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Argon Articles
  • What Are NURBS, Why Are They Important? - surfaces created by interpolating, precision design properties, injecting mold designs, Ashlar Vellum, Jan 5, 2010

  • Create a Pitcher - tutorial for Argon, Xenon and Cobalt demonstrates how to define an organic shape with wire frame geometry and create a single, smooth surface around that wireframe, pdf, Ashlar Vellum, May 2005

  • Model a Spray Bottle Head - tutorial for Argon, Xenon and Cobalt to model a spray bottle top, pdf, Ashlar Vellum, May 2005
  • 5 MCAD Companions for 3D Design - reviews of Argon v5, form*Z 4.0, Rhino, truespace and VectorWorks 10, Joe Greco, DE Online, November 2002
  • Argon and Beyond - Ashlar's new surface and solid modeler has powerful surfacing tools but interface is antiquated. Also mentions Xenon and Cobalt, Ashlar's higher end offerings, Joe Greco, CADENCE, Jan 2002
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