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Mathcad for Free - comparing free Mathcad Express with Mathcad Prime, Evan Yares, 3D CAD Tips, Jan 8, 2013

It's Mathcad, the Free Version and It's Available For Free - full blown, function-punching version of Mathcad free for 30 days only, later Mathcad Express offers limited features, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 30, 2012

PTC Quietly Releases Free MathCAD Version - Mathcad Express includes math equation editing, basic numeric functions, operators, units, X-Y plots, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Oct 29, 2012

Customer Presentation: Using Mathcad to Get Organized For Data Management - drag coefficients on parachute, Bradley Carman, Planet PTC Community, June 5, 2012

Enhancing Student Learning Via Mathcad 15.0's Live Mathematical Capabilities - Chris Hartmann, LearningExchange, May 2012

Mathcad Prime 2.0 - intuitive plotting interface, better control of resizing of matrices, results, 64-bit processing, multi-threading improve performance, Scott Wertel, DEVELOP 3D, Apr 24, 2012

Math for Engineers: A Look at Mathcad Prime 2.0 and Maple 16 - collapsed regions, 3D plots, symbolic math features in Mathcad; live data plots, smart 2D plot view capability, new color schemes for visualizations, 3D interpolation in Maple 16, Evan Yares, Design World, Apr 17, 2012

Using Symbolic Math - results are in terms of variables in algebraic math, Mathcad tutorial, Sandi Smith, LearningExchange, Mar 2012

Using the Excel Component - Mathcad tutorial, Sandi Smith, LearningExchange, Mar 2012

Enhancing Student Learning via Mathcad 15.0's Live Mathematical Capabilities  - Chris Hartmann, LearningExchange, Dec 2011

Using Multiple Representations to Explore Mathematics with Mathcad 15.0  - using whiteboard interface to combine multiple representations of mathematical function, Chris Hartmann, LearningExchange, Oct 2011

Importing Data - importing data from Excel into Mathcad Prime 1.0, Sandi Smith, LearningExchange, Sep 2011

Labels - Mathcad Prime 1.0 tutorial, Sandi Smith, LearningExchange, Sep 2011

Identify Operands for an Operator - replacing operator in mathematical expression in Mathcad Prime 1.0, Sandi Smith, LearningExchange, Sep 2011

Knovel: 600 More Mathcad Worksheets Go Online - worksheets offer content for electrical engineering, power systems engineering, finite element basics, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, July 25, 2011

Calculating the Critical Speed of a Shaft Bearing with Mathcad - Bettina Giemsa, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, Jun 15, 2011

How to Accurately Measure the Flow of Liquid or Gas - using open, transparent document based approach in Mathcad, Thomas Devaraj, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, June 9, 2011

The Changing Face of Mathcad - ability to input equations in WYSIWYG form, Mathcad Prime 1.0 bundled with V15 to cover missing features in interim, Jack Crenshaw, EE Times, May 27, 2011

Mathcad & the Regional PTC User Groups (RUGs) - Mathcad 15, Mathcad Prime 1.0 can run on same machine, Mathcad 15 worksheets in Mathcad Prime, Bettina Giemsa, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, May 31, 2011

Mathcad A-Z: I is for Include Worksheets - referencing worksheet, including worksheet in Mathcad Prime 1.0, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, May 23, 2011

Mathcad A-Z: H is for Headers (and Footers) - best practices, tips for headers, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, May 10, 2011

Mathcad A-Z: G is for Graphs: Pareto Plots - showing quality control in drill production, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, May 2, 2011

Mathcad Prime 1.0 - whiteboard interface, easy import of pictures, images, dynamic unit checking feature, integrates with Creo Elements/Pro, Scott Wertel, Develop 3D, Apr 12, 2011

Predictive Engineering with Mathcad - 5 ways to save time during design process, Bettina Giemsa, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, Apr 8, 2011

Mathcad A - Z: F is for Fast Fourier Transforms - Fourier functions dft, idft in Mathcad Prime 1.0 offer performance improvement, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, Apr 5, 2011

The Next Generation of Mathcad - Mathcad Prime 1.0 has easy learning curve, keeps track of units, design of experiments capability, advanced collaboration capabilities, Nancy Pardo, Planet PTC Commmunity, Feb 21, 2011

Analyze Data With New Box Plots in Mathcad 15 and Prime 1.0 - creating box plot, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, Feb 9, 2011

Mathcad A-Z: E is for Excel - using READEXCEL function for importing data from Excel to Mathcad Prime 1.0, Mona Zeftel, PTC's Mathcad Engineering Blog, Mar 28, 2011

Insights from Mathcad - PTC's Mike Baldani on upcoming Mathcad Prime 1.0, Laura Carrabine, Design World, Nov 17, 2010

MathCAD with SharePoint - Engineering Collaboration - MathCAD 15.0 integrating seamlessly with SharePoint, sharing documented worksheets, Mike Baldani, PTC, Sep 17, 2010

Mathcad: Using Vectors Instead of Range Variables - differentiating range variable, vector; range variable vs vector in user-defined functions, expression, Brent Maxfield, PTC Express, Dec 2009

Getting Started with Mathcad - creating simple math expressions, editing lines, expressions, Brent Maxfield,  PTC Express, Nov 2009

Including Tolerance in Mathcad Calculations - setting up tolerance function, Anji Seberino, PTC Express, Nov 2009

Use Mathcad Scripts to Read in AISC Steel Shapes Data - Tom Gutman, PTC Express, Oct 2009

Formatting Vector and Matrix Results in Mathcad - changing alignment of output table, Allan Schneider, PTC Express, Oct 2009

Using Mathcad's Scriptable Text Box Control to Validate a Result - adding scriptable text box to Mathcad worksheet, Anji Seberino, PTC Express, Sep 2009

Calculate the Derivative at a Point - Mathcad tutorial, PTC Express, Aug 2009

Automating Engineering Calculations - Mathcad uses standard math notation to document calculations, integrates with Windchill, capture, search, reuse engineering calculations, design knowledge on enterprise-wide scale, Sandy Joung of PTC, CADdigest.com, Aug 3, 2009

Knovel + Mathcad = Live Equations - searchable library of technical documents, references titles, export of equations, formulas found to Mathcad's engineering calculation environment, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Jul 16, 2009

Using Mathcad's Text Styles to Format Text Consistently - creating, applying text styles, using styles in multiple worksheets, PTC Express, May 2009

Standardizing Differential Equations for Mathcad - using command-line differential equation solver Rkadapt, PTC Express, Apr 2009

Setting Up Mathcad ODE Solvers for Units - ODE solution for shock model, Philip Oakley, PTC Express, Mar 2009

Documenting Mathcad Components - translate, analyze behavior of  calculations, control options, properties, application example, Alvaro Diaz, PTC Express, Feb 2009

Conditional Display of Results in Mathcad - using scripted components to change region color automatically, Richard Jackson, PTC Express, Feb 2009

Identifying the Use and Source of Numbers - Mathcad for engineering calculations, Leslie Bondaryk, PTC Express, Dec 2008

Summing a Matrix - methods for summing a matrix using Mathcad, PTC Express, Nov 2008

The Picture Operator - importing, displaying graphic file in Mathcad, Mathcad staff, PTC Express, Oct 16, 2008

Undefining a Variable - method for solving an equation for variable with numerical value using Mathcad, Mathcad staff, PTC Express, Oct 16, 2008

Using Mathcad MINERR Function - alternative to 'find' function minimizes errors, PTC Express, Sep 2008

Moving to Mathcad from Excel - advantages include improved readability, clarity, unit analysis, matrix calculations, more, Leslie Bondaryk, PTC Express, June 2008

Data Smoothing Functions in Mathcad - reduce noise while retaining important shape with Medsmooth, Ksmooth and Supsmooth, PTC Express, June 2008

Identifying the Use and Source of Numbers - supporting use and source of numbers in engineering calculation in Mathcad, Leslie Bondaryk, PTC Express, Mar 2008

Complex Results in Mathcad - PTC Express, Apr 2008

Improving Mathcad Calculation Speed - reducing file size, saving images in files, allocating lesser matrices, more, PTC Express, May 2008

Decreasing Data Variance for Predictive Accuracy with Mathcad - implementing Box-Cox transformation, Frank Smietana, PTC Express, Nov 2007

Creating a Program to Call a Solve Block in Mathcad - PTC Express, Sep 2007

The Mathcad Calculation Server - share Mathcad worksheets on Mathcad Calculation Server site, Markus Benz, PTC Express, July 2007

Numeric Precision in Mathcad - internal versus display precision, Steve Teixeira, PTC Express, July 2007

Preparing Experimental Data for Mathcad Analysis: Dealing with Categorical Variables - types of categorical variables, creating a mapping table, more, Frank Smietana, PTC Express, June 2007

Mathcad 14.0 - whiteboard user interface to handle text, equations, images, annotations plus on-the-fly unit conversion tool, but at a bit higher price, Mike Hudspeth, Cadalyst, June 1, 2007

Beyond Ranges: Iteration Again - carrying out parallel calculations using range variables in Mathcad, related issues, and more, Stuart Bruff, PTC Express, May 2007

Using Hyperlinks to Organize Your Files - creating a Mathcad hyperlink to another file or to a region in a worksheet, Mona Zeftel, PTC Express, May 2007

Math Software Pushes the Parametrics - easy-to-use Mathcad Version 14.0 works directly with Pro/E, has good graphic capabilities, checks for consistency, more, Greg O'Neill, Machine Design, May 10, 2007

Understanding Ranges, Sequences and Vectors - using range variables and evaluating an expression in Mathcad, Stuart Bruff, PTC Express, April 2007

Cubic Spline Interpolation - Regression Versus Interpolation - exploring linear interpolation, cubic spline interpolation, and interp function in Mathcad, PTC Express, April 2007

Defining and Evaluating a Variable on One Line - symbolic evaluation of results of functions in Mathcad 14, PTC Express, March 2007

Formatting Your Data in Mathcad Input Tables - editing the display settings of an Input Table Component in Mathcad worksheet, PTC Express, February 2007

Beyond Excel! - easy to use and quick, Mathcad displays mathematical equations with visible input and errors, integrates automatically with Pro/E, more, David Chadwick, CAD User, September/October 2006

Working with Complex Numbers in Mathcad - PTC Express, December 2006

Closing Conditional Blocks with Otherwise - avoid incorrect results in Mathcad, Mathcad, November 2006

Undefining a Variable - solving the equation by undefining the variable in Mathcad 13, Mathcad, November 2006

Updated Insert Matrix Dialog - inserting a matrix into a worksheet in Mathcad 13, Mathcad, August 2006

Symbolic Solve Blocks - evaluating a solve block symbolically in Mathcad, Mathcad, August 2006

Changing the Location of Your Mathcad License File - locating Mathcad License Location dialog to save the new location, Mathcad, August 2006

Mathcad Customization -- UI Controls: Button Control - importing data directly from the Mathcad workspace using UI control, Mathcad, July 2006

Probability Distributions - Mathcad has 17 built-in probability distributions and functions,  Mathcad, July 2006

Units Introduced in Mathcad 13.1 - additional units added, including rpm, foot-pound and newton-meter, Mathcad, July 2006

Updated diag function - updated function shows the diagonal elements in a vector in Mathcad 13, Mathcad, July 2006

High-End Math Package Complements Engineering Work - easy-to-use Mathcad 13 is a powerful engineering and scientific computing tool that can work with FEA software, Ted Diehl, Machine Design, June 22, 2006

Pasting Images into a Mathcad Document - pasting a circuit diagram from Microsoft Paint to Mathcad, Mathcad, June 2006

Suppress Implicit Multiplication - suppressing automatic insert of multiplication operators in Mathcad 13.1, Mathcad, June 2006

Page Breaks - setting soft and hard page breaks in a Mathcad worksheet, Mathcad, May 2006

The Namespace Operator - allows you to specify which version of a Mathcad function or variable to be used, Mathcad, April 2006

Binding Rules and Recursive Functions - learning about Mathcad's built-in functions, Mathcad, April 2006

Formatting a Table of Results - controlling the variable name placement with respect to the values in table using Mathcad, Mathcad, April 2006

Converting Excel to Mathcad: Best Practices - review existing Excel worksheet and map content into the whiteboard workspace of Mathcad, Design News, April 4, 2006

The Resources Toolbar - activate Mathcad's Resources toolbar for quick reference to information, Mathcad, February 2006

Storage of Evaluated Results - Mathcad's XML format saves evaluated results that can be used in long calculations outside MathCAD, MathCAD, March 2006

Mathcad 13 - now integrated with LabVIEW, Mathcad 13 from Mathsoft gets February's readers' choice award, Desktop Engineering, January 2006

Mathcad 13 - improvements in unit handling, 2D graphs and Autosave feature, Barry Simon, Desktop Engineering, November 2005

Mathcad 12 - latest version offers enterprise-wide calculation management among its many new enhancements, Barry Simon, Desktop Engineering, January 2005

T&M Software Dons Analysis Hat - reviews of calculation tools, including Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad and MatrixX, Greg Wempe, Machine Design, December 16, 2004

Tech Trends: Do the Math - Mathsoft's flagship product, Mathcad, has helped more than 1.5 million engineers in more than 50 countries automate mathematical notation and calculations, Arnie Williams, Cadalyst, October 2004

Do The Math - Mathsoft expands the availability of its Mathcad software by integrating XML capabilities, CAD User Mechanical Magazine, October/November, 2004

Mathematics Software Guide - a look at some general-purpose tools in the scientific and mathematical software, including MATLAB, MuPad, Mathematica, Maple, MathCAD and TK Solver, Barry Simon, DE Online July 2003

A Few Tips for Solving the Unsolvable - a look at how Mathcad engineering math software and ABAQUS FEA software can combine to solve difficult problems and document techniques for the benefit of others, Ted Diehl, Machine Design, June 12, 2003

Mathcad Adds Up for the Enterprise - Mathcad Enterprise 11, which allows the creation of technical documents with richly formatted text and impressive graphics, improves its data input and output in several ways yet remains the most user-friendly of the mathematical products of its kind, Barry Simon, PC Magazine, March 11, 2003

Cadalyst Labs All Stars 2002 - the editors honored 11 products from all those reviewed during the first 6 months of the year: Inventor 5, Contex Cougar 36" scanner, Dell 2000FP flat-panel monitor, Solid Edge v11, Mathcad 2001i, Quadro4 900 XGL graphics card, Rhino 2.0, Syncmaster 240T 240 flat-panel monitor, SolidWorks 2001Plus, Dimension 3D printer, Cad Integrator v6.2 and Xi 4240 MTower SP workstation, Cadalyst, October 2002

Cadalyst Labs All Stars 2002 - 12 winners: Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Rhino, CAD Integrator, Contex,  Dell flat panel monitor, Syncmaster flat panel monitor, Mathcad, NVIDIA, Dimension 3D printer and Xi, Cadalyst, June 2002

Boost Engineering Productivity with Mathcad 2001i - effective way to manipulate and present data, works inside CAD programs, Tom Gill, MCAD Vision, May 2002

Review of Mathcad 2001 - Rob Beal, MSOR Connections, May 2001 (pdf)

Review of Mathcad Professional 2000 - Neville Dean,  MSOR Connections, Augist 2000 (pdf)

Review of Mathcad 8 - Duncan N. Robertson, MSOR Connections, August 1999 (pdf)

Evaluation of Mathcad 7.0 Professional - Duncan Robertson, MSOR Connections, August 1998 (pdf)

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