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  • Computation by GPU - Moldflow Insight 2010 uses general purpose graphics processing unit to simulate plastic flow in injection-molded components, Greg Corke, Experience Manufacturing, Sep 19, 2009
  • Share Holders Not Happy With Moldflow Acquisition? - Levi and Korsinsky LLP lawyers are investigating if Moldflow acquisition at $22 per share is worthy, Randall Newton, 3D CAD News, May 9, 2008
  • State of the Art in MCAD: FEA and Other Analysis Tools - a look at six products - MSC.visualNastran 4D 2002, InCAD Designer Series, COSMOS/DesignSTAR 3.0, DesignSpace, Moldflow Plastics Advisers and Fluent - designed to reduce the product development cycle, Joe Greco, CADENCE, August 2002
  • Moldflow Plastics Advisers - Colin Mathews, Industrial Technology, September 1999
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