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Adobe Delivers Updated CAD Translators for Acrobat 3D Software

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Randall S. Newton, January 30, 2007

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Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) has announced the immediate availability of a free download for Adobe Acrobat 3D software that delivers updated 3D computer-aided design (CAD) translators. The update offers 16 CAD-related file formats, a mix of both proprietary (CATIA, Inventor) and common (IGES, ACIS).

The free upgrade means Acrobat 3D now supports the latest versions of the most common major CAD file formats. This allows users of Acrobat 3D to move 3D model data into PDF with or without the related CAD software.

Among the updated file formats supported are those for CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, and UGS NX and I-deas (full list below). After converting 3D models from those formats to PDF, users can leverage Acrobat 3D to extend the reach of 3D visualization and collaboration, using the free Adobe Reader 8. If activated by the Acrobat 3D user, Adobe Reader 8 users have the ability to add comments and to measure and cross-section directly on 3D objects in PDF files.

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The free Acrobat 3D update is immediately available for download by Acrobat 3D customers from the Adobe web site at www.adobe.com/go/a3dupdate. The update is available in English, French, German, and Japanese language versions. More information on Acrobat 3D is available at www.adobe.com/acrobat3d/. A 30-day fully functional versions that will accept the update is also available at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat3d/tryout.html.

Supported CAD formats and technical requirements

The free update to Adobe Acrobat 3D supports the following formats:

  • ACIS, up to version 13.0
  • Autodesk Inventor, up to 10
  • CATIA V4, up to 4.2.4
  • CATIA V5, up to R16
  • CGR
  • IGES, up to 5.3
  • JT, up to 8.0
  • Parasolid, up to 16.0
  • Pro/ENGINEER, up to Wildfire III
  • SolidWorks, up to 2006
  • STEP, AP 203, AP 214
  • STL
  • I-DEAS, up to 12.x
  • NX (Unigraphics), up to NX4
  • VRML, up to 2.0
  • XVL, P-XVL

The update requires that Acrobat 3D 7.0.8 or Acrobat 3D 7.0.7 Trial is installed. To determine which version of Acrobat 3D is in use, choose Help > About Acrobat 3D. The version number appears in the upper left corner below the Acrobat logo.

The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet.

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