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AcroPlot, Pushbutton PDFReview

DWF and PDF Solutions

  Lachmi Khemlani

  January 15, 2004

   reprinted with permission

With Autodesk pushing DWF as an alternative to Adobe's PDF for electronic documentation, this aspect is gaining in importance and the choice between the two formats can become as critical to a design firm as the choice of a CAD or modeling solution. There are other DWF and PDF solution providers in addition to Autodesk and Adobe, and two of these were exhibiting at Autodesk University: CADzation and Bluebeam.

CADzation happily circumvents the PDF versus DWF debate by providing solutions for both formats. It has four different products for different kinds of CAD documentation needs: AcroPlot, the company's flagship product, converts AutoCAD and Microsoft Word files into PDF files that are fully text searchable; AcroPlot Pro converts all major office, CAD, and graphics formats into both PDF and DWF files; AcroPlot Matrix allows viewing, printing, markup, and editing (page insertion, deletion, reordering, etc.) of PDF and DWF files; and finally, AcroPlot Auto converts entire drives of drawings, including legacy data, to PDF and DWF, and can be set to run nightly or continuously.

The other electronic documentation solution on display was a PDF-only solution, Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF. When installed, it appears as a three tool palette in AutoCAD and ADT. The first tool creates a single PDF of theHyperlinks and block attributes from the drawing are automatically transferred to the PDF files, along with layout size, orientation, and plot style table. In addition, text stamps and external files can be attached to the PDF file. Since the application is customized for CAD documents, it does a better job of maintaining the scale, line weights, color, and resolution of the drawing in comparison to a general-purpose PDF creation application.

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About Lachmi Khemlani

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