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  • Canvas X New Features Benefit Collaborative Workgroups - Canvas qualifies as 'desert island' software: one application that can handle every graphical task and  includes the precision of a CAD program, Greg Miller, Macworld, June 2, 2005
  • Canvas 9 Professional Edition - this multifaceted illustration program boasts new features, but still lacks the CAD tools an architect or an engineer needs to create technical drawings, Greg Miller. Macworld, February 2004
  • Canvas 9 - a must-have program for creating high-quality brochures, proposals, illustrations, flow and organization charts and simple dimensioned CAD drawings, John Wilson, CADENCE, October 2003
  • Canvas 9 Eases Workflow - offers extensive workflow enhancements, interface improvements and even greater precision than previous versions, Sally Wiener Grotta, PC Magazine, September 2, 2003
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