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Autodesk StreamlineReviews
  • Can You Collaborate? - an overview of collaboration software: Alibre Design, CoCreate's OneSpace Collaboration, Autodesk Streamline, ImpactXoft's IX SPeeD Suite, PTC's Windchill PDMLink and SolidWorks' 3D Instant Website, Alan Joch, DE Online, July 2003
  • Autodesk Previews Inventor 6 and Streamline 4 - with their new innovations, including impressive surfacing capabilities, Inventor and the Streamline now offer mechanical users an incentive to make the move to 3D, TechniCom eWeekly, September 12, 2002
  • Best in Class ASPs - ipTeam by NexPrise is hailed as the best supply chain collaboration tool, with eReview, Autodesk Streamline, MySmarTeam, IBMPlaces and Windchill ProjectLink also worthy choices. Joe Greco, CADENCE, Sep 2001
  • CADENCE Editors Choice - Autodesk Streamline gets CADENCE award, June 2001
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