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  • Cadalyst Labs All Stars 2002 - the editors honored 11 products from all those reviewed during the first 6 months of the year: Inventor 5, Contex Cougar 36" scanner, Dell 2000FP flat-panel monitor, Solid Edge v11, Mathcad 2001i, Quadro4 900 XGL graphics card, Rhino 2.0, Syncmaster 240T 240 flat-panel monitor, SolidWorks 2001Plus, Dimension 3D printer, Cad Integrator v6.2 and Xi 4240 MTower SP workstation, Cadalyst, October 2002
  • AEC Estimating Tools - reviews of cost-estimating and management software from Timberline, WinEstimator and TRIRIGA, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, September 2002
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