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  • Interoperability Update - a look at some recent product announcements by the interoperability companies CADCAM-E, TransMagic, Theorem and Proficiency, Joe Greco, Cadalyst MCAD Tech News #126, August 5, 2004
  • 2D CATIA to UG Solid Translations: How One Company Does It - instead of buying several CAD programs to deal with the particular applications used by its OEMS, one company turned to CADCAM-E for its conversion solutions, DE Online, September 2002
  • Interoperability, Part 2 - a survey of third-party tools that supply feature-based translation, from TTI, CADCAM-E, Proficiency, ASPire3D, Theorem Solutions and Trade Technologies France, Joe Greco, DE Online, August 2002
  • Third Parties Map Their Own Paths Toward Interoperability - a look at three companies offering translation services: TTI, Proficiency and Theorem Solutions, Louise Elliott, DE Online, August 2002
  • Interoperability News - comments on translation tools from CADCAM-E and Delcam (PS-Exchange), CADalog.com, May 2002
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