective, RapMan 3D printer is open to view printing, great educational tool, Mark Fletcher, MCAD Online, May 11, 2009

Desktop Manufacturing Moves in with the Furniture - office-friendly rapid manufacturing systems reviewed, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, May 3, 2009

Selecting a Rapid-Service Bureau - think of RP as the right process plus  the right material which equals the right part, do your homework and find a firm you can depend on to help slash prototyping time and costs, Art Siegert,, Jan 8, 2009

Z Corp 650: Test Build - high-end rapid prototyping machine, bigger build chamber, fastest printing, stunning vivid colors, integrated clean up station, Al Dean, Develop3D, Dec 15, 2008 

NextEngine 3D Scanner - affordable and easy-to-use reverse-engineering tool for 3D scanning, needs high-speed USB 2.0 port, 2 GB RAM, earns A, highly praised by Mike Hudspeth, Cadalyst, May 1, 2008

VRMesh is Like Digital Glue - mesh modeler VRMesh 4 is family of products that works with 3D scanner information and photographs, more, Mike Hudspeth, Desktop Engineering, Apr 1, 2008

Z Corp ZScanner 800 - impressive, hand-held device with high-resolution camera and self-positioning nature, requires very little calibration, Al Dean, prototype, Mar 26, 2008

In Direct Digital Manufacturing, Better Motion Control Means Better Parts - 900 mc machine from Stratasys for fused deposition modeling can build up parts in envelope of 3x2x3 ft, more, Joseph Ogando, Design News, Feb 4, 2008

New Objet Dual-Head 3D Printer Opens Door to Custom 'Digital Materials' Rapid Manufacturing - Connex500 can mix and match two materials for one printing operation, has three printing modes, can create over-molded parts, more, Jenee White,, Dec 10, 2007

Disruption on the Showroom Floor: AU 2007 Review - NextEngine's Desktop 3D Scanner and 2Bot ModelMaker were quite impressive, Nick Carter,, Nov 30, 2007

Is RM Finally Ready for Prime Time? - Stratasys FDM 400mc system offers direct digital manufacturing through fused deposition modeling, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst, Aug 9, 2007

Vibrant 3D Color Without the Mess - low-cost, quieter ZPrinter 450 printer builds parts in color in an almost closed-loop system Al Dean, Desktop Engineering, July 2007

Additive Manufacturing Advances Another Step - Stratasys' Arcam A2 system uses electron beam melting process for additive manufacturing, American Machinist, May 10, 2007

3D Conversion Roundup: Metrology, Simulation, Inspection Becoming More Integrated - Laser Design PM-300 Extrusion Profile Monitoring System, ZPrinter 450 color 3D printer, Flovent SmartParts, EFD.Pro, COMSOL Multiphysics 3.3a, HighRES for Rhino 4.0,, April 2, 2007

ZPrinter 450 3D Printer - entry-level ZPrinter 450 3D Printer is an automated system that provides closed loop application and stable model, more, Al Dean, prototype, March 16, 2007

Scanning Just Got Cooler - integrated with SolidWorks Office Premium 2007, NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner can scan 3D objects in different modes, aligns them, saves to many formats, more, David Cohn, Desktop Engineering, February 2007

Parts from Powder - EOSINT P 390 and P 700 laser sintering machines have dual chambers to create plastic components in a clean environment, more, Al Dean, Desktop Engineering, December 2006

Objet Creates US Sales Channel for 3D Printing Line - Objet uses PolyJet technology in its 3D printing systems: EDEN 250, EDEN 260, EDEN 350/350V, and EDEN 500V, Rachael Dalton-Taggart,, February 8, 2007

Full-Spectrum Printer - Spectrum Z510 3D printer provides enhanced printing resolution and build volume of the model in 24-bit color, more, Al Dean, Desktop Engineering, December 2006

A Mill for Every Desktop - small sized and suitably priced, Roland's new MDX-540 SRP desktop machine has high resolution for finished surfaces, 4th axis Rotisserie option, simple software interface, and more, Mike Hudspeth, Desktop Engineering, November 2006

Breuckmann StereoSCAN 3D - based on miniaturized projection technology, StereoSCAN captures physical data with asymmetrically set up cameras and converts to digital data, Al Dean, prototype, September 14, 2006

rapidForm XO Redesign - a reverse engineering focused application, rapidformXOR can convert physical data into digital form, also integrates it to traditional 3D modeling workflow, Al Dean, prototype, November 20, 2006

NextEngine 3D Scanner - affordable and easy-to-use, Desktop 3D scanner is a laser scanning device with MultiStripe Laser Triangulation technology to scan physical forms, Al Dean, prototype, November 20, 2006

Z Corp ZScanner 700 - a non-contact reverse engineering device, handheld ZScanner 700 scans physical forms, tracks position and transfers to a laptop through a FireWire cable, more, prototype, November 20, 2006

Real-Time 3D Scanner - handheld, self-positioning 3D scanner, ZScanner 700 generates a single scan file in STL format and displays the scanned surface in real-time, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, August 6, 2006

ZPrinter 310 Plus - update to entry-level monochrome 3D printer from Z Corp is 25% faster, Al Dean, prototype, February 14, 2006

Large-Format PolyJet Rapid Prototyper From Stratasys - Eden500V permits the construction of various models simultaneously, achieving readers' choice award for the month of May, Desktop Engineering, April 2006

3D Rapid Prototyping - high-end rapid prototyping machines Objet Eden 350/350V, Arcam EBM S12 system, InVision LD 3D printer and entry level ZPrinter 310 Plus, Mike Hudspeth, Cadalyst Manufacturing, April 1, 2006

Options in Rapid Prototyping Technology - Stratasys offers simple and more accurate rapid prototyping systems like electron-beam melting and fused deposition modeling Vantage X, Lawrence S. Gould, Automotive Design and Production, April 6, 2006

Three Printers: Same Parts, Different Results - Dimension SST outperforms the InVision SR and ZPrinter 310 with better dimensional accuracy of prototypes, Todd Grimm, Desktop Engineering, December 2005

Better Prototype Printing for Less - low-cost entry-level Z Printer 310 Plus from Z Corporation includes features of high-end printers like handling small features for complex geometries, Joe Ogando, Design News, December 15, 2005

3D Printer Shoot Out - a comparison of 3D printers: Z Corporation's ZPrinter 310, 3D Systems' InVisionSR, and Stratasys' Dimension SST, Joseph Ogando, Design News, November 21, 2005

If You Can Draw It, 3-D 'Printer' Can Make It - Z Corp's printers, selling from $25,000 to $200,00, are used to create 3D models of designs, George C. Ford, The Gazette, November 2, 2005

Getting up to Speed - four RP systems are tested -- Solidscape T6x Benchtop 3D Printer, 3D Systems InVision HR 3D Printer, 3D Systems Viper Si2 SLA, and the Envisiontec Perfactory Mini, Steven Adler & Teresa Frye, AJM Magazine, July 2005

T6x BENCHTOP 3D Printers - SolidScapes $40K and $50K 3D printers get July's readers choice award, Desktop Engineering, June 2005

Prototype Review: Roland DG's MDX RP Hardware - an overview of Roland's MDX range of rapid prototyping products, Al Dean, CADserver, November 8, 2004

Prototype Review: Breuckmann Scanner - user-friendly reverse engineering systems can fulfill a number of application requirements at a reasonable cost, Al Dean, CADserver, November 5, 2004

Rapid Manufacturing Ramps Up - rapid prototyping from Stratasys and Z Corp enables companies to take a bite out of time, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, November, 2004

The ConnectPress Rapid Prototyping/3D Printing Roundup - a state-of-the-industry overview of rapid prototyping by Terry Wohlers, with a guide to rapid prototyping products and services, Inventor Connections, September 7, 2004 (requires free registration)

Fast, Affordable 3D Printers Expand RP Beyond Traditional Prototyping - discusses the ways in which 3D printing technologies are changing the design process, Karen Kiffney, Inventor Connections, September 7, 2004 (requires free registration)

3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping - a look at 3D printers from 3D Systems, Stratasys and Z Corporation, Lilli Manolis Sherman, Plastics Technology, August 2004

New Printer Produces 3D Objects on Demand - American Z Corporation has several models of 3D printers that produce physical prototypes from CAD and other digital data, Gizmo, February 6, 2004

Cadalyst Salutes 15 Hot New Products - editors' semi-annual awards for the best CAD-related software and hardware, Cadalyst, December 2003

Heading for a Showdown - competition among the major rapid prototyping companies - including Objet Geometries, Stratasys and 3D Systems - is heating up, e4engineering, June 13, 2003

The Perfactory - this inexpensive and elegant rapid prototyping system uses an off-the-shelf digital projector to solidify entire layers of resin with visible light, delivering impressive resolution and building speed and requiring virtually no calibration or maintenance, CADCAMNet, May 22, 2003

Prototyping in an Office Environment - ARRK Silhouette’s Objet Quadra is a user-friendly network inkjet system that produces high-quality, high-resolution 3D models and prototypes directly from STL files, dial infolink, January 24, 2003

Cadalyst Labs All Stars 2002 - 12 winners: Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Rhino, CAD Integrator, Contex, Dell flat panel monitor, Syncmaster flat panel monitor, Mathcad, NVIDIA, Dimension 3D printer and Xi, Cadalyst, June 2002

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